The Day Zoo Animals Took Over A City: THE ZANESVILLE MASSACRE | Documentary 

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In today's true crime documentary, we're covering the most unbelievable true story you've NEVER heard of: the Zanesville animal escape. In 2011, the owner of a small private zoo in Zanesville, Ohio did something no one can explain to this very day, and the residents of Zanesville would come upon something they never could have imagined: exotic animals running loose throughout the town. Though the lions, tigers, bears, and other assortment of wild animals running loose throughout the town was shocking enough, things were even more darker than the residents realized. To this day, the reasons behind this event remain a complete mystery. Join us for a true crime storytime covering the unbelievable animal escape in Zanesville, Ohio.
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Apr 1, 2021




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TheReturnOfRobertELee 41 minute ago
i wish these animales didnt die ut the police did what they needed to do so i thank them for saving lives
Andrew Roseboro
Andrew Roseboro 3 hours ago
You have the most senual voice I've ever heard. The first and only time I've ever wanted to make love to a sound.
Steeltoedboots 58
Steeltoedboots 58 4 hours ago
Living in N.Y. I would feel confused.
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 7 hours ago
I would feel liquid and semi solids run down my leg
Woke_And_Free HoneyBee
Lions AND tigers AAAAND BEARS!?! Oh my !
Sherry Blanton
Sherry Blanton 20 hours ago
A Very Sad end to a Very Sad situation. There was no help for it. It had to be done.😭😭😭
Sony G
Sony G 21 hour ago
I would expect no one taking children out of an abusive home but animals?? People are known to care for for animals more than family/people.. I'm surprised no one saved these poor helpless beasts. Y'all know you care more about animals over the precious babies/children that been through worse. Shame on the animal protective services!! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️💯💯
debsam77 21 hour ago
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my 😥
Flip Flop
Flip Flop 22 hours ago
Does anyone else hate that I’m a reporter voice. Just tell the story and this could have been even better and more interesting shortened to 11-12 minutes a lot was repeated and drug on and on Just my opinion
Nadia Delphi
Nadia Delphi Day ago
I feel so sorry for those animals. They got dealt a really shitty hand by ending up with that piece of shit as their owner.
Travis Owens
Travis Owens Day ago
Thats why i would only adopt a puppy or a kitten
mikedevlin bmx
Its gonna be a bloodbath
Liz N
Liz N Day ago
Remember that night well. Knew Terry, his wife and mother-in-law. Live very near his mothers house that he had inherited. Had one of his stud horses in my back yard and was eyeballing a Buffalo when deputies came and herded it back and called him. This was all before the event. Having been to his farm, I would have never called it a "preserve".
I can’t usually listen to female voices in these kinda videos but yours is perfect 👌
Angela Day ago
Why was it left to this stage dont get it a whole community knew what was going on and nothing pure animals thats all i can say
Self-Law Day ago
So the police could not use tranquillizers then? FUCK OFF.
Self-Law Day ago
Where was Dr dolittle?
Freda Childress
This video shows exactly why I hate people so damned much!!!! I would have shot the people instead of the animals, because the animals deserve to live. In case the fools in Zanesville, Ohio did not know it, we are a part of the animal kingdom too, except we keep on proving that we are not the most caring, intelligent part of it, though.
Polly Purebread
His wife was begging them not to take her family? That she didn't take care of? What Terry did was absolutely terrible but uh his wife had been taking care of them while he was in prison as he had just gotten home so she can rot in hell too.
Patrick Charles
Animals are animals. People are dangerous. Urgent Public Message: Police have warned to be on the lookout for a monkey wandering the area. If you have information to its whereabouts, call 911. Do not approach or have sex with it. It is considered infected with herpes.
Light dark and negative
Atleast there were no elephants
mr joHnz
mr joHnz 2 days ago
mr Terry Sentenced Each & Every Creature to a Violent DEATH Once He set em Free .. as Humans cannot wait for an excuse to Kill them all [Humen are the Only Dangerous Blood-Thirsty Predators] am not Racist -I HATE everyOne - No .. in all Actuality .. I am Racist -I HATE the One & Only Race -Humen !
mr joHnz
mr joHnz 2 days ago
🐅 many miserable misFortunes & Pains for miss mary for the coldBlooded Murder of Majestic Tiger -whom was only following the path of Natural Instinct 🐯🗯RoaR RIP | Good Tiger 😪🤧😭💦
Ren Smith
Ren Smith 2 days ago
I live 45 mins from zanesville. I remember the day this happened.
Chief X
Chief X 3 days ago
His wife is guilty also. The bwitch knew what time it was
Rabbit0 3 days ago
It's a shame that so many animals died because of his actions.
Alicia Taylor
Alicia Taylor 3 days ago
I have yet to see it end well when people hoard exotic animals. I grew up with a girl whose parents were exotic animal hoarders. It was a dysfunctional family for sure!
susan furman
susan furman 3 days ago
So very sad that the animals had to pay with their lives! This is why nobody should cage animals
UtriedIt215 3 days ago
Anybody that says that they shouldn't have killed those animals are crazy humans lives come first
Ajde Cao Music
Ajde Cao Music 3 days ago
BBTSJ super
BBTSJ super 3 days ago
Why do these idiots have these animals and not look after them properly its cruel keeping these animals in cages I don't agree with zoo's or any anything like that these animals have committed no crimes so why imprison them because that's basically what a zoo is a animal prison
Billy Addison
Billy Addison 3 days ago
No lie"U can look this Story up Amelia Ohio90s
Billy Addison
Billy Addison 3 days ago
Till the Police "FBI"An Yeah they Had 5 Different Speacialist get that stuff out"One of them Killed him
Billy Addison
Billy Addison 3 days ago
Had a Friend Years Ago Decades Ago Southern Ohio"Same thing"But his Was All Venomous Creatures From Vipers'Cobras'Poison Dart Frogs"Black,White brown"Widows Spiders"You name itt"He Had itt"I was A Kid...I LUVVED Going over there
Billy Addison
Billy Addison 3 days ago
Bullshit"they didn't try Gett ahold of nobody"The vets that did show up just heard about it in the mix up. That town didn't want to fork the money over to have real Experts come in an help"Y the State highway Patrol said"U Dugg it Now u Burry itt"FuckN Sad too"Them Bengal Tigers Are Beautiful
Jessica Wilson
Jessica Wilson 3 days ago
Dude none of these animals should have been killed!! How sad!! Humans literally SUCK!!!
Rick James
Rick James 3 days ago
Vietnam...makes perfect sense.
wheres mysoup
wheres mysoup 3 days ago
Actual photos shows blurry image..dislikes video
Mermaid_at_Heart 3 days ago
I live about 2 hours away and vividly remember this. I was so angry and heartbroken. He didn't truly care about those animals, just owning them. The situation he put them and the people of the town in was one that was impossible to have turned out without bloodshed, regardless of how it was handled. He knew that. How could he have not? Something should have been done much, much sooner. In Ohio at the time, it was easier for people like him to get endangered cats than it was for someone to raise orphaned native wildlife. The laws on that are even stricter now in regards to our native fauna, even those who have permits. I believe because of this incident they did finally crackdown some on exotics, but not nearly enough. I feel especially bad for the vets who tried to save the animals but couldn't, and any of the officers who didn't want to shoot them but were given no choice.
sayvar44 3 days ago
Some of the cops who had to shoot numerous tigers, lions and bears were deeply disturbed by the event. They did not enjoy it in any way and were disgusted by the event. Sad all round!
Lovely C
Lovely C 3 days ago
Muray Jade
Muray Jade 3 days ago
I feel like for these type of wildlife zoos, they should have a known group of people that know how to handle this type of breakout, so the animals don’t have to die!! It should be mandatory in order for the zoo to be operational
Q2RAW GAMING 4 days ago
This is sad the animals had to be put down, but they was in human civilization roaming around on peoples properties and in traffic, they had to be physically put down, they went out of range period, if us humans run off in the jungle, them animals wouldn’t hesitate to kill us either, that’s why jurisdictions and zones are so important, but this was an unfortunate act 💯
Ashley Stein
Ashley Stein 4 days ago
I feel so bad for all those animals they didn't deserve that life or death 😢
Marques McDaniels
Angel Hearon
Angel Hearon 4 days ago
What really bothers me is all this could’ve been avoided. This man has had numerous complaints about him with the animals FOR YEARRRS and yet no serious actions were taken against him. His animals should’ve been taken somewhere else or idk back to there natural habitat where they belong not used as a display for our pleasure
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 4 days ago
Zoos are horrible. Especially those with primates. I would ban all of them.
Donna Belle
Donna Belle 4 days ago
i'm angry at the authorities for procrastinating. i'm furious at terry. i have no compassion for humans.
Donna Belle
Donna Belle 4 days ago
i am angry for the animals. they don't deserve to be hurt, but that's obviously unavoidable.
Kim Markle
Kim Markle 4 days ago
First you say that he let them loose, then its they escaped!
Robert LaTorre
Robert LaTorre 4 days ago
I don't think there was no other way. Cops just love shooting their guns and taking life means nothing to them
Michael Halstead
Michael Halstead 4 days ago
Sure looks like they gave Terry way to many chances. And should have done something much sooner before all shit broke out
Lunitic Fringe
Lunitic Fringe 4 days ago
Everyone always gets mad at the cops but if they hadn't handled the situation this way things would have been a hell of a lot worse. There wasn't exactly a lot of options on the table and there wasn't any time to wait for the situation to change in their favor. They protected the people and that is their job. The fact that no one but the asshole who created the problem was injured or died is a testament to that.
Phresh King
Phresh King 4 days ago
Some ppl just cant help their genetic makeup How they didnt get a warrant for arrest for this horrible "enclosure" That's just beyond me. Hand to hand combat? Nah.. lol
MelissaSue1998 5 days ago
Idiot...you hit the mail on the head w the statement and question what did he think would happen to those animals once set free...come on dude
nycdweller 5 days ago
Jack Hannah now has Alzheimer’s.
Dwayne Ford
Dwayne Ford 5 days ago
how many youtube channels is this lady doing voice overs for lol
mrschapman34 5 days ago
Wow!! My heart is breaking for those poor innocent animals. I’m glad the people were ok but those poor animals were only being animals.🥺🥺🥺🥺
Nakies R Us Sphynx Cattery
Each of those animals that were murdered is on that “owners” hands! I hope he went to prison!! Poor animals! When will HUMANS stop thinking they HAVE THE RIGHT to Hurt and Kill animals
Matthew Loomis
Matthew Loomis 5 days ago
They say to this day there's still bears and monkeys wolves cougars and other big cats still roaming that area that they didn't find
Ava Capone
Ava Capone 3 days ago
That just gave me chills for some reason lol
Matthew Loomis
Matthew Loomis 5 days ago
He did it because the state was trying to take his animals 💯 and make him pay a shit ton of money to keep them
Jeffrey White
Jeffrey White 5 days ago
They didn't escape, that's not what happened.
Erin Thesystem
Erin Thesystem 5 days ago
This was so bizarre when it happened! I remember being surprised that Zanesville even had a wild animal attraction, as we'd stopped for the night there a few times driving west, and it just seemed like a small mountain town. Very sad, very strange events 🦁 ~ As for Terry's actions, these are clearly the actions of an extremely depressed person: logic and hope are not present. He likely wouldn't have imagined any positive outcomes were possible, for himself or for the animals, and was releasing them upon the Earth in a gesture of surrender. A rational solution doesn't seem reasonable to a person suffering Depression, because there ARE no solutions when a person is depressed; there is no way to see anything turning out alright. ~ I'm guessing that this may have been Terry's mindset at the time he made this decision.
Anna the Evavgelista
Does anyone stop to think that TERRY was the issue?
Kylie Bennett
Kylie Bennett 5 days ago
Also how he got some of his animals was thru Joe Exotic no joke.
Kylie Bennett
Kylie Bennett 5 days ago
This shit was crazy I live like 20 mins from here and my uncle lived right by this area and on his property he seen a tiger right in his back yard smh. Thank God the pups were inside. One thing that pissed me off was they didn't let ppl know right away when my uncle seen the tiger he had no clue these animal's were loose. Omg and I just heard that there had been sightings in 06 omg I remember my cousin and I hearing scary noises at night that we thought was a wolf idk or something and in the backyard we seen glowing eye's. This is so scary I would stay with them for month's at a time and being outside at night and never knowing that one of these cats were on the loose at time's😳
DJ G.O.J. 5 days ago
Something Curly from Hey Arnold would do
Samuel Maturino
Samuel Maturino 5 days ago
I don't blame the cops, I blame who costed all this massacre.
tyrone ashford
tyrone ashford 6 days ago
O' The officers went hand to claw against the Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, well hell even the Gray Wolf! Yeah sell that fertilizer elsewhere. Cause I'm not buying! -MIN. OBI.
HellstreamGames 6 days ago
0:26 "what would you feel?" Well the first thing i would feel is shit in my pants, then claws and teeth. And then hopefully a fast death
Lori , Michelle Smith
Notice the wolf pic in top right hand corner ? ? Anyone really know what that means when u see that pic in the vid? And the real reason why it is there? And what it really means??
Benjamin Parent
Benjamin Parent 6 days ago
Sound like someone mistook planet zoo and real life.
MIKE HAWK 6 days ago
I live in Ohio
Storm Wood
Storm Wood 6 days ago
Release them all
Clown Chaos Time
Clown Chaos Time 6 days ago
He told people he was going to free those animals! And nobody said anything to the authorities?! Unbelievable!
Amber D.
Amber D. 6 days ago
Charged with animal cruelty, countless reports, yet he's still allowed to have all those animals. Now they're all dead. 😤
Tracy Wagner
Tracy Wagner 6 days ago
The biggest problem with these exotic animal parks, is up keep, maintained cages and locks, along with feeding them all. We all know groceries have doubled in price, MEAT is outrageous. Do you honestly believe the other zoos wanted animals with no history of dna, or breeding info. Most do not. The other problem is these animals would have to be caged separately, so space is a factor. The police or even the humane society had no way to cage or keep or even place these animals. They would have all needed a vet visit. Shots and treatments. NO NDIVIDUAL should have exotic pets or sanctuary. That being said, NO INDIVIDUAL should have local wildlife animals as pets either. No raccoons, squirrels, bear cubs, or skunks etc. as pets.
Tom Mayer
Tom Mayer 7 days ago
You all should have minded your business. You pissed the old man off.
Pete the Christian Terrorist
Jesus loves you and died on the cross at Calvary for you can you can accept Jesus as your savior anytime you want great as the old saying goes he is only a prayer away
rising waters video
People shouldn't have exotic animals,leave them in the wild
Barbara Woolridge
This idiot need’s to be in jail.He let them out on purpose.Poor animal’s.
Joe Picot
Joe Picot 7 days ago
TheY dId noT have2 kILL Them and ThaT evIL basTard shud NEVER have been aLLowed 2keep Those anImaLs I hope roTs In heLL and I hope aLL The xbeauTIfuLxx xanImaLsxx are aT PEACE RIP xXx
a fluffy boi
a fluffy boi 7 days ago
Real life jumanji the original ofcourse the new ones suck ass
a fluffy boi
a fluffy boi 7 days ago
Ugh the police are so cruel they should have tried talking to the animals and maybe tried barganing with them like wtf do you want them to do no matter what police does they are always vilinized by retards on the internet
MandarinoFracito 7 days ago
Maybe he simply thought that the authority would have caught the animals and send them too a zoo.
Danielle Locklear
He named a lion cub Simba in 1977? Simba is the Swahili word for lion, but I only know that because of Lion King trivia. Him knowing that fact and thinking to name a lion cub that 2 decades before Lion King came out is oddly coincidental. 🧐
Bradley Cofer
Bradley Cofer 7 days ago
This was a murder the “animal rights activists” murdered this guy and cut the locks off the gates to make it look like he did it why would this guy not just open the locks instead of cutting them off. Look up the real background to this incident and you will notice what really happened there are some pics out there of the locks that were cut.
Carl Lloyd
Carl Lloyd 7 days ago
How could he possibly afford all of them?
Emily 7 days ago
why was this man allowed to keep all these animals with so many complaints and warnings . All those animals lost their lives when they should have been taken away from that man way before this happened
Milani Macc
Milani Macc 7 days ago
Rest In Peace ☮️ to all those animals who didn’t do anything - omg just sad
Poor animals 😔
Lara O'neal
Lara O'neal 7 days ago
There is a personality disorder attached to these types of ppl.
Anna G
Anna G 7 days ago
Not feeding animals enough was probably the main problem, as well as not giving them enough room. If you cage an animal in with enough space and feed them well they tend to not to wanna leave. Who would try to escape an easy good life with food and safety? I'm amazed they didn't take his animals away sooner. Especially with having tigers and lions. Imo they should make it so you have to have a permit for any animal, including dogs.
Cathi FAM Journey
Such a terrible ending for these beautiful animals.
James Baxter And The Beachballs
Lions & tigers & bears ... oh my !!!!
Rusty shakleford
Rusty shakleford 7 days ago
I'd wonder who the fuc* was playing Jumanji and didn't finish again!!
R Purdy
R Purdy 7 days ago
This guy had screws loose from the beginning. The inability to think and plan things out responsibly lead to the death of those innocent animals. I understand why authorities had to kill them, but what a sad and shameful outcome. Terri is the reason why those animals had to pay for his poor thinking with their lives. 🐅🐆🐎🐂🐒🐺
Jade Hunter
Jade Hunter 8 days ago
All of these Wonderful exotic animals doing only what they knew to do to survive having to die for no reason because nobody took action before it came to a murdering these animals.
KatieKat 8 days ago
all those innocent, beautiful animals being killed because of a wanker. I feel bad for the people that had to kill them.
Brenda Smith
Brenda Smith 8 days ago
Leftist move!