Me, You, Madness is a girlboss disaster 

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Me, You, Madness is a vanity project on steroids that is daring you to take it seriously. So naturally, I just had to.

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Apr 6, 2021




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Swell Entertainment
3 deodorants are normally $36 dollars, but if you use my link bit.ly/nativeswellentertainment​ and code SWELL you’ll get them for $24 that’s 33% off! With my code, you can also get 20% off any body wash or toothpaste!
Not Gay Ryan
Not Gay Ryan 10 days ago
U gotta bf? Marry me regardless😍😍😋
Oglesby Finlay
Oglesby Finlay 12 days ago
I really like Native as a brand and wish i could use it! I'm allergic to fragrance and get contact dermatitis from it. As soon as Native has a fragrance-free option, you know I'm snatching that shit up!
adanufgail 12 days ago
@Moor Wurmple larger studies of aluminum have shown that it's fairly conclusive that damaged cells take on aluminum, other heavy metals, and other toxins/things that shouldn't be there and not vice versa. Those things are in cancer cells because they're cancer cells, rather than cells taking aluminum and becoming cancerous. That said there are carcinogens that we should do further studies on and should have more pubic education about, as well as things that are endocrine disruptors or can cause birth defects. That said, if your skin has a reaction to aluminum, you're free to find something else, but calling a deodorant "aluminum free" is like calling water "gluten free," pretty meaningless since only antiperspirant has the aluminum salts and all just-deodorants are aluminum free.
Tallon Qsack
Tallon Qsack 13 days ago
Okay I will. But I wanna ask, I thought you didn't drink? But you said you need one after this movie?
Nathan Tripathy
Nathan Tripathy 13 days ago
Not being an apologist here, but she actually is Scottish Amanda.
Adrianna Covone
Adrianna Covone 13 hours ago
SEVEN DOLLARS?????????????
BeautifulGirl96 15 hours ago
Johnny Miller
I loved that description.
Loraine A
Loraine A Day ago
I feel like this was a way for her to make out with other people. Like, “it’s acting, not adultery”. I can’t really blame her for that. But then, she’s the one who married Mnuchin, it’s not like he used to look better or anything. God, they are both just gross. And what tf was that ‘dancing’ about? Even if it was a joke, it was just WRONG! Out of all the huge mansions in Beverly Hills, they chose THAT monstrosity? Good lord, I can’t believe someone built that place on purpose, let alone paid millions for it. At first I thought this was supposed to be set in the 80’s, but then I noticed the cell phones and spinning class, so apparently it’s set in the present. So WHY the crappy 80’s aesthetic? It doesn’t exactly portray an “ultra-wealthy” lifestyle! I have to assume this was a tax write-off, bc no sane person would think this garbage would do anything but lose money. And Louise Linton had a vanity project to keep her busy for a little bit. God these people are just gross
My uncle worked in Hollywood at a high level for 40 years and said that Steve Mnuchin would help finance movies with his own money just so he could get some status in Hollywood. He may be rich as fuck, but he’s kind of a pathetic hanger-on in Hollywood. So if you’re wondering about his numerous producer credits, he got them for forking over cash. He did jack shit actual work on them.
aippli 2 days ago
It sounds hilarious tbh
Hopefully Wholesome
Maybe it’s just because there’s cannibalism, but it def reminds me of hannibal
Larry Bernard
Larry Bernard 2 days ago
Maybe a lot of the stuff here was for tax write-offs
imastuffedgoat 2 days ago
I give zero fucks what's in my deodorant. I just like Native's travel-size deodorant because they fit so well in my tiny purse.
Jenni Boo
Jenni Boo 3 days ago
Stormchaser production sounds like a gay porn production company
Kevin Dawson
Kevin Dawson 3 days ago
I don't know whether to feel sorry for Mnuchin for being married to a woman who wanted to make vanity films, or for her for being married to a guy that Axl Rose called out for not knowing the difference between the US flag and the flag of Liberia and for being an a**hole, which is sort of like Keith Richards telling you that you have a drug problem.
Christine Remondelli
This so called movie is superficial, shallow trash.. just saying
Christine Remondelli
So it seems.. I wouldn't waste my time on this travesty
Coriander 4 days ago
I'm new to your channel but I recently watched a movie so bad that I couldn't finish it and I love terrible movies. You need to check it out. It's called Jiu Jitsu (2020).
Mohammed Kasim
Mohammed Kasim 4 days ago
Jtv6 4 days ago
12:37 - 12:43 was probably the funniest shit ive ever seen because amanda looks so dejected as she talks about a rich womans vanity project Also theirs something oddly surreal about the fact that major producer/name behind tbis project also has their fucking name on millions of individual US Dollars
Ew Ew
Ew Ew 4 days ago
No clue who this woman is but my god such intense Camille from rhwbh energy
Dolthra 5 days ago
You can tell she is a conservative because her whole revenge story centers around her getting revenge for him stealing her grandmother's life savings. Like... you own a multi-million dollar house in Malibu or whatever. If your grandmother lost her life savings and then didn't have a good life after that it is almost entirely your own fault for being a selfish psychopath and not helping her.
Jherica Walls
Jherica Walls 5 days ago
So she saw AHS Hotel and thought, "I can do that.".
Yana 7012
Yana 7012 6 days ago
I like your laugh 😊 makes me happy
Tanner Dean
Tanner Dean 6 days ago
You described this so well that today I started thinking about the plot and what movie I had seen it in, and then I realized that I have, in fact, never seen this movie, and only know about it from this video.
Alyssa Brown-Carleton
I'm sorry but those gold boots were hideous. All that money and can't get a good pair of boots
Ashley Santoro
Ashley Santoro 6 days ago
Not me living in nyc nearly paying $1500 for one bedroom in 5 bedroom house
Flatcetera 6 days ago
Hey, at least it’s a creative way to do money laundering (this is 100% what this is).
You missed out on an opportunity to say “disaster-piece” in the beginning of the video. 😤
Pass_the_M 7 days ago
i kinda sounds like a parody of girlbosses. lol
Rosetta Drone
Rosetta Drone 7 days ago
11:55... this. Right here. Just more proof right wingers are never funny when they try to be. Ever.
Caipiranha 7 days ago
How much HAPPENS in this movie???
J. G. Duley
J. G. Duley 7 days ago
3:29 okay but that sounds exactly like American Psycho 2, the one starting Mila Kunis
Gorilla Titty
Gorilla Titty 7 days ago
I know the movie isn’t made to be taken seriously, but sexual harassment/assault against men/boys being played as a joke or just not taken seriously is getting old. 🙄
merdab8 7 days ago
Be careful with native....that stuff gave me hives. I had never gotten hives prior but holy crap my under arms were red and raw as well. I hope it works for you and others that want to try it, just wanted to give my two cents just in case someone else has a problem. Sorry!
creepy thing
creepy thing 7 days ago
H u h
kitschiology 7 days ago
deadviny 8 days ago
perhaps she showed him she was strong because she knew of his MeToo past
Savannah Watson
Savannah Watson 8 days ago
Ok I paused 5 mins in to decide if i want to actually watch this train wreck before i listen to your funny review. I’lol hope someone comments yes or no in the next few mins:
Denise 8 days ago
For some reason, the laugh while mentioning the changing accent at around 7:28 for the biggest laugh out of me.
lewrick L
lewrick L 8 days ago
Is this secretly a biopic about how she met her husband?
Neil Bornstein
Neil Bornstein 8 days ago
I don't think you want to suggest that people watch your commentaries instead of watching the movie. That cuts against fair use since you're targeting the same market. (I think. not a lawyer)
Tina E
Tina E 8 days ago
Every time I'm watching something with my friend, and say "WHY did they do" whatever... she looks at me and says "script". 🤣😂 I've heard that in my head 100 times so far. 🤣🤣🤣💜
ThataWhat N.
ThataWhat N. 8 days ago
No idea how I sat through this. I felt my brain cells dying the whole way through.
idil ali
idil ali 8 days ago
It has 86% audience score on rotten tomatoes..wha?
Screamit loud
Screamit loud 8 days ago
Is that Chuck Bass??
EpicMucluck 8 days ago
Skin side down? But its all skin
Brandon Cascade
Brandon Cascade 9 days ago
To quote Rikku it's disasterrific.
bruh 9 days ago
This is a nitpick but the whole "they gave her antipsychotics for her homocidal urges" thing really bugs me. Antipsychotics are for psychosis , which is when you have a break from reality with delusions and/or hallucinations, like in schizofrenia. It has nothing to do with psychopathy, sociopathy, or being a "psycho" or homicidal. This type of thing even as a joke, furthers the idea that mentall illness and psychosis go hand in hand with violence and crime even though that's hardly ever true. So frustrating. (Although I can understand why people get psychosis and psychopathy confused , obviously the names are similar. It's just that movies contiously peddle misinformation about mental illness instead of taking 5 seconds to google something)
MrAragon131 9 days ago
A total MILF? there is nothing in this film that indicates she is a mother. Also she's 4 years older than Ed Westwick.
Pierre Habimana
Pierre Habimana 9 days ago
15:49 Wait... so she was struggling to put the guy in the trunk but could raise that barbell above her head like it was a pool noodle like Strong Girl Bong-Soon? Is this fat-shaming?
Pierre Habimana
Pierre Habimana 9 days ago
This movie is like if Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens chose a different career path, was bisexual and watched Lucifer right before producing a serial killer movie.
Nick Eliacin
Nick Eliacin 9 days ago
I gave this plot a chance until the married thing, of all the things in this movie that makes no sense that...that’s the one that did it for me
Abdellah Salehi
Abdellah Salehi 9 days ago
23:10 you would be surprised how much you can fit in there if you properly dismantel them
A human Bean
A human Bean 9 days ago
Here I am awaiting the “selling my soles” video o-o
lila0leila 9 days ago
Now I want to watch this movie, it sounds horribly fun
Grant F
Grant F 9 days ago
I'm pretty sure that woman just curled and overhead pressed 205 lbs. on a standard bar.
jjmblue7 9 days ago
The most psychotic thing in this movie is the worship of the corporate ladder.
Steven Kell
Steven Kell 9 days ago
This is a real movie?
Libikuro 9 days ago
I don't know. This sounds like a pretty solid, horror-comedy, concept. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure THIS was totally trashy. But with competent writers, actors, directors, this could be cool.
RavenclAwesome 9 days ago
I mean, an American Psycho-inspired movie about a GirlbossTM sounds like it could be an interesting concept in the right hands. Maybe there could be something about MLMs, or how women of color barely prosper from this mentality in comparison to their white coworkers, and maybe they could add similar themes in the pointlessness of a lavish lifestyle. It could've been an insightful reconstruction of the trope. I dunno, but this sure isn't that.
Spicy lemon
Spicy lemon 9 days ago
Hate that break it to the main girl but people have been murdered by curling irons before in movies.
Alexis TwoLastNames
so glad others are covering this 😂 nick diramio’s video on this had me laughing the entire time
ByJove CannibalCove
it looks like they took a LOT of visuals from the Hannibal show-- but if bedelia and hannibal switched places i guess?
Jorge S.
Jorge S. 9 days ago
Has "girlboss" been a thing for awhile? This is the second time today that I've stumbled across that term.
Matt Erbst
Matt Erbst 9 days ago
I usually say this to teenage boys who get turned on when a video reply to a girl-fascist, but in a very sincere way, your wish to pay $1500 in rent every month tells me that this shallow vainglorious ego trip of a movie has managed to find synergy with your pre-existing luxury seeking status-symbol coveting innocence... so, here it comes: *You can do better!* Please think about all of the reasons why you deserve respect!
Kate Lewis
Kate Lewis 9 days ago
It’s like a really dumb unsubtle person going ‘hey, I’m being ironic geddit? Wink wink wink’’
hans mūeller
hans mūeller 10 days ago
I sold this story to a script writer in Bakersfield. The hole thing is true. Except it happened in Fon du Lac. And she was a Best Buy manager. But hey...creative license is a thing
Ondreia Rattiliff
Ondreia Rattiliff 10 days ago
I am half way through your review.... and Dammit! It sounds like it supposed to be bad... But I'm taking a pause to go watch the "Madness" (on a pirate site of course)
Ondreia Rattiliff
Ondreia Rattiliff 10 days ago
Okay I'm back. I feel so conflicted.
sarah chill omg
sarah chill omg 10 days ago
it's like quentin tarantino but also worse
Tommy Crosby
Tommy Crosby 10 days ago
10:25 man, that's a pre-2012 iMac model and not even plugged to the wall...
Aspen Calloway
Aspen Calloway 10 days ago
I think US-first unsubbed me from you? When I clicked this video, it said I wasn’t subscribed, but I can’t think I why I wouldn’t be
Illustrious Cabbage
It's like Hard Candy, but genderswapped? I kinda hate it
Stilyan Dimitrov
Stilyan Dimitrov 10 days ago
Add background music when you talk gona make for better vids
Matty Owen
Matty Owen 10 days ago
all I'm hearing is I need to watch this movie on shrooms lmao
ella starbrook
ella starbrook 10 days ago
This is... Alot
Mi Ki
Mi Ki 10 days ago
This is the first time even your review makes me skip it. Usually I'm not skip a review, because I want to know every point before drawing a conclusion. But this movie sounds so boring even your usually entertaining review cannot make it more entertaining.
Bryce Buchnell
Bryce Buchnell 10 days ago
200k congratulations yo!!!! 🥳
Brianna Dozark
Brianna Dozark 10 days ago
Everyone go watch Nick DiRamio's video on this, too!! It's hilarious! (So are all his other videos 😂) love that some people are talking about this dumpster fire of a movie.
CMercyy 10 days ago
Ed Westwick couldn’t find a better movie to star in? I’m offended, chuck bass would never.
Dennis Mason
Dennis Mason 10 days ago
"...are not any neighbors" NOT "is not any neighbors" - please don't go the YT Bad Grammar route. I've used the same chunk of rock salt for 31 years. Cost was 1989 dollars.
film79 10 days ago
Why do so many movies the past few years use that 80s neon color palette?
ElegantSorrow 10 days ago
Ya know I randomly started watching this channel and no matter the subject she always makes it funny as hell 😂
Eric Mabry
Eric Mabry 10 days ago
I feel like Catherine tries to sound like Chanel in Scream Queens by talking fast to seem smart and witty but ends up sounding like Gabi DeMartino in Blood Queens
Pavement 10 days ago
this feels like she watched american psycho once and tried to replicate it without understanding any part of it
Olly 11 days ago
What is the opposite of a plot-twist? Because that's what feels like happened at the end. Like...it was a plot twist that drove the narrative straight from bizarre and wacky to completely conventional rom-com. An anti-plot-twist? Either way, this is a bit like dollar store Promising Young Woman.
Obsidian Sirius Blackheart
23:20 *pushes up nerd glases* WRONG! She eats them, so assumably there are only small pieces of each one left ;)
Obsidian Sirius Blackheart
12:28 idk, I think this is based on her actual real life. Would not surprise me at all to find out these rich fuckers cut up and freeze people
Tyler Kochman
Tyler Kochman 11 days ago
Of course her character would marry someone who steals old lady’s life savings. Steve Mnuchin did just that during the 2008 recession.
RockCandyPlanet 11 days ago
Your American psycho concept already exists. It’s called American Psycho 2.
Chris Wolfe
Chris Wolfe 11 days ago
I've watched you review some really, really bad movies, but from how you've described it, this sounds like it's the worst, and not even close.
yukiandkanamekuran 11 days ago
Are you telling me I should watch American Psycho?
Erika B
Erika B 11 days ago
This movie is the longer, worse, girl boss version of Somewhere in Michigan
Terena Rosa
Terena Rosa 11 days ago
Is anyone going to mention the annoying glowing blur filter over the entire movie? It hurts my eyes.
Susana Norzagaray
Susana Norzagaray 11 days ago
I just find it interesting how people seem to just forget or ignore that Ed what’s his name has multiple sexual assault accusations, and just allow him to star in content like this.
Alyssa Brown-Carleton
The guy worked for Trump, that should tell you everything
edwin justo
edwin justo 11 days ago
Her lifting that bar like that in that matter is hilarious just cuz thats so unrealistic it seems like a joke like she’s literally a ww superhuman lol
jette 11 days ago
the girlbossification of hannibal season 2 and 3
HEY Im A Person OF Four
Moral of the story: if a movie directed, produced, written, and acted by the same person, it's not going to be a good movie. A good movie has a team, not a one-man band.
Sneha Pradhan
Sneha Pradhan 11 days ago
This is so cringe but the video was super fun! 😂
SleepyCanvases 11 days ago
chuck bass???? why :(
Gothic Light
Gothic Light 11 days ago
So it's the girl flick version of 'The Room' ? I need to see this.
Zelia Gonzales
Zelia Gonzales 11 days ago
Are we just going to ignore that’s Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl
kikibirdball 11 days ago
Unrelated to anything in the video, but have you ever done a video about The Jilly Juice poop cult?
Clarina Mascarenhas
I think it would have been really nice to just end it on them both saying "We should get married"
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