Minecraft, But Every Item You Draw You'll Get 

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Today, we're playing Minecraft, But Every Item You Draw You'll Get! Literally every single item that I draw i'll get in Minecraft! It's really crazy how this one works. What Minecraft, But should i do next time?
Shoutout to Bionic for inspiring this video!
Bionic - Minecraft But Any Item You Draw, You Get... - us-first.info/player/video/gNmXd5GqgISjeHk.html
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The Funniest Minecraft Video Ever with New Funny Mods makes Minecraft 1.16.4 even funnier & hilarious! It is lots of fun and laughs :)
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and my good friends playing the NEW FUNNIEST MINECRAFT MOD EVER! REAL Minecraft Tricks they defy the game / Minecraft hacks are just INSANE!
#Minecraft #MinecraftBut #MinecraftChallenge


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Apr 30, 2021




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Comments 100   
Op what is op? But i,m china i don,t know english but i,m kids you know i,m just 7 years old?
Richard Krummel
Richard Krummel 4 hours ago
Shark the first thing you should have Spond is an ender dragon egg
CallmehDiego 5 hours ago
Lachlan Thorpe
Lachlan Thorpe 8 hours ago
Jayden tracker Wolf
i would draw a iron sword and diamond armor
Hyp3r 10 hours ago
The thumbnail looks like a ice cude 🧊
KaspeR 12 hours ago
Chest barrier Me bruh moment
Sad BF
Sad BF 12 hours ago
If I can draw something in Windows paint and get it in Minecraft it would be the most cursed helmet pants chestplate and boots and pick axe and sword and Axe and hoe and shovel basically the most cursed everything
5H4Y44N_ D4GD4
5H4Y44N_ D4GD4 20 hours ago
Looks like a pillager
my channel of greatness
4:04 well that's IRON-ic not RITE-ish
Jaydan Tomkinson
Jaydan Tomkinson 23 hours ago
Id draw a GIANT mansion
Karren April Vingno
Game Boy
Game Boy Day ago
vsoy vsoy
vsoy vsoy Day ago
You’re terrible at drawing
aryana nazliaka
What is op I’m 7 years older
Bentley McDonald
i saw you pull up the chat box 5:07
PopplioGaming 2 days ago
Nice edits
Galen Valentino
Galen Valentino 2 days ago
acho Rhetso
acho Rhetso 2 days ago
Lily Britton-Love
I want this in my minecraft world!
Katie Oake-Libow Freeman
What about use Windows paint in this world so you can turn into mobs like a skeleton
Tom J
Tom J 2 days ago
A wild Pikachu has appeared, Capture it!!!by likes!     ▼ ̄>-―-< ̄▼    Y    Y   / / ๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑) pika pika  \ |  つ
Tom J
Tom J 2 days ago
Haybale 😂😂😂😂
hyperdortio 2 days ago
I would draw an elemental sword and end portal frames and eyes of ender to beat the game and get the world record
or, you could've asked for a netherite pickaxe
vera co.
vera co. 2 days ago
o o k a l o g ?
Yumuna Admk
Yumuna Admk 2 days ago
Mum I think you forgot to draw an command block
Ismail Zin
Ismail Zin 2 days ago
Ismail Zin
Ismail Zin 2 days ago
common_player666 2 days ago
The thumbnail that he draw is look like an ice block
Weird thangs I can do
I would definitely draw a baby
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts 3 days ago
I would draw a mansion with hidden rooms and a alot of netherite go?d diamond emerald and elytra and op enchanted armor and enchanted golden apples
are you unspeakable friends
me and GER
me and GER 3 days ago
Oscar Visitacion
Oscar Visitacion 4 days ago
Can you draw animal
•snow Barry•
•snow Barry• 4 days ago
I would draw a bone arrow 64 arrows another portal and then get out to the end and beat the game
Zakaria Mohsin
Zakaria Mohsin 4 days ago
This are like barier block
Zakaria Mohsin
Zakaria Mohsin 4 days ago
Make more drawing table videos
Zakaria Mohsin
Zakaria Mohsin 4 days ago
Funny 🤣🤣🤧🤧😖😖😖🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sad BF
Sad BF 4 days ago
Olesea Cristea
Olesea Cristea 4 days ago
Jenelyn Gabule
Jenelyn Gabule 4 days ago
I will say shark you are so not make a nice a drawing hahaha crap
Norm Call
Norm Call 4 days ago
LIZA MAE de los Reyes
who saw a person when he was killing dragon in overworld
paulem sang
paulem sang 4 days ago
Benmark Cordova
Benmark Cordova 5 days ago
Rampager 5 days ago
He literally just used commands
Li Fong
Li Fong 5 days ago
Me: lets draw a Ginny lamp
Heather Kirkwood
Heather Kirkwood 5 days ago
T~T T t T~T T t
Heather Kirkwood
Heather Kirkwood 5 days ago
10 hours ago!? I know I am late T-T
Erin Brady
Erin Brady 5 days ago
Summer Bourque
Summer Bourque 5 days ago
draw 900 snow man
Kyler Hurley
Kyler Hurley 5 days ago
terry mcdermott
terry mcdermott 5 days ago
A smilly face
lisa brady
lisa brady 5 days ago
Mine looks like this [][][][][][][][ [][][][[[]][][]][
Joseph Slankard
Joseph Slankard 5 days ago
I would draw a sniper :D
ziad legend x
ziad legend x 5 days ago
Vhanu Flo
Vhanu Flo 5 days ago
Vhanu Flo
Vhanu Flo 5 days ago
Is iron iligal to mine some ores? But i dont really know
Video Çekmeyen SALAM
what the mod name ?
Misty Brown
Misty Brown 5 days ago
Your cutest man
Gail Rowe
Gail Rowe 5 days ago
The ender dragon
Antonio Pinto
Antonio Pinto 5 days ago
Luv you to do a video when you can DELETE the mobs around you
Antonio Pinto
Antonio Pinto 5 days ago
Fishdom :>
jasonchee01 5 days ago
Izzy Vennard
Izzy Vennard 6 days ago
Elijah Donne Lorilla
1000000 diamond draw pls
glorilyn frias
glorilyn frias 6 days ago
John Erick Tolibas
I beat the ender dragon with guns
Sonia Amlon
Sonia Amlon 6 days ago
Gill Neary
Gill Neary 6 days ago
I'd drew a wille
I’m a handsome nice Iil Frog :]
Random stupid ppl- claim you early ticket Smart ppl- claim your on time ticket
Thumbnail: i drew a block of diamond Me: Is that ice-
celal yentur
celal yentur 2 days ago
@• Lollicorn • of mod
celal yentur
celal yentur 2 days ago
what is the name
• Lollicorn •
Lol thats what I was gonna say-
banoo187 6 days ago
wood items suck
R.I.P 500 Margets 😔 🖐
Sonia Hernandez
Sonia Hernandez 6 days ago
The chest sign look likesmiling face
Andrea Ramirez
Andrea Ramirez 6 days ago
Itsmeadam 6 days ago
Great vid like all of them
Charizard_637 6 days ago
I’d draw Dragon egg x64 and boom you beat the game 64 times
Anthony Sharpe
Anthony Sharpe 6 days ago
shark: "what would you draw" Me: me naked in mud
Beth Muzzerall
Beth Muzzerall 4 days ago
dragon gamer
dragon gamer 4 days ago
Amzaooey 6 days ago
Ok ur cutting out there's no way a device can understand your drawings
Robbe Verschoren
Robbe Verschoren 6 days ago
It’s not real look if he wanted village he’s on gras and then on sand he go to a village
GoodPuffer 6 days ago
Nobody: Me:
Kundra Kumara
Kundra Kumara 6 days ago
Is unspeakable your friend..........?
Michele Linbarger
I would draw a house
Claier end papa Eduard
Oh mt
Usha Dong
Usha Dong 6 days ago
You are soo op in 1...00
Stefino Lewis
Stefino Lewis 6 days ago
Shark draws like a noob lol 😂😂
Sophie Lessard
Sophie Lessard 6 days ago
Charmaine Aguirang
Maybe.....I'll teach you how to draw?
Obaid Al ali
Obaid Al ali 6 days ago
Click bate
louby 2580
louby 2580 6 days ago
I would draw command block 64
Cyber Frost
Cyber Frost 7 days ago
I’ll draw a command block
damia .r playz gaming official
I love this vid and i watch it like 30000000000,000000 time cause this was my first vid that i watch from u
Cole Morrow
Cole Morrow 7 days ago
Shadowapples did this in Bedwars!
Jhun Comia
Jhun Comia 7 days ago
You hacker😡
Agastya Joshi Kaushik
Love 😘💕🤩 it
Pickles Gaming
Pickles Gaming 7 days ago
I heard legend of zelda music the music I heard was when ever u get something
Suzanna Richichi
Suzanna Richichi 7 days ago
I would draw 12 end portals and ender eyes
agent seo
agent seo 7 days ago
Me feel like gun s### today
NickMortuus 7 days ago
I need more of these videos