Minecraft, But you can grow Structures... 

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Growing your own Structures in Minecraft brings a whole new challenge to the game! Thanks for all your comments! Keep em coming for future video ideas.
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Welcome to Comments to Crafting a channel all about comments that you leave us to make some awesome recipes. Today we're covering Minecraft but you can grow Structures...!!! Let us know which was your favorites and remember to drop your ideas in the comments for future crafting recipes that we can make!
Minecraft but you can grow Structures...
#Minecraft #Structure #Farming
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May 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
Jannatul Suhana
Jannatul Suhana 8 hours ago
Kevin sanchez
Kevin sanchez 12 hours ago
Marina Fata
Marina Fata 21 hour ago
Zhyra Ashleen Carandang
How about a bee in minecraft beating it
gru Day ago
You should grow a mobs
Maddelyn Maffei
You are sick yo!
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church
Minecraft but u grow super mobs
Wanchen Yang
Wanchen Yang Day ago
XxFadedxX Day ago
Day 32 of asking for bean items and Armour
Bowwow Day ago
Use the village seeds to make a city.
Bowwow Day ago
Bowwow Day ago
Bowwow Day ago
Reply "OWO"
MrGrand Day ago
Tyler always makes stuff seem so fun illustration vids da best
randomer random
Make rabbits beat the game for you
Bic0lana Babe
minecraft but you can grow swords
Debbie W
Debbie W Day ago
Day 1 Minecraft but you can grow animals
glitter life
glitter life 2 days ago
the fire change is a kind of flint and steal
Ezy Gonlibo
Ezy Gonlibo 2 days ago
What if that Village house seed give it to chiken 😂😂😂
Lorenzo Cantu5yyytfgvvnjhfccdd 14th h
I don't care about those names but I'm going to call them Enderman
Bunny Seacraft
Bunny Seacraft 2 days ago
Add the Easter wabbit and choose the rest surprise me
Gibran MS
Gibran MS 2 days ago
Minecraft but you can grow ancient debris
Leyli Balakishiyeva
Timothy Radovenchuk
can you make lava apples
Marina Dordevic
Marina Dordevic 3 days ago
Mainkraft bat yu vil krafting emerald sword end emerald armor
Logan Baton
Logan Baton 3 days ago
I think you should make swords out of all that stuff you just got
Connor Lewis
Connor Lewis 3 days ago
What’s gonna be next? Minecraft but you can grow anything
Christian Sanchez
Do wolf's would beat minecraft with trading fighting mining and even shielding with many mods
Thomas Mulkins
Thomas Mulkins 3 days ago
How many people saw the purple: JEFFERY:NO PROBLEM TYLER it is around 7:08
Dam Dood
Dam Dood 3 days ago
minecraft but you can grow barires
PandaParties 3 days ago
use sweeping edge lol
Peters Shakir
Peters Shakir 3 days ago
minecraft but you are the Ender Dragn
G H 3 days ago
Lyndsay Moore
Lyndsay Moore 3 days ago
Mincraft but you are in a neighborhood but with hello neighbor
DetectiveFHH3 3 days ago
Minecraft but everytime you get an achievement you get END CITY LOOT
Rowan Clarke
Rowan Clarke 4 days ago
beat the game as a parrot
Super toad
Super toad 4 days ago
Minecraft but you can grow blocks
Lindy Drewry
Lindy Drewry 4 days ago
Minecraft but endermen help you beat the game!
faranak kamalian
faranak kamalian 4 days ago
Minecraft but you can make a big dimension
Katie Natividad
Katie Natividad 4 days ago
Minecraft but Hostal Mobs help you
becky pett
becky pett 4 days ago
15:07 of growing
becky pett
becky pett 4 days ago
What about a one second vid hahahahaha
Andrew AO
Andrew AO 4 days ago
Beginning of Week 2 of asking for Minecraft but you can get OP stuff from seeds
Julie G.
Julie G. 4 days ago
Idia .every seed you place when you cellect you random item
Anna Johansson Ekqvist
Mod name
boruto uzumaki
boruto uzumaki 4 days ago
Craft a op villager
sean y.
sean y. 4 days ago
THAY are too much mobs
StevenMincraft 5 days ago
Day 1 of asking Minecraft but you can plant houses
AGawd Gaming
AGawd Gaming 5 days ago
Minecraft but you can craft minecrafr but you can craft minecraft
YT Battles
YT Battles 5 days ago
When Tyler says nice: it’s like someone getting a 69 coin
make it so you can grow emeralds
Jailenn Tyler
Jailenn Tyler 5 days ago
Nice seeds lol
James I’m only 7 so please Be nice to me among us
I subscribed to comments to crafting its a awesome channel
James I’m only 7 so please Be nice to me among us
I have all of your content on the minecraft store I love they are among us skin pack the most
James I’m only 7 so please Be nice to me among us
I have all your content on the marketplace in minecraft my favourite one is the they are among us skin pack
James I’m only 7 so please Be nice to me among us
I never knew you could place food onto a campfire now I can stop using stupid furnaces and start using campfires in my minecraft houses to cook my food LOL
James I’m only 7 so please Be nice to me among us
Your my favourite youtuber
Jeffrey Bastian
Jeffrey Bastian 5 days ago
Lol he say ineraft 0:00
Zade_Dog 5 days ago
You should do it so you can grow cats then they beat the game for you lol please
jaai satpute
jaai satpute 5 days ago
What if you can grow mobs in Minecraft? Edit:my request.
Jade St John
Jade St John 5 days ago
How about "Minecraft but you can grow youtubers."
jadedog 5 days ago
can anybody link the mod in the desk
Jesus Rosas
Jesus Rosas 5 days ago
Can you do minecraft but there are only pickaxes
A Lifeless Rock
A Lifeless Rock 5 days ago
Beat the game as the end egg
Nava Shapiro
Nava Shapiro 5 days ago
I want you to make it that Minecraft that you cane tame then enter dragon
Lazina Rahman
Lazina Rahman 5 days ago
Lazina Rahman
Lazina Rahman 5 days ago
Lazina Rahman
Lazina Rahman 5 days ago
Gacha_Fuza 5 days ago
where you get the mods?
Akram Plays
Akram Plays 5 days ago
Fahri Hoxha
Fahri Hoxha 5 days ago
Armër weth avri bllk
srinivasa rao kuna
Crafting lucky blocks and kill ended dragon
Doc903 6 days ago
You could seriously make some sort of city builder out of this mod.
Case Bruin
Case Bruin 6 days ago
Morph into a monster
sean y.
sean y. 6 days ago
sean y.
sean y. 6 days ago
and i agree and i follow you on youtube
sean y.
sean y. 6 days ago
can you try minecraft but you can have a baby?????????????????????? and minecraft baby mode
Camilla Boggs
Camilla Boggs 6 days ago
Did you just use/kill on the ender dragon????? ;-; because you never Showed the fight
Soza Boys
Soza Boys 6 days ago
Idea: Pillaged and Ravagers help you in minecraft they can mine for you, fight for you, they can trade.
BMT PLAYS 6 days ago
You can grow custom animals and when you kill the custom animals you get powers
Zaram Agbasi
Zaram Agbasi 6 days ago
Lisa Cunningham
Lisa Cunningham 6 days ago
So I have no idea ......dvb gong
kenny kesollie
kenny kesollie 6 days ago
Taten Gilpatrick
Taten Gilpatrick 6 days ago
Animals in Minecraft how do you spell different millions of millions of sore
cookie 🍪
cookie 🍪 6 days ago
Sooo sick
Carolina Gultiano
Danielle Thor
Danielle Thor 6 days ago
I like your VIDEOS
Stonkman 6 days ago
7:17 “look at those cute(pew)diepies”
Stonkman 2 days ago
Leyli Balakishiyeva
No Village
CeannAmhainEile 6 days ago
Grow hoglins!
You can make a diamond protel
Ankur Pradhan
Ankur Pradhan 6 days ago
Ash:Gotta catch'me all Pokemon Comments of crafting: Gotta catch'me subs
Annemaree Bartlett
Glenda Lucero
Glenda Lucero 6 days ago
Minecraft but mobs spawn when you take damage plsss
RagnaRocks3010 6 days ago
Vandana mishra
Vandana mishra 7 days ago
You can grow mobs
Shourya Prasad Gidh
Mc Dirt block
Mc Dirt block 7 days ago
Minecraft but im a dirtblock
Hands Your Friendly omegle hand ✔️
Minecraft but your a block.
Kittycorn Dreams117
Tyler: (says great things for planting) Jeffery THE PIG: I’m just a pig, I don’t know what your saying
Oscar Oscar
Oscar Oscar 7 days ago
Cool man
Carolina Gomez
Carolina Gomez 7 days ago
Wats the mod name
pan2017cake 7 days ago
i thought he said ah shit i should have knowend
Bella Alfaro
Bella Alfaro 7 days ago
Ummm I guess I love you to baby
Biscuit Goku
Biscuit Goku 7 days ago
Mod name please