Marvel Eternals & Black Panther Wakanda Forever Announcement Reaction! 

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Marvel Eternals released a teaser trailer and announced Black Panther WAKANDA FOREVER, The Marvels, and more! Use promo code ROCKSTARS for an additional 5% off Ekster smart wallets at www.ekster.com/NewRockstars
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Erik Voss is here with his reaction to "Marvel Studios Celebrates the Movies," with new footage from The Eternals, Black Widow, and Shang-Chi, along with title announcements of Black Panther Wakanda Forever and The Marvels, with updates for the Fantastic Four movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania, and more. Who are the Eternals, and what will they tell us about Marvel's history with the Celestials and mutantkind? What is the deeper meaning behind the title "Wakanda Forever"?
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May 3, 2021




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Comments 100   
Peter Skorec
Peter Skorec 2 days ago
Booooooom thats what we were looking for
Nathaniel Rodriguez
I also think that the 4 at the end was for fantastic four but it could also mean phase 4?
Mimie J
Mimie J 3 days ago
Still can’t believe Chadwick is dead
Ray Riley
Ray Riley 4 days ago
Sarah Sorell
Sarah Sorell 5 days ago
cant wait to watch love and thunder when is comes out on my birthday
CAPT DLG 6 days ago
I had the same reactions! 🥺😢😳😀
Westley Parker
Westley Parker 6 days ago
Nothing for fantastic 4 teaser lol
Rozy Berger
Rozy Berger 6 days ago
love you
Rebecca Borah
Rebecca Borah 6 days ago
Dan France
Dan France 6 days ago
Love Erik's face at 2:50
Ali iswadi
Ali iswadi 7 days ago
WB can't relate
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith 7 days ago
Is that ancient city facade Babylon?
Jorge Carbajal
Jorge Carbajal 8 days ago
3:35 I’m with you and Awkwafina on that one. 9:10 It’s been six years, and you haven’t found it yet. This is starting to become a situation similar to the keys in Ready Player One.
NBA Clips
NBA Clips 8 days ago
why did it look like he was about to ccry 2 sec in
Business Clank
Business Clank 8 days ago
So is blade gonna be in phase 5
Mark 9 days ago
is that a 4 3:27
Jason 9 days ago
The City in the background is ancient Babylon with the Ishtar gate
JustMike 9 days ago
Fantastic 4?? DOPE
AKBrony 9 days ago
7:35 Ishtar Gate looking nice
Jaye R
Jaye R 9 days ago
Erik's reaction to the release dates is the best thing I've seen on the internet this week lol
Ian Ibarbia
Ian Ibarbia 9 days ago
This video in a nutshell: Marvel: Watch our movies in the theaters again pleaaaaaaaaaase.
Taargus Taargus
Taargus Taargus 9 days ago
"I was THERE, not there, but somewhere.....we're all 'somewhere'......." 🤣🤣🤣
Island Daniels
Island Daniels 9 days ago
Welp I’m tearing up in class😭
Chup Bey!
Chup Bey! 9 days ago
I love how he believes "We were all somewhere"
Tyrone Williams
Tyrone Williams 9 days ago
2:13 a lot of video editors laughed at this, because it is so true!
Doug Kaltenmark
Doug Kaltenmark 9 days ago
2:51 *That one kid staring at the fresh brownies:*
Arthur BRIAND 9 days ago
Secret Invasion will be released after the Marvels right?
PrismFn 9 days ago
Drax is going to die in vol. 3
Batman Forever....The horror
Edward Miller
Edward Miller 9 days ago
At 2:55, Erik sounds like a phone on vibrate
Barbara Hultman
Barbara Hultman 9 days ago
That “4” at the end!!!
IronAmerica9000 9 days ago
2:56 My phone during school even though I put it on do not disturb.
Teahn Leslowhrt
Teahn Leslowhrt 9 days ago
2:55 when your phone vibrates
WilliamFeelsBlue 9 days ago
2:55 he is an airplane
I’m hoping the NR community will back me up: Richard Madden looks like Sebastian Stan’s baby brother right?? So excited for the future of the MCU😆🤩🥰
Tristan Hofmeyer
Tristan Hofmeyer 9 days ago
No cinema experience will ever top Avengers Endgame
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 9 days ago
When the eternals teaser came up he sounded a bit like a microwave
anoni miti
anoni miti 10 days ago
That 4 at the end high key looks like the Fantastic Four logo
MrEverything 9 days ago
it is
Tarun Biruly
Tarun Biruly 10 days ago
Every damn time I get chills when Chadwick Boseman say WAKANDA FOREVER..!! Everytime Respect ✌🏾 RIP
Bailey Brown
Bailey Brown 10 days ago
Don’t worry, I sobbed too. A lot.
Ruturaj Shelake
Ruturaj Shelake 10 days ago
There wont be any Avenger movie in Phase 4?
Sacrqd _
Sacrqd _ 10 days ago
Im pretty sure that the "4" logo at the end of the cut was for Phase 4, but maybe its hinting at the Fan 4 as well
AJAY JOHNSON 10 days ago
I really Love your vedios. You are amazing😍
George Coull
George Coull 10 days ago
Shuri will be the next panther coached by Killmonger. It's good to know I'm not the only one so invested in all these film's we cry like little girls
Jesse Pierce
Jesse Pierce 10 days ago
That "ancient city" is Babylon.
Beaverius 10 days ago
Vossanda Forever
Philyshark7 10 days ago
"I was somewhere" - Erik Voss
katazui 10 days ago
I never get tired of a US-firstr reacting to a US-first video on US-first.
cellmate1 10 days ago
cellmate1 10 days ago
Clinton Gorham
Clinton Gorham 10 days ago
Yeah... that Black Panther reveal kinda took me out LOL! I am so excited for the launch of all of these movies!
Raffaele Andreozzi
Raffaele Andreozzi 10 days ago
Could the four at the end mean phase four, not fantastic four?
Yoshi Waffles
Yoshi Waffles 10 days ago
Him trying to react his 10th time watching it
Hyped Snake
Hyped Snake 10 days ago
EVERYBODY! SAY IT WITH ME! Wakanda Forever! Excelsior!
uospnH 10 days ago
lmao remember hugs
Miguel Messina
Miguel Messina 10 days ago
When I was in the theater we were all cheering during the final battle but not ridiculously loud and cheerful we were just rooting clapping and excited, not obsessive, we were all like woah that was cool when cap got the hammer (meowmeowbeenz)
Ellis James
Ellis James 10 days ago
Was that end definitely phase 4 and not fantastic 4 🤔
Marianne Johnson
Marianne Johnson 10 days ago
Marvel Studios better step their game up because Invincible was better than anything they put out this year and they’re working on a live action adaptation of the Invincible franchise.
permeus 10 days ago
so the quote from Stan Lee really hit me, i felt it was lost a little when they shifted to a more hey you should go to the cinema, please give us money message later in the trailer but it started off fantastic and i am super hyped for the future of marvel, they just seem to actually get the fans, something that a lot of other studios just don't.
Kimberly Jeanne
Kimberly Jeanne 10 days ago
Your reaction face to the Eternals 🤩
Andrew Cee
Andrew Cee 10 days ago
I dont wanna know about wakanda wtf just recast black panther
KanWoo76 10 days ago
😢🤤can we all admit at this point that Marvel/Disney are master geniuses at Trailer marketing!? That last scene is how this sizzle reel affects us after a year+ of not really having the movie experience. . .it's a punch to the gut! See you at the movies!! Thank you Stan Lee (R.I.P.)! Thank you Kevin Feige! And thank you Disney/Marvel! Let's goooo!!!!!!
Justine Harper
Justine Harper 10 days ago
Marvel’s video gave me chills. I’m so freaking excited for all of these movies
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson 10 days ago
Taking all bets: Loki TF? What the Loki? They're really making it difficult this time.
thomas luhrs
thomas luhrs 10 days ago
Oh yeah, I cried for this vid
Yeayea 10 days ago
7:56 looks like a smashed wagon bruh.
h mofid
h mofid 10 days ago
Stan Stan lee :( rip
John M
John M 10 days ago
I too almost shit myself when I saw the clip from the Eternals.
John M
John M 10 days ago
Kaleb Bell
Kaleb Bell 10 days ago
Why do eternals just look like people
Branden Skaggs
Branden Skaggs 10 days ago
Too much you and on the screen
Manuel Gandaras
Manuel Gandaras 10 days ago
That city is Babylon
ASHHAB Shahzad
ASHHAB Shahzad 10 days ago
Rip Chadwick boseman, that line wakanfa forever made me cry
Immamemegreene 11 days ago
Varad Chari
Varad Chari 11 days ago
We want Kumail Nanjiani "Every Shade of ur mom's lipstick" comeback in Eternals🥶🤝
Alexander Ehrenberg
If that clip from Eternals is supposed to be historically correct, which I'm guessing it is, then that ancient city shown in Eternals is definitely Babylon, and that gate behind them is the Gates of Ishtar. In Babylonian mythology, Ishtar and Gilgamesh have a bit of history since Gilgamesh rejected Ishtar's marriage proposal. Also, the gods were known as the Annunaki, sky people, which would kinda fit with the Eternals' vibe.
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia 11 days ago
2:50 Evans eyes bulged out
Ranger Derek
Ranger Derek 11 days ago
Ancient city = the Ishtar gate
A man Has no name
A man Has no name 11 days ago
The MCU deserves and needs a T'Challa Black Panther. The character is too important and has such a rich history in the comics. To refuse to recast the role robs the fans of that.
Zach Mavridoglou
Zach Mavridoglou 11 days ago
Literally got goosebumps when Stan started talking 😣
Rob 11 days ago
EVERYTIME! Everytime I hear Stan's beautiful we're all human speech. Tears are just in my eyes.
Katie Robinson
Katie Robinson 11 days ago
It feels like they’re releasing this to cover for the fact that they basically have nothing for Star Wars Day. Like obvi they can’t release on 5/4 without being too obvious, but releasing the day before ensures that we’re talking about Marvel instead of Star Wars all day.
Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith 11 days ago
I'm calling it now ... End of Black Panther credits cut scene: After events of movie some one says but who will protect our Queen ... Killmonger steps out of darkness .... Hello Auntie 😎😎😎😎
Adrian Aldape
Adrian Aldape 11 days ago
someone said what it’s the ending is actually cap 4 since it’s a shield behind the logo with a 4 on it
Bruno Sabino
Bruno Sabino 11 days ago
7:38 Ishtar Gate
john navin
john navin 11 days ago
Yandu: I m Mary Poppins Y'all❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gustav Tegner
Gustav Tegner 11 days ago
"I'm not crying, You are crying!"
Tanneroo 11 days ago
Aditya Wankhede
Aditya Wankhede 11 days ago
I've never been so excited to see what marvel has in store. And imma a hardcore dc fan.
Incendiary Aftermath
Chirayu Aggarwal
Chirayu Aggarwal 11 days ago
Will we have kit Harrington as the dark Knight?
BuddyRittXX 11 days ago
I absolutely loved Erik's face when eternals popped up😂 I was just as surprised as him
Smidvarg Chicken
Smidvarg Chicken 11 days ago
Literally my reaction to the Eternals
Joe Levy
Joe Levy 11 days ago
Could u do a video on the externals who they are possible villains and powers
shaggy_92ITA 11 days ago
The blue wall looks like the Ishtar Gate 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Rosalie Harderwijk
Rosalie Harderwijk 11 days ago
dont worry Erik we were crying together
sagar sondarva
sagar sondarva 11 days ago
Kumail Nanjiani's Character is A bollywood actor. closely resembles to Famous Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. So, those cameramen must be his crew...
Adam Bagby
Adam Bagby 11 days ago
The ancient city is the blue gate in Baghdad Iraq. It is also close to Babylon so there is a history element here
Jonathan Ober
Jonathan Ober 11 days ago
I have watched this three times now. Once alone. Once with my daughters and wife. Once with Erik. I cried each time, but for different reasons. When I watched it by myself it was the chills I got from the history of the MCU and knowing that for the last 13 years I have seen my childhood hero series on the big screen. When I watched with my daughters 11&13 I cried because I knew that the MCU was something that was a part of their lives. They have watched all the movies, some of them several times over. We have enjoyed the series as a family and seeing the next phase of the MCU in full swing in the glorious trailers just made me gasp and cry. My youngest was like, 'that's Stan Lee', and both daughters asked me what they were going to do for Wakanda Forever. I can not wait for more Marvel. Inject it into my soul. Please.
idk what the name is
Did you see the blue 4 hinting fantastic 4
William Dalquist
William Dalquist 11 days ago
The ancient gate we see is the Babylon gate, which means the city is probably ancient Babylon
I adopted a cat.