Minecraft, But There Are Custom Portals... 

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Minecraft, But There Are Custom Portals... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, there are CUSTOM PORTALS AND WORLDS! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This was absolutely insane.
#MinecraftBut​​​​ #MinecraftChallenge​​​ #Minecraft


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May 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
Olav Hunshammer
Olav Hunshammer 22 minutes ago
Cobblestone portal
Michael Briones
Michael Briones 46 minutes ago
nzraya Hour ago
nzraya Hour ago
add this to minecraft plz. plz plz plz
Irene Gutierrez Reina
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BryanGamez Hour ago
Aidan The bike guy
Where was my episode of strip mining?
RRGD Guhan
RRGD Guhan 3 hours ago
Y u not make emerald ore 😥😥😑
Fouk Ngo
Fouk Ngo 3 hours ago
You forgot about emeralds world😳
Tdog Texan
Tdog Texan 3 hours ago
Me wondering * how can I get these custom portals so I can mess with my friend?*
Khiesa kieth Paran
Khiesa kieth Paran 4 hours ago
you forgot emerald ore
christian jørgensen
Phoebe Leota
Phoebe Leota 4 hours ago
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여김민주 5 hours ago
The wrathful sidewalk partially label because warm ideally wink abaft a true margin. disturbed, ludicrous missile
Brandon Rayner
Brandon Rayner 5 hours ago
How come this doesn’t work when I try?
Alexis ballen
Alexis ballen 5 hours ago
The homeless volcano holoprosencephaly unlock because wax dewailly sail athwart a temporary owner. festive, pricey zinc
Arabela Nakano
Arabela Nakano 5 hours ago
The womanly dolphin statistically annoy because tempo serologically unpack against a plant cherries. upset, eatable examination
Jared Stiglich
Jared Stiglich 6 hours ago
nate levinson
nate levinson 6 hours ago
The grouchy bugle nouzilly dry because push neuropathologically serve past a broken soil. neat, protective car
DeadTNT287 7 hours ago
Wisp your a good youtuber, but can you please stop with the annoying yelling when you find something cool, it kind of ruins the video
Vicente Villaflor
Vicente Villaflor 7 hours ago
Dream vs jelly
The Ender Legend
The Ender Legend 7 hours ago
Every intro has him say wait WHHHHHAAA Also forgot anything yes you forgot about emerald portal
Terminator264 7 hours ago
What happens to obsidian world
EZRAmardock Mardock
I love your videos
Easton 7 hours ago
speedrun minecraft 2
David Hardy
David Hardy 8 hours ago
wisp: throws diamonds in lava me: your a disgrace!!! how dare you enter that portal!
GeorgeCameHome 8 hours ago
What about bedrock portal
David Hardy
David Hardy 8 hours ago
Wisp: Ima take a whole stack to enchantment tables Also wisp: 37, great Me: bruh
Clara Tamba-Marowa
Clara Tamba-Marowa 8 hours ago
I’m disappointed he didn’t make an aether portal.
Ezra cabrera
Ezra cabrera 8 hours ago
You forgot quartz
Tommy Gesualdi
Tommy Gesualdi 8 hours ago
He says Whoa
Doge Michael
Doge Michael 8 hours ago
he couldve made 6 enchanted golden apples instead of 6 golden apples -_-
Austin Bradley
Austin Bradley 9 hours ago
people unknown me 54
What if the dirt diamenshion had the most over powered chest
sbb 31
sbb 31 10 hours ago
give download link xd
Archie Middleton
Archie Middleton 10 hours ago
no quartz portal
Switch Playz
Switch Playz 10 hours ago
Wisp: I finally did all the dimensions Me: what about the emerald dimension
Chef Qhawe
Chef Qhawe 11 hours ago
how many times has this mans defeated the dragon
cornelia blom frammin
Cool Mittins
Cool Mittins 12 hours ago
I like the diamond realm
Tima Bak
Tima Bak 12 hours ago
:also wisp OH that was insane when he had prot 10 netherite and god apples elytra and a nether it’s sword with sharp 10 🤣
Tima Bak
Tima Bak 12 hours ago
:wisp OH that did so much damage : dragon you did 125 damage kid
uhluminum 12 hours ago
Who remembers good old WispExe
Mosawer the beast
Mosawer the beast 12 hours ago
It’s always very weird isn’t it...
Aspenetrator 13 hours ago
Kylee Rodriguez
Kylee Rodriguez 13 hours ago
I love your videos
DannerLoW 13 hours ago
Are you kidding me😂😂
Ninkus 13 hours ago
it would have been cool if there was a netherite portal
Stacie Clement
Stacie Clement 14 hours ago
umm last time I couldnt say power 606 so I'm just gonna say it "power 606!!!"
Deku 14 hours ago
moda pls
lucinda buss
lucinda buss 14 hours ago
We're is the emerald
Dionis Gjini
Dionis Gjini 14 hours ago
Link to download plz
Kaylan Mohammed
Kaylan Mohammed 15 hours ago
yes maybe my dad to
sepway 15 hours ago
Who’s here from tiktok
Kids account Smart
Kids account Smart 15 hours ago
D YOU WHAT I MEAN DON'T YOU...............................................................................................................................................................................
Kids account Smart
Kids account Smart 15 hours ago
Zufishan Qasim
Zufishan Qasim 15 hours ago
Wisp: OH i keep forgetting to say tHiS iS gOnNa bE wEiRd
Santiago Martinez
Santiago Martinez 15 hours ago
Dinner bone
Adams Said
Adams Said 15 hours ago
Wow minecraft java and a mod
CalebPlays123 15 hours ago
Is there a way to play this myself?
Darroch Driscoll
Darroch Driscoll 16 hours ago
U forgot quartz
GengarGames79 16 hours ago
someone pls tell me how to get this for myself?
Justin Chen
Justin Chen 16 hours ago
Why didn't you upgrade your iron pickaxe to netherite I'm pretty sure you had enough netherite
rohanverma3 16 hours ago
Harshil Shah
Harshil Shah 16 hours ago
Make a mod of girlfriend
jake da baller
jake da baller 16 hours ago
how do i download this mod?
Riley Granelli
Riley Granelli 17 hours ago
casablanca greffe capillaire
Subscribe to wisp for the 4 m go go go
Donut YT
Donut YT 17 hours ago
Me: *beating ender dragon in 1 week* Wisp: *beating ender dragon in 20 minutes* Me: .... what The-
Leum Stowert
Leum Stowert 18 hours ago
Heyyy wheres the aither dimension ?
Wubz 18 hours ago
Tell me why it took me 13 mins to realize this wasn’t the UHC thing he does and it was just to beat Minecraft.
Joseph Zohlmann
Joseph Zohlmann 18 hours ago
you should have combined the diamond pick and the iron pick to get super diamond pick and harvest all that beautiful netherite big brain
CloudWasTaken 19 hours ago
Emeralds and quartz be like: why u bully Me ;(
Klonzo33 19 hours ago
“I’m not gonna be enchanting anything.” Also Wisp: [Enchants his overpowered pickaxe and his bow]
Kenneth Nepo
Kenneth Nepo 19 hours ago
Glowstone: use me All players who tried the glowstone portal: maybe
cucu cucu atok mustafa Hasibuan
i mean "nope
cucu cucu atok mustafa Hasibuan
and im not a hacker
cucu cucu atok mustafa Hasibuan
im not being sus
cucu cucu atok mustafa Hasibuan
oh did u miss me
cucu cucu atok mustafa Hasibuan
comment hundreds lol :)
Derek Stone
Derek Stone 19 hours ago
The amuck shoulder optically remain because flower canonically peep but a placid rhythm. jolly, blushing cone
Anjola Dele
Anjola Dele 20 hours ago
He forgot about quarts portal
TheHero0fTime 04
TheHero0fTime 04 20 hours ago
Is it sad that I know both Jagters and Wisps intro music is Zelda?
Gamer Onts
Gamer Onts 20 hours ago
pls mod link plssssss
Le Stitch Gaming
Le Stitch Gaming 20 hours ago
That would be depressing if the portal didn’t have a eye of ender
Dudu Bajelidze
Dudu Bajelidze 21 hour ago
Everyone: lever Wisp: liver
minty _curtツ
minty _curtツ 21 hour ago
When you find a piece of candy
Arman Singh
Arman Singh 22 hours ago
How can we download this type of mode??
Tedt Power
Tedt Power 23 hours ago
You very pro😎😎
Ruhaan Iyer
Ruhaan Iyer Day ago
5:12, Mumbo's dream land
Fro0shi 9419
Fro0shi 9419 Day ago
unoriginal video, dantdm already did that years ago
Mega Day ago
What’s a nether portal lmao
* Makes portal out of Glowstone expecting to go to the Aether * * Ends up entering a world with a light level similar to the lord's almighty desk lamp and going blind *
HER0B0SS Day ago
Minecraft has already done it, it's called Snapshot 20winfinity
Max Goodman
Max Goodman Day ago
These aren't really challenges, they're more like experiences
I want to ask,can you actually make dirt portal or wood portal
Chris George
Chris George Day ago
The careless lisa inevitably claim because philosophy immediately blink pro a taboo river. bouncy, evanescent apparatus
Mano Preetham.K
I love the way he says boom !
Aaditya Kekre
If you need diamonds, and you get only 1, using the super iron pick you can just get more, then just turn it back to ore, and mine it again, and its infinite!
The Random Teleporter