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Video from Ep. 231 Dear Mr. President us-first.info/player/video/jZuennqcg61zjmA.html&ab_channel=ImpaulsiveImpaulsiveVerified
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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.


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Nov 5, 2020




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Comments 100   
MetalHeadHockey39 23 hours ago
Just made it 33k likes logan
Ciulik 102
Ciulik 102 4 days ago
females life is so easy and nice
Gregory Yakubov
Gregory Yakubov 4 days ago
Mike is so funny I’m so dead lol 💀😂
Jj Jj
Jj Jj 4 days ago
Wait they broke up ?
dhruba yeah
dhruba yeah 5 days ago
I came here after watching a podcast of spiritual truth about human life and stuff about extraterrestrial life, imagine.
César García
César García 7 days ago
Dani left?
Natalie Potter
Natalie Potter 9 days ago
What is a pocket pu$$y then?
Jxkrrr 11 days ago
I love Mike, absolutely no filter
Ayushi Sharma
Ayushi Sharma 16 days ago
Mike parroting Andrew Schulz comedy routines
Dom 21 day ago
i really wish George was funny 😪😭
kenma kozume
kenma kozume 21 day ago
i don’t really agree with most of the things logan has done in the past but he’s always so respectful and a good person to these shitty dudes lmao. like he stands up for people. i respect him for that. :)
Vikas Hakda
Vikas Hakda 23 days ago
I turn 13 today and this is great stuff for me
Lundyn Davis
Lundyn Davis 26 days ago
" GO TO TOOL . GO TO TOOL !" haha... Naww, more like GO yalls whole squad. Love yall.
Move Millbrae
Move Millbrae 27 days ago
What a sick mind you have guys . Very very dirty, you guys need serious Thearapy🤔
sophia tiktok
sophia tiktok 27 days ago
Why he is just violating her privacy like that.. like exposing her .. I’d be so embarrassed
Elizabeth Lynch
Elizabeth Lynch Month ago
In a way, some females need an "electronic best friend" to help them hit the good spot.
JackMa Rodhard
JackMa Rodhard Month ago
Who sat on THAT face? There IS such a thing as toilet paper, right? Wearing pants? then just wipe your hands on that ......
vlxjandro t
vlxjandro t Month ago
Wait they broke up ?
Isaiah Yoro
Isaiah Yoro Month ago
I can relate 100% Mike! My wife is the same exact way... #Truth
Soham Gholap
Soham Gholap Month ago
Why should I care about Girl Masturbating if even God Didn't Care about it Sarcasm No Disrespect 😂🙏
aBLA Month ago
mike was capping lol no girl sits around and does this 20 times in a row
DanWright05 Month ago
I genuinely laughed at this
Storminghill Month ago
Luca Tovell-Soundy
This is crazy
Albashir Abdi
Albashir Abdi Month ago
You know what I don't like Paul
Conny Burg
Conny Burg Month ago
No we feel bad afterwards because out testosteron lowers. Cuming for men are made to make babies. And when we are done we have other importante things to do
HyruleHorizon Month ago
„Women are pieces of art, they’re beautiful!“ ugghh I needed that Logan 🥲
ibrahim Joshkun
ibrahim Joshkun Month ago
Bro George is the best broo 😂😂
YourNextBabyDad Month ago
Wait is this ab Lana?😂
LukeStooky Month ago
Yes 😂
Jaybe Tinio
Jaybe Tinio Month ago
Hallzer798 Month ago
Wait do Mike and Lana not date ?
poor guy
poor guy Month ago
I am 12 years old poor guy
Camryn Kahle
Camryn Kahle Month ago
Is he talking about lana
How many of these get demonetized again? Lol
Henryk Szymczak
Henryk Szymczak Month ago
these girls really watching the whole of phub
JAmes Morgan
JAmes Morgan Month ago
Someone tell me what ep is this plz ?
Joe Rohle
Joe Rohle Month ago
“i’ve done that with some of my homies in this room.” George start uncontrollably laughing
Chris Collier
Chris Collier Month ago
I didn’t like mike at first maybe that dude growing on me
Alexander Ascencio
Happened to me like in the beginning of the blogs
TheAceOfSpades Month ago
Bro if I had a girl that loved to mb there aint no way I could just let her be. I don't think I ever had a chick that just openly liked to chill and mb. 😆
Zach Tavaris
Zach Tavaris Month ago
Mike... your ex was sending you the clues, reason she is now your ex.
C_ultr Month ago
0:15 i cant fuckin breathe
J MM Month ago
Lana watched naruto? Yessir
Leah Strong
Leah Strong Month ago
Stg Logan can’t keep his hands off that Pokemon card 🤣
Angelgabriel Grove
Iam so depressed 🤕🤕🤕😢
John Abrahamson
John Abrahamson Month ago
I used to have this squishy plushy toy that looked like a squishy tube and I would fuck it and it was pretty easy to clean until, I broke it.
Alonzo Huerta
Alonzo Huerta Month ago
well mike your dreams come true many people made a man toy
Pam Kigham
Pam Kigham Month ago
lmpauisve cilps is time to make Joel
Agustin Covarrubias
Brandon Abulhosn
This is one of the most relatable things I've heard in years. respect to you boys.
Ezik Month ago
why did mike and lana break up?
Mike looks exactly like Adam Sandler
Mason Jackson
Mason Jackson Month ago
1:38 classic
sith lord
sith lord Month ago
Donavon Lachar
Donavon Lachar Month ago
With this topic....... you just earned a subscription 😂😂
onion ß
onion ß Month ago
Fudj you
Sky Waller
Sky Waller Month ago
I knew guys were jealous! HA
Alex Alex
Alex Alex Month ago
I would pay to see her do that wait.... 😅
Mohammed Wali Uddin
I love when Mike loses it! Every group deserves a guy like Mike..
Tejas Ravi
Tejas Ravi Month ago
It's a way of life😂
Tejas Ravi
Tejas Ravi Month ago
This is way more than a video 😂😂😂
Tejas Ravi
Tejas Ravi Month ago
Matej Prelčec
Matej Prelčec Month ago
Alandria Month ago
eekkk ik she’s a former sex worker but.. i feel like he shouldn’t be sharing this.. esp since they weren’t “together” when this was filmed.
Jedan Month ago
And I'm a huge fan of u boys Just stay strong Cap
Jedan Month ago
I live in Delicias it's a part of Mexico anyway all my friends and friend girls talk about Lana like that she's beautiful and she's the best Man, if this guy knew she's so wished upon the whole world, he could've been proud of having a God looking girl on his side
Advent616 Month ago
Well, Mike there are Fleshlighs now...
Joey Tucker
Joey Tucker Month ago
Hi what episode of inpaulsive
Mr. Gurbs
Mr. Gurbs Month ago
“i’m thinking about you and your stupid curly hair” wtf mike😂😂😂
EP_Aesthetics Month ago
Joshua Iannotti
Joshua Iannotti Month ago
when george crinkled the bottle 💀
Shams Yasin
Shams Yasin Month ago
I agreed that womens are beautiful piece of art and blessing made by The Almighty
Corl Alyson
Corl Alyson 2 months ago
I think the reason why women have better orgasms and masturbation is because theirs different ways to do it and it’s really sensitive down their tbh
john gilchrist
john gilchrist 2 months ago
Men got a switch in the back that dose that to them
Kurtis 2 months ago
'Jerking off is aggressive' hahahah XD
Damir Damnjanovic
Damir Damnjanovic 2 months ago
Women do that for recreation Men do that for procreation Sorry if I missed world's
Paula Skutele
Paula Skutele 2 months ago
How cynical and stupid these guys are'. The one with the ex girlfriend thinks he is entitled to speak about her. How utterly impossibly stupid is that?! I would think twice before becoming a girlfriend of one these idiots.
Sinerik Month ago
No one asked
Nikyta Nahid
Nikyta Nahid 2 months ago
Took me a while to recognize damn Logan changed for the better I guess
Your name
Your name 2 months ago
Thats enough impaulsive for today
Keto Triathlete
Keto Triathlete 2 months ago
Just clicked to say your trash. Over 600k people (primarily kids knowing your dem) are being fed garbage by your click bait, attention/money seeking team. Kids/teens/whatever, realize this guy is not a leader nor represent anyone you should look up to in your life or emulate to be. He surrounds himself with man children, strippers and porn stars and just on that can tell you his self esteem is probably more in the trash than yours. Hate to see the route this younger generation is on and these clowns that are leading the show. SMH. To think the positive impact and influence you could have on an entire generation and your just wallowing in the shit.
Allan Drake
Allan Drake 2 months ago
They wasn't compatible all he knew how to do was to abuse her and she's with a better man now for a long time and he wants her back and he can never have her back and he knows the reasons why
Demon Dream
Demon Dream 2 months ago
F***this shit hella funny
Celine Cooper
Celine Cooper 2 months ago
hahaha i love mike hes so funny
Sakshi Hirode
Sakshi Hirode 2 months ago
2:25 *laughs so hard*
Gam er
Gam er 2 months ago
wtf did i just watch 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
JustADreamer11:11 2 months ago
Wait, wait...hold the F up! His ex would masturbate in front of him and he never mentioned that it would turn him on or that she would then want him instead of her wand!? How can this be true? The only way that this story makes sense is if he's straight up lying OR they were repulsed by one another so the act did nothing for either of them, as far as wanting the other one!
valeria troc
valeria troc 2 months ago
are mike and lana back together?
Incognita Silence
Incognita Silence 2 months ago
Yeah the reason women’s technology is so much more advanced is because men can do the job so we have to do it ourselves.
hunter_20m 2 months ago
Logan at 2:50😂😂😂
I’m A Great GUY
I’m A Great GUY 2 months ago
4:43 lmfao George
Afasana Mim
Afasana Mim 2 months ago
ben higgs
ben higgs 2 months ago
Dying with laughter🤣
Seth Silas
Seth Silas 2 months ago
SOoooooooooooooo much emphasis on the EX girlfriend
Twenty twenty A
Twenty twenty A 2 months ago
Dude what? There’s so many things made for men they just don’t use them lmao
Aldair Bautista
Aldair Bautista 2 months ago
I think we lost Mike lol 😂😂💀💀
Mariah Cassidy
Mariah Cassidy 2 months ago
Wow Logan Paul saying women pieces of art touched me.
I’m sorry this is very true for the girls side.😭
Zxxcnn 2 months ago
I shat
Isahi aguirre
Isahi aguirre 2 months ago
Just commented to make it 600 comments
ReesePlaysGamez 2 months ago
Every man on the planet relates to this clip
Fri3nd's 2 months ago
I think its because women's mind focuses on having a family so cumming makes them feel happy without thinking, whilst for guys, cumming is associated with now having kids and even tho we know we busted into something our mind still gets the felling of "oh shit, now im gona have to take care of kids".