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Seems like bowser is hungry...almost ate my face for breakfast! #shorts

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Feb 17, 2021




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Drama_ B0iX
Drama_ B0iX 23 minutes ago
Bryn LaPlant
Bryn LaPlant 47 minutes ago
Why does this remind me of myself
R0k3t Racoon
R0k3t Racoon 4 hours ago
You didn’t almost get your face ripped off get a life and stop clickbaitinf
Gamer Charmenderpokebal
Bruh it look like y’all two kissed so when the wedding for y’all two
Justin Y's Paid Guard
Him:He looks really angry Me:Yeah No Shit Sherlock
Neon B1
Neon B1 9 hours ago
Just don’t pick up a snapping turtle
JuiceWRLD R.I.P 999
JuiceWRLD R.I.P 999 16 hours ago
Me watching video calm in my room- (snapping turtle lunges) OH FUCK THAT BRUH
Xcjzzhkshk Iqqqcvjcjc
So long gay bowser
Dragón ball fan 2966 Dbz
Thank you for saving bowser from the leaches I too am a wildlife lover
Deplex 22 hours ago
People like you f*cking infuriate me when you pretend to be a "wildlife lover" while I see you just yanking out the turtle just for views and money 🙃 (but you getting the leeches off the poor turtle made me a bit happy 😁)
Our native boy pick it up
I like that after he almost list half his face instead of saying "if you ever see a snapping turtle don't pick it up" but instead says "ReMeMbEr pIcK tUrTlE uP bY sHeLl"
Andy mackenzie
Him: Calls him Bowser, a villain of Super Mario Also Him: Yanks Him Out Of The Water *Maxium Disrespect*
Jessie Payne
Jessie Payne Day ago
You could have got buried
Adithya das
Adithya das Day ago
Now he may never kiss a girl
JayLeeBean Day ago
I would be so scared if a snapping turtle would eat my face
Nash Pope
Nash Pope Day ago
That was to close! 😳
ka tim
ka tim Day ago
It's really look like the one from gumboy...... Yeah I should probably stop watching cartoons with my lil sis
K I S H I N 鬼神
“Being the wildlife lover I am” As he rips the turtle from the water
Fennec Foxes123
Lol remember that one about the flooding cave?
Cain Feolino
Cain Feolino Day ago
k! Day ago
How about instead of teaching people how to pick up a turtle tell them not too and put the snapping turtle that also made you have to get stitches back in the water 😧
Shmaples Day ago
This video makes u look like such a fucking tool bro... Dont grab animals and wave them around like that while claiming you love wildlife.. jfc..
snakes and more
his hand should only be right behind the snapping turtles neck on the shell and right above its tail on the shell cuz the snapping turtle can reach everywhere else
Joshua Wright
And he probably also tried attacking a plumber and red
Astronaut Player
I just thought it would be funny if he got nibbled a bit now my nose is bleeding is this karma
PigeonPotPie Day ago
*So long gay bowser*
eiza kent
eiza kent Day ago
Hi I loved it
eiza kent
eiza kent Day ago
Hi I love ed it
Robert Kimmerle
Dome ass
Mr. Tiger
Mr. Tiger 2 days ago
Arne Berg
Arne Berg 2 days ago
Just if you didn't know. This is a fucking stupid idea
panda is cute
panda is cute 2 days ago
Albatross Free
Albatross Free 2 days ago
*Wild life lovers leave the turtle alone dip shit, they are full of germs and bacteria, please lick your fingers next time!*
Morgan Bales
Morgan Bales 2 days ago
"for more videos of me being a dumb ass like and follow" just killedw
V0V 2 days ago
If you loved wildlife you would know to leave it alone. It always great to handle things like garter snake but you should know to never handle a wild snapper
I Like to eat the food after i drink the water
“Being the wildlife lover that I always has been” *proceeds to tug a turtle out of the water and yank the leeches off as hard as he can*
Jhank Himer
Jhank Himer 2 days ago
You really shouldnt fuck around with life if you dont need to....
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Removing leech like that can cause infection
hon mullagh
hon mullagh 2 days ago
Amina Obrazhda
Amina Obrazhda 2 days ago
How to you do this is disgusting 🤢🤮
Mackan6666 2 days ago
Finally no prank!!!!!
kitty dragona
kitty dragona 2 days ago
This absolutely sucks
Jaslyn Toh
Jaslyn Toh 2 days ago
One of my turtle died when there babys
Hollie Darsey
Hollie Darsey 2 days ago
If it had long nails then it is a girl
Isla Phillips
Isla Phillips 2 days ago
Everybody on his other videos: staged Me on this video: Oh yeah this totally staged. You can see how the turtle tried to not actually bite him etc etc etc etc....
Kristine OCAMPO
Kristine OCAMPO 2 days ago
Atheena Blair
Atheena Blair 2 days ago
I flinched
AbSoLute_Okeh 2 days ago
Her: he probably cheating Him:
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 2 days ago
*for more videos of me being a dumbass*
that guy, over yonder
"Being the wildlife lover that I have always been, I started fucking with this wild turtle I found!"
Heidi Maldonado
Heidi Maldonado 3 days ago
Omg he kissed you😂
OMG I jump
Loagie Diabo
Loagie Diabo 3 days ago
Yeah they smell terrible
K Cairns
K Cairns 3 days ago
You deserve it
Emily Jones
Emily Jones 3 days ago
Poor turtle this guy is *****
Pearłnotføuñd 3 days ago
Why do women live longer then men *this is why*
• food • • Kayleen •
My face for breakfast -
killer9317 anonymous
The only person that would pick a turtle that big up by the tail would be dumb and dumber long lost 3rd brother dumbest
Keishonel Lewis
Keishonel Lewis 3 days ago
My heart left my chest when he (the turtle) took a bite at him, i own a turtle and let me just tell you...that HURTS
elaD odnarB toobeR
Bowser is a good name for em
xAsukaChAnx 3 days ago
Bowser was kissing him UwU
juduzi 3 days ago
That's why you don't mess with wild life
Kross 3 days ago
Isn’t this the guy that committed frog genocide by taking them out of their birthing puddle and threw them in a fucking bog lmao
Namjoon's Broken glasses
I'm not a wild life activist but I know for sure that's not how you take leeches off cuz the teeth can stay in the skin and infect it.
Roblox gaming Games
The turtle be like: so you chose death
no 3 days ago
Jaslene Petersen
Jaslene Petersen 3 days ago
"This is how I almost lost my face to a snapping turtle." Oh, I can answer that without even watching the video. You were a fucking idiot.
Rontube4 3 days ago
U dun goofed. Turtles are delicious and you can make kewl things out of their shells. Take a snap at me?! No way I'm not turning you into a snack.
Jade Allen
Jade Allen 3 days ago
I like turtles to boy
gatot gatot
gatot gatot 3 days ago
I thougth it was alligator snapping turtle its one of my fav turtles
bebang bautista
bebang bautista 3 days ago
Omg your ugly *turtle hits him for being ugly* take that
7z Mxney
7z Mxney 3 days ago
If only that turtle was Mexican...
Cat with a vApe
Cat with a vApe 3 days ago
You could’ve used the leaches as bait or at least kill them :/
coala tedioso
coala tedioso 3 days ago
These guys are so stupid how tf u forgot that this monster has a giraffe neck
United Kingdom
United Kingdom 3 days ago
Did he just call me a dumbass at the end of the video?
Marion Holloway
Marion Holloway 3 days ago
SJ_ASSASIN 3 days ago
I think I'll miss him but he did try to eat my face off best saying 2021
Strawberry Cow
Strawberry Cow 3 days ago
I would like to inform you that it’s a girl!
Lillith666 3 days ago
One time I found a snapping turtle and I instead of picking it up I left it alone. End of story.
Remarkable Legit
Remarkable Legit 4 days ago
He couldn’t be more stupid tho
valerie bennett
valerie bennett 4 days ago
Dosent matter about smell
faith newton
faith newton 4 days ago
I love love turtles and sharks
Roblox Girlz
Roblox Girlz 4 days ago
Joel Kosinski
Joel Kosinski 4 days ago
You don’t just yank leeches off, the head will come off, and probably get infected, you have to put salt on it, so it drys up and falls off
Donald Natale
Donald Natale 4 days ago
What the hell where you thinking
Strawberry Cow
Strawberry Cow 4 days ago
To be continued...
Alexus Robinson
Alexus Robinson 4 days ago
Why would u touch leeches
Graciela Gomez
Graciela Gomez 4 days ago
Como no te fijaste antes bosina😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
m5snGAMER 4 days ago
Bowser is a female turtlw
Bubble Melon
Bubble Melon 4 days ago
Neo Ethan Labor
Neo Ethan Labor 4 days ago
`Wonokii `
`Wonokii ` 4 days ago
I literally screamed when he almost got his face bitten off
Muqhritz Fitri
Muqhritz Fitri 4 days ago
It's really dangerous
JessenLH 4 days ago
Turtle: Put Me Down!!!! 😤
Andre The One
Andre The One 4 days ago
So now hes a wild life lover? Aint this the same dude who took a giant wasp against its will locked it in a freezer tied a string to it almost got stung multiple times.
Reptile Plays
Reptile Plays 4 days ago
Bro your not smart at all that’s not a big turtle and who the heck doesn’t know not to hold it right next to their face wow you are a noob
Benderman 4 days ago
You shouldnt pick up turtles and turn them sideways they can not breath if its so
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