Make the 0.1% Trickshot... Win the $ Christmas Present! 

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Today we shoot trick shots for some insane presents! Make sure to leave a like and subscribe.
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Dec 5, 2020




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Comments 100   
Jay D
Jay D 3 hours ago
Bro, the way kris was sniping, then got sniped... That's cold.
Raffie Perez
Raffie Perez 3 hours ago
Cash disrespecting kris like that
Omar Cox-La Bomme
Omar Cox-La Bomme 5 hours ago
cash 18:23 im dead
Omar Cox-La Bomme
Omar Cox-La Bomme 5 hours ago
cash 13:55 lol
Josh the duck
Josh the duck 7 hours ago
Did you see that cash is wearing Bulls shorts
Reaxtion 4
Reaxtion 4 Day ago
Reaxtion 4
Reaxtion 4 Day ago
Reaxtion 4
Reaxtion 4 Day ago
Richard Cunniham
Richard Cunniham 2 days ago
Rip 😢❤️
Dalton Bamlet
Dalton Bamlet 8 hours ago
Rip what
Ivan Hong
Ivan Hong 2 days ago
5:03 LOL
CDT gamer
CDT gamer 2 days ago
i waned kcis to win so bad
Lucas Kenney
Lucas Kenney 2 days ago
“I cannot shoot with shades on” lol
Young RizzYT
Young RizzYT 2 days ago
I like how zack said he was going to go crazy, and well, that’s what he did
Miles Miller
Miles Miller 2 days ago
ELECTRIK_Alx 3 days ago
Zack: “That’s a Ninja you know you gonna be good at fortnite” 😂
Jeanette Day
Jeanette Day 3 days ago
Kris is half court king
GWShadster 3 days ago
Definitely gonna need a pt2 next Christmas
Chris B
Chris B 3 days ago
2hype is a good youtuber
Ivan Herrera
Ivan Herrera 4 days ago
I am in a to what up bro Dou your ps5
OneQuestionMan 5 days ago
No one Heard Lightskin say “your such a wigger”😂
marcus malsawmzuala
Kleef Bellevue
Kleef Bellevue 5 days ago
Criss did a. Great job, cris you are the best out of all of them
Javontaye Dean
Javontaye Dean 5 days ago
Lamonsta9 insta
Brother J
Brother J 5 days ago
Cam 3
Cam 3 6 days ago
when cash does the punching the camera its like bro you can not get mad at the camera when you are the won that shot sucks
GrizzlyStann 6 days ago
Yo Khris is a kd build bro
Tomas Dow
Tomas Dow 6 days ago
Can I have 2 PS5 plz
sergio Diaz
sergio Diaz 6 days ago
Kris it’s not how you start it how you finish you where doing good but at the end ya. . ,
Datboysiah 7 days ago
Cash that was nasty😏
Jules Johnson
Jules Johnson 7 days ago
I know who is going to get a paper
lodycoli 7 days ago
20:27 my fucking ears.. please hire some new ppl cuz this ain't it chief
Georgia Moore
Georgia Moore 8 days ago
Logan Scoville
Logan Scoville 8 days ago
I like how make the 0.1 trick shot is a shot from block is Gucci hoodie
Angelo Rovin Macaraeg
Kris ate the entire 2hype team
Kyle Burke
Kyle Burke 9 days ago
Nice basketball
Yaboy_ Jay
Yaboy_ Jay 9 days ago
Ho ho I had to like
Peyton Dodd
Peyton Dodd 9 days ago
Peyton Dodd
Peyton Dodd 9 days ago
Sam Landgraff
Sam Landgraff 10 days ago
I watch a lot of your videos.
amrita bhattacharya
and kris a little
amrita bhattacharya
i feel so bad for zach
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 11 days ago
Jesus is king
Lovebanite 11 days ago
Maxwell Black
Maxwell Black 11 days ago
Sakshyam Pradhan
Sakshyam Pradhan 11 days ago
Minecraft is terrible
ZKoots 12 days ago
Mind Slayer
Mind Slayer 12 days ago
So satisfying seeing Cash take Kris’ gifts lmao
Kabeer Singh
Kabeer Singh 12 days ago
Everybody: look at the merch Moochie: 🤔
Brent F. Fetalvero
Brent F. Fetalvero 12 days ago
2:05 even the snow man know it will shoot that was perfect timing.
Jaden Mosier
Jaden Mosier 12 days ago
Penpl 13 days ago
Penpl 13 days ago
I am kidding you guys are graet
Kiert Owens
Kiert Owens 13 days ago
I need a ps 5. For my son y'all are the best
AJ JONES 13 days ago
William Beattie
William Beattie 13 days ago
Kris should of won
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 14 days ago
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 14 days ago
i swear kessler gets hit with a ball every basketball video😭😭
Amy Brown
Amy Brown 14 days ago
Chris your going to win
Spazz Sportzy
Spazz Sportzy 14 days ago
Try to count how many excuses there are
Ellie Davey
Ellie Davey 14 days ago
You know when he got the Gucci hudie he knew it was there because he set it up
Roxay Grant
Roxay Grant 14 days ago
Cash call game
James Madden
James Madden 15 days ago
Done love_ybrfasho
Cinco Trot
Cinco Trot 15 days ago
Cinco Trot
Cinco Trot 15 days ago
Naima Ali
Naima Ali 16 days ago
Kris going crazy!
YT_Kylar 16 days ago
It's December there and it's like 70 there and where I am it's like -4°
Mburu Gamer
Mburu Gamer 18 days ago
Lsk is a good
Maliyah Marshall
Maliyah Marshall 19 days ago
2hype is cool
andrius mikelionis
andrius mikelionis 19 days ago
I am subskribe
Christopher Johnson
I wish I was a part of 2hype
C.H.D Kon
C.H.D Kon 20 days ago
Low key everyone in 2 hype is scared of cash
Alicia Starkey
Alicia Starkey 20 days ago
Address into unlock your stream is serve
Tite2T9J5M7L 20 days ago
Best video of all time
Percy Perry
Percy Perry 21 day ago
Percy Perry
Percy Perry 21 day ago
Anthony Pugliese
Anthony Pugliese 22 days ago
Jesse says it’s December the whole 2 hype wearing a t shirt and shorts Me:wearing a coat gloves a hat and sweat pants
Jamar Lackson
Jamar Lackson 8 days ago
Cali got the forest fires to cancel out the cold
Braylon Lewis
Braylon Lewis 22 days ago
he mad because he had to put the watch back then laughing at somebody because he cant shoot and lost his gifts/ damn
Zabdiel Anjelo Velasquez
I felt bad to to kris and zach
Zabdiel Anjelo Velasquez
I mean zack
cquick 3
cquick 3 23 days ago
Jesus Saves Love God
Cameron Hall
Cameron Hall 23 days ago
Joseph Britton
Joseph Britton 24 days ago
kris went off on that first shot
BrownsFan21 24 days ago
Kai Hatake
Kai Hatake 25 days ago
I am so sorry Zack
Myles Brown
Myles Brown 26 days ago
cash what you pon n nubr
Myles Brown
Myles Brown 26 days ago
my kim
TheboiCurt 2011
TheboiCurt 2011 26 days ago
Diamondsteelplays 27 days ago
Zacks hair be lookin like Ramon noodles
Ayermon Ashley
Ayermon Ashley 29 days ago
Kris powers look like they went away
raquel chan
raquel chan 29 days ago
Derrick Rodrigues
Derrick Rodrigues 29 days ago
Yo cash did kris dirty lol😂😭
Heamasi Makasini
Cashhhh brooo lmao 2:15
Aiden Perez
Aiden Perez Month ago
Aiden Perez
Aiden Perez Month ago
Jesse is the best shooter
Misael M
Misael M Month ago
I need the ps5!!
Malcolm King
Malcolm King Month ago
I subed
Malcolm King
Malcolm King Month ago
cash is small next to Chris
Tybu Hack
Tybu Hack Month ago
Love you vids jesse
Jake Hannon
Jake Hannon Month ago
Celester Alailefue
i like b in one of these vidz wit yall
Jay Boogie
Jay Boogie Month ago
Jeremiah Alexander
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