Minecraft, But If You Think Any Item, You Get It... 

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Minecraft, But If You Think Any item, You Get It...
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Apr 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
Painful 29 days ago
You have a very smart, non-bald brain.
JxcK_M567 - Brawl Stars, Roblox, and more!
I wish I had likes like this on my comments :( (And also I want to see an edit saying thanks in a few days)
Renzo Abetong
Renzo Abetong 21 day ago
Hello mr painful im yoUr faN
thatei bawitlung
thatei bawitlung 21 day ago
tubbi child
tubbi child 24 days ago
Aldrich Gatdula
Aldrich Gatdula 4 minutes ago
Can you talk to painful and say whers s forest
Gabriella Murray
Gabriella Murray 9 minutes ago
serum_dwell _fn
serum_dwell _fn 11 minutes ago
"I'm gonna keep it a mystery for now". (shows the name of the person 1000000 times)
CYNCERE COOKS 16 minutes ago
painful duf
Pedro Perez
Pedro Perez 19 minutes ago
Brains voice is Herobrine‘s voice
Izzy A
Izzy A 23 minutes ago
It is painful :>
Bulah Hoyle
Bulah Hoyle 44 minutes ago
The decorous tongue rapidly suggest because polo reassembly present around a stimulating ball. auspicious, confused robin
Freddy Fazbear
He’s cool
Christian Parkin
You could see his name wen you teleport
tamim proxx
tamim proxx Hour ago
Kids All day long
it is painful
Arthur h
Arthur h Hour ago
the brain is played by Painful
Louis Lim
Louis Lim Hour ago
I think brain is painful
Petar Manojlovic
Brains sounds like painful
CRTX Hour ago
brain is painful
Dipika Jairath
The brain is Alex
Archer Rourick
It is painful he is brain
Meerkat and miley Partner
The brain’s voice is painful
Totally Tubular YouTuber
bran fog labs
Gaming with Darragh
When your brain is pink dye
Jalen Kessler
Jalen Kessler 2 hours ago
Painful is brain
Mathias Verheyden
Mathias Verheyden 2 hours ago
It said painful in chat
Jeanine LeBoeuf
Jeanine LeBoeuf 2 hours ago
Nathan Daldal
Nathan Daldal 2 hours ago
the greatest brain and the smartest
Ashton Canales
Ashton Canales 2 hours ago
brain smart
Loughlin Rech
Loughlin Rech 2 hours ago
xNestorio: 5 likes Me: 200,000 likes
Mikhil Arora
Mikhil Arora 2 hours ago
Brain is painful
Dante Denomey
Dante Denomey 2 hours ago
the brain is painful
Kristine Bencharski
Its painfull
Manda Davies
Manda Davies 2 hours ago
Brain is cool
Manda Davies
Manda Davies 2 hours ago
Emsley Moore
Emsley Moore 3 hours ago
brain is painful
BlazeOuttit 3 hours ago
U know painful is cool nestorio
Reyan Amazing
Reyan Amazing 3 hours ago
Brain is painfully
Mr. Sloth
Mr. Sloth 3 hours ago
Brain is awesome
Mr. Sloth
Mr. Sloth 3 hours ago
Painful is brain
Eytan Spodek
Eytan Spodek 3 hours ago
It's painful
Avar Avar
Avar Avar 3 hours ago
Or alex
Avar Avar
Avar Avar 3 hours ago
I think brains voice is painful
Gurpreet Kaur
Gurpreet Kaur 3 hours ago
it was pain ful it litterally said
Danielle Neidlinger
pain ful
Danielle Neidlinger
i think the brain is painless
MertLOL52 4 hours ago
I want a big thing with 3 television and a big board
Damp Zhou
Damp Zhou 4 hours ago
THE BRAIN THE PAINFUL 100% I saw it when it says “ur game mode changed to survival by painful”
Jacob Leigh
Jacob Leigh 4 hours ago
The voice is painful
Zack O'Dane_2012
Zack O'Dane_2012 4 hours ago
It painful
Pete sasson
Pete sasson 4 hours ago
It said painful
Baxter Teissier
Baxter Teissier 4 hours ago
brain huge
Polki890 Polki
Polki890 Polki 4 hours ago
Painful u r damb
Orryn Patel
Orryn Patel 5 hours ago
Somin Sidhu
Somin Sidhu 5 hours ago
Good brain
Vernon Armstrong
Vernon Armstrong 5 hours ago
painful that be da brain
Nicole Vachon
Nicole Vachon 5 hours ago
Brain is amazing
Vipin Shrivastav
Vipin Shrivastav 5 hours ago
Fun fact:it's painful
Ninja9 Tales
Ninja9 Tales 5 hours ago
I know who the Brian is it’s painful
Jamiel Campbell
Jamiel Campbell 5 hours ago
Oliver Pillay
Oliver Pillay 5 hours ago
Voice: Painful
Gupta Nijay
Gupta Nijay 5 hours ago
Painful... OBVIOUSLY
Wenfei You
Wenfei You 5 hours ago
Is Brain Painful
Lynne Parker
Lynne Parker 5 hours ago
BRAIN IS AWSOME 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣
__shUbh__ Singh__
__shUbh__ Singh__ 5 hours ago
Painful lol
Alaina Baxter
Alaina Baxter 5 hours ago
Painful that’s who
BobbyDaFox 5 hours ago
Brain is big brain
Cantord-? 6 hours ago
The brain is painful lol when you got teleported to ocean and it says teleported to painful.
Logan Lewis
Logan Lewis 6 hours ago
The brain is painful
James Lock
James Lock 6 hours ago
It’s painful
100Ninja Ballard
100Ninja Ballard 6 hours ago
Casey Amy
Casey Amy 6 hours ago
Garrett onafrychuk
Garrett onafrychuk 6 hours ago
The brain is painful
Alecxy 6 hours ago
I love how near the end of the video he had so many blocks of netherite he built a bridge out of them
Master Marshall Freeman
It’s painful cuz it said teleported to painful
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 6 hours ago
It’s painful
Nathan Case
Nathan Case 6 hours ago
He is painful that’ll is the brian
Keyton Pin
Keyton Pin 6 hours ago
its painful
rare flare
rare flare 6 hours ago
Pai ful
Zabdiel Bandoy
Zabdiel Bandoy 7 hours ago
Brain is painful
Suneeta Bhat
Suneeta Bhat 7 hours ago
Painful is brain
kristsplayz 1
kristsplayz 1 7 hours ago
Its painful
Ethan Tan
Ethan Tan 7 hours ago
It’s painful
jhillon 7 hours ago
His voise is painful
Oblivious gamer Gamer
The voice of the Brian is Scott croner
ttvalex prime
ttvalex prime 7 hours ago
Its Painful
James J
James J 8 hours ago
painfil is brain
Anime aYoub
Anime aYoub 8 hours ago
EZ ITS Painful
Rc Dixon
Rc Dixon 8 hours ago
The brain is painful
shadow _playz67
shadow _playz67 8 hours ago
brain is painful and he friend is forest bono and he i s 100 days guy
Carter Ware
Carter Ware 8 hours ago
Brain is Painful (the youtuber) when he teleports Nestorio it said "teleported to Painful"
Prince Alexander
Prince Alexander 8 hours ago
Arthur de Pro
Arthur de Pro 8 hours ago
I love brain
Matthew Silks
Matthew Silks 8 hours ago
HaileyG And Friends
Painful is the brain!
Shadow 123
Shadow 123 8 hours ago
It's painful
Kellie Reider
Kellie Reider 8 hours ago
The brain is painful
Mace Hall
Mace Hall 8 hours ago
painful bruh it said you teleported to painful
Chelsea Meek
Chelsea Meek 9 hours ago
Pan ful
Saud SHAFAI (AL) 9 hours ago
pradeepan kp
pradeepan kp 9 hours ago
It was painful
Alejandra Rivera
Alejandra Rivera 10 hours ago