Mario’s Final Adventure 

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insert a very funny joke about mario died (haha)
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Apr 5, 2021




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Comments 100   
Cristian Salas
Cristian Salas 15 hours ago
Big baby
Mason MCDonalds
Mason MCDonalds 21 hour ago
Master Hand • 20 years ago
Super Mario is epic
Monke Day ago
bowser woke up and chose *violence*
Alexander McComas
Lunar Komet
Lunar Komet Day ago
5:57 lmao
Zenekin I have no last name
My favorite part was when Plessie pulled a Majora's Mask Moon on Bowser
First Last
First Last 2 days ago
People call it the "Odyssey Dive" because you perform it the same way you do in Odyssey. There isn't any other Mario game where you have to ground pound to dive.
mryeetboi0121 2 days ago
13:32 Bowser has met with a terrible fate
salvador gomez
salvador gomez 2 days ago
who else misses when this video was titled "Bowser's Furry"?
Preston Land
Preston Land 3 days ago
The stream was noice Also the reason bowser is mad is smg4 “stupid Mario bowsers fury”
SmAsH iS fOr GoOd BoYs AnD gIrLs
1:56 i thought that was Ai Ebihara
Beats 3 days ago
This is just a sequel to Godzilla vs king kong
Kookie Star
Kookie Star 3 days ago
There's the two different type of people: Baby Mode And Go Further and Beyond
Antonisdumb 3 days ago
9:44 it’s good to know that bowser is gay
Alexander Neville
Bowser's furries
Rodney T.
Rodney T. 4 days ago
Keith fan
Keith fan 5 days ago
Man 2021 is the last game ... Rip mario ......... :(
Billy6411 5 days ago
yooooo anyone listens to lights off? wanna just talk bout ace of hearts?
One Letter Shor
One Letter Shor 5 days ago
Where did my Bower Furry go?
MateCo19 5 days ago
“F*ck it, Cat Mode” -Alpha 2021
Chrizy Gaming
Chrizy Gaming 5 days ago
I'm surprised Alpha hasn't played unfair Mario unless I'm mistaken...
Taran Beresford
Taran Beresford 5 days ago
Axtasia 5 days ago
BlueNinja 390
BlueNinja 390 6 days ago
I need to know what instruments he used to make his outro
estefany castillo
this game is f*cking awesome
Jeffrey Zaaijer
Jeffrey Zaaijer 6 days ago
I said super sain Mario before i watched this video
Kittlegame 6 days ago
i fully respect his decision to buy a skin on league
KingWaDe ’
KingWaDe ’ 6 days ago
Damn i was excpecting super saiyan 3 mario from the three bells ;(
Jarrett Brown
Jarrett Brown 6 days ago
something about alpha just playin some Mario hits different
Christian Holladay
serving size mario
AuraKnight #5332
AuraKnight #5332 7 days ago
teero121 7 days ago
1:44 whats the music from again?
Ortheum 7 days ago
12:47 Anti-vax kids:
Aydrian Tregowyn
Aydrian Tregowyn 7 days ago
The fact that you changed the title from 'Bowsers Furry' to 'Marios final adventure' makes me want to throw hands.
OracalChromE 8 days ago
The origional title was bowsers furry rather than marios final adventure
Cobalt Prime
Cobalt Prime 8 days ago
How did Bowser turn into a Kaiju? It was never explained. Jr. just says he’s going crazy but now how.
Caleb Taylor
Caleb Taylor 8 days ago
0:53 your welcome
Caleb Taylor
Caleb Taylor 8 days ago
Actually 0:52
Shiny Jorso
Shiny Jorso 8 days ago
not gonna mention how the goku drip jacket is 2k
mslayer 8 days ago
why do the ears on cat mario remind me of mr. crocker
Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith 8 days ago
Can I get a :3
Matthew80 0
Matthew80 0 8 days ago
what happend to bowsers furry
ness okey
ness okey 8 days ago
bowser's furry bowser's furry
MarioRemixed 8 days ago
Who remembers when the title was “Bowsers Furry”
Tatman 8 days ago
I'm Bowser Jr.
Isuapig 9 days ago
That “oh Jesus Christ” at the end got me
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson 9 days ago
But where are the dogs Nintendo?
Epic Yoshi
Epic Yoshi 9 days ago
Only real Gamers know this title as Bower's Furry
Alexander Bertke
Alexander Bertke 9 days ago
Corey and Cole racing
Time for true ending soon
Lord Roy 88
Lord Roy 88 9 days ago
The Mario maker scream is amazing 1:30
Wes 9 days ago
You know all cat owners don't trust Alpharad after this
Senpai Redacted
Senpai Redacted 9 days ago
Dacoolad 9 days ago
Of course he bough star guardian miss fortune
LEGO Shark Suit Guy
13:23 feels like an edited in joke but it’s not
Mob 9 days ago
March 31st is my birthday:)
omar pikm
omar pikm 9 days ago
herobrine bowel
Julio Alejandro
Julio Alejandro 9 days ago
Super Sobos
Super Sobos 9 days ago
Baby mode
Luis Acosta
Luis Acosta 9 days ago
Original title: Bowser’s a Furry
Brain 9 days ago
Alpharad more like Alphurrad
Austin Jones
Austin Jones 9 days ago
Can you make a supercut 100%
Mr idk 0
Mr idk 0 9 days ago
Bowser is a furry
Wobber 9 days ago
why did you put a discord ping in the video i thought i was relevant for a second there
Duncan Lin
Duncan Lin 9 days ago
more like marios furry adventure
cats are cute
cats are cute 9 days ago
Cats are indeed cute
Nibla02 Gamer
Nibla02 Gamer 9 days ago
Who tf makes fun of someone buying the best mf skin
egg 10 days ago
Trying to find a gf in the alpharad comment section day #7
Luke Jarvis
Luke Jarvis 10 days ago
*pushes up glasses* "Uhh, you know pajama guardian miss fortune is hotter"
Erik Frommeyer
Erik Frommeyer 10 days ago
cats BETTER not have been hurt in the making of this videos
Ol Pentedooie Bing Mandagi
Can You Do A Battle For Bikini Bottom Speedrunning Stream WITH PieGuyRulz, Nathaniel Bandy, Abdallah Smash 026, Zack ScottGames, and PhantomStrider?
Crasheli 10 days ago
00:00 what's the song XD
Nhish_Muffin _Man
Nhish_Muffin _Man 10 days ago
When are you guys going to continue the CPUCS
Omit Nojjj
Omit Nojjj 10 days ago
Why da name get change the furrys got mad or something
LS 10 days ago
Original title: bowsers furry
mega scrafty
mega scrafty 10 days ago
Add massive plessie to smash
Yoink 10 days ago
Thank you for helping out Nairo
Sam PvP
Sam PvP 10 days ago
That furry line was amazing lmao
Dragon’s Helm
Dragon’s Helm 10 days ago
“No not fucking cats” Add plays
ShaggyDog 10 days ago
Bye Bowser's Furry haha
NaTeDaWg 10 days ago
Mario Shane Dawson Edition
C Donovan
C Donovan 10 days ago
If I’m a gamer, does that mean I’m like Bowser?
the stupid fun crisall stodios
light's off recently dropped cant wait for it to be a album video banger check it out on the ace of harts Spotify
Fastlane Gaming
Fastlane Gaming 10 days ago
Original title was "Bowser's Fury" I think.
gamewizard2008 10 days ago
In my headcanon, this game takes place after Paper Mario: Color Splash, in which Bowser is still corrupted by the Black Paint.
BLip 10 days ago
Now get all of the shines!
B.M. Waugaman
B.M. Waugaman 10 days ago
In pokemon sword and shield i am beating the game with wisacott
Jayden Black
Jayden Black 10 days ago
He had to change the title😐😐
Jevil 10 days ago
7:43 Girl : he didn’t cry during the titanic does he have a heart Boy :
Jevil 10 days ago
0:39 Discord light mode be like
airisdry 10 days ago
does anyone know what song starts at 6:15? its driving me crazy, i swear ive heard it before
HobbyRabbit Tv
HobbyRabbit Tv 10 days ago
Gigantamax Mario and bowser
Austin Stevenson
Austin Stevenson 11 days ago
star guardian ms. fortune is awesome! don't let anyone tell you different
JammyPlayz 11 days ago
Whose the character at 0:52 frame?
TM 11 days ago
This isnt the binding of isaac repentance
Tyler L
Tyler L 11 days ago
11:06 "Do a flip, they said."
egg 11 days ago
Trying to find a gf in the alpharad comment section day #6
Sean Sean
Sean Sean 11 days ago
I feel like a plushie of the blue cat would probably be a gift that would maybe warm Alpharad's heart. The question is does it exist, who would give it to him, and which of his friends has already gave it to him at whatever point of time this is read. 🤔
Uji Gigas
Uji Gigas 11 days ago
You guys seen the stone ocean trailer?
BigBoiBif 11 days ago
I watch all your vids and particularly liked this one, nice job!
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