Mario Kart Wii: The Ultra Shortcut Revolution 

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Feb 21, 2021




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Summoning Salt
Summoning Salt 3 days ago
Thanks to the Mario Kart Wii community for having an incredible scene. Absolutely could not have done it without them. The following people should be particularly credited for helping greatly with research: Blaze: us-first.info/more/QNKPAUvVZvvtpEJBrMsqXg Braixen: www.twitch.tv/bbraixen cf: us-first.info Ejay: us-first.info Jellopuff: us-first.info/more/UjE8oTqClAchc9Ojkkx4LQ Malleo: us-first.info Additionally, I had a small group of people help me with my first Mario Kart Wii video a couple years ago. The following two people helped me immensely: MrBean35000vr: www.twitch.tv/mrbean35000vr SwordofSeals: www.twitch.tv/swordofseals I’ve loved covering the community in the two videos I’ve made so far, and hope to make more down the road as these players break the game even more!
Belegor Kroko
Belegor Kroko 52 minutes ago
Can‘t believe I randomly clicks this video and watched it in its entirety not only that I also got a kick out of it great content
Disc_mbobulated 3 hours ago
Hey salt
Camilo Torres
Camilo Torres 4 hours ago
19:30 I guess you meant less than 90 degrees.
Robert Winston
Robert Winston 6 hours ago
@Summoning Salt your content is sooo good ur the best man :)
Beans Cottrell
Beans Cottrell 8 hours ago
Your videos make me feel weightless, I love you man
Devin Warrick
Devin Warrick Minute ago
"This.... is "
Doosker99 Minute ago
I wanted to see the kind of shortcuts that makes my friends not want to race me in Mario cart wii. (They don’t like wii because you can fall off the edge). Git good
Joaquin__ 6 minutes ago
This dude is the reason I got into synthwave
xkygerx 9 minutes ago
I hope he knows that he was one of the biggest factors to the boom. Without your videos interest wouldn’t have come up for these. Thank you Mr. Salt.
George 2299
George 2299 11 minutes ago
Man watching Mario kart videos after what happened with CreepyProduce kinda hurts
el esfínter
el esfínter 16 minutes ago
-Oh this doesn't seem too hard +The trick consist on breif rapid fire hop... -Fuck.
Ashton Roesbery
Ashton Roesbery 31 minute ago
I guess I'm the only one in the world that pronounces sherbet, sherBET...
heb 34 minutes ago
Puck 35 minutes ago
“And he chose to spend his three minute wait by eating an entire pack of Oreo cookies” legend
Renan Vinicius de Araújo
Hey dude, the music is pretty loud at some parts. It's hard to hear you sometimes.
Felipe Perez
Felipe Perez 49 minutes ago
I sleep to your videos
Vikson Andrade
Vikson Andrade 49 minutes ago
Your videos are so good that I'm actually feeling bad that I don't give money to you on patreon yet. I'll be solving this problem soon haha
stefB Hour ago
Hey salt thanks for introducing me to some gas music. The videos are nice too :D
Mr Bones
Mr Bones Hour ago
I genuinely resented these types of shortcuts at all in MKW, as they totally destroyed Online Play. The only way to keep up was to grab Funky and his bike, and abuse the game, or just not bother.
Jafri Yakin
Jafri Yakin Hour ago
Will O
Will O Hour ago
The Lyricity pog emote at 27:11 activated my war flashbacks
Greg Is Here
Greg Is Here Hour ago
No hate, but I don't understand what relevance TAS-only shortcuts have with speedruns. In practice, in my mind, it's the same as having super speed cheats or turning wall hitboxes off.
callen the moron
That ending though
Joseph Mazzarella
You ever look at a US-first video and be like, "wow, didn't know people made hour long videos about this"
Cameron Manery
Get coconut malled
TAH Hour ago
you literally have the most calming voice like fr.
Ilán Laham
Ilán Laham Hour ago
The sequel we weren't expecting, but immediately knew we needed when it came out
B A Start
B A Start Hour ago
Damnit Summoning Salt, you just ruined my plans for the evening! And by ruin I mean saved me from a boring night where I didn't know what the Hell I was going to do!
Lati Hour ago
almost 1mil subs pogu
Smitty Jaegerwebermanjenson
A couple days ago when a new wall clip was shown "Oh, the Salt will definitely video this". Meanwhile: Summoning Salt has logged in.
Luke22 Hour ago
Blaze carried this video
Mari Hour ago
me, seeing all the comments about everyone crying: it can't be that emotional me, 52 minutes later: (genuinely in tears)
Dragons Rage
Dragons Rage 2 hours ago
Thank you
Victor Jimenez
Victor Jimenez 2 hours ago
Bro your intro music is always fire. Sets the mood to an awesome video as always
Ocean Breeze
Ocean Breeze 2 hours ago
I could listen to him explain what a TAS is all day
ClarinErinet 2 hours ago
Well I'm supposed to be doing work but the first ultra shortcut video is my favorite so... might have to take a break
Roman Henry
Roman Henry 2 hours ago
The ending...
Fred K
Fred K 2 hours ago
Watching these videos are so good it's like a tripl
Freak 2 hours ago
I'm never happier than when I'm watching one of there videos
xander 2 hours ago
Michael Taraboulsi
Michael Taraboulsi 2 hours ago
When the name arthur came up over 'author' I started clapping
Zick Darkhaos
Zick Darkhaos 2 hours ago
Alternate title: Funky Kong's Journey to the Stars
Trebel360 2 hours ago
jayslugger 4
jayslugger 4 2 hours ago
my favorite video i cant count how many times ive binged summoning salt much love
Zach Natural
Zach Natural 2 hours ago
That little "Guys, I did it!" from Arthur at the very end brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Salt, for another incredible video.
Brendan Sleanbeck
Brendan Sleanbeck 2 hours ago
I don't always have time to watch the videos, but when I do I love them
SantaCruzBay 2 hours ago
when the music starts to flare oh yeah it's chills time
I’ve always heard about how much super Mario sunshine has been speedrun but I have never actually seen a video on it so maybe you could do that
Lukas Nepomuceno
Lukas Nepomuceno 2 hours ago
The buildup to Arthur's celebration got me so close to tearing up holy shit
Brendan Sleanbeck
Brendan Sleanbeck 2 hours ago
Love the videos.
Red Handed
Red Handed 2 hours ago
More Salt!
theAstarrr 2 hours ago
Great video! Can you add timestamps to the description, I would love to have chapters on the video
Erik Graves
Erik Graves 2 hours ago
barrel roll: the new humanly possible fire hop
Randy Williams
Randy Williams 3 hours ago
Bruh too many mario kart videos make something different
Floor Gang
Floor Gang 3 hours ago
Is it bad I started crying when I first watched to Rainbow Road record
The Kitten Gamer
The Kitten Gamer 3 hours ago
Imagine you’re just playing Mario kart Wii with your friends and one of them just does one of these tricks, and you’re just sitting there like “wtf”
Mr HocusPocus
Mr HocusPocus 3 hours ago
Thought this was a coconut malld for a sec
Alexander Eaton
Alexander Eaton 3 hours ago
“This is my guy Justin, he’s taken, he’s cracked at *mariokart wii ultra shortcuts*”
J Johnson
J Johnson 3 hours ago
anyone went to go play mario kart wii after this video?
CarthagoMike 3 hours ago
Amazing content as always!
Zack Aryan
Zack Aryan 3 hours ago
That ending was incredible
adam 1738
adam 1738 3 hours ago
The biggest mystery here is why is everyone using donkey Kong. Anyone know?
IV Snxper
IV Snxper 3 hours ago
Anyone notice Mathias R going after the Mario Kart 64 speedruns again? Will he achieve 32/32 or fall short again?
Sagar Singh
Sagar Singh 3 hours ago
These videos are the upmost quality. Also a good day when you upload
Green Envy
Green Envy 3 hours ago
If it's not humanly possible, should it even be called an ultra shortcut?
Koopa 3 hours ago
Why do I get goosebumps from every one of this mans videos.
Robert Strong-Morse
Given how many views this is getting, many of you probably haven't subscribed to summoning salt yet. DO IT. It's one of the few channels to never disappoint me and deserves to get that play button already. DO IT NOW.
Tait-2J 3 hours ago
29:00 The chad horizontal wall makes a return!
Mika 3 hours ago
Time stands still everytime you upload, and for good reason amen
DiogoMontoia 3 hours ago
I missed these so much thank you for the upload @summoning salt
SplAshmag 4 hours ago
I love how speedruners when they see "humanly impossible" they basically say "no" and discover an insane way to turn it possible
ProjectWWC 4 hours ago
How can one make such godlike content... I tip my hat for you sir
Samuel Rincon
Samuel Rincon 4 hours ago
mf will say "there was some serious excitement brewing in the community" and then he'll show two youtube comments with 6 likes
Mr Fish543
Mr Fish543 4 hours ago
I still remember first seeing Arthur pull off the jump, and just going I DID IT I DID IT and i genuinely got emotional. This is 5 years of constant effort from hundreds of people, finally culminating into a single moment. Its difficult not to almost shed a tear hearing their excitement.
Dennis Bautista
Dennis Bautista 4 hours ago
But can you do it with half an (A) press?
Jack DeNooyer
Jack DeNooyer 4 hours ago
I've never felt chills like that when Arthur did it....
Vasco Pedroso
Vasco Pedroso 4 hours ago
tyne 4 hours ago
It's nice to see a 'She' in a speed running video
tyne 3 hours ago
@GovPancake Exacty!!!
GovPancake 4 hours ago
I thought the same thing! Super neat that more women are getting into gaming and being noticed
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller 4 hours ago
Why did I almost cry from Arthur’s tweet
mariosonicfan2010 4 hours ago
Small brain: funky kong drives you home ASMR Big brain: funky kong eats an entire pack of oreos waiting for the cannonball cycle to start over ASMR
mynameiskit 4 hours ago
So excited to watch this
Birdiex94x 4 hours ago
OMG 😱 after seeing the previous ultra shortcut video I kept track of the Rainbow Road one for so long and gave up on tracking it about 6 months ago thinking it would never be done Arthur the hero 🎉🎉🎉
Mr. Gentlezombie
Mr. Gentlezombie 4 hours ago
This guy gives me serious Jon Bois vibes
Midna light
Midna light 5 hours ago
Discord messages do be kind of hype though.
Hexbug 5 hours ago
turns out i was pretty close
ItsReddd 5 hours ago
Did anyone else tear up at the end when Arthur finally cleared the ultra shortcut?
Nestor Elias
Nestor Elias 5 hours ago
YOOOOO! I left a video playing on my computer... and I heard the intro music from a mile away. I was like, "OH SHIT! SUMMONING SALT!"
Finlay Troughton
Finlay Troughton 5 hours ago
You just got coconut mald
Jim bob
Jim bob 5 hours ago
Absolutely noone will get that right during a race
za mf
za mf 5 hours ago
Just found out about your channel. A few minutes in this video, and I really love your calm voice. You describe everything so well with lots of detail that can be easily absorbed. Really glad to have found this channel. Subscribed✨
DeathToCockroaches 5 hours ago
"I did it i did it" that was funny
Esteban B
Esteban B 5 hours ago
new Summoning Salt video hype! i'm not even into speedrunning. Why do I get so hyped for these? lol
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries
So many found in 2020. I guess quarantine was good for gaming in more ways than one.
Cameron Platt
Cameron Platt 5 hours ago
These videos always have a certain amount of reverence for beloved speedrunning tricks, I absolutely love it. It's like they're reciting poetry. "The Rainbow Road ultra, the holy grail of mario kart wii speedrunning." I know it's just video games but it gives me chills
Yes No
Yes No 5 hours ago
This is how many people watched the whole video 👇
Ardaens Arnaud
Ardaens Arnaud 5 hours ago
When are we gonna have an homebrew channel to play this game online again. Shutting it done after releasing WII U, what a bad call. Good to see people never get ride of beating time on this masterpiece.
leftnao 5 hours ago
Mega video
Ardaens Arnaud
Ardaens Arnaud 5 hours ago
Anyone wants review of mariokart gecko best troller ? I got plenty of footages ! It will be a good topic too .... Joliboy! Call it a ridiculous coincidence, i hope i didnt make one of those master rage quit btw
Shadow Cosmos314
Shadow Cosmos314 5 hours ago
Now this is MY kind of documentary!
fallout was life
fallout was life 5 hours ago
I love video essays so much
Erald 5 hours ago
God of Yami
God of Yami 5 hours ago
Missed oppeetunity, why is it called a “barrel roll” its a wheelie!!!!
Johan Elbe
Johan Elbe 6 hours ago
Song at 37:32?
Chris Bao
Chris Bao 6 hours ago
Home - Resonance? I see you are a man of culture as well
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