Minecraft, But You Can Order Any Item... 

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Minecraft, But You Can Order Any Item...
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This is a Minecraft Challenge in which I try to beat the game, but I can order any item in the game! this idea was inspired by @ShadowApples's "Minecraft Bedwars But I Can Order Any Item In The Game" video, except I put my own twist on it!
Thumbnail Inspiration: @Wisp
#Minecraft​​​ #MinecraftBut​​​ #MinecraftChallenge


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Apr 30, 2021




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Wisp 14 days ago
Could you buy me some chicken? I'm starving.
Buckeye2A 7 hours ago
on the way
Isla Cormack
Isla Cormack 10 hours ago
Omg 😱
Melissa Eslami
Melissa Eslami 11 hours ago
Zion Morgan
Zion Morgan Day ago
Deanthewinch Is My UserName
Sure why nit
Myth! 3 hours ago
it was painful to watch him put on a curse of binding helmet
Buckeye2A 7 hours ago
op gaming
op gaming 10 hours ago
You didn’t get stone pic an achievement
Zelo Yello
Zelo Yello 12 hours ago
Can you link to mods you used in this video ???
MR. 1000
MR. 1000 13 hours ago
i joined befre 700k club
Sthitapragyan Biswal
It's like earning robux in roblox. 😂
Zaheen gamer
Zaheen gamer 18 hours ago
Thelma Felipe
Thelma Felipe 18 hours ago
Alexander Leeman
Alexander Leeman 20 hours ago
this video along with others clearly demonstrates why you get the elytra after the end fight
Motiejus Zube
Motiejus Zube 20 hours ago
Pls play skyblock again
Furious47Destro 21 hour ago
Pov silver shows how to gamble on minecraft😂🤣
Viggo Dam
Viggo Dam 22 hours ago
Hey whats op @wisp
Viggo Dam
Viggo Dam 22 hours ago
The sky
Neetu Singh
Neetu Singh Day ago
King [DJS]
King [DJS] Day ago
You’re hacking
Doc Day ago
Minecraft made by ea
Foxie Boxie
Foxie Boxie Day ago
u shouldve thrown the trident, that gives an advancment (A throwaway joke)
Wyatt Croft
Wyatt Croft Day ago
dude where is this mod it's amazing.
Alex G
Alex G Day ago
Dumb Player
Dumb Player Day ago
I'm part of the 700k Club. Why weren't you in my recommendation when you were at like 500k or even 100k. Also dude really playing sky block but on normal world with the money
issy Day ago
If anyone is seeing this stay safe and stay wealthy
Criançauro Day ago
Luca Geilen
Luca Geilen Day ago
Wats the mod called? And is it fabric?
Facundo Rosas
I wouldn't care if wooden pickaxes breaks at three blocks. I just won't
Tammy DG. Lumague
do you have Another Channel like that because I watch speed silver your in same. like tender. 😷 I think you 2 are siblings or 1person
Guick Sooi
Guick Sooi 2 days ago
Why didnt u get a stone pic cuz thats an achievement
Avighna Humane
Avighna Humane 2 days ago
You talk like your serious
Griffin Drowner
Griffin Drowner 2 days ago
he forgot stone pickaxe
Kailitgaming 2 days ago
I was looking for this content and i love it.i see how you have 16 vids and 600k subs
TY Shadows
TY Shadows 2 days ago
There is an advancement for a stone pic
OceanToast 2 days ago
Dude I got you I was in the Before 400K club
Garuto 2 days ago
Him: let’s get to 7 like for today’s video Me: is this guy joking or really
zackyoushi 2 days ago
What mod / datapack is this
FireSlayer618 2 days ago
pls post a video on hypixel skyblock/bedwars
Cat Noir
Cat Noir 2 days ago
Me like the whole time ,,just sell cobble stone,,
Joko mi
Joko mi 2 days ago
Already Subscibed
jonah c
jonah c 2 days ago
Minecraft but Jeff Bezos is here
jonah c
jonah c 2 days ago
Minecraft but I burn money
SAD Randomizer
SAD Randomizer 2 days ago
how do get diz ting m8
HALLO 2 days ago
Can you do 100 days in mincraft hardcore but I can order any item
CameronXkenshin 2 days ago
And I sub
CameronXkenshin 2 days ago
Wisp your funny lol
Minhaj Vm
Minhaj Vm 2 days ago
Guys wait a second he get money bag when he got advancement
João Hélio 10
João Hélio 10 2 days ago
ok i helped i subscribe :D
Mercedes Wright
Mercedes Wright 2 days ago
While it was thundering your voice calmed me down
Brycen Carter
Brycen Carter 3 days ago
Less go
Drowning Fish
Drowning Fish 3 days ago
yes here this guy becomes famous
Galaxy Is cool
Galaxy Is cool 3 days ago
Bro I have sub from 50k-70k nice to see your channel doing nice
What’s the idiot
When he sold the notch apple I saw that the regular golden apple was the same price 😑
Elijah Mace
Elijah Mace 3 days ago
The puffer fish... Poor fish
HB Singh
HB Singh 3 days ago
Cheese 3 days ago
Hello everyone.. I just liked all of the reply's from Wisp's comment! If anyone see this, have a good day :D
Luke DeVinney
Luke DeVinney 3 days ago
Minecraft Prime © "*+=~=+*^
Kevon Oteng-Attakora
Oh sup Silver, Can u buy me so mod codes? I wanna challenge
Seed pls?
Jaleel Dejesus
Jaleel Dejesus 3 days ago
Sup wisp
Taymar Rudon
Taymar Rudon 3 days ago
how do i play this???
Perusing Person
Perusing Person 3 days ago
Do you know Xnestorio? He also puts 3 periods too
Forever Lit Gaming
before 150k here!!
Loganplayz Minecraft
You have 15 vids and like 600k subs Me on the other hand has like 24 and has 68 subs :(
HeroBabaa 3 days ago
Why did you not get the "getting an upgrade" advancement by making a stone pickaxe
Max Raven Olaso
Max Raven Olaso 3 days ago
Okay ButWhyThough
I don't know why, but it just bothers me when people use stone axe instead of a stone sword to kill mobs. It's just so painstakingly slow. I get why a diamond one would be a better option, but on iron and stone level, it's really cheap, provides slightly higher dps, and lasts for a lot longer since axes use 2 durability when used as a weapon.
Tenille Pellebon
Tenille Pellebon 4 days ago
who was been here since 2k
Krystal Ari
Krystal Ari 4 days ago
Golden apps are noice
Queen Bubbles
Queen Bubbles 4 days ago
I want this moddd
Parker Davis
Parker Davis 4 days ago
Juliana Nordquist
wait what silver just got like 100k subs in a day i swear this morning this channel had about 658k
Itz ParQR
Itz ParQR 4 days ago
Subbed, ur vids are pog
Jalal Dahman
Jalal Dahman 4 days ago
wisp! omg wisp my favorite youtuber omg! im a big big fan
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 4 days ago
We gonna Aim for "7" likes. People watching : It aint gonna work that way...
cyphire h
cyphire h 4 days ago
Alternate title: silver man ruins the stock market
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 4 days ago
I wish we could download these mods D:
S Parma
S Parma 4 days ago
hey silver this vid is where the new viewers in canada look - us-first.info/player/video/mN-tbKysdqJ_o58.html (markipliers vid)
麥塊人生 4 days ago
pennies... emm...
Ana Rosado
Ana Rosado 4 days ago
6:16 Minecraft lets plays be like...
hugales_ 10
hugales_ 10 4 days ago
minjam els ouets
Japheth Tlantulien
you could have made a stone pick for an achievement
Darion Pukk
Darion Pukk 4 days ago
Mod Toutorial Pls!? Also Great Video
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 5 days ago
he should’ve got a shield and purposely get hit for another advancement
Red Creeper YT
Red Creeper YT 5 days ago
Alternate title:Minecraft,but I play as an advancement hunter
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 5 days ago
Daniel Mathew
Daniel Mathew 5 days ago
I just subscribed so I could be in the before 800k club and hopefully get my comment pinned.
Andre Chan
Andre Chan 5 days ago
Nobody: Silver: Sells Enchanted God Apple Everybody: (˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ ) ( ☉_☉)
The Gaming God
The Gaming God 5 days ago
Oh nevermind he just now bought it
The Gaming God
The Gaming God 5 days ago
Why didnt he buy the netherite scrqap
Logan Howarth
Logan Howarth 5 days ago
What mod is this?
rimi p
rimi p 5 days ago
congrats for 730k subs
Derrek Hauge
Derrek Hauge 5 days ago
imagine being able to sell the stuff you get
Darkstalker 877
Darkstalker 877 5 days ago
I wish we could download these mods D:
alex edens
alex edens 5 days ago
Why put he a curse of binding helmet on his BIG HEAD
shqdøwYLN 5 days ago
please give me mod name
Claire Cabahug
Claire Cabahug 5 days ago
what mod is dat?
shapshi mochi
shapshi mochi 5 days ago
The diamond block costs 14 coins and it gives 9 diamonds , diamonds sell for two coins so 18 coins in total you could get rich with it
• ANGLE 5 days ago
skyblock vanila edition
Santu b
Santu b 6 days ago
Intro music?
sythy syth
sythy syth 6 days ago
small comment but um ,, I love you're account and videos , 🍄🌿✨ and ur voice is so cute snxjsnaj 💗 umm , good luck on reaching 1m
ninjacolt 102
ninjacolt 102 6 days ago
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 6 days ago
We gonna Aim for "7" likes. People watching : It aint gonna work that way...
Wolf 2600
Wolf 2600 6 days ago
Can you post all your mod links? They are epic
Wolf 2600
Wolf 2600 6 days ago
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 6 days ago
Why the new channel??
Josip Talan
Josip Talan 6 days ago
plugin or mod link?
Fard 6 days ago
silver in 10 years: we are already at 10 million subscribers with only 10,000 videos!