Make This NBA All Stars GAME WINNER , I'll Buy You Their Jersey !! 

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In this irl basketball challenge video, I give the guys a chance to recreate crazy game winners and get that players jersey if they are the first to make the shot!
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Feb 22, 2020




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Comments 100   
Qiao En Yim
Qiao En Yim 2 hours ago
5:13 Kris face Bruhhhhhh
Stephen Curry
Lebron sucks
Stephen Curry
Jordan the king not Lebron
J-Brock 2 days ago
16:05 was favorite part James was happy as hell and meant something tp his. And the way he said.thank you was meaningful and true. Awesome video
Cody 4 days ago
Andrea Jolley
Andrea Jolley 4 days ago
Kris Looks Like Yannis
Sarah Broadstock
Sarah Broadstock 5 days ago
This is awesome I love it
Cursedghoulze ._.
What’s the song at 10:46
ANAS GOMAA 7 days ago
Mosh_fortnite 7 days ago
Like those shorts James
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 8 days ago
Jesus is king
Adam Faust
Adam Faust 8 days ago
I wonder who taught zack to edit the cavemen or the dinosaurs
Xueyang He
Xueyang He 9 days ago
20 airballs in 20 minutes got me like 😂😂😂😂😂
Evan Crum
Evan Crum 10 days ago
Over edited videos
Roberto Arellano
Roberto Arellano 11 days ago
10:28 that wasnt suprising
Hayley Maclang
Hayley Maclang 11 days ago
Whats fun is that I watched this vid last year like think May 2020 and just know i noticed that he posted this on my bday
Chuck Stewart
Chuck Stewart 14 days ago
xd ClampGod
xd ClampGod 15 days ago
No one likes jamessss
Cameron McMullen
Cameron McMullen 16 days ago
Necole Nguyen
Necole Nguyen 18 days ago
Christine Jale Villanil
Kris is the best 6,10 shooting center every
Kangaroo Kaedyn 95
Kangaroo Kaedyn 95 19 days ago
I should do who make champs game winning shot gets the ring from that year replica ring I mean
Jason Williams
Jason Williams 22 days ago
WILL'Z VLOGS 22 days ago
These edits were fire and also funny
J T 23 days ago
Alejandro Alvarez Espinoza
Sunset Gamez
Sunset Gamez 23 days ago
Me wondering where devin booker is
Life With J. Rob
Life With J. Rob 24 days ago
He had me weak on the back up terry
Wesley Harris
Wesley Harris 25 days ago
EVERYBODY knows what the claw is going to pull of
Lance Marwin Nudalo
i like the king james the team of the lakers
Parker Roberson
Parker Roberson 26 days ago
13:08 20 Air balls in 20 minutes 🧐🧐
Parker Roberson
Parker Roberson 26 days ago
10:30 I already new Chris was going to make it Chris and Zack is the only ones who make deep shots
Parker Roberson
Parker Roberson 26 days ago
9:17 James doesn’t need that jersey but if he did have a jersey he should trade it for that jump shot
Parker Roberson
Parker Roberson 26 days ago
5:19 that shot was wet like water
Parker Roberson
Parker Roberson 26 days ago
3:57 hits the shots with his first shot
Surya Gokulakrishnan
I'm gonna call chris the second giannis
Cool King
Cool King Month ago
2:17 I actually thought Kris broke the BACKBORAD!
JuicyPringles 9 days ago
He meant 2:11
Kot4q Is the GOAT
Kot4q Is the GOAT 11 days ago
? What da hell you mean
Ian Suh
Ian Suh Month ago
Jesse shoots like a thick boy
rebecca doster
rebecca doster Month ago
My favorite vid of yours
Bulls Updates
Bulls Updates Month ago
Please Blake is not even the best on his team heard of D Rose?
James Newgate
James Newgate Month ago
1:31 where is that from
John Mario Arias
I still don't like you Zack but that outdo is fire
Onyx_Scorefal Month ago
mr farts
mr farts Month ago
10:07 sorry guys you have to watch this
Kam ren
Kam ren Month ago
Can somebody please explain to me how this is good
Max Month ago
When they were talking about kris’s starting 5 they forgot about Giannis for the center😂
Max Month ago
@oof. yes but he could play center
oof. Month ago
Giannis is a small forward
Ben Strok
Ben Strok Month ago
bro james jump shot is so bad looking when he shoots deeps shots because i dont know witch jumper is worse mopis or james. lol no hurt feelings
Mikey Lake
Mikey Lake Month ago
kris starting lineup is curry, jimmy, LeBron, Giannas, and blake
Jason Cordner
Jason Cordner Month ago
Atte Suhonen
Atte Suhonen Month ago
14:52 kris was doing what
jrdua 2 months ago
jrdua 2 months ago
Kordell Davis
Kordell Davis 2 months ago
For some reason when you showed the kawahi game winner it skipped🧐
Micah Martinez
Micah Martinez 2 months ago
Jesse sucks he can’t make a shot
Prayer gaming 123
Prayer gaming 123 2 months ago
5:20 it does not count because it was a mid-rage shot and he took a three point shot
Anthony Lattouf
Anthony Lattouf 2 months ago
Does James support the Philadelphia 76ers
Landy loud
Landy loud 2 months ago
go to 9 20 and look in the back kris missing the floater lmfao
dinerocochino 2 months ago
1:28 does anyone know that song???
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 2 months ago
I think it’s saria turn up
Destruction Dude
Destruction Dude 2 months ago
Blake Griffin was the easiest. You guys made it for the video
Destruction Dude
Destruction Dude 2 months ago
Was this the first make the shot, win the jersey?
Jordan Cook
Jordan Cook 2 months ago
Kyrie looking like Kobe when he took that shot
Yannis Meimeteas
Yannis Meimeteas 2 months ago
Prince Tolo-paepae
Prince Tolo-paepae 2 months ago
Coolest vid ever
Gannony Evans
Gannony Evans 2 months ago
Anyone else notice jidel at the bigging
Jonathan D’Angelo
Jonathan D’Angelo 2 months ago
great editing👌🏻
Nate Malinay
Nate Malinay 2 months ago
Mopi loser
Sujay Sangani
Sujay Sangani 2 months ago
Shut ur ass up
Soccer training48 Robin
On Blake Griffen you didn’t even foul any of the. Once
Dark Assassin
Dark Assassin 2 months ago
I’m happy that mopi got a jersey
Owen Ives
Owen Ives 2 months ago
All stuff gaming and toys
2021 in 15 days
Bts Jr
Bts Jr 2 months ago
How many times lsk is goin to get drafted
Jackson Van Wyk
Jackson Van Wyk 2 months ago
James shot annoys me so much idk why
Roger Jiang
Roger Jiang 2 months ago
Payton Ducote
Payton Ducote 3 months ago
8:11 My mans legs are thin as heck dang with them spaghetti legs😂
Julius Callaway
Julius Callaway 3 months ago
That Steph Curry game winner, they have to be contested.
Sixers fan 76
Sixers fan 76 3 months ago
Seeing kawhis game winner again as a sixers fan hurt
Luke gaming Robinson Robinson
I love this video
Precious Gan
Precious Gan 3 months ago
I like the one with the claw
Hadley’s World
Hadley’s World 3 months ago
Everyone in the 2 hype house has a separate channel except Mitchel
Timothy Brooklyn
Timothy Brooklyn 3 months ago
Zion Williamson
V SHELB 3 months ago
I love how this only vid, used league of legends memes 🤣
YNWKobe 3 months ago
Anyone notice james with wearing a lakers jersey but he lakers won the finals over the heat...
Jack Shrier
Jack Shrier 3 months ago
Bricks I mean
Jack Shrier
Jack Shrier 3 months ago
With how many bring you have misted you can make a house
Wyatt Norris
Wyatt Norris 3 months ago
How did you miss that layup and that three point line
Payton VanHoof
Payton VanHoof 3 months ago
it is so crazy that mopi hit that shot
Jacob Denker
Jacob Denker 3 months ago
They should of had kris London guard on the Kawhi shot
Mark Stancil
Mark Stancil 3 months ago
Kris was wearin two pair of shorts
Huge Jazz
Huge Jazz 3 months ago
James is a band wagon he likes the lakers, Miami heat , and the 76ers
Mason English
Mason English 3 months ago
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 3 months ago
Keith 3 months ago
Good thing Flight ain’t here for the curry game winner
TxJoey 3 months ago
Memes always hit different
TxJoey 3 months ago
Me too neo leo
TJ M 3 months ago
Bro I’m dying bro
Ronaldomessi 888
Ronaldomessi 888 3 months ago
Luka C
Luka C 3 months ago
Do another one of these
Kimon34kt Slime
Kimon34kt Slime 3 months ago
RIP von
Rafael Mireles
Rafael Mireles 3 months ago
I hate mopi
Michelle Solis
Michelle Solis 3 months ago
I like your video so much
Go Pursue
Go Pursue 3 months ago
Lebron let's go😏
Rap Kids And Vids
Rap Kids And Vids 3 months ago
I am tired of Kris
Fxst_Edits 2 months ago
Pogwastaken 3 months ago
Lol they played the Skt faker god clip
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