Man throws rabid bobcat after it attacks wife 

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A man catches a rabid bobcat and then tosses it after it bit his wife.
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Apr 19, 2021




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Comments 98   
Alex Fitz
Alex Fitz 9 minutes ago
When he threw it it had me Dying LMAO
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh 17 minutes ago
another reason in the book on why you should always have a gun on you in this cruel world
Cyka Blyat
Cyka Blyat 18 minutes ago
Lol when he yelled *YEAH FUCK YEAH*
Dimitrios Desmos
oh the cat did not have rabies.......it had a stock market virus or a masonic virus, or a Kafrila virus is what my Jedi Senses tell me.
Konig Hour ago
Hears angry cat noise and walks directly to it in between 2 cars, this woman has shit for brains.
dimitris katsoulis
Guy protected his wife badass style! I bet after he kicked that bobcat's ass he went back to finish his coffee😎
XD LOL Hour ago
I loved how he threw the bob cat😂
FlorimondH Hour ago
People: Why do you want to own an assault weapon? Me: Cats...
Hans Dampf
Hans Dampf 2 hours ago
NRA liked that.
He should have done ground and pound first lol
DARTH ASH 2 hours ago
Yeeted the bobcat lol
Don Armstrong
Don Armstrong 3 hours ago
Soooo no story on how (most likely) both people are going to have to endure a ton of shots and doctors visits to deal with the risk of them getting rabies??? That's some serious shit to get bitten by a rabid... A rabid ANYTHING‼️
Sora472 3 hours ago
All the fucking people in united states have weapons? They are abnormal.....
primodemuchomundo 3 hours ago
Kudos to the neighbor who ran back to try to help in scaring the bobcat away. Had she pulled a gun out too I´d be like "Damn! I want to live in your neighborhood!" lol
Archit.Dev.Gautam 3 hours ago
And she is wearing dog days that's why the cat went crazy.
Mohamad Assaf
Mohamad Assaf 3 hours ago
Chaise Paul
Chaise Paul 4 hours ago
That shi went yeet
Billy The_Kid
Billy The_Kid 4 hours ago
Keyofsmosh 4 hours ago
I know he has to shoot it but still makes me sad
Creative 8D
Creative 8D 4 hours ago
His name is happy...... He must be happy
Felix F
Felix F 4 hours ago
I've never laughed so hard in my life. "OH MY GOD IT'S A BOBCAT!" ** Tosses cat **
Veronica Jane
Veronica Jane 4 hours ago
Jimpikx 5 hours ago
PLSSS- not her having a dog days shirt on
Lloyd Padilla
Lloyd Padilla 5 hours ago
Is this happened to a hispanic mom she would grab the cat and star smacking him around the floor
HalfLifeAMD 5 hours ago
Hahahaha...looks like a Saturday night live skit..."oh good god it's a bobcat"...
dusty 0831
dusty 0831 5 hours ago
i feel bad for the cat being thrown
ClashDMF 5 hours ago
I hate cats. *wheres a dog shirt
stop motion toy car
bobcat rage
Skoopyy 5 hours ago
If this was america, the cat would been dea- oh wait.
BB 24
BB 24 6 hours ago
Bad ass 😎
MANSOOR OP 6 hours ago
He was taking chocolate cupcakes to the vet 🤔
Nate D
Nate D 6 hours ago
that boi did some gymnastics stuff a whole cartwheel in the air, dang bro.
Alaa Mahdi
Alaa Mahdi 6 hours ago
Dam son u hurt thebcat😢😢😢
Dino_Nuggies 6 hours ago
He really said *“FEETUS DELETUS”*
just2epic 6 hours ago
''EMEDATLY KNEW SOMETHING WAS HURTING HIS WIFE'' nooo shit , dudes psychic what gave him that idea
Gary E
Gary E 6 hours ago
Sounds like real men with guns saves lives. Go figure, when shit hits the fan everyone needs a man.
Donna 7 hours ago
😂😂😂 lol oh my god it’s a bobcat
Chucker Stockgaming
I think it attacked her BECUASE of the cat that she had in the cage
Chucker Stockgaming
@Axel Boes oki
Axel Boes
Axel Boes 5 hours ago
Nah, it was rabies
Dorf Googlesteen
Dorf Googlesteen 7 hours ago
I love Bobcats but not rabid ones they need to be put to sleep because there's nothing else you can do
Dorf Googlesteen
Dorf Googlesteen 7 hours ago
Another reason why people should be able to own guns and carry enough of this gun control bulshit
Scotty 7 hours ago
Man throws rabid wife after she attacks bobcat. That would get some views !
Matt Linville
Matt Linville 7 hours ago
Deacon Kayau
Deacon Kayau 7 hours ago
Man:good morning! Bobcat appears:rrrrrrrr! Man:DoNt U TheRe HuRt My WiFe Man:YEET
Mateo Estrada
Mateo Estrada 7 hours ago
Yeet to next Tuesday
Regions Beyond
Regions Beyond 7 hours ago
You dont get a video like this unless you get a "Morally..." quote at the end, cheers to this man and his good morals, praise God.
Pixel 8 hours ago
i wouldnt have fought back i would have just grabbed it and hugged it as hard as i could cause i love cats
BK Gaming
BK Gaming 8 hours ago
he threw that cat better than some kids can throw a baseball
Duke 8 hours ago
What a legend 😂
Khelben Rage
Khelben Rage 8 hours ago
just kill the dam thing.
Bob and jerry!
Ralph D
Ralph D 8 hours ago
When they start an argument later in life. Wife: you dont do anything, blah blah blah Husband: remember the timd a bobcat attacked you?
Not Sarcasm
Not Sarcasm 8 hours ago
me: omg this is fucking scary dude: *fucking yeets bobcat* me: omg this is hilarious
SugaMama Jackson
SugaMama Jackson 8 hours ago
That husband is going to get special attention every night....I’m just saying
solomoncromwell 9 hours ago
Perfect example of why people should carry guns.
Acertainlittlerabbithole D
Bro, you need zero explanation for shooting it no sleep lost even if it wasn’t rabbit it attacked your wife!!! Nough said😎
luke mckee
luke mckee 9 hours ago
if i threw it i would of used a finishing move like a body slam
Kylethebat 9 hours ago
This video could’ve been 20 seconds long...
Erin Underwood
Erin Underwood 9 hours ago
YEET!!! And I love how he yeeted the bobcat and the bobcat did a flip
ForceLP 9 hours ago
I love how he yeeted the cat away.
Kart Man
Kart Man 10 hours ago
On the real version he actually says I’m gonna shoot that fucker!
Ashley Page
Ashley Page 10 hours ago
My significant other would off been Shit out of luck I’m not that brave to grab that damn thing 😂😂
ozzie_3 10 hours ago
stay strapped
Cooke Greene
Cooke Greene 10 hours ago
He definitely did the right thing. 👍🏽👏🏽
Mya Hill
Mya Hill 10 hours ago
Good husband... ☺️
T K 10 hours ago
he carries out brownies, says hi to his neighbor, and the pulls out the strap 30 seconds later what an enigma
SHFT Network
SHFT Network 10 hours ago
*I would have Punt the Bastard!*
UZUMAKI D4NI 10 hours ago
yeet lol
dannyx27 10 hours ago
Bobcat go brrrrrrrr
Halo Fan
Halo Fan 10 hours ago
Savage he was like YEET!
Rapmagic Deleon
Rapmagic Deleon 10 hours ago
Good kitty
Roddy Occultis
Roddy Occultis 10 hours ago
That was Bobby, my little kitten.
Guillermo Melendez
Guillermo Melendez 10 hours ago
Just to answer her question. You’d be dead...more at 11
Jp 10 hours ago
When he trew the cat i said YEET
Cameron Butler
Cameron Butler 10 hours ago
if he hadn't thought about shooting it to check it for rabies, they both would have died an agonizing death
Gacha Coffee mug
Gacha Coffee mug 10 hours ago
Like I would scream if I saw some won do something mean or bad to the animal
Parker In Wonderland
Why is this not world news. This man stiff armed a bobcat and then did some wwe shit.
Gacha Coffee mug
Gacha Coffee mug 10 hours ago
I love animals a lot and I care for them then myself or anybody eles but my mom I do and dad
april 042404
april 042404 10 hours ago
Call me messed up if you want but I would've bashed it against the ground to kill
Tideless Cactus
Tideless Cactus 10 hours ago
he should've ran to the asphalt and body slammed it
Gacha Coffee mug
Gacha Coffee mug 10 hours ago
I was so mad when he threw it i was hitting my moms phone cuz i was like HOW DARE U THROW THE POOR ANIMAL
Gacha Coffee mug
Gacha Coffee mug 10 hours ago
Ik this weird but i feel more bad for the bobcat then them
Christopher Witkowski
I need to wash my car
nerf o r nothing
nerf o r nothing 11 hours ago
he really said YEEEEEEEEEEEEET
Nova XL
Nova XL 11 hours ago
Harry's Animated Fish
citizendc9 11 hours ago
Great job catching it in your hands and holding its paws like that.
Philllip Purifoy
Philllip Purifoy 11 hours ago
A husband every wife needs. Great job, sir.
Justin O
Justin O 11 hours ago
Person in goes running at it
Jaden Perkins
Jaden Perkins 12 hours ago
anyone else here after listening to the pod?
Bot Bambi
Bot Bambi 12 hours ago
omar 3six
omar 3six 12 hours ago
that boi was ready lol
MilkyBoba 12 hours ago
That’s not how to treat a cat thought! You can’t throw a cat across the yard and shoot it! If it was Rabies you take it to the vet!
Gina Bindari
Gina Bindari 12 hours ago
I have to ask if they had to take a rabies vaccine...You never know.
Taylor Webster
Taylor Webster 12 hours ago
But people wanna take guns away if it wasn’t for his gun this animal could have hurt many other people
Marc W
Marc W 12 hours ago
D M 12 hours ago
What the fuck no one has a problem with him doing the bob cat like that Im literally in tears right now and your all saying it's funny it had rabies so that why it did that it's not the bob cats fault that it has rabies you guys are so messed up saying it's funny😭
The Maykr
The Maykr 13 hours ago
Never mess with a man as wholesome as this...
Flint Fun
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