Micah Parsons Introduction Press Conference | 2021 

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Watch as the Dallas Cowboys host a press conference presented by Miller Lite to introduce first round draft pick LB Micah Parsons.
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Apr 30, 2021




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Bad Man
Bad Man 23 hours ago
5:43 Jerry fell in love right in that moment 😂
RA Day ago
I'm from the Harrisburg area and know Mica, his sense of humor will come out more when he settles in, he is gentleman, always conducts himself as such, Dallas got a good one, wish Pittsburg would have got him
Lambro Day ago
LVE and Jaylon watching this right now feeling sick to the stomach. It was all good just a week ago Lol
UHURU! Day ago
Well spoken young man! With a GREAT Personality! And Funny!
Matt Spencer-Mumme
Great Job Dallas Cowboys welcome MP awesome pick for cowboys JJ
M G 3 days ago
Im picking Jabril Cox to make the Prowbowl.
Mark P
Mark P 3 days ago
He is a true baller
David Lemmon
David Lemmon 4 days ago
Okay im buying his jersey!!
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez 4 days ago
Mr.TFL machine
daygo West
daygo West 4 days ago
Love this kids personality and his play on the field. If he stays healthy along with LVE we will definitely be a top ten defense and go deep into the playoffs.
m barraza
m barraza 4 days ago
so hyped for this season ⭐
Isaac 5 days ago
I got goosebumps.......................................................................................................................
koolmoe1971 5 days ago
He looks small. He almost looks smaller than Jerry Jones.
Tristen Rubio
Tristen Rubio 5 days ago
“Personally I use them in madden quite often so I know the type of talent they got” 😹
Jonathan Helms
Jonathan Helms 5 days ago
Witty man in front of the camera. Happy to have a stud to help the Defense!
Peter Garcia
Peter Garcia 6 days ago
He and D Law are going to be best friends.
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 6 days ago
Being a die hard cowboys fan in philly says alot.
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 6 days ago
This young man is going to be a hall of famer.
Jermaine Belton
Jermaine Belton 6 days ago
I deem Mic p "The water boy".....
Jermaine Belton
Jermaine Belton 6 days ago
His personality is what we need in Dallas. We're way to wine and cheese. We need a lil malt liqa and bread!! I like him on our defense. Possibly our leader. 1luv Mic p...
Force Calibration
Jane Slater voice is sexy af, I can recognize her from anywhere
Quan Loves Gaming
He won't last long
Billy Johnson
Billy Johnson 7 days ago
Did he not just follow that young sista with his eyes on television? He won't last long in the NFL.
Moose Diaper
Moose Diaper 7 days ago
6:48 watch Jerry as Micah utters the spellwords "until I die"
Todd K
Todd K 7 days ago
I'm a Cowboy fan but listening to Jerry these days? 😫
Final Hour Ministries
Great Move 👍🏻
Rashad Thomas
Rashad Thomas 8 days ago
Next Lawrence Taylor he run a 4.3 mack or von wasnt timed that fast he them on steroids cause he can cover well too!!!! Our defense made me cringe all year.
Chester MCPEAK
Chester MCPEAK 8 days ago
I seen that they are selling his jersey already number 11 hey win a fucken Super Bowl and tell then they need to give jerseys away
JR 214
JR 214 8 days ago
Jimmy G and went down and the 9ers were in position to draft bosa who made immediate impact Although Parsons Isnt a D End can his 12th overall pick be justified with the same impact Bosa had on the 9ers In other words there was no other better option for the best defensive player available He was it Lets see what happens
Ellison Lowrimore
This young man will be special!! DC4L!!
William Bailey
William Bailey 8 days ago
He’s all Heart
Quenton Smith
Quenton Smith 9 days ago
Aye Bro The city is proud of you 👏🏾. You may have some haters but that’s because they have problems with themselves. But you have made history for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Not even just you but your family as well. You should be proud of the legacy you just created for your generations to come. We love you Micah keep going bro !!!!! The sky is the limit ☝🏾
The CraZed HuMor
The CraZed HuMor 9 days ago
I knew Micah in high school, played little league football with him aswell. We all had a feeling he would go pro, Dallas fans, you have a future superstar and I will forever be jealous
Menace 9 days ago
He’s a fckn demon!! Great pick up for Dallas they gon be a problem on defence soon
Clark 8
Clark 8 9 days ago
MP11 - Definitely a game changer!
kenneth ratcil
kenneth ratcil 9 days ago
This is the best post draft presser I've seen of any Cowboys pick! I was a bit iffy during the draft but he certainly sold himself well to Cowboys nation! I'm stoked to see him raise hell!
Chris Mims
Chris Mims 9 days ago
This is going to be dope can’t wait to see him on the field
Jeremiah Gonzales
Imagine if Micah Parsons is gonna be like Ray Lewis for us Cowboys
Brian Dale
Brian Dale 9 days ago
Mike wasn’t on the Zoom call?!
pootyslim 9 days ago
Parsons face tells me he's not to be trusted. His personality tells me he's an asshole behind closed doors. I predict Jerry will feed his ego causing Parsons to get big headed and have character issues in the off-season of year two. Fuck Dallas! HTTWFT!
Josiah Gordon
Josiah Gordon 9 days ago
Did he just insult his parents wtf
SwaggyD 9 days ago
4.3 speed for a linebacker? That's crazy good!!
mark maldonado
mark maldonado 9 days ago
I hope he wears #11. It would be epic!!!
Wayne Holt
Wayne Holt 10 days ago
If he brings that energy n passion he will be a force to play against.....he will be a great .....
Kattie Godfrey
Kattie Godfrey 10 days ago
Man he sounded like JORDAN w the whole I hate losing...winning is nice but I won't lose everyday...chess ball football..I'm a wake up and find a way to beat you..to be a winner...daaaaamnnn that's some heart
Anthony Z
Anthony Z 10 days ago
at 5:00 Jerry looks like he is starting to regret every decision he has ever made
Dwayne Anthony
Dwayne Anthony 10 days ago
This dude doesn't look comfortable at all. He wanted to play for the Giants where his old coach is bringing the best out of his players. Cowboys just took him because Surtan was gone.
dboy 559
dboy 559 10 days ago
Imagine how much better zeke , pollard and parsons are going to be after feeding off each other. Iron sharpens iron
Bee Groves-Williamson
Harrisburg Pa proud!!! We love you Micah... #TeamParsons #WeAre #DC4L
Woe - Woe
Woe - Woe 10 days ago
I can't wait for football to start!!!! LET'S GO COWBOYS!!!!!
Brian Champion
Brian Champion 10 days ago
Im interested in seeing him play in a scheme where he has to read and process instead of just playing off instincts
Basel T
Basel T 10 days ago
McCarthy is not in control of this team . Obviously jerry is making ultimate decisions , but Dan Quinn is a big influence on the defense , and we know the offense already has a coordinator . This is a team managed by several people and accountability is divided. If the defense is fixed , then Mccarthy is on the hot seat.
HD Lopez
HD Lopez 10 days ago
Cowboys Defense is going to be RIDICULOUS good, and will be a NIGHTMARE for QB's and RB's ...COWBOYS haters will never give the Cowboys the credit that they had the BEST DRAFT in a long long time to all you haters STFU ...GO COWBOYS
Kenneth Harrison
Kenneth Harrison 10 days ago
Glad we have him #11 😊
crazychris7417 10 days ago
Yup respect to coach for sure when rolling his eye at the character issue question...by the end of the answer he was smiling at his player. Much respect.
connor hubbard
connor hubbard 11 days ago
God Jerry is getting harder and harder to listen speak, sucking his lips and making outlandish remarks.
Theokolese The Shadow Of Death
The Cowboys are in the same situation as my team the Redskins, a dysfunctional meddlesome owner that will always get in the way of success. If Jerry Jones would have just shut up and signed the checks and kept Jimmy Johnson that group would have won 7 Super Bowls MINIMUM. The big difference between Snyder and Jones is Jerry is a total narcissist and has to inject himself into EVERYTHING, making EVERYTHING to do with the team about him.
Theokolese The Shadow Of Death
As a Redskins fan this is another reason to hate the Cowboys, you stole our draft pick!!!!! lol
Lands End
Lands End 11 days ago
I dont get these stupid press conferences..just let the dude get adjusted and play. Do all teams do this?
Emperor Penguin
Emperor Penguin 11 days ago
I'm getting bust vibes. I predict he will get into lots of trouble soon, similar to Isiah Wilson.
Drugula 11 days ago
Mike Mccarthys reaction when the lady asked about character issues says it all. Hopeful time of year but Mccarthy is absolutely Garrett 2.0
Isaias Avila
Isaias Avila 11 days ago
Bro I dont see where skip bayless saw “Ego”problems. My mans is funny and has character and its just confidence in himself, as he should. Welcome micah ⭐️💙
Steve Key
Steve Key 11 days ago
Great communication skills and a fun personality. Sounds like he will be successful both on and off the field.
jonathan apreza hernandez
What is wrong with Mcarthy, first question and basically said, ask Jerry i have nothing to do about it!!!! Man just awful
Carlesha Halkias
Carlesha Halkias 11 days ago
Congrats #MicahParsons ! Well done young man! Best of luck to you in all things! #PennStateProud #Hbg
817 Texas Smith
817 Texas Smith 11 days ago
That Man Right There #MicahParsons
VillageDrive 11 days ago
Jerry Jones is the only thing I like about the cowboys. He’s a cool ole man
Zach 11 days ago
Champion mentality. No such thing as glass half empty to this guy.
Hb Hbny
Hb Hbny 11 days ago
Y’all here Jerry ? So much bullshit they picked him cause he was the best at pick time for what they need
nick kerr
nick kerr 11 days ago
His energy will bring the best out of all our players, they will love to play with and for him
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 11 days ago
I am 51 would love to meet Jerry Jones
Philip Bates
Philip Bates 11 days ago
I'm a Penn State fan and I remember the day he committed to the Nittany Lions. Micah Parsons and Saquon Barkley are my all time favorite Penn State players. Just a special breed and electrifying on the field. Can't wait to watch him on Sundays!
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson 11 days ago
Go on his Twitter account and look at some of his post you may not think he’s as good as you think mentally
Bxnger 11 days ago
mans lowkey looks like coop
tiDDies aTTic
tiDDies aTTic 11 days ago
"but-uh, uh, he-uuh-uuuuh, uh-is-uuuuh, uh..."
kenney0313 12 days ago
He seems to have the swag and PRESENCE to usher in a defensive CULTURE!! We need a Dak on that side of the ball, so Smith can focus on attacking the football.
Has anyone seen my parents?
malcolm berry
malcolm berry 12 days ago
You can tell he really a cowboys fan this about to be a great year
Eric Russell
Eric Russell 12 days ago
Fuck taco Tuesday let's Micah superbowl
Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor 12 days ago
Welcome aboard MP11. I feel like a player this excited to ne a Cowboy is gonna eat. I cant wait to see you wreck some RBs. .. with Diggs and Joseph hawking the back end and your other rookie teammate JC15 covering the middle making them QBs scared to to pass to their TEs.. even Kyle Pitts!!
Keith Anderson
Keith Anderson 12 days ago
Does he pass block for the 100 million dollar QB, or run block for 100 million dollars RB??? He doesn't look big enough to block defensive line. Big bust.
Hitta B
Hitta B 12 days ago
Still go lose to philly 🦅🦅
Shakat7 12 days ago
RoB T21
RoB T21 12 days ago
By watching highlights I didn't understand why Cowboys fans on social media did not like this guy but by watching this interview and hearing this guy though his family under the bus after making it to the NFL... This dude is an asshole... I hope it works out for my team ...I'm not a fan of this guy
Milton Jones
Milton Jones 12 days ago
I love this pick! I am a die heart cowboy fan.
Rob Dailey
Rob Dailey 12 days ago
Micah,A Real Natural Born leader.. You can tell in the way he Talks..
my love songs
my love songs 12 days ago
interesting what Zeke tweeted to Micah. "Don't touch me in practice, rook!" Micah's reply: We'll see!" Zeke needs to toughen up! He needs to get back to being one of the best RB's in the league. He USED to be my favorite RB. He's on the decline.
I Smell Fresh Cash
I Smell Fresh Cash 12 days ago
Idk if this is just me but I'm less excited overall about this draft and I feel like this conference feels less special.
adrian de leon
adrian de leon 12 days ago
Dude gonna be immediate impact
Alexander AR
Alexander AR 12 days ago
I never saw him play, but he has that nasty vibe, his gonna do some damage
Troy Robertson
Troy Robertson 12 days ago
Micah “the waterboy” parsons
Christian Manriquez
" See ball, get ball.. WaterBoy type"- Micha Parsons. -Love his personality. People need to move on from the negatives. Best of luck. Go Parsons family. Go Cowboys.
earl davis
earl davis 12 days ago
I like him as a Player, but I see one thing abt these kids, really non giv props to their Parents now adays, its like they feel they raised thmselvs. Som1 hd2 giv him Som knowledge @ Somtime
Tyler Juarez
Tyler Juarez 12 days ago
I love him already, hope he makes some noise on defense for us.
Simon Corona
Simon Corona 12 days ago
Time is running out Jerry. How long until another SB. Will it be in our life time, how many more for high expectations and falling short for more than 25 yrs.
Aiden Dishman
Aiden Dishman 12 days ago
Jerry jones can form a sentence better than Joe Biden
Doug MacRay
Doug MacRay 12 days ago
Happy birthday Micah JR welcome to the nation!
Bee Groves-Williamson
His name is Malcolm
Trev WIlliams
Trev WIlliams 12 days ago
What Negotiations? YOOOOO Jerry like, I’ll make that happen 💰💵⚙️🔫
Joseph C.
Joseph C. 12 days ago
Micah Parsons press conference shows a determined young man who competes at every level and has the poise to do it. Micah can handle himself with media sharks and he held his own with Jones who loves to hear himself babbling! D.C. biggest problem for 2021 is the Head Coach!
Human _
Human _ 12 days ago
"What negotiations?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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