Men OVERBOARD #shorts 

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Men OVERBOARD #shorts

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May 1, 2021




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Comments 58   
rahul 2 days ago
Which place is this
S R Castic
S R Castic 6 days ago
I love how the dude on board is so disgusted with them he isn’t even giving them a glance. He’s like, “Help? What help? You’re on you’re own!!”
Joel Hendrickson
Joel Hendrickson 7 days ago
Nope..just taken a leak 😆
xZed 8 days ago
Why is this a video
M Stringer
M Stringer 8 days ago
You can tell who owns the boat.
John Demler
John Demler 8 days ago
Dropping a Deuce
CA Bethune
CA Bethune 8 days ago
Using the bathroom...
Eve MCBARNETTE 8 days ago
Aww hope he is alright 👍
Ricardo Lockhart
Ricardo Lockhart 8 days ago
Why ??
Paul Mugridge
Paul Mugridge 9 days ago
Are they navy seals ? 🤣😎👍❤
Floyd Elliott
Floyd Elliott 9 days ago
They jumped in so they could have a sword fight
John Demler
John Demler 8 days ago
🤣 lmfao you’re probably right
Hamilton Seger
Hamilton Seger 9 days ago
The least manly thing ive seen this week
Andrea Fleischmann
GREYJACKAL 72 9 days ago
I was waiting for a Fin.... Yes. I'm a terrible person...😕
Tilc Rekcil
Tilc Rekcil 9 days ago
When you can't whip it out to make room for more beer this is what you do.
John Demler
John Demler 8 days ago
Kinda close for that lol
Harold Holland
Harold Holland 9 days ago
Lord, forgive, for we know not the way.
Joe Biden Sniffs Kids
Cant do a single pull up bunch of weak bodies
Trent Dawg
Trent Dawg 9 days ago
Just a couple of homosexuals hanging out in the water taking a piss
itsalltoofunny 9 days ago
"thought this was the swim up bar . ."
Bear G
Bear G 9 days ago
John Montgomery
John Montgomery 9 days ago
Their just pissing
MyEcoLife 9 days ago
Now that was gay... Oops... Am I allowed to say that? Hahaha
Robo Cop
Robo Cop 9 days ago
Is the next video gonna be "PEOPLE WALKING OMG!!!!!"
Insightful Entertainment
I will forever dislike everyone of your videos and report it for terrorism
Dave Conerly
Dave Conerly 9 days ago
They are boat pirates and they wasn't all the pounds of all that crystal meth you got on board .
Christopher Quattlebaum
Look to gay guys in the water.
cesar García
cesar García 9 days ago
Secreto en el.mar
Jason Harkison
Jason Harkison 9 days ago
Taking a peeeeeeesee!
Josh Hall
Josh Hall 9 days ago
You mean two guys swimming
jon gatlin
jon gatlin 9 days ago
Looks like a new couple just sneaking in a quicky to me...
delta1 9 days ago
Ita very very gay
lemard mays
lemard mays 9 days ago
Hahaha😁. They were playing with that guy who owns that yacht.
M ap P Wolfking
M ap P Wolfking 9 days ago
Look at that sir Elton and his boyfriend splash splash o dear o dear lots of waves there ...they seems to have fun...
moto toad
moto toad 6 days ago
Lmfao what the fuck
braveheart the commentor
That was horrible bought back memories of the movie open water
Richa Wazlett
Richa Wazlett 9 days ago
Actually secret lovers
Michael Greene
Michael Greene 9 days ago
Stupidity and alcohol are not a good combination by any means.....
manow 9 days ago
Hide and seek
Diony G
Diony G 9 days ago
Nobody wanted to help lmao
Jimmy Hoffa
Jimmy Hoffa 9 days ago
It took me a while to realize that this is not two men having gay sex
Ross Outdoors
Ross Outdoors 9 days ago
well we aren't sure since we only got a few seconds..
salva rapi
salva rapi 9 days ago
They might be sitting next
polk Dnepr1 ua
polk Dnepr1 ua 9 days ago
Christopher Elly
Christopher Elly 10 days ago
Jr Hembree
Jr Hembree 10 days ago
There trying to get guys attention in boat, there GETTING a little dry , 2 more whiskeys on the rocks please , can we have those to go!!
Richard Tipton
Richard Tipton 10 days ago
Those were liquor pirates trying to steal the booze
Darren Kapusi
Darren Kapusi 10 days ago
Please go out in the middle of the water and let a big boat run you the fuck over!
Sean Dingle
Sean Dingle 10 days ago
People in boat just walking around like nothing happened
Crave the Harvest Outdoors
That’s because nothing did happen. They went swimming on purpose and don’t know how to get back in the boat
Michael S
Michael S 10 days ago
Dudes are like hey bro help me up 😂
Wafa Agnia
Wafa Agnia 9 days ago
Bruno Aponte
Bruno Aponte 10 days ago
Sam Iam
Sam Iam 10 days ago
Are they weenie fishing??
Arzaniel Kerpatray
Arzaniel Kerpatray 10 days ago
Their taking a piss!
Michael Hull
Michael Hull 10 days ago
Booze and boats a bad combination
Travis Maxwell
Travis Maxwell 10 days ago
Man overboard.... let me get another beer.
Michael Rains
Michael Rains 10 days ago
Boating and alchohol don't go well together. Actually nothing much at all goes well with alcohol.
Michael Greene
Michael Greene 9 days ago
It's more like stupidity and alcohol don't mix.....
ɒ ɹ ı ʞ ɒ
ɒ ɹ ı ʞ ɒ 10 days ago
Yeah well put.
Voodoo one
Voodoo one 10 days ago
What a dam disgrace. “Alcohol why don’t you leave me alone “
Gary Eaton
Gary Eaton 11 days ago
Most boats with dive doors also have pull out boarding ladders . When one has over indulged, rational thoughts are rare.
Jay Swan
Jay Swan 8 days ago
Looks more like a tuna door.
Tehaere Temahuki
Tehaere Temahuki 11 days ago
Une journée ensoleillée a l'eau tout le monde
Haaken Anderson
Haaken Anderson 11 days ago
I was confused when it said men over board not man over board😂
Steve Griffiths
Steve Griffiths 11 days ago
Oops !!
Linda Butler
Linda Butler 11 days ago
What happened 😕
Linda Butler
Linda Butler 11 days ago
HAULOVER BOATS 11 days ago
They could not get back on the boat... too much liquid fun.