Minecraft, But Diamonds Drop OP ITEMS... 

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I Played Minecraft But Diamond Ores Dropped Overpowered Items! I Coded it so that diamonds drop enchanted items, books, weapons and almost everything but Diamonds! Will I be able to beat Minecraft, but Diamonds Drop OP ITEMS?
Inspired by TapL
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Feb 22, 2021




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Cloudy 38 minutes ago
Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you could let me know to what wadzee uses for his mouse it looks really interesting and I've been wanting to make mine disappear but the tutorials never work. So please if you know then could I be told how to do it?
Kevin Sadat
Kevin Sadat Hour ago
He finished the game the same way he started it
Kevin Sadat
Kevin Sadat Hour ago
Why do you say dog water like that
Henry Hour ago
Wadzee big problem your friend sock in danger. Join him in socks smp go now help him
Red Hour ago
in my opinion they should keep the old texture of ores
RoseMarmalade Hour ago
WadZee: codes loot tables Also WadZee: gApPLes?? tHiS is iNsanE!!
JB 492
JB 492 Hour ago
Brock of gaming
Brock of gaming 2 hours ago
I am from Australia
Samuel Scarfino
Samuel Scarfino 2 hours ago
Rip fletcher
Jestin Gamez
Jestin Gamez 2 hours ago
got netherite before going into the nether
PurpleLeaf 3 hours ago
Hey what's your texture pack WadZee for 1.16.5? I like it.
NOICEEZ 3 hours ago
Yo Wadzee why don't u start a 1.17 survival series
Miles Allen
Miles Allen 3 hours ago
Huh, so this is what the Minecraft cave update looks like.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
- Septem -
- Septem - 3 hours ago
7:13 "Deltarune OST" Rude Buster
Albertus Stefan
Albertus Stefan 4 hours ago
3 months later and this guy still cringe
ayden is very epic
ayden is very epic 4 hours ago
mod link?
Kay Gaming not here
Dimonds:wadzee wadzeeeeeeee wadzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Crafted Codm
Crafted Codm 4 hours ago
The title should be being op in 16 minutes or longer
Jack Freitas
Jack Freitas 4 hours ago
It totaly looks like he has 2 layers of gold hearts. 8:19
Teotimi Teotimi
Teotimi Teotimi 5 hours ago
when im happy i change zoutubers name so now your woodzee
Mr.Rayven Bg
Mr.Rayven Bg 5 hours ago
That skelly will take revenge
Ajxx 99
Ajxx 99 5 hours ago
Play rl craft or something challenging
obsidian blaze
obsidian blaze 5 hours ago
hey i watched this on my tablet at home and i loved the video it was so crazy i cant wait till the new update 1.17 comes out im so excited
Loin Johnson
Loin Johnson 6 hours ago
Roger Xie
Roger Xie 6 hours ago
i like how you put the bounced ball sound effect when you killed that skeleton
_ Schmeaty _
_ Schmeaty _ 6 hours ago
stop trashing on the ore re-textures, theyre good
Swapnil the Streamer
Love your bids they are awesome
Julian Cimoca
Julian Cimoca 7 hours ago
I hate the new ore. It looks moded. I will re-texture them but still. It should be a in-game option. Between this and the Microsoft account migration Microsoft is ruining the game.
Lucas Huynh
Lucas Huynh 7 hours ago
Julie Byers
Julie Byers 7 hours ago
Jacob Lysogorski
Jacob Lysogorski 7 hours ago
What version is this
l' inoriginal
l' inoriginal 7 hours ago
You should really try to play without night vision, it make everything more atmospherique and creepy. I know your doing it for the viewing experience and not having to care about torches, but you should try it maybe on the new snapshot that just released?
Gavin England
Gavin England 8 hours ago
He is like one punch man he killed the ender dragon with his FIST lol
MUHAMMAD REHAN 8 hours ago
I love Minecraft and WadZee
Hailstorm Vicebreaker
i feel like this at least got inspired by TapL? or maybe vice versa? idk i just cant help but see a correlation
KingRBPlays 8 hours ago
minecraft but diamonds drop grass
fatemeh bigdeli
fatemeh bigdeli 9 hours ago
hi (:
zafire.sow1e 9 hours ago
How did u get that??
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson 9 hours ago
They change ores for color blind people
Ducky 9 hours ago
I’m just wondering how you got the update
OThat Gaming
OThat Gaming 9 hours ago
Minecraft but diamomds can drop diamonds
Jansson Gaming
Jansson Gaming 9 hours ago
the new mic is sick!
nuchnaa 10 hours ago
Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz
Whats the name of this song in the background 7:36
Anne-Lise Lorentzen
Anne-Lise Lorentzen 10 hours ago
“Minecraft but diamond drop orp loot”
Thank you, WadZee, for Existenz, you're an absoluten Legende for EVER!!!!!
Astha Bharadwaj
Astha Bharadwaj 10 hours ago
9:14 to 9:45 ---------FLEX-------💅💅💅
Amogh Gaming
Amogh Gaming 10 hours ago
“Am I drunk?” WadZee 2021
Kier Pelpz
Kier Pelpz 10 hours ago
is it just me or did his voice change
SB - 04RL 836836 Burnt Elm PS
Wah wah
Connor Walton gaming
Deadly Gamers
Deadly Gamers 10 hours ago
Diamonds always drop op items
Vinnie Vilaple
Vinnie Vilaple 11 hours ago
2:22 What that sound?
Henry Vogelmann
Henry Vogelmann 11 hours ago
dry up a ocean monument like make it not underwater or make a crazy big ocean monument
Captain Underpants Jr
Wadzee: omg there's so many skeletons! Litterally everyone else: YOU ENDED THE EPIC BATTLE BETWEEN SKELETONS HOW DARE YOU!
Henry 11 hours ago
They kinda already did
smashboy 11 hours ago
Phoenix in your hardcore world I want you to make a farm a melon farm but this the actual building
Raypha ._.
Raypha ._. 12 hours ago
What if you mined the diamonds with silk touch? Would you have infinite supplies or am i dumb
badsetup 69
badsetup 69 12 hours ago
This idea is stolen from tapL
Simon Laskowski
Simon Laskowski 13 hours ago
i was laughing so bad when wadzee was just like 'aw cute, i got 1 of those too' to the skeleton and then he killed the skeleton and there was the fortnite dying noise
Christian boudewijn pp
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ super hero
Delta 13 hours ago
3:07 *they just keep coming...* Breathes* *ThATs wHaT sHe SaID*
Revers1veGamingYT 13 hours ago
the ore texture for iron looks like beetroot seeds
Trust And Obey
Trust And Obey 13 hours ago
When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (Mark 2:17 [KJV]) --:-- For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death. (II Corinthians 7:10 [KJV]) --:-- I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5 [KJV])
Aimee Swan
Aimee Swan 13 hours ago
Can u do a 100 day hard are with 1000 mods also I am have fan I am subscribed to
Ramses Silva
Ramses Silva 14 hours ago
James Waters
James Waters 14 hours ago
1 word wow!
Jeral_ adt
Jeral_ adt 14 hours ago
Do you not have mercy anymore cause I saw your way way week videos and there is no more merch but I really want some merch plsssssss
IamSanjaraPlayz 14 hours ago
"Diamond ores drop anything but diamonds" Irl miners: *confused screaming intensifies*
IamSanjaraPlayz 14 hours ago
Wadzee: *diamond ores drop anything except for diamonds* Me: *even dirt?* Title: *diamonds drop op items* Me: *oop*
Jasman Randhawa
Jasman Randhawa 14 hours ago
i hate the new textures
THE WAH WAH ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mot Games
Mot Games 15 hours ago
He is still complaining about to many diamonds. Also Wadzee playing on the brightest possible
Katie Paisley
Katie Paisley 15 hours ago
Mærkers 15 hours ago
4 Close
4 Close 15 hours ago
hey wadzee try valhensia mood please
Jamie B
Jamie B 15 hours ago
join an smp of somesort
Chims Loyalty
Chims Loyalty 15 hours ago
11:13 sus
Live VISNES 16 hours ago
Hi, i searched for some minecraft content the other day and i came across your US-first Chanel! I enjoy it a lot! I’m a new subscriber now. And i have a video idea for you: Hardcore - speedrun in 1.17 snapshot ✨🤪😅😂😉😋
RA ItsPandaBoy_YT
RA ItsPandaBoy_YT 16 hours ago
am i the only one who can't join the discord link?
Piano Man
Piano Man 16 hours ago
Hes like a kid on christmas day
Liam Sangma
Liam Sangma 16 hours ago
Play rl craft I'm sub
Fahad Al Saad
Fahad Al Saad 16 hours ago
Is there any way to dowload this?
Matthew 16 hours ago
A new video idea Crafts get multiplied
Joe Fawcett
Joe Fawcett 17 hours ago
Imagine being pinned
Morgan Wipke
Morgan Wipke 17 hours ago
You should do a Minecraft video with OP villager trades!!!!!
The Noob Siblings
The Noob Siblings 18 hours ago
can you make this a series
Hubudugly 18 hours ago
pls release what you used to make diamonds drop random and op loot
UNITED SHIPPING 18 hours ago
Bro play in shader
Quincas Virgonalto
Quincas Virgonalto 18 hours ago
you hit a vilager : golem :kills you ... also golem wen he see a vilager being exploded : nice :D
GHOST RIDER The Ghostbuster
Wadzee make challenge to get op lot from mobs were ever mobs attacks us
Afsha Verma
Afsha Verma 19 hours ago
update your hardcore world
Anaya dolls play
Anaya dolls play 19 hours ago
Nowadays beating ender dragon is so easy 😂
stphen curry
stphen curry 19 hours ago
9:33 me skeleton:im gonna beat ninja ninja:bruh
Basil Zoubi
Basil Zoubi 19 hours ago
I'm so bored I'm actually just watching this video for the 1.17 snapshot
Rishit Bhagtani
Rishit Bhagtani 19 hours ago
egv 19 hours ago
f i s h
Pepecstasy 19 hours ago
POV You didn't flush the toilet 2:11
Popmoos YT
Popmoos YT 19 hours ago
New mic ??
Dude Wars | OT 24