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Sep 30, 2019




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Comments 100   
Dreadd Day ago
1:13:30 I can't believe the source material just got disrespected so much >:( Tom may be a different take, but he is still inaccurate to classic Spidey. Heres hoping Spider-Man 3 redeems him! :D
Jakrivvo Day ago
51:08 micheals out here twirling that knife WITHOUT INSURANCE
Cookie 2 days ago
Miguel Pozos
Miguel Pozos 3 days ago
Miguel Pozos
Miguel Pozos 3 days ago
It was hilarious seeing Michael getting so excited talking about the baby killing drone
Cam Ryan
Cam Ryan 6 days ago
Michael saying “yucky” 😂😂😂
brendan dennis
brendan dennis 7 days ago
Anybody catch the sly kkk joke?
Barbara Higgins
Barbara Higgins 10 days ago
32:32 dont mind me just putting the timestamp
Jayce McCord
Jayce McCord 12 days ago
My 3 favorite youtubers yeeeeeeeeessssss
Adriana Ruelas
Adriana Ruelas 13 days ago
53:06 Shoutout to Tony for putting those Airbender tattoos on Gus.
Ro Faulkner
Ro Faulkner 15 days ago
Time for my monthly rewatch of Michael on the Gus and Eddy Podcast while I consider doing homework
Bobby Mahoney
Bobby Mahoney 16 days ago
Kool Kids Klub ok Michael
n. s.
n. s. 16 days ago
I wonder what the secret project was...
The Novelist
The Novelist 18 days ago
5:31 2020, anyone?
Kieran Atkins
Kieran Atkins 18 days ago
So nice to hear gus talking about having a panic attack that feels like a heart attack, I had a huge one last year and it FUCKED ME UP, thought I was dying, HORRID, anyway, nice to know it's not a lonely panic-stricken world outside :)
PEPE MUSIC 21 day ago
how to train your dragon 2 made me cry
Bergen Tunnell
Bergen Tunnell 27 days ago
5:30 haha one day...
Creepy Crap
Creepy Crap 28 days ago
I’m high school I was part of stage crew so all of tech ever in history EVER understands how you guys feel about the entire section about theater kids. Love em or hate em, there gonna sing and act like they didn’t think you had fucking ears. It’s the worst when half of the group is not into it and the other half of the large group is suck as entire stage crew with all of theater kids, but the theater kids don’t shut up while they sing the same song from the play that we all had to hear the rehearsals for for hours and hours a day.
gay mer
gay mer 28 days ago
Yo on my bday my nibble
J Baroni
J Baroni 29 days ago
They were talking about studio Ghibli while my cat named Totoro was laying next to me lol
Mykaela Miller
Mykaela Miller Month ago
6:00 And now we have covid
Jayyemi Month ago
I love how awkward Michael looks at the end
Direwolf929 Month ago
He said son Goku my inner Weeb has been unleashed
Iguanadude Month ago
I was blushing at the end of the sponsorship 😅
Actually Josef
Actually Josef Month ago
crazy that paper straws were the biggest thing back then..
Silver Productions
michael reeves sounds like a super villain almost always
Daniel Cullum
Daniel Cullum Month ago
The period where you weren’t able to cry was because of puberty, i’m a trans guy and for the first 2 years I was on testosterone I couldn’t cry but I can now.
Brendan Tuura
Brendan Tuura Month ago
Gus: I dont have a hernia Michael: Wait what so you lied to me and dident let me taze you with my camera come on
Miss Lana
Miss Lana Month ago
On the topic of singing in a friend group, I always feel awkward when people are trying to do a sing-along because I've got a good voice and it always feels awkward when that turns to "oh you've got a good voice". I intentionally sing badly in a group setting to sort of try and hide it. I never want to be that person that commands attention for a skill. With that being said, because I intentionally sing bad around people when I'm not performing, a lot of my friends just don't know that I sing well. It's lead to some interesting conversations about how to put oneself out there without being obnoxious about it.
coastal dirt
coastal dirt Month ago
its been four months micheal, get your shit together
Michael Stoll
Michael Stoll Month ago
Joshua Stringer music
At 57:25 Micheal is just casually playing with a knife
Martin Petric
Martin Petric Month ago
I have tried to watch avatar again but we live in croatia so it is a little harder to find😣😣
Biggie 2
Biggie 2 Month ago
24:00 tho
E lias
E lias Month ago
Michael Reeves mining bitcoins confirmed? 1:19:00
Holographic Marlon Brando
gus not liking anime made me lose a lot of respect for him like damn i thought this dude was open minded but he has the literal exact same opinion of someone who watched anime once and immediately shut themselves off to it forever. like seriously i dont trust anyone who says they "hate" anime. like no you dont, you just havent found the one for you and are being super close-minded about it
Natepie12 3
Natepie12 3 Month ago
51:08 Michaels awesome knife spin
Connor Kane
Connor Kane Month ago
No shot they watched Castaway the next day
Juliana Montes de Oca
5:32 this bit of conversation is super unsettling to listen to now lol
Juliana Montes de Oca
replace 'aliens' with 'covid' lmao
areyto paredes-akimoto
My family thinks im a masochist bc i like sleeping in the cold
Alia DelBorgo
Alia DelBorgo Month ago
rewatching this episode god it’s like a different universe
caleb josh basungit
X pianist
X pianist Month ago
ping pong
ping pong Month ago
53:06 lol
veinian Month ago
william robb
william robb Month ago
no one absolutely no one..........I COULDNT PAY MY RENT
william robb
william robb Month ago
objectively speaking night times better
Piano Raves
Piano Raves 2 months ago
TheFullSkundo 2800
TheFullSkundo 2800 2 months ago
Speaking of Michael's fish story, I'm from Ohio, and one day when I was in the seventh grade, my teacher walked in wearing a sopping wet dress shirt and a fish slung over his shoulder. He was a science teacher and he let us help dissect it.
Purple loud Mouth
Purple loud Mouth 2 months ago
If you don’t have health insurance move to Canada It’s amazing the government pays the hospital bills
Crap I Built
Crap I Built 2 months ago
"cool kids club with all K's" -Michael Reeves.
isaac mandell-seaver
I love finding out that people i watch like avatar.
Caterina Mastrogiacomo
I forgot this existed but I'm glad I ridiscovered this epic cross-over AGAIN
Carson Heinze
Carson Heinze 2 months ago
At about 16:00 I thought gus was fidgeting with a vape and I was really disappointed in him. But then I realized it was a knife and felt proud.
Eternal Symatree
Eternal Symatree 2 months ago
Did anyone catch how he said, “They want it to be a Cool Kids Club with all uppercase K’s.”? Lol
Austinjack Pac
Austinjack Pac 2 months ago
Me using Gus and eddy to get 100% off and free shipping and I got a fake pussy
Jesse 2 months ago
Michael went from hating turtles to creating an army of them
Temmie Temmieson
Temmie Temmieson 2 months ago
16:21 It’s actually a pretty common thing! I remember having my first anxiety attack I thought I was going to harm myself I was melting out of this world! I know people who were overwhelmed because they thought they were having a heart attack when it was simply a panic attack.
Joshua Kelly
Joshua Kelly 2 months ago
Laurel O'Brien
Laurel O'Brien 2 months ago
I studied creative programming and electronics for a few years and I LOVE HIS ROBOTS. They're so ridiculous in concept but obviously still well thought out. Would love to see a conversation between Michael and that gal who makes intentionally-useless robots
Brandon Palmer
Brandon Palmer 2 months ago
There is nothing better than observing the bois just drop the Mmmmmaaiiiiiiiillllll bit onto their guests! I love watching whomever just discovere pure chaos from postage.
No Name Givin
No Name Givin 2 months ago
Elijah E
Elijah E 2 months ago
I can't believe the Gus and Eddy podcast was sponsored by a sex toy company. Nevermind I 100% believe it.
Elijah E
Elijah E 2 months ago
And to this day Eddy is still not verified...
Elijah E
Elijah E 2 months ago
I hate the beach. I hate the sand, I hate the water. I especially hate the sand. But yeah, beaches are really pretty. They look cool but I never want to be nearby.
Matthew McCallister
Matthew McCallister 2 months ago
My first job was at an ice cream shop staffed by mostly theater kids from my high school. Now I hate every musical ever.
Grayson Love
Grayson Love 2 months ago
“Did anyone get shot?” “No” “IM PISSED!” -Michale 2019
Tra Bao
Tra Bao 2 months ago
Yang pilih allah like.
Emily Limpert
Emily Limpert 2 months ago
Michael: yeah it was all three movies on one VHS tape... Eddy casually: Yeah that's like 13 hours...
Jerry Gizzelbach
Jerry Gizzelbach 2 months ago
I have purchased many turtle earrings and am working on plastic straw ones to match
Joseph Waul
Joseph Waul 2 months ago
Gus: The Last Airbender.
Smpam Account
Smpam Account 2 months ago
When can michael release the secret money machine
Kyle Tyers
Kyle Tyers 3 months ago
I have seen a nudist pool, a group of nudists rented the leisure center for an afternoon in my city. But people protested it and they arent allowed to rent out the facilities anymore, didn't hear whether they found a new place or not.
ACXD 3 months ago
Make a rube goldberg type machine that ends up just kicking you in the balls
jeremy morissette
jeremy morissette 3 months ago
12:53 man thats so fucking accurate. the FUCKING CRUNCH when they pull out the wisdom teeth omg, you dont feel much pain if they do their job right with the painkilling meds or whatever you wanna call it, you dont feel pain really, its just very uncomfortable and yeah maybe a tiny bit painful but the worse is the fucking CRUNCH noise omg, and you hear it from the inside of your head too... its so fucking weird and freaky, fuck. I only had 1 wisdom teeth removed for some reasons, the dentist said that my mouth could support the other 3 but for some reasons the top right one had to go and i will always remember that fucking crunch sound... My only other surgery was getting my tonsils removed at like 15yearsold, shouldve had them removed when i was a child really but im glad i got them removed anyways even if i was 15.... i always had throat infections, tonsil stones/tonsilitis or whatever its called, painful swallowing the doctor that took my tonsils out told me afterward that he was a bit speachless, my tonsils were so damaged and scarred that he never seen tonsils so scarred in anyone under like 30yro, and i was 15 lmfao
Nlisted 3 months ago
nobody gonna talk about that knife flip at 51:08?
Daniel Drigo
Daniel Drigo 3 months ago
Tobey Maguire is by far the worst spiderman.
Sage Foi
Sage Foi 3 months ago
“Ho... Rahj” C L A S S I C 😂
Joshua Kingbird
Joshua Kingbird 3 months ago
Did his friend design beat saber?😂
s n a k e s n a k e
s n a k e s n a k e 3 months ago
the "sat in gum" thing had me dying xD
Milan Sekulic
Milan Sekulic 3 months ago
What's Michael side project tho
Milan Sekulic
Milan Sekulic 3 months ago
Kool Kids Klub LUL
360 original
360 original 3 months ago
alright Eddie, you can get your rent when you FIX THIS DOOR
Jizz Master
Jizz Master 3 months ago
When I went to the dentist they looked at my teeth and just went your shut is fucked up I had 7 cavities 5 cracked or chipped teeth bruh
DaCota 4 months ago
i hate lalaland and now I'm very disappointed with you guys
tim no
tim no 4 months ago
Did gus say he went to the hospital 4 tines in a year at 32 if i understid that right? Weak i wrnt to the hospital 4 to 5 times a year when i was 8-10... Asmta suck
Big Aluminum
Big Aluminum 4 months ago
Guests like Michael memeing at the pace of the boys in person is something im missing month fucking 8 or something but damn this episodes great.
Big Aluminum
Big Aluminum 4 months ago
13:00 so fucking glad my mom has them knock me out, Jesus fuck (I had 4 out at once too)
josh hoffman
josh hoffman 4 months ago
i miss this era
Devin Doesn't Like You
I realize how terrible I would be on a podcast. My adhd will just force me to fuck with the mic the entire time
Wilson Scudder
Wilson Scudder 4 months ago
fucking castaway ruined my life everyone thinks I'm named after a volleyball
Jessica Hahn
Jessica Hahn 4 months ago
yiiikkes that turtles opinion is so awful to listen to, truly human entitlement in a nutshell.
Dylan Pyon
Dylan Pyon 4 months ago
10:54 me justifying my knife addiction
MrVipersdemino 4 months ago
The anxiety everytime Michael takes a sip from his can and puts it in the very corner of the table, ready to be spilled on the floor
Goldenpants 123
Goldenpants 123 5 months ago
51:07 is no one gonna mention the sick trick micheal pulls with the knife flip
Kelland Allen
Kelland Allen 5 months ago
And then COVID pandemic happens
Ruben Louw
Ruben Louw 5 months ago
Reese Cunningham
Reese Cunningham 5 months ago
Why in the world are Michael's ears so low
EXXT JOSHBM787 5 months ago
for fuck sake micheal move your drink from the corner of the table
William Fischer
William Fischer 5 months ago
How the heck was this almost a year ago!?