Million Dollaz Worth of Game Episode 101: Pooh Shiesty 

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Up-and-coming Memphis rapper, Pooh Shiesty joins Wallo and Gillie on episode 101 to talk about his come up, his new mixtape "Shiesty Season" and more!
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The Million Dollaz Worth of Game show, a weekly podcast with rapper Gillie Da King and social media influencer and disruptor Wallo267 (who are also first-cousins) targeting their combined social media presence of over 1.3 million followers.
Gillie and Wallo’s audiences have been demanding a podcast and this is the delivery. For their audience, the Million Dollaz Worth of Game show bridges the gap between social media and reality tv, satiating the hunger for original and authentic content.
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Feb 21, 2021




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Comments 100   
leon Marvin
leon Marvin 10 minutes ago
So pool sheisty said Lil Wayne was one of his favorite rappers that was disrespectful cuz gil the kid write his shit I bet kid was saying you like me not him.3person Goofy
kdub1_ 22 minutes ago
Wow...this was dope!
Jaay Dexx
Jaay Dexx 23 minutes ago
The podcast is it on apple music ? If it is what name is it under ?
Sean Menifee
Sean Menifee 43 minutes ago
Lmfao “uzi on em”😭
Wll Gre3n
Wll Gre3n 44 minutes ago
Yo_God_ Wud_up Blackmanallah
7:56 🗣 WELCOME😭😭💀
HavokDoesDN 47 minutes ago
Franchise 🖤
Cole Hart
Cole Hart Hour ago
Don't bring that Tony nigga back he chargin 3 racks fa a course get on y'all show and says it's free
If you from memphis check in 〽️
Grady 2526
Grady 2526 Hour ago
Walo is one real dude I got much respect for him 😎💪🏽💯
GravediggerCas Tro
GravediggerCas Tro 2 hours ago
Wallo feels like he had a chance to try n help Von more wit they interview, he got another street niggga out here wylin, he said he gon tell him everything he wish he told von
Keeping It Real
Keeping It Real 2 hours ago
Pooh needed that speech from Wallo. You can see it in his eyes.. #Lovethatshyt
Cut Throat
Cut Throat 2 hours ago
Pooh shiesty a good listener 👂..he feeling every word gillie & wallo spitting 👏🏾
EZ Emoral
EZ Emoral 2 hours ago
Wallo is all love and wisdom , good over bad .
BabyFace Assassin
BabyFace Assassin 3 hours ago
I don’t pick sides but Pooh did his homeboys dirty 😂 stole they gun then did a song saying he got his own. And his bro n the hospital on life support and the other one gone he beefing with his old friends he stole from and he not paralyzed he can walk . The industry / fans would be better if they stop picking clicks and dick riding.
GravediggerCas Tro
Man you know the biggest artist control the narrative..nba yb fans have no idea what's going on & how then li boys getting done bad
King Kiri
King Kiri 3 hours ago
Different things to learn outside the rap game
Nate TooFunny
Nate TooFunny 3 hours ago
Ain’t nobody else here him say he don’t fw offset😭
ChillROC 3 hours ago
Deluxe versions in this generation wild
Straight Flizzy
Straight Flizzy 3 hours ago
I’m 30mins in and it’s felt like it’s only been 10!
Money Son300
Money Son300 4 hours ago
Mayne I be telling these niggas these niggas need some OGs around them who don't give a fuck bout they money who gone pull they coat tail bout some shit
Straight Flizzy
Straight Flizzy 4 hours ago
This was a B Worth of Game!!!!
pressure mania
pressure mania 4 hours ago
Gillie dont gaf foreal😂😂
cory oldwoman
cory oldwoman 4 hours ago
Wallo speaking to that young man proper
Everiy Xclusive
Everiy Xclusive 4 hours ago
I’m up next 🤞🏾music on my US-first
JJ JJ 4 hours ago
wallo be talking some jews 📠
Official Av Smooth
Official Av Smooth 5 hours ago
Wallo & Gillie i appreciate y'all og's getting to the youth I'll be there soon to get my 1on1 interview #ISaidThisIn2021
Kyle Evans
Kyle Evans 5 hours ago
23:54 yall dont get it move bruh 😂😂
Mr Jacobs
Mr Jacobs 5 hours ago
#1 podcast.... 💯💯💯💯💯
flip elwood
flip elwood 5 hours ago
gillie so corny he make this shit hard to watch at this point lmao
Ricco M
Ricco M 5 hours ago
Y'all niggaz platinum certified
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 5 hours ago
Damn New Amsterdam😂😂
dilan arellanes
dilan arellanes 6 hours ago
pooh shiesty look like he could be a character off the movie flushed away
dilan arellanes
dilan arellanes 6 hours ago
pooh shiesty look like a black pixar character
Cameron Smoot
Cameron Smoot 7 hours ago
Wallo coming from heart
Cameron Smoot
Cameron Smoot 7 hours ago
This episode worth a zillion to much truth
John Williams
John Williams 7 hours ago
This was powerful everything is genuine with wallo and gillie, unlike Vlad! This is why we as black people need to get Vlad the fuck out of here. Unsubscribe and stop supporting that vulture!!! Nothing is for likes this is really what the black community needs! Vlad is bad for us. I stopped supporting Vlad for years since he got Ross in some shit.
WOO EMPIRE 8 hours ago
Notice how Pooh keen to listen to Walo's Wisdom Bro ain't going nowhere
jermin costor
jermin costor 8 hours ago
✊🏿 Respect. Great
Trae Pound
Trae Pound 8 hours ago
His video wasn’t shot in Oblock it was shot in DTown 059
Sean Martin
Sean Martin 9 hours ago
everybody say Lil Wayne not known that Gillie wrote almost all hus songs gillie is a beast bars
Jay Jizzle
Jay Jizzle 3 hours ago
He only wrote Tha carter 1
Jonathan Johnson
Jonathan Johnson 9 hours ago
Tolds niggas 1017
Matthew Gaymon
Matthew Gaymon 9 hours ago
How can I get my song on here?
by homie
by homie 10 hours ago
48:00-48:50 wtf is Gil talkn bout? His old ass forgot what dey was talkn bout
Lu & Vick 9 & Osama
Lu & Vick 9 & Osama 10 hours ago
This episode was heat♨️♨️♨️
Lu & Vick 9 & Osama
Lu & Vick 9 & Osama 10 hours ago
yah need sum wit g herbo
Kenny King
Kenny King 10 hours ago
Foogaino up next
Kenny King
Kenny King 10 hours ago
Bro sound like he from da chiqac that how close Memphis to Chicago
Mzz soldier • 25 years ago
Tbh nah he south like he straight from the south
Kenny King
Kenny King 10 hours ago
The new slim dunkin #ripslimdunkin1017
RASHAAD 11 hours ago
Gilly you da goat 🐐 of philly I got mad respect . how do I send a song to you ?
K.O.P. King of the Prints
If mess gillie up when people shootout lil wayne knowing he wrote some of his stuff!
dilan arellanes
dilan arellanes 6 hours ago
y u say rona proof a scam bro??
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 11 hours ago
Von and pooh Shiesty would of been a great duo on everything🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mohamed Doumbouya-Camara
he was on lamron not o block
dilan arellanes
dilan arellanes 6 hours ago
what song foo
Mitch Smith
Mitch Smith 13 hours ago
Shiesty is this years lil baby!! Watch. He’s by far the hardest up and coming. It was gonna be Von. 💯 RIP GRANDSON
how about positivity?
had my dumb ass dancing with yall
CHOP IT UP TV 13 hours ago
Y’all need to bring Sauce Walka on the Show 🔥🤔
Stephanie Drake
Stephanie Drake 13 hours ago
Do est gee !!!
6familyfirst 13 hours ago
Wallo be tryin to be serious sometimes, Gil u gotta relax sometimes n let him run the point. This ain’t just some rapper, he got a lot of influence and Wallo was tryin to get to him. But let me finish the rest of this interview......
Quinton Powell
Quinton Powell 14 hours ago
Mane is it me bc I'm from the city but he sizing Gillie up like this what this nigga on when he should know what I'm on. Wallo you str8 you name dropped you can get a exclusive... Check out the under breath commentary... Maybe its just me knowing how we move? Responses?....
Jay BK
Jay BK 14 hours ago
These niggas be having me dying when they dancing 🤣🤣
Tayegotclout 14 hours ago
This the realist shii Ive seen 💯💯
BigSipp_662 14 hours ago
Respect to yall fellows all the way from Mississippi.... true million dollars worth of game
G money tha huncho
G money tha huncho 14 hours ago
Wallo can talk that shit cuz he really been thru it💯 i really fuck wit wallo
Nukem Nash
Nukem Nash 14 hours ago
You're never gonna look like a bitch walking away from some dumb shit when it not only saves your life but it also insures to the people around you who love you and depend on you and shows them that they can count on you to not make a decision to jeopardize everything you've worked so hard to secure. By choosing to involve yourself in some "today" fight or bullshit can ruin a lifetime of success. Think ahead with every decision you make to prove youre gonna be here for yours. Especially when you're the primary care giver. All this "today" pointless beef'n has the power to ruin a whole lifetime of hard work and dedication and make it to where those who depend on you are now without you due to a stupid "today" decision you made out of anger. Check yourself or get some one around you to do it for you so you can keep living.
Andrew Villarreal
Andrew Villarreal 15 hours ago
Pooh barely said like 5 words for the first 15 minutes 😂😂😂 Wallo talk too damn much let the man speak 🗣 I get it you tryna look out and big bro him but we tryna hear the guest
Chavez Foxx
Chavez Foxx 15 hours ago
Goofy The Kid....
reuben armstrong
reuben armstrong 15 hours ago
Donny Lee
Donny Lee 15 hours ago
Yall gotta get drakeo the ruler on here
mukwaya benjamin
mukwaya benjamin 16 hours ago
Gillie is a smart brother . Respect
Jaylon Fudge
Jaylon Fudge 16 hours ago
They vibes different the intro🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂
David Lewis
David Lewis 16 hours ago
2 Pac did the double album 1st All eyezon me and Makaveli 7 day theory never forget 😎
T Fisher
T Fisher 16 hours ago
Wallo 2024 for president!
joe huggins
joe huggins 16 hours ago
😂Eh these niggas original funny subscribed
Low Bando
Low Bando 16 hours ago
How can I get a interview
Blackk Mark
Blackk Mark 16 hours ago
Wallo n gillie =🐐🐐
kiva Bolton
kiva Bolton 16 hours ago
GOD Bless These Brothers 💯💪🏾🍾
Ladarian Kinsey
Ladarian Kinsey 17 hours ago
Real shit
BestMovieMoments 17 hours ago
We need lil baby and lil durk on here 💯💯💯💯👌🏾💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
CordesvilleTV 17 hours ago
realtalk 17 hours ago
realtalk 17 hours ago
Keep these 2 real niggas around..God bless😁
Douglas Post
Douglas Post 18 hours ago
This is my first time watching this but the dude on the far right is literally the goat
CHAS3845 18 hours ago
Applied pressure from the get go💯Only For The Real!
bjakatherobster. Robert Leshoure
Shout please Bjakatherobster
MR J 19 hours ago
Wallo a real one
Sille' Nosrettap
Sille' Nosrettap 19 hours ago
Y'all bringing anybody on now 😒
YouTube DotCom
YouTube DotCom 20 hours ago
Intro was funny shit
Ka'Veon Jones
Ka'Veon Jones 20 hours ago
South Memphis legend
Florida Jit
Florida Jit 20 hours ago
Get Sauce Walka on the show please
Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davis 20 hours ago
Fuck that bs rap you playin on that shit hell naw
Jaquan Jackson
Jaquan Jackson 20 hours ago
Wats the song at the end wallo played called?
Shaunte Reneese
Shaunte Reneese 21 hour ago
Gillie Kid was like No that first one doing good 😂😂😂😂😂 Pooh like I don’t know 😂😂🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 humble at its best that why he wining ❤️
Q Man
Q Man 21 hour ago
Gillie tight as shit he named Wayne🤣🤣🤣
xITZQ2Ux 21 hour ago
Fact they old heads and showing him love like in beginning, we need that in the game.
Ricky White
Ricky White 21 hour ago
They gone interview this nigga or lecture him
GMROSS 22 hours ago
This interview was not good. Dude barely talking and u can barely understand him. Not talking into the mic so u can hear him. He seems to be super high as well.. NEXT!
godsofire localcd
godsofire localcd 22 hours ago
South Memphis BBQ, Hot Wings 🔥, Spaghetti 🍝 and Pooh Shiesty
De ablaze621
De ablaze621 22 hours ago
Salute Wallo267 Salute Gillie shoutout to Pooh much respect ✊🏿
Mostt HxtedGxdzxxx
Mostt HxtedGxdzxxx 22 hours ago
Gotta get Youngboy on here
Limitless Aloe
Limitless Aloe 22 hours ago
This what the game need💯 wise words