Merkules & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - ''Homicide'' 

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I linked up with the legendary Bone Thugs on this instant classic. One day I decided to reach out to the members of the group on Instagram. In less than 24 hours I got responses from Krayzie, Bizzy & Layzie and they all showed interest in my idea to do a record. 2 days later we had the finished product and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I have a vivid memory of being a kid with my parents in the grocery store and listening to Bone's ''Art Of War'' album on repeat in my Sony Walk Man. Another one checked off the bucket list.
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Stream: cmdshft.ffm.to/homicide

Produced by C Lance & Shroom
Mixed & Mastered by Nato
Artwork by Jionni
Video by Sonik


Published on


Mar 29, 2021




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Ashley Allard
Ashley Allard 2 hours ago
THUG LIFE 3 hours ago
1M coming ‼️💯
David Grable
David Grable 4 hours ago
I would kill for a bone/murk album. Merkules did that bone flow it just shows how much respect he has for the legendary bone niggaz
Benjamin Ahmaogak
Benjamin Ahmaogak 5 hours ago
Yo. This is crazy that you made a song with these guys. I found you when you did panda remix. Let’s fkn gooo
Brown 2 Da Bone
Brown 2 Da Bone 5 hours ago
Krayzie and Bizzy killed it, Layzie voice changed, age finally got his voice but can still flo.
Playboygipsy G
Playboygipsy G 5 hours ago
Carl Kinch
Carl Kinch 6 hours ago
Badass song can’t get enough
1000KG 7 hours ago
GOD TRACK of Da Year 💯🎧
Dylan Rettenmaier
Dylan Rettenmaier 10 hours ago
EL Padroni
EL Padroni 12 hours ago
Omg this shit bumps so fucking hard
Robert Germain II
Robert Germain II 4 hours ago
@EL Padroni hell yeah just keep sharing it
EL Padroni
EL Padroni 5 hours ago
@Robert Germain II shit let’s make it 10 million
Robert Germain II
Robert Germain II 8 hours ago
Agreed let's push it to a million views.
Vijay Ahluwalia
Vijay Ahluwalia 15 hours ago
Red alert! The lethal crew just walked in 🔥🔥
Omar Music
Omar Music 15 hours ago
Timothy Guill
Timothy Guill 22 hours ago
What the fuk happened really what a load sh..
brandon owens
Lisa Archuletta
This is my s** right here
Hunter2847 Day ago
Bizzy merked it, pun intended
music Day ago
The big músic 2021
Samsonmight fight
Damn. New face of rap? Missing Em on it tho. But 🔥
S. James Darrin
Gotta be a part 2
Jose Jr Rodriguez
These are the hardest rappers in life I don't give a f*** with all that b******* ass knew so called music you guys call these days this is rap!!!
krayzie bone is the most slept on artist on the planet
cris lee
cris lee Day ago
how is this not at 5m views yet ????????? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
William Evans
I am from the era of Boom Bap, where lyrics, cadence and flow truly mattered. This ish is pure octane...
Dezzyx Day ago
2:40 - 3:25 - Chills
meh schreuders
Man this year i see this guy collab with tech or slim this guy has the rhythem and word play
Loving this track straight fire yo bone thugs and merc killed this shit been on replay for days now lol
sweedlowery Day ago
Roffer Liljekvist
just 2 bad, that not ONE new bone song gets as many views as these youtube rappers does. but props to Merc, for giving it up for bone, they fucking living legends. Been listening to bone thugs since faces of death. When they still was b.o.n.e enterprise. Thats loyalty imo. Mo thug for life! Strange music for life! Real rapping for life!
Gabriel Veloso da Cruz
They all killed ,but i love that flow where he goes :who want the smoke
Michael Thomas
Somebody should slap the white boy for the use of that "N" word and bone my favorite group ever and they wracked the song but all them need to be slapped for doing the song and letting him say they shit I'm offended
Laura Rosino
Laura Rosino Day ago
Hector nuno
Hector nuno 2 days ago
Hardest shit I've heard in a while.
Bearcat Shea
Bearcat Shea 2 days ago
Good tune
Justin WOOD
Justin WOOD 2 days ago
This the old Bone I miss
Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson 2 days ago
Guarantee Eminem will make a song with Merkules. Just a matter of time. After this. You the best rapper Merks! You honestly make other rappers irrelevant
Dale walton
Dale walton 2 days ago
On fire😎
THUG LIFE 2 days ago
Legendary ‼️👑‼️👑‼️👑‼️👑
Nate Jay
Nate Jay 2 days ago
Why hasn’t this hit a million views yet!?!?
drew barger
drew barger 2 days ago
man this shit go so fkn hard it dont make sense!!!!!
Nick Ayson
Nick Ayson 2 days ago
Yeah hell yeah from NZ about time we hearing the real thank you BTNH X
Jayoe Travels
Jayoe Travels 2 days ago
One of the best bone collab ina very long time
Jake Fromstatefarm
Wow ..simply wow ..btnh 4 ever
Mark Juarez
Mark Juarez 2 days ago
Jeff Singh
Jeff Singh 2 days ago
Best song
nick corbs
nick corbs 3 days ago
Kray will always be my GOAT but damn Bizzy went nutso, all round legendary track, production on point
Brad Jacks
Brad Jacks 3 days ago
Somebody call the Coroner they just put bodies on the industry. Hard ass beat, bars for days, Merk went in on em.
Brazon Crown
Brazon Crown 3 days ago
Damn it...man I had to pause this to write this down. Big ups to Merks...always holding it down... 🔥 🔥....BONE THUGS, BUSTIN THEM SLUGS. Only real thugs never stop banging dem on the block. Wit my boy MERKs..insane...we need more bangers like this. Colabs...HIP HOPs Greatest...man enough said....
RioVanni UOENO
RioVanni UOENO 3 days ago
Krazy never lets me down they still sound like bone never had to switch up these new rappers have stolen the whole choppy flow sht this ain't that y'all go check out doe or die and twista joint ballin they all still got it!
think deep
think deep 3 days ago
I see bone I click, damn merkules blends with bone like coffee and cream literally
Marcelo Lima
Marcelo Lima 3 days ago
Mil grau 😎😎😎😎😎😎👊👊 pesadão
stipe mccock is asleep in URANUS
Damn dont mean too be sad but would have been better without lazy verse 😂😂😂
lilripsta111 3 days ago
Flesh should've been there
stipe mccock is asleep in URANUS
@Awoodward7899 what can you not read or something 😂😂😂
Awoodward7899 3 days ago
Wtf you talking about 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Gresham
Daniel Gresham 3 days ago
"I always got a gun. Bitch nigga that's my swag" ❤️
aleksandar milivojevic
Austin Ortibez
Austin Ortibez 3 days ago
One my favorite collabs now cuz I grew up on bone thugs
Kieran Honey
Kieran Honey 3 days ago
Fuck I hate to say it but merkules killed bone thugs 🔥🔥
Dillon Mooswa
Dillon Mooswa 3 days ago
Murk really doing the best collaborations & steady working 💯 and looks like he could’ve played in BRIGHT as an Orc 😂 luv from 🇨🇦 Sask
Greg Victor
Greg Victor 3 days ago
This is fire y"all ain't Hurd nothing this fast and furious in a way keep it coming we got uh. Stay up my man we will bring 💯up in er u got me do u know ME
S_L_H 3 days ago
Man damn!
Michael Sisneros
Michael Sisneros 3 days ago
Who is Merkules?
Robert Germain II
The remix guy from Canada
Josh Deibern
Josh Deibern 4 days ago
Merk THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! FREE US from ALL the GARBAGE out their in the MUSIC INDUSTRY Right Now!! The fact that You just made a Collab with BONE THUGS "THE GREATEST RAP GROUP" and with 1 Track YOU GUYS took " THE BAR" and Basically said "CHECKMATE" I've listened to this for the past " 2 DAYS" since I found It..... #1. The EMOTIONS #2 The Story Telling #3 The Lyric Flow #4 The Hook #5 The Beat I literally stepped into a Time Warp and landed back into the 90s..Krayzie Layzie and Bizzy 20 yrs later you guys Still sound the Same!! and "THE MIGOS AND SAVAGE think THEY ARE BETTER!?!? Well BONE JUST SAID "CHECKMATE" No Auto Tune or other crap Artists are using nowadays to try and be Cool...THANK YOU....NOT TAKING ANYTHING FROM OTHER MUSIC YOU HAVE MADE but This is Going to Be 1 of the Greatest YOU do Keep up the Great Music...God Bless...
Slowy888 4 days ago
Lit 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯
Uhhh JustPhil
Uhhh JustPhil 4 days ago
My buddy is signed by Bone, Havik Lazzie just helped them shoot their video. It’s Havik Wake em up check it out Merk. Maybe y’all could link up
Zach Stead
Zach Stead 4 days ago
Bone thugs set the standard for merk on this song. First song i can get with in years.
Dan Curmi
Dan Curmi 4 days ago
You know you at the top of your game and made it when. You lace a track with pure fire with a group you grew up listening to that where big at that time,
Humble Heart Living
My goodness....fire
420 kalk
420 kalk 4 days ago
This shits fire 🔥
Robert Germain II
Same with his latest release with Chris Webby.
That one dude You don't know
Dude what I'm soooo sorry I've been sleeping for a while apparently I didn't know how mutch you blew up rap has truly made it back to the apex
Jason Tovey
Jason Tovey 4 days ago
This song is absolute fire!!! 🥳🤘🏼👊🏼🔥
Pouya Rz
Pouya Rz 4 days ago
Cody Wishom
Cody Wishom 4 days ago
My new fav. Man been bumping bone since 1992. Yeah I’m old but I got good taste in music. I don’t do this new Migo type shit. I bump real music. 🔥🔥🔥
Heathcliff, The Cat
Merk you dope asf, but Krayzie bodied that. The Grandaddy swagger, Jesus. you got some steelies putting bone on ya record.
Jazin Dee
Jazin Dee 4 days ago
I'll be out pen soon famo
B.B Gambini
B.B Gambini 4 days ago
Untouchable!! No one want that smoke with bone!! Merkules came through holding it down!
Jazin Dee
Jazin Dee 4 days ago
Tru I'll be out there soon
Harley Kennedy
Harley Kennedy 4 days ago
Holy shit this is good, Merks getting better and better each day
Michael Shaw
Michael Shaw 5 days ago
Not a rapper out there is touching this song. Its straight fire. I cant quit listening to it. Merc. Is by far my favorite rapper of all time. He also kills the cypher vol. 3
Greg whitehead
Greg whitehead 5 days ago
Need lyrics for Lazy haha dude lit the mic up
Greg whitehead
Greg whitehead 4 days ago
@Jazin Dee need it for bizzy more. Dude literally spits so fast I can't understand it and I've listened to bone since 99
Jazin Dee
Jazin Dee 4 days ago
I'll be out soon
Janae Nae13
Janae Nae13 5 days ago
Hi there handsome men🌹
bazo0oka 187
bazo0oka 187 5 days ago
Bizzy the legend killer 🔥
Steelers 87
Steelers 87 5 days ago
Bizzy Bone My nigga Lay, nigga Kray, Bizzy and Merk We finna kill 'em, then we hit 'em with these double ninety-nine [Ninety-nine, ninety-nine] My nigga Lay, nigga Kray, Bizzy and Merk We finna kill 'em, then we hit 'em with these double ninety-nine [Ninety-nine, ninety-nine] Verse 1Merkules Please, tell me what the fuck is the problem? I'll keep on chuggin' this bottle until this shit get violent It's red rum when I'm dumpin' these hollows and it get stuck in ya noggin' and everything go silent Vroom vroom, I pull up in the Audi and I start dumpin' the bodies until they all start pilin' Who knew I'm in front of ya body with a slug in a shotty, tell 'em all to come outside then Who want the smoke? I ain't into beefin' on the internet, I'd rather fill your crew up with holes Don't get too comfortable 'cause when I get to cookin I'm lookin' to turn it up until I blew up the stove So just do what you're told, I grew up a screw up, my crew will come chew up who you love the most Bitch, I grew up on Bone Thugs-N-Harmony so I threw up a toast til I puke up Patron like Woah Welcome to the scene of the crime Please, don't make me turn this heat up on this beef, I'ma ride I'ma different kind of demon, you can see in my eyes I'm beatin' the odds, I'm comin' for the piece of my pie I had to reinvent the scene so I could keep it alive So, I could promise, you don't want to meet the creature inside I think I need to take a breather, I'ma leave it behind Or I'ma blow your brains and get a piece of your mind [Ouch] BridgeMerkules I'm still bumpin' that Bone, Bone, Bone You get a headshot to your dome, dome, dome I did all this by my own, own, own So, please stay the fuck out of my zone, zone, zone I'm still yellin' Mo' Murda' at Tha Crossroads Foe tha Love of Money, you get shot on your walk home All I need's Thug Luv like Pac, though 2021, yellin', "Free El Chapo" Verse 2Krayzie Bone Somebody better tell them ain't nobody fuckin' with Bone You motherfuckers can't do nothin' with Bone The real men here, we done heard enough of you hoes It's a lot of you niggas [?] never get on I'ma expose you niggas, I done told you niggas It's a lot of talent but they ain't even close to a nigga They know rhythm but the real creators of originality Kill 'em is they mentality, beat 'em to reality ?] is non-existent, I'm consistent I'm convinced I'm the illest around That nigga flow goes miles and distance, style relentless Sound distinguished, my niggas can vouch I tell 'em ain't no competition, I figured 'em out It ain't too much that none them niggas about Legendary big and don't even need the clout Think of a reason to doubt, never no reason to lie [?] slide in the house while [?] bloody murda on you Tell them to never come back 'round here no more Or it's gon' get ugly Can't touch me, untouchable [?] lyrical Spit at you, I ain't got to get at you I been at you, nigga [ChorusMerkules No matter what, I keep havin' nightmares When drama pop off and I'll be right there It's about to be a homicide Fuck around [?] and die It's about to be a homicide It's about to be a homicide Verse 3Layzie Bone L-Burna Who up to challenges us? You up the cameras Got a call for work so I flew up to Canada Known to put in work [?] I got the stamina The 1st through the 31st, I'm rollin' up the cannabis Operatin' at an all-time high Middle fingers to the sky and I'm all the time high Never been a small guy, they demand I supply From Japan to the Y, I command niggas right Get acquainted with the five-star General The pictures that I paint, they define fine criminals Victory is owed, I survive by miracles At 50 years old, I'ma fly 'cause I'm lyrical I'm from the same vein [?] is made of Still the chain gang, ain't nobody fade us I earn to maintain, [?] greatest Game never change and Bone still creative Verse 4Bizzy Bone I make a nigga get cocky, you a bitch? You unbox me Do what I wanna, you finna get a pump in your face I'm thuggin' and buggin', you stupid motherfucker, you ain't Remember me? I'm on the Art of War with no paint on my face They can't rap with me Actually, dastardly, bastard The master, the cash [?], fill it faster and faster The alpha revolver, with .38. I plaster you niggas I know tips [?] I'm the GOAT, don't ask me anything, I spoke I wish a nigga would test my bag 'Cause little Bizzy, he be always ready to bust down Always got a gun You bitch, nigga, that's my swag A nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga ?] 'nother motherfucker let me give it a win For another motherfuck up again, I fuck up again [?] company rappin' again Everybody, anybody know I pull out my pen [?] of hard time to catch a fade in my prime But I made it, I grind [Before chorusBizzy Bone My niggas always on time My nigga Lay, Nigga Kray, Bizzy and Merk We finna kill 'em, then we hit 'em with these double ninety-nine [Ninety-nine, ninety-nine] My nigga Lay, Nigga Kray, Bizzy and Merk We finna kill 'em, then we hit 'em with these double ninety-nine [Ninety-nine, ninety-nine] ChorusMerkules No matter what, I keep havin' nightmares When drama pop off and I'll be right there It's about to be a homicide Fuck around, walk and die It's about to be a homicide It's about to be a homicide Outro Be a homicide You walk or die Be a homicide Homicide 'Bout to be a homicide Walk or die Be a homicide It's about to be a homicide SAVE LYRIC (.JPG)Last video update: April 08 2021 MORE OF MERKULES 1  Man of the House Versvs 2  Feel My Pain Merkules 3  Forever Alone Merkules 4  Resurgence 2 Eminem 5  Brand New Merkules SHOW MORESearch LATEST LYRICS  Paradise Moonlight Records  The Crossing ("Big River") Various Artists  Counting the Days We are the dirt  Και έμεινα μόνος μου (Kai emeina monos mou) Giorgos Papadopoulos  Bozos Jd !  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Steelers 87
Steelers 87 5 days ago
@Jason Amaro Reinert it was all copy and paste lmao
PriLLi 5 days ago
....BoooOOOOoooM !!!!!! .....got me ......💯
Zack Perkins
Zack Perkins 5 days ago
Fire. This track is the GOAT. good shit merk. been following you for years, keep em comin
Steve Contreras
Steve Contreras 5 days ago
This song is fire..
Riley Reno
Riley Reno 5 days ago
Sycoz4 life
Sycoz4 life 5 days ago
Hella 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✔
K&N Anderson
K&N Anderson 5 days ago
Bone... get in the studio we need yall
Awoodward7899 3 days ago
@Tripp W fuck that...Bone4Life!MO
Tripp W
Tripp W 4 days ago
New bone album 2024
Glendagee 5 days ago
When I first listened to this I HAD to repeat the first part. I thought BTNH started it off. DAAAAAMMMN Merk. 😱😱 You're on FIREEEE ⚡⚡⚡🔥🔥🔥⚡⚡⚡🔥🔥🔥
Robert Germain II
Same with his latest release with Chris Webby
Narly Nardo
Narly Nardo 5 days ago
Robert Germain II
Same with his latest release with Chris Webby they're both mad consistent
Emmylou Chhakchhuak
This is 🔥..playin on repeattt...
Robert Germain II
Same with his new one with Chris Webby
Giovan Earl
Giovan Earl 5 days ago
My niggas back with another banger. School these young clowns where they flow came from
Giovan Earl
Giovan Earl 5 days ago
@Robert Germain II bet. Preciate it.
Robert Germain II
Check out the one he just released with Chris Webby
Erick Jimenez
Erick Jimenez 6 days ago
Holy fuck!!!! I’ve never ever heard more fire shit in my life!! (37yr) is this a real collaboration or a parody type?
Lord Teesus
Lord Teesus 6 days ago
🔥🔥🔥 There's that old school bone vibe we all love!
Brabo Gator
Brabo Gator 6 days ago
Bone & merc love it
Robert Germain II
@Brabo Gator same with the new one with Chris Webby
Brabo Gator
Brabo Gator 6 days ago
Fire 💯
Robert Germain II
Gordy Marchant
Gordy Marchant 6 days ago
And here i didn't think Merkules could get any better then he drops a track with the OG's Bone Thugs n Harmony
Nick smith
Nick smith 6 days ago
Honestly this the best song of 2021 its gonna take a impossible banger to top this....shits already a classic in my book
Bo Durham
Bo Durham 6 days ago
Damn Thanks all that needs to be said!!!!!
E Lee
E Lee 6 days ago
This fukin slaps hard
visionary 515
visionary 515 6 days ago
Best bone collaboration since Lord with Asap ferg. They all killed it.
Bernard Gray
Bernard Gray 6 days ago
Merkules is truly a special talent. I give him major props for reaching out and grabbing some of the old heads to rock with. This was another hot jam.
Chris Niedo
Chris Niedo 6 days ago
Robert Germain II
Same with his new song with Chris Webby
Cathartic Canuck
Cathartic Canuck 6 days ago
Love it....lots memories blasting bone thugs back in the day.
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