Mel Kiper's WORST NFL Draft Takes of ALL TIME 

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Apr 30, 2021




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Jeff Gmailaccount
Jeff Gmailaccount 5 minutes ago
This whole video is absurd. When you use the example of a guy Mel liked who actual NFL teams took #1 overall as an example of why Mel is a failure, you are failing to point out that the actual NFL missed too. You mention Russell Wilson despite the fact that he DID actually get picked around where Mel thought because NFL teams thought the same thing as Mel. Leaf went #2 overall not because of Mel but because the actual league had the same opinion as Mel. The notion that he's only a success if he gets every pick right in the actual order is a fundamental misunderstanding of what that entire industry actually is. I'm not Mel fan but this video is absurdly stupid.
charles johnson
charles johnson 21 minute ago
I thought I was going to hate this guy Mel Kiper ,,, by how this video started,,, but after hearing how he got his name out there,,, (well he did it),,, I'll go as far as saying the guy doing this video should be grateful that a small guy (that like himself) made it in the reselling of info about the NFL... Good luck going forward to you both,,, but my money is on Mel to this point... For the mistakes made by both,,, well forgiveness won't come from youtube,,, and in the end it will be the only thing you will crave... Forgive his mistakes focus on his life success...
Kevin Peoples
Kevin Peoples 22 minutes ago
Your obsession with pointing out Mel having not played much football comes off as pure projection. You sound like you hate the fact you're a fat dork living in your mom's basement and so you send all that negative energy in the direction of others.
Ookie 24 minutes ago
I don't care for Mel either... But in his defense... A good portion of these were QBs that went to Cleveland. They all were wash rinse repeat in that horrible organization. I think if some of them went to diff organizations they would have had better careers
Gage Lewis
Gage Lewis 49 minutes ago
If anyone takes Kiper seriously, they're as delusional as he is most of the time lmao.. to his credit he does get a good amount of them right.
Ryan Mcginnis
Ryan Mcginnis 52 minutes ago
The only reason you listen to mel kiper is because you dont have the nfl network. So espn is all you have.
Ben Mercer
Ben Mercer 59 minutes ago
Idk, Mel seems pretty fair in his analysis. It's easy to play Monday morning QB, but reality is it's very hard to know which QB will be great.
Andy Stoneburner
He is more wrong than he is ever right.
Mike&Iris Garza
I don't listen to that clown. Mcshay is more accurate than that bozo.
Andrew M
Andrew M 2 hours ago
By your definition, I guess nobody is an NFL draft expert. You're acting like he was the only one that thought the guy that got selected #1 overall was going to be good lMAO
ScottCleve33 3 hours ago
I think someone like Mel you have to go less on predicting what each team will take and more on his analysis of each individual player. Saying someone's going to be the best QB in the draft and for them to not start enough games to fill a season and be out of the NFL in three years means more than to say which player goes to which team. Unfortunately for him he's not really good at either. Fortunately for him ESPN doesn't care and he can keep collecting his paychecks.
ScottCleve33 3 hours ago
So he's a conman. Let's just say what it is. He's a conman. Somehow he won the golden ticket.
Joe Citizen
Joe Citizen 4 hours ago
Who cares. You sound like a salty fanboy that didn't get his autograph. Mel Kiper might be a bad judge of talent...but dude is self made. He did what he had to do to make that big money...thats the american way.
Kyle Knowshisgun
Kyle Knowshisgun 4 hours ago
The NFL has evolved since he started, he’s washed no doubt about it and I will never look too his “picks”
Jeremy Ness
Jeremy Ness 5 hours ago
Whether he's right or wrong the simple fact he is who he is today and how he got here is pretty damn admirable. I put very little stock in his big board but he's making bank doing something he loves
ThE PrEdAtOr
ThE PrEdAtOr 6 hours ago
He probably thought mo Claiborne was going to be good 🤣
Cameron Pritchard
Cameron Pritchard 6 hours ago
Kiper is horrible I hate hearing his voice such trash
James Radcliffe
James Radcliffe 6 hours ago
so this guy actually made a paying career out of being mediocre at evaluating quarterbacks?
Jim Davis
Jim Davis 6 hours ago
Not one word on calling Mahomes a bust.
Sam W
Sam W 6 hours ago
Mel Kipper is one of a handful of people that makes Colin Cowherd look smart.
J G 6 hours ago
You do NOT have to play a sport in order to become an expert and be able to analyze a player. I can't stand that opinion.
Mandingo Jr
Mandingo Jr 6 hours ago
I like kiper. This vid is some what pointless. I tell you this sir I’ll be looking forward to your 2022 NFL MOCK DRAFT
Guwop I
Guwop I 7 hours ago
I wish you would just show clips of him saying the takes your voice is annoying asf just blew my high.
Die-Cast 7 hours ago
Did Kiper beg you to make this video? I mean even bad publicity is good publicity when you are so irrelevant. I have not listened to anything he has said in well over a decade and didn't even know people even still talked about him haha. Biggest joke ever, my little sister is a better judge on player skill than he is and it's not even close.
Spencer Flake
Spencer Flake 7 hours ago
I just wanted to see his worst takes, not 6.5 minutes of backstory before the first one.
Mike Westbrook
Mike Westbrook 7 hours ago
Mel is an icon and should be revered for what he has done to make the draft interesting. If you blindly just said that every drafted QB is going to bust, you'd have a remarkably good percentage of being correct. The trick isn't picking the busts, it's in picking Russell Wilson over Robert Griffin III and Aaron Rodgers over Alex Smith, etc. It's not easy.
Oliver Gamble
Oliver Gamble 8 hours ago
I’m really sorry buddy but both the NFL and NBA have copyright claims at the end of every game or television event they have, you’re autistic for thinking you can make money like other ppl on this platform by stringing their clips together, of course you’re getting demonetized lmfao
Zachary Peyer
Zachary Peyer 8 hours ago
Can’t wait to see your mock draft next year and how it compares to Kiper’s post draft.
mitrisaosefh 8 hours ago
Just found your channel great stuff man
joey cruz
joey cruz 8 hours ago
Im writing this before i got to the jemarcus russel part but to be fair nfl teals aren’t that much better at evaluating qb prospects than mel keiper. A lot of the misses in this video are guys nfl teams missed big on as well
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 9 hours ago
I have never paid any so call analysts any mind. I judge with my own eyes.
John Carmody
John Carmody 9 hours ago
Kiper is no worst then GMs who make decisions based on what children did from 18 to 21 years old. These kids go from the best of the best among there peers to going to a leauge of grown men who are the best of the best. A room full of analysts chose Phil simms over Joe Montana, Blair Thomas over Emitt Smith, Al toon over Jerry Rice, Robert Gallery over Philip Rivers and Ben Roslesberger. Deandre Baker over Dk Metcalf, Chad Pettington and every other quaterback in 2000 draft over Tom Brady. Mitchel Trubisky over Maholms . You can go on and on. No one can predict these things because of human error.
Eric vanwhoa
Eric vanwhoa 10 hours ago
Youre right i always wonder where the hell some of these guys come from before the draft and makes sense hes in kahoots
Yoel's Lemonade
Yoel's Lemonade 10 hours ago
Dude looks like Sam the eagle from the Muppets 🤣🤣
seldomsceen 10 hours ago
You do something long enough people assume you know what you're talking about 😂..Konman Kiper..jeezus what a Hack.
James Campbell
James Campbell 10 hours ago
I wish Mel would watch this lol
B-Rad & the Outdoors
Now do a video of evaluations that he got correct. In any scouting aspect, it is 100% a guess on how each player will do for a myriad of reasons (injuries, team circumstance, etc). He works hard and does his research, living the dream and loves what he does, I give him major props.
J Grimey
J Grimey 11 hours ago
So where did you play?
Matthew Seay
Matthew Seay 11 hours ago
The "missed 20 picks in a row" critique doesn't really make sense. Predicting how the draft is actually going to go isn't really Kiper's job though. He's not an NFL insider like Adam Schefter. His mock drafts are based more on his personal opinions of what teams should do, rather than what he believes they actually will do.
O oh English
O oh English 11 hours ago
This is the dumbest video ever posted it’s an educated guess Man put in work he’s not a profit
J Cookiemonster
J Cookiemonster 11 hours ago
I mean a lot of these QBs we bust for other people too
Couch Captain937
Couch Captain937 12 hours ago
David Carr deserves a break, and should have been defended, quite literally, in the early days of his career. He was sacked what seems like a billion times because he didn't have an O-line, that shakes a young QB more than anything. His career would have been significantly better if he had been given ANY protection.
John Thompson
John Thompson 12 hours ago
I wish someone would do a video like this of my local weather man. He's not worth a s#%t at predicting the future either.
Will Sweat
Will Sweat 12 hours ago
Here's the think, Kiper "created" a market by using his time to watch, read and learn information about players that nobody else knew.
MEGAMUZIK 12 hours ago
Straight Clown 🤡 🤣
Jose Coronado
Jose Coronado 12 hours ago
I can’t believe this guys still has a job
LesPaulDisciple 12 hours ago
Bust, a wasted pick, too small to play RB in NFL. That's what Melonhead Kiper said when the Colts took Marshall Faulk in the 1st round of the NFL draft. As a New Orleanian, I was familiar with Marshall starting with his time at Carver High School so I was inclined to think Mel didn't know what the hell he was talking about. I wonder if Marshall invited Mel to see him inducted into the NFL HOF, inducted as a RB. But wait, Marshall was too small.
Jason Schwartz
Jason Schwartz 13 hours ago
I mean, the NFL scouts are just as clueless. There are huge misses every year by teams.
Anish R
Anish R 13 hours ago
I wouldn't count the Wilson pick since no one was high on him
davegbp 13 hours ago
Mel put the draft on the map and made it a must see tv event...
Brent Gustafson
Brent Gustafson 13 hours ago
I hate that they try to censor what u can and cant say . It really is bullshit. Thanks for everything you do for us brotha
omar Breezy
omar Breezy 13 hours ago
Almost a good video bro... You should do these for all analyst.
Rahrah Tyme
Rahrah Tyme 13 hours ago
You get a 👎 for talking too much! You say Mel messed up, then allow your audience to hear him messing up! You're not the star, the person that you're speaking of is. #dobetter!
DANIEL DE LA CRUZ 14 hours ago
anybody track how good or bad other "NFL analysts" have done with their picks? Kiper probably should retire by now but that $$$$$$ from ESPN is too hard to turn down. That said, now do a vid about his HR's.
Sean Swinton
Sean Swinton 14 hours ago
All I have to say in regards to Mel Kiper, Remember NFL MVP Lamar Jackson! You know the guy who should be a WR.
Marty Moffatt
Marty Moffatt 14 hours ago
it would take a video that lasted all day to tell all of kipers bad nfl bad draft analysis because hes hardly ever right
Simon Knight
Simon Knight 14 hours ago
There is something funny about Kiper having the same haircut for 40 years
Ryan Logan
Ryan Logan 14 hours ago
Idk these players he's mentioning many thought would be good. i.e. you cant compare brady Quinn who when to the fucking browns of all teams to megatron. Then not a fair shake to Carr when he went to a young franchise that just started with there own problem. And lastly yes green bay picking Matt Hasselbeck was a bad pick then they had Favre to rodgers even if he had a okay career. Im not say kipper is right on his pick but there more to it then did they pan out or not....
SBL 14 hours ago
Who's the biggest idiot?....the person who told the story - or the person who believed it?? 😂
trippin63 14 hours ago
When Kiper came out against the Jets picking Zach Wilson....that's when I was all in on Wilson going to the Jets. This kid will be as good as Mahomes if Kiper's stupidity has anything to do with it.....BUAHAHA
Paul Groseclose
Paul Groseclose 15 hours ago
I would just like to know how accurate he has been. Other than the givens. like this year, how often has he been correct? With the pick? With the career of a player? I know he wasn't with Ryan Leaf
Minnesota Vaughn
Minnesota Vaughn 15 hours ago
They are demonizing you because of your video on Von Miller.
Mikael Haggard
Mikael Haggard 15 hours ago
Harrington and Carr never had a chance.
Jay T
Jay T 15 hours ago
'I mean who the hell is Mel Kiper anyway'
David Vaughan
David Vaughan 15 hours ago
Ryan luck was great, just got killed by bad O lines
David Vaughan
David Vaughan 15 hours ago
Kipers entire career is like a meteorologist, gives you a probability, there’s no guarantees, he can’t say how a kid handles millions of dollars and pressure, Brady’s don’t grow on trees
David Vaughan
David Vaughan 15 hours ago
Wrong picks? These are mock drafts, he’s saying who he thinks they should pick,
SLAYER STACKER 15 hours ago
Heck yeah ill hit the like button, I love anything that goes against everything that ESPN stands for. I don't listen to any of those left wing idiots at ESPN. The only thing ESPN wants to do is push racism and divide the country.
JoJo Freelancer
JoJo Freelancer 15 hours ago
Baltimore creates hustlers
JoJo Freelancer
JoJo Freelancer 15 hours ago
Theres NO Experts in drafting but stop hating on Baltimoreans Accorsi was on Giants side dude
Emick1978 15 hours ago
If he was a player he’d be cut
T Sommers
T Sommers 15 hours ago
Being from Indy, Jeff George is the most hated professional athlete in the history of the city
Oscar Palacios-Flores
ESPN just uses him for content. They don’t take him seriously. They just want something to talk about on every show they have.
Kellen Wong
Kellen Wong 16 hours ago
Just tired if listening Mel Kiper Jr. All 50%/50% prediction.
Khaleb Titus
Khaleb Titus 16 hours ago
Honestly HTF anyone knows who going to be good or not that's why I really don't pay much attention to these hyped-up college prospects.
fredrick kosanovich
fredrick kosanovich 16 hours ago
mel kipper doesnt know shit about anything
Ruminating 15
Ruminating 15 16 hours ago
The clown emjoi was literally made for ESPN analyst. The whole network needs to be thrown away for their outrages takes. And this was way before "Shock value gets attention!" into todays world. They been doing this crap for ages.
Berto Cartagena
Berto Cartagena 16 hours ago
I think a lot of these are reaches. Everyone misses and a lot of his were the same misses that gms who do have football experience make. Still think he’s better than Todd McShay
jr23kid 16 hours ago
Mel can pick all the guys right but it doesn’t mean they were good picks. That’s what this guy doesn’t get and will never get. Johnny football could have been a great qb but he went to an absolute shit team with no mentors or leaders. Burrow went to an absolute shot team. So even if Mel got the pick or the person right it doesn’t mean that the team will be useful or good to that person. I mean if manzel went to the pats and dealt with Brady he could have been the next best thing.
Craig Nash
Craig Nash 17 hours ago
Can’t stand that guy
Ghost 17 hours ago
Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder Was Better ...
J Lopes
J Lopes 18 hours ago
If anybody on this earth had to research hundreds of players every year for 35 years theyd have a bunch of wrong takes on players. Idk why u make it seem like hes supposed to foresee the future. His job is to scout players and give his analysis. Which he does well.
Leroy Lawrence
Leroy Lawrence 18 hours ago
Why is Mel Kiper even still working for espn!
Henry Chang
Henry Chang 18 hours ago
Factual error: Ernie Accorsi worked for the Giants, not the Chargers. Accorsi got Eli. Eli refused to play for AJ Smith/Alex Spanos.
R H 18 hours ago
Another example of unearned privileges and cronyism......no validity but still highly regarded for no reason.......
Pyro Of The Caribbean
Look here, baby boy...Those of us that are gen x'ers know who George is. UGH
Jared Kaschyk
Jared Kaschyk 18 hours ago
This is dumb. Literally nobody gets the draft right. If you are the “expert” on it for decades, you’re gonna have tons of awful takes in hindsight. Now, if you want to argue that calling anyone a draft expert is stupid, you have my attention.
Vanthe 19 hours ago
Everyone is perfect every time
Elias Gonzalez
Elias Gonzalez 19 hours ago
Why mahomes Is crying sperms in the thumbnail?😂
JETMAN80 19 hours ago
I can't put blame on Carr for being a bust. Texans were an expansion team and that o line was horrible.
Jorge Bardales
Jorge Bardales 19 hours ago
You’re shitty on Mel for things no one could possibly know. How can you predict laziness from players who’ve dedicated years to being great. All the players listed had the skill set and intangibles to be great. Luck and RG3 are likely Super Bowl Champs without injuries. Carr and Harrington were murdered behind terrible lines. I could go on, but no point. Lastly, only because someone didn’t play, doesn’t mean they can’t analyze the game and players. And who cares if he “missed 20 picks in a row”. Guessing correctly or incorrectly doesn’t mean your scouting was wrong.
KingUfa206 19 hours ago
Mel is as creditable as most of us fans in the comments section.
kn0tion 19 hours ago
Liking the video doesn't solve the copyright claims, it solely helps your video and channel for algorithm purposes. Which then helps you get more revenue by ads watched, but if you are getting copyright claims you aren't getting this revenue, so are you receiving these claims? You also need to look up limited monetization and how that works as it is enforced by US-first via "automated systems or policy specialists believe that video does not meet our advertiser-friendly content guidelines." This is not a claim someone can place on your video.
Mason Tyler
Mason Tyler 20 hours ago
I dont know how you can ridicule Mel on "predictions".... PREDICTIONS How could Mel K predict that Jamarcus Russell would only be eating donuts and not watch any film or give a damn at all. If your argument is that this guy shouldnt get paid then whatever i guess but the fact that he has made a career out of this tells you that people want him.....
Jordan Young
Jordan Young 20 hours ago
David Carr was incredible. He had no offensive line..
Timothy Farner
Timothy Farner 20 hours ago
... and I wouldn't bet on a Lottery ticket based on Kiper's opinion! I could come up with better "Guesses" than Mel most of the time!
Stefan Schmid
Stefan Schmid 21 hour ago
I wouldn’t take Mel’s word for picks unless I’ve seen what he’s describing with my own eyes. Some of the areas he seems most incorrect about is attitude, but a few of the guys he hyped that busted never got a fair shake.
Ettinosa Omorodion
Ettinosa Omorodion 21 hour ago
Accorsi drafted Eli
Mercury Mercer
Mercury Mercer 21 hour ago
Only in America you can listen to someone who's never done it before.. Got to love this s***
Redskins Penn State fan
The title should just say "Mel Kiper worst all time". He is aweful, hardly accurate, uniformed and the only thing he is actually any good at is being a BIG GUESSER.