Meet the happiest dog ever l GMA 

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Shortcake's smile is contagious.
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Apr 29, 2021




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Manuel Festoli
Manuel Festoli 2 hours ago
My cattle dog never wants to go for a walk. She want to go for a run every 2 hours...🤦‍♂️
Martha Urquilla
Martha Urquilla 15 hours ago
That's a Real smile! 😁 She is a happy doggie! love it!💕
D S 22 hours ago
GMA you forgot to credit The Dodo for this video
Kay Bay
Kay Bay Day ago
She melts my heart 💓
Mary Cuna
Mary Cuna 2 days ago
They do look into people's souls my pup does❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
Diana Schiebeck
Diana Schiebeck 2 days ago
In love with that smile
Lance Ferguson
Lance Ferguson 2 days ago
...aaand for my hearts dessert....I'll have some smile-berry shortcake pls. 😋
Robert Chernish
Robert Chernish 2 days ago
What a wonderful cutie!
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 2 days ago
Absolutely precious
Silicon Nomad
Silicon Nomad 2 days ago
I keep coming back to this video. Can’t get enough of that smile
Vane F
Vane F 2 days ago
When it’s at the “caption this part” I quoted austin powers “do I make you horny “ 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😩
Osmar Zambrin
Osmar Zambrin 2 days ago
🥰😍🐕 adorable dog. Hi from Brazil 🇧🇷🐕😍
Susan Eads
Susan Eads 2 days ago
I'm in LOVE With you Shortcake! 😁💕💕🐾🐾
2fortheloveofgod 2 days ago
lashone jackson
lashone jackson 3 days ago
Love you Shortcake ☺☺☺
Virginia Elinburg
Great story made me smile
Patricia Saluti
Patricia Saluti 3 days ago
You made US HAPPY Thankyou. She Is Beautiful
Patricia Saluti
Patricia Saluti 3 days ago
Shes A sweetheart
luna maria
luna maria 3 days ago
That FACE!!!
Desarae 3 days ago
Aww sweet face. You can tell she's a sweetie. Thank you 2 all those who own pitbulls❤ 1 of the best breeds. I'll never be without 1.
Justyna Buniowska-Mate
sooooo cute
Lou Chatman
Lou Chatman 4 days ago
Corinthia Baldwin
Thank You Shortcake💙💐
Sharon Duval
Sharon Duval 4 days ago
I can't stop smiling. She is a sweetheart. I love her smile. I'm so glad y'all adopted her. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Debra Goodman
Debra Goodman 4 days ago
I love her
Nick Logan
Nick Logan 4 days ago
I cani provano emozioni,e sanno,anzi sentono quando sono amati,e al sicuro..Her smile why now have,feel love of good owner.Her feel it's safe.Shortcake it's beautiful,u are lucky
Sherry Janes
Sherry Janes 5 days ago
You must be a wonderful mommy xo
s.wie 5 days ago
Well...it's not smiling. When dog make these wrinkles and pull their cheeks up like she does, what you describe like smile, is a sign a beeing stressed out. When you say ,when she doesn't want to go out ,while you pull slightly on her leash,she starts smiling....well yeah,due to she's stressed out and shows it like that.
Judy Migliore
Judy Migliore 5 days ago
My rescued pitbull could be her twin! Same eyes, colors, markings.
James Penn
James Penn 5 days ago
Sweet pup.
Ch0c Chip
Ch0c Chip 5 days ago
How adorable
Mary Weber
Mary Weber 5 days ago
What a beautiful dog thank God she has a loving home now
Raiderhays37 5 days ago
We rescued a stray 4 month old pittie about 6 weeks ago. He is the happiest smartest dog ever. The vet who chipped, vaccinated, and fixed him was so surprised at how happy and completely non-aggressive he is. And just yeaterday we took him to our vet for a get to know you check up and he said "You've got a real gem in Harley. He is so well mannered and behaved." They are just the sweetest dogs ever. My 3 yo granddaughter is head over heals in love with him and he with her. He's so gentle with her it makes your heart swell. These poor dogs get a bad rap for no real reason at all. I've never met an aggressive pit bull. Most are just big 'ol babies who want love more than anything else.
Gerard Boudreau
Gerard Boudreau 5 days ago
My pugs made me smile every minute of the day and if they knew I was down they would do anything to help to make me happy they are both gone to heaven now one in2016 one last month I did all I could do I sold my car to help my female but her body was failing her she went blind because I was misinformed on the way to treat her diabetes and she had found cancer for a long time it was the hardest thing about being a dog owner was having to say goodbye God willing we will be together again I pray everyday
Thomas Ksatria Gurkhas
Thomas Ksatria Gurkhas
Evelyn 5 days ago
my kind of dog likes to smile and stay home.
Nia Howard
Nia Howard 5 days ago
Pretty girl needs harness, not to be pulled by her neck.
Jared Land
Jared Land 6 days ago
I will tell you why she happy because she is a bitch
Melissa Arrington
Awe I am so glad you rescued her she is such a happy hippo and is adorable
Just Add Shutters, inc. conyers
What a precious animal.
Rosamaria Mendoza
Because she's happy and knows she is loved!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 and she's hefty!🙃
William Sheppard
William Sheppard 6 days ago
Short cake. Rocks
Bradley Putnam
Bradley Putnam 6 days ago
What an absolutely beautiful thing
BebeesHuman 6 days ago
Hi! A dog that doesn't like to go 'walkies??' That's odd, but maybe she had a bad experience. It's good for a dog and human's health. Ask a professionals' advice, like a vet or dog trainer. If the sweetie dog had a bad experience it would be good for her to get over it, and go walking. Good luck and best wishes!
Phoenix Reno-Johnson
She is so adorable
Daniel Ali
Daniel Ali 6 days ago
I rescue !!! this makes me smile !!!!!!!!!
McJohnSizzle 6 days ago
Its kinda hard not to feel happy or smile when you see that doggo. My god I need a dog soon.
Yesenia Rivera
Yesenia Rivera 6 days ago
No me ponga de visitante q no tengo dinwro
Lisa Cocolan
Lisa Cocolan 6 days ago
Awww. Shortcakes just made me ッ
World Aquarium Singapore
Dog Shortcake - My bank account has over 2 million dollars in cash
Jay Mckenna
Jay Mckenna 6 days ago
Mary Music
Mary Music 6 days ago
POOR BABY...!!! Thank goodness, for her Mommie....
Tristan Walker
Tristan Walker 6 days ago
Darn what actress or celebrity does this woman remind me of? I can almost place it.
newhuskytwenty 7 days ago
Those brown eyes are completely full of love, you can feel it.
Tiffany Russell
Tiffany Russell 7 days ago
Shortcake is a cute name❤️❤️
Phil Brazil McCarron
292 miserable idiots didnt liked this? Damn humanity is really over:( let the aliens kill us all already!!
MC Wynn
MC Wynn 7 days ago
Soooo cute.
Lemini VFX
Lemini VFX 7 days ago
Put her on a harness, 86 the leash and she will probably smile even more.
ERIKA DOWDY 7 days ago
Shes adorable
Rene Herrera
Rene Herrera 7 days ago
Cute dog
Brian McDowell
Brian McDowell 7 days ago
gma is barfworthy
ANIMALS RURAL 7 days ago
big face dog .so ..suppose
Maria H
Maria H 7 days ago
What a heart-warming story about such a sweet dog. Thank you. May shortcake and her owners have many more happy years together.🐾❤️🐾
jose Hernandez
jose Hernandez 7 days ago
She is smiling because she knows she is in kind loving hands. that is pure love in her eyes 🥰🤗😍😘😇what an angel
Pamela Tate
Pamela Tate 7 days ago
What a sweetheart!
mega0876 7 days ago
We need to do castrations to those that abuse animals.
Chatterjee Sutopa
Shortcake smiles because she is leading happy lives with her friends and good family. ❤
Ticia Juneau
Ticia Juneau 7 days ago
Love this pup! She makes me smile just looking at her! Awesome 🤩
L0cd 0ut
L0cd 0ut 7 days ago
I want that dog!
Seeing Isn’t Believing
I cannot tell her smile from a meh🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!
Dennis Crowley
Dennis Crowley 7 days ago
The4 RealDeal
The4 RealDeal 7 days ago
Absolutely love how this is considered news. 🤣 America’s news media is a fucking joke
Roberto Barrera
Roberto Barrera 7 days ago
What a sweet face
Analytical Inkling
US-first has a very convenient habit of recommending these types of videos to me whenever I'm depressed. I love it.
Josh Hernandez
Josh Hernandez 7 days ago
Resting Happy Face ☺
Jose De Los Santos
I love this dog she is very different. And I think all pit bulls get a bad rap but not this pit she is very loving too look at.
Bless her sweet soul and the people who rescue her and care for her now. Such a sweet pup! She deserves all the happiness and attention she gets
Names cipty
Names cipty 7 days ago
Jesus loves you and so do I ❤️
freesf ftrefv
freesf ftrefv 7 days ago
If the joker had a dog
Gerri Evans
Gerri Evans 7 days ago
She is So Adorable 💗
Benjamin Reyes
Benjamin Reyes 7 days ago
Had no does dogs can smile 😁.. I thought wagging the tail was enough
johnmonk66 7 days ago
that is the shape of her face moron
MissWorldBoo 7 days ago
She smiles cause she’s a pit bull and they are the sweetest dogs!!💜
miaeba 8 days ago
Beautiful doggie
Viro ViranVictus
Viro ViranVictus 8 days ago
Yep, thats a pitty if you allow them to be.
Renee 8 days ago
She is so adorable (♥ω♥)
christi land
christi land 8 days ago
Awww such a sweetie poo! 💖
mew10521 8 days ago
What a cute smile
Kiara Lane
Kiara Lane 8 days ago
When Shortcake is the most beautiful
Tiffany Mielke
Tiffany Mielke 8 days ago
Omg she is just so precious. I just lost my pit, my fur baby boy, Sampson, in March just before his 16th birthday. Missing him like crazy but seeing her smile makes my heart melt. Such a cutie.
D Hendrix
D Hendrix 8 days ago
Budweiser can dog contest winner 🏆!!!!! 100% enter him into the contest for her!!!!!
GMONEY- -GCODE 8 days ago
Didn't you adopt her
kizmitkismet 8 days ago
Crazy that ANYONE would dislike this video 😲😏😒🙄
Darius A Gross
Darius A Gross 8 days ago
This video made me smile today. There's so much going in the world right now, we can appreciate Shortcake smiles right now. 🙂
J 5DogBlessed
J 5DogBlessed 8 days ago
That was a beautiful video. Thank you Shortcake
BBarnes 8 days ago
THAT was AWESOME! Chuckled the whole way through. Love Pitties!
VS9050909 8 days ago
Joseph Guilfoyle
Joseph Guilfoyle 8 days ago
Awwe the baby is great full. Is why.🤗❤️😊
M. Roman
M. Roman 8 days ago
She’s adorable, and those eyes, too...💗
S G 8 days ago
She kinda looks like her owner, their smile 😃
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