Manchester United v. Burnley | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 4/18/2021 | NBC Sports 

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A late surge and a double from Mason Greenwood lifted Manchester United past a dogged Burnley squad at Old Trafford. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManUnited #Burnley
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Manchester United v. Burnley | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 4/18/2021 | NBC Sports


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Apr 18, 2021




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Cesar Suarez
Cesar Suarez 12 days ago
Are fans allowed to go to a game at old trafford?
Rally A
Rally A 12 days ago
United should buy Wood!! He’s strong and dangerous for defenders. These are the players we can buy for affordable price but are gonna be great for us not stars in big teams at ridiculous prices.
Sunny PunsTV
Sunny PunsTV 12 days ago
Sunny PunsTV
Sunny PunsTV 12 days ago
Sunny PunsTV
Sunny PunsTV 12 days ago
Sunny PunsTV
Sunny PunsTV 12 days ago
mims234 13 days ago
ppl who think man united aren't entertaining 🤡
Jacob 13 days ago
That guy who scored after 10 seconds was definitely onside
Briand A
Briand A 14 days ago
Cavani, movement and positioning without the ball is superb. What a difference maker!
Good Man
Good Man 14 days ago
MU might just win the Premier League this season (20/21).
M A 14 days ago
Cavani moves so beautifully it’s amazing to watch
Sebastian Cruz
Sebastian Cruz 14 days ago
Love seeing Donny on the field
ninja lema
ninja lema 14 days ago
so far man united has been on a roll they might make a comeback
Theodore Boone
Theodore Boone 15 days ago
How Ole ever thought it was a good idea to start Martial over Cavani is beyond me
dexter nyikayaramba
This keeper is not better than degea
jomc3 16 days ago
11:05 Cavani was offsides on both passes 😂 and the commentator says he was on side there and there
Its Dwight Cooking Show
I'm really impressed with United this season. They're not 100% but not bad at all
666VFX 16 days ago
I like Henderson much more than De Gea, he plays better as a goalie, but we still need to get some Ws to take 1st!
Hector Zepeda
Hector Zepeda 16 days ago
Rashford putting those 5* Skills to use 💪
EdwinNN Benitez
EdwinNN Benitez 17 days ago
This is why u start donny
Eric Broadhead
Eric Broadhead 17 days ago
Leicester 1st of the league!
Ray Sonjai
Ray Sonjai 17 days ago
This ref so dumb he never, wanbi lean try to not make contact yellow card but van der beek get step on you can even see he’s screaming no card and Dean get hit by wood that atleast yellow
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 17 days ago
How is Cavani onside for that last goal? He looks completely offside at 11:07 and I’m confused cause I don’t see anyone mentioning it.
Yunus Mohammed
Yunus Mohammed 17 days ago
The ball (and Donny) is behind the last defender so not offside
chinnychinchin89 17 days ago
Great win! As a club, its great to see us continue to make strides on the pitch. We have some fantastic attacking players. Maybe a little lacking in defense and defensive midfield at times, but usually fun to watch going forward especially in space. In the backroom, we've made progress with reshuffling and modernizing our staff... but this super league talk is a joke. Entitlement at its worst. You have to earn the right to be in the top flight of European club football, no one should have that entitlement. also ruins the fun of the non-title chasing spots in the league, it makes the rest of the league positions worthless. I'm amazed clubs like Madrid or Barca would want to create a new competition and scrap their 70 years of history in the CL. Absurd! It doesn't even sound like it would be fun to watch tbh, the magic of the CL is teams who make it have earned it and all have a chance at glory. To create a closed off franchise model is just wrong, no one should get a free ticket. In the end it's about money for these founding clubs, and that's disappointing. Don't alienate the fans that keep this sport going in the first place.
Zuriel Zepeda
Zuriel Zepeda 17 days ago
Is no one surprised that Henderson was wearing a red cap??
Mason 17 days ago
that burnley striker wood is straight trash
rxturd 17 days ago
That first Man Utd goal was so clean
Edwin Kawa
Edwin Kawa 17 days ago
And people say he can' t cross 2:00
b s
b s 18 days ago
I hope they will keep Donny for the next season. I can see him, Cavani and Bruno playing with passion for this team. Just let them play one more season together. Donny and Bruno potentially best duo in football
kkorsah 18 days ago
Man U all day! Let's get it! 🏆
Scott -O
Scott -O 18 days ago
These highlights mean a lot less today
Eric Mykietyn
Eric Mykietyn 18 days ago
I wished he would of let that go for Greenwood
Roger Diaz
Roger Diaz 18 days ago
Wow will this be the last game Man U play in the prem?
Life of Zod
Life of Zod 18 days ago
Cavani goal was more offside then wood’s
mastibaji 18 days ago
Henderson isn't ready yet.
Andy Perez Carrillo
Why was Henderson wearing a hat the 2nd half?
Vermont Trout Hunters
The sun
Awot Haile
Awot Haile 18 days ago
Lindelof is weak
Mauricio Paladines
Mauricio Paladines 18 days ago
Cavani is an OP cheat code
HeatDeathFM 18 days ago
Greenwood is soooooo handsome!!!
HeatDeathFM 18 days ago
Greenwood is so beautiful omg, he’s perfect
King_K_Style 18 days ago
why was the keeper wearing a hat
Jerry Royce
Jerry Royce 18 days ago
Dean needs to chill down .He still has a lot to learn .Bruno is a complete team player.Can play VDB a lot more .
John-Michael Batson
Beautiful play... GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!!!!!
Jeff E Banks
Jeff E Banks 18 days ago
Thank you soo very much guys, for these exceptional highlights, I look forward to each Premier League game highlights,, and the quality viewing experience, God bless, I appreciate and thank you, for yours efforts, love all these teams and the great skills seen and shown
Hussein J Makshofi
Hussein J Makshofi 18 days ago
Well done
Blazingstorm25 18 days ago
Why does henderson have a hat on? 😂😂
Justin Han
Justin Han 18 days ago
Why did i think that Spurs could beat this team?
Stingzzz 18 days ago
This is how many people are gonna hate the super league 👇
Srini Vedantham
Srini Vedantham 18 days ago
so the super league eh?
OSSS ChrisZlatan
OSSS ChrisZlatan 18 days ago
Imagine if rashford was playing for psg. The man would rule the league
Mavrico 77
Mavrico 77 18 days ago
Last time I see United play as a fan . Sad but glad they won. Love the manager and players but after todays disgraceful act I'm done. 40 years and it's all over for me.
Nicholas Ayers
Nicholas Ayers 18 days ago
Too bad I won’t be watching man untied anymore....down with the super league
Dipthong thathongthongthong
Burnley are such boring boring shyte. Please get relegated, not Fulham.
South Holland
South Holland 18 days ago
You clearly didn’t watch the game.
Dipthong thathongthongthong
Rashford with the Ronaldinho's "snake" move!
Mac Jett
Mac Jett 18 days ago
Why is no one talking about how Henderson is wearing a cap in goal
Mac Jett
Mac Jett 18 days ago
Haven’t seen a baseball cap ever worn in game, maybe some old caps in the distant past but never like this
DeBow Investments
DeBow Investments 18 days ago
I pray Greenwood stays with United long-term as they grow into a top competitive club
Chris Brennan
Chris Brennan 18 days ago
wood's 2 footed lunge at the goalkeeper just before half time would have been a red card anywhere else on the field
rockymhs 18 days ago
I really enjoy seeing how Manchester United is playing these days.
Jason Morales-Fuentes
Say no to super league
Shinobi Kenobi
Shinobi Kenobi 18 days ago
“ON TOAST” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
chase danforth
chase danforth 18 days ago
we should do everything in power to make Cavani want to retire here.
Lee G
Lee G 18 days ago
Evidently Rashford been watching a lot of Ronaldinho footage
Bradford Choung
Bradford Choung 18 days ago
Stop the Super League!
iKuro 18 days ago
Donny should start over Fred 🤷🏾
Amy Zheng
Amy Zheng 18 days ago
And we lost to fucking Sheffield. WTF?
Miguel Guerrero
Miguel Guerrero 18 days ago
Man united is disappointing no more UCL
Abdifatah Bare
Abdifatah Bare 18 days ago
Hopefully, City will drop at some points
Kyle Murphy
Kyle Murphy 18 days ago
2:18 nice to see AWB been working on them crosses
Wolfgang Scorpio
Wolfgang Scorpio 18 days ago
ROYALTY: Man C, Man U, Chelsea. That's it.
Abdi Mohamed
Abdi Mohamed 18 days ago
RRVisions 18 days ago
Robbed... Treachery... Fraudulently took that brilliant header goal away 15 seconds into the match...
LUGO JUAN 18 days ago
Who’s here after the super league is announced
IsraelDavid ThangZO
Burnley was robbed by FA . English Premier League exist for Man United
It’s genuinely depressing to think this may have been the last time Burnley ever play United....
Mr White
Mr White 18 days ago
What you’re thinking will happen won’t happen
GAMEPRO223223 18 days ago
Never seen a goalie wearing a baseball cap before
07maitai 18 days ago
Why does everything sound better with a British accent?
kamanda007 18 days ago
No black player in Burnley 😁
Marvelous M
Marvelous M 18 days ago
Marking Rashford gotta be tough sheeesh !!!
HK اتش كي بلس Network
Thanks NBC ☀️
dossube 18 days ago
Who earned the assist for Mason 1st goal? Marcus or Bruno?
Faizan Khan.
Faizan Khan. 18 days ago
Start doing Asians life matter as well if BLM is still going on.
Loudi Traore
Loudi Traore 18 days ago
Cavani for life...metele fuego asere!!!
Jonathan Tejada
Jonathan Tejada 17 days ago
Uruguay noma
Immanuel O.
Immanuel O. 18 days ago
Can we genuinely please stop selecting Henderson before he actually concedes a goal by rushing out of the box for no reason?
manu forever
manu forever 18 days ago
The captain is the problem at the back
Pedpost Urgent Care
Nice game.
Christopher Lim
Christopher Lim 18 days ago
Anyone else think there was a foul on Maguire in the burnley header? Not that it mattered in the end...
WillE 10
WillE 10 18 days ago
Dat elastico by Rashy was insane
jjgooz 18 days ago
props to the burnley manager for not being a rat and benching nick pope 🙏🏽
Zz Yurrr
Zz Yurrr 18 days ago
Bro get Maguire out of the team now he’s so slow and just terrible I’d rather play luke shag at CB with telles at LB or play Baily there’s no reason maguire should be starting he makes simple mistakes that cost us games even tho we win games sometimes it’s because are attack carries us we need defenders now it’s ridiculous
jose gainza
jose gainza 18 days ago
Matador wonderful team m u. No star
Limit. broken
Limit. broken 18 days ago
Rashford was bullying that defender😂
Jacob Schwartz
Jacob Schwartz 18 days ago
cavani needs a shave sorry :/
Sean Long
Sean Long 18 days ago
Henderson’s decision making is very scary sometimes
Jacob Schwartz
Jacob Schwartz 18 days ago
not gonna lie, I thought Dean Henderson either got his hair dyed red or Man united put in a goalie with red hair before I realized he was wearing a hat lol
Saadiq yare
Saadiq yare 14 days ago
It’s kind of weird
Ethan Stoney
Ethan Stoney 18 days ago
7:22 “They’re swarming at me like prime barcelona”
Joshua Chiwuzie
Joshua Chiwuzie 18 days ago
Mr White
Mr White 18 days ago
AbelToDoWork 18 days ago
Love the steward celebrating at 11:09
Ian Douglas
Ian Douglas 18 days ago
Cavani is the consumate pro. His mentorship and experience are invaluable. He also gets goals. Bust that checkbook wide open and keep him another season.
Eduardo Ferdinandi
Eduardo Ferdinandi 18 days ago
Do not watch or buy anything with the name MANCHESTER UNITED and all of the other teams in the “European Super League” until they back out and make a statement. Please.
juvi22003 18 days ago
Rashford played a good game today
Matt Palombo
Matt Palombo 18 days ago
This isn’t burnley vs United it’s the goldbridge derby