Make the Shot, Win Expensive Charizard Card! 

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Kris London/Kristopher London/LSK/lskakarot
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Feb 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
MrNesha2240 Day ago
17:47 PAUSE KRIS!!!
Billy Breor
Billy Breor 2 days ago
That was the wrong red checks
PlayingWit Jy
PlayingWit Jy 2 days ago
Go to 17:46 for a good laugh
declan 3 days ago
at 15:25 anyone thought there computer was trippin?
Oggaming13 3 days ago
You have to be a mad jerk to take James’ own card from him.
Hard Barb
Hard Barb 3 days ago
Y’all are interested in Pokémon how
Nathan Boucher
Nathan Boucher 4 days ago
bro can you clean your camera
Benji Films
Benji Films 4 days ago
Yooo kris pause bro lol 😂
Twitch JJ_06
Twitch JJ_06 4 days ago
17:46 💀
oh hello there
oh hello there 5 days ago
Pov: You are scrolling through the coments and all you see are coments that are about Zacks attempt 7:18 wasn't a dunk
SHOOTxSHADOW 5 days ago
Bro Jesse’s dunk was legit 😭
Vegita Vic
Vegita Vic 6 days ago
tyler rossiter
tyler rossiter 6 days ago
I’m glad it happened to james haha
Alvin Poleahla
Alvin Poleahla 6 days ago
Can I have a 2hype cArd
Oghosa Aghatise
Oghosa Aghatise 6 days ago
Zacks dunk was not a dunk 😂😂😂😂😂
Lubna Farhan
Lubna Farhan 6 days ago
Ik but it was fire still and plus i have a 300 shin y Chariza4d
Misael M
Misael M 6 days ago
And the Ps5 winner from December is......
Lanz Paqueo
Lanz Paqueo 7 days ago
Hahahahaahahahah lsk is the goat
tytyboi films
tytyboi films 7 days ago
17:48 haha🤣
Giselle Hernandez
Do another one with cash steal all his presents
Darian Hernandez
Darian Hernandez 7 days ago
i likes that
Darian Hernandez
Darian Hernandez 7 days ago
delo thegoat
delo thegoat 7 days ago
You know it's something wrong when cash didn't show up for pokemon cards
Max López Vidal
Max López Vidal 7 days ago
I gave pikachu v
Landon Irby
Landon Irby 7 days ago
Not hating on you guys just a tip, you should push the card further down in the top loader rather than having it on the top where it can fall out easier.
Landon Irby
Landon Irby 7 days ago
Top loader=Case
GTA_LOYALTHOT 8 days ago
I just know botdel breath stinks
Brady Harter
Brady Harter 8 days ago
Anyone else hate james.
Arvind Hardin
Arvind Hardin 8 days ago
Goddamn I didnt know grandpa had hops
Coolin Moon
Coolin Moon 8 days ago
dude i literally have the yellow cheek pikachu
Raphael 8 days ago
Damn Jesse looking hella strong
Reed H
Reed H 8 days ago
Dang jiedel
GamingWitJT_ 8 days ago
18:07 When cavemen get mad
Marneshia G
Marneshia G 8 days ago
James and the last minute have to give all his cards away to kris that’s karma
Justin Bailey
Justin Bailey 8 days ago
Zaylen Collier
Zaylen Collier 8 days ago
Dennis Quintanilla
That finesse
JaMauri Belmer
JaMauri Belmer 8 days ago
17:48 kris got caught in 4K
vd. Jaden
vd. Jaden 8 days ago
Kris just be playin favoritism
Tom is Cool
Tom is Cool 8 days ago
Someone gotta tell 2hype the whole pokemon stuff. Has died out
Oscar Schmidt
Oscar Schmidt 8 days ago
Im from germany and something liegt that is my dream
Not Los
Not Los 8 days ago
Jesser definitely won the dunk challenge
Joshua Ingeniero
Joshua Ingeniero 8 days ago
GOD BLESS guys :) Please put your FAITH in Jesus Christ as your LORD and SAVIOR and turn from your sins, accept JESUS into your life and allow HIM to change you from your wicked ways, bc of HIS death and resurrection on the cross HE took all the punishment of sin and death (hell) and defeated it setting you free, all you have to do to accept this free gift is to TURST in JESUS as your personal LORD and SAVIOR. I want to meet all of you in HEAVEN GOD BLESS
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 8 days ago
Jesus is king
Dominator 8 days ago
I feel bad for James he got none
Eloise Garcia
Eloise Garcia 8 days ago
Kris was saying how Kenneys camera was dirty, but kris’s camera is on another level of dirty
Carso 8 days ago
I knew it was coming that one of them was stealing someone’s cards 😂
SkillPlayz 8 days ago
Bruh y'all saw mitchell rocking upside down cross on his shirt???
Ricko Bob
Ricko Bob 8 days ago
Jesse got robbed for that charizard
Rng Jacob09
Rng Jacob09 8 days ago
Cris did Jsr dirty
DazFishing 8 days ago
I swear they only wear either thier merch 2hype merch or 100 thieves
brian nava
brian nava 8 days ago
Fuck James
Peter Rasmussen
Peter Rasmussen 8 days ago
I thought my screen was dirty lol 😂
Kaelan Crowder
Kaelan Crowder 8 days ago
Zack= 2hypes #1 Try Hard of all time
Arturo Guerrero
Arturo Guerrero 8 days ago
Ya bish 😂
Jean paul Beltran
Out of the whole 2 hype crew the best one is mitchell fs
iAlex 8 days ago
Dirty camera POGGERS
Vincent Jr.
Vincent Jr. 8 days ago
Aii cuz ya got me thinking my phone screen dirty, someone clean the lenses 😭
Mason_Willis09 8 days ago
Zach's werent dunks
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis 8 days ago
Zach’s dunk was weak asf
Liau Beng Fai
Liau Beng Fai 8 days ago
Why is everybody looking to pull a charizard? They not even looking for a legendary
Zeri P
Zeri P 8 days ago
Raphael 8 days ago
Fabcasso 8 days ago
dam lmao what a ending
Jristhegoat 21
Jristhegoat 21 8 days ago
The ending bro 😂😂😂😂
matteo scalco
matteo scalco 8 days ago
Clean the camera
BOWsports-IQ 8 days ago
who else thought that was m@pi on the thumb nail
BIG CHINA 8 days ago
SouKey 8 days ago
Ngl James been constituent lately with his shots
Andrew Moreno
Andrew Moreno 8 days ago
17:47 lol i cant stop laughing 😂😂😂😂
gavn. 9 days ago
Now that I realize I’ve thrown 100’s of dollars away of Pokémon cards😦
Gabriel Loaiza
Gabriel Loaiza 9 days ago
this was a banger
Daniel A Ramos
Daniel A Ramos 9 days ago
Anyone noticing how they been getting less views then before
Leo Goodman
Leo Goodman 9 days ago
Is it me or did everybody make their shot
brady matthews
brady matthews 9 days ago
Wait... this dude James wanted that ja over a charizard😂😂
nicho matthew
nicho matthew 9 days ago
Who finally got the charizard ?
Tracy McSwain
Tracy McSwain 9 days ago
That is a good challenge to do in life that day right know okay.
Ayden Sulzle
Ayden Sulzle 9 days ago
Imagine “dunking” by touching the rim after making the basket😂😂💀
nicho matthew
nicho matthew 9 days ago
Wtf is this dirt cameras
Jacob Thueson
Jacob Thueson 9 days ago
Just think of how much money kris dropped for this vid
Asher Stern
Asher Stern 9 days ago
Moochie in the background of the intro lmfao 🤣
Domonick Aquino
Domonick Aquino 9 days ago
Can we talk about how nun of them were missing😐😭😭
jacob wilson
jacob wilson 9 days ago
Clean your camera
whoopsies 9 days ago
cash and mitchell cool tho
Stephen Han
Stephen Han 9 days ago
where’s mupi y’all fucked him over
Antonio Ovalle
Antonio Ovalle 9 days ago
7:18 who knew dinosaurs invented dunking life is crazy😂🤷‍♂️
Fire spirit
Fire spirit 5 days ago
Thats not even a drunk that's a layup lol I'm dead 💀
GamerReed 2222
GamerReed 2222 9 days ago
Clean the lense on the camera
Yair Ahula
Yair Ahula 9 days ago
I hate kris screws Jedi
Cameron Murphy
Cameron Murphy 9 days ago
Yall be sharing i see
Moses Leibell
Moses Leibell 9 days ago
Why can't you hear everyone but kris
Kaiden Geiger
Kaiden Geiger 9 days ago
clean your camera
Ethan Shirk
Ethan Shirk 9 days ago
The end tho 😂
Moee Alggg
Moee Alggg 9 days ago
Unlucky James
Tommy Sanders
Tommy Sanders 9 days ago
This legit might be my new favorite vid of all time
Jojo Pitt
Jojo Pitt 9 days ago
Jesus and God love you
I have the lamelo non silver
KW Webb
KW Webb 9 days ago
I have some of these cards
Jojo Pitt
Jojo Pitt 9 days ago
Jesus and God is alive
Beast 9 days ago
That camera dirty as hell boy
Keyshawn Holmes
Keyshawn Holmes 9 days ago
Gotta do a version of this where if u keep making it you continue to shoot
Moee Alggg
Moee Alggg 9 days ago
Lmao James shooting form hahahahahahahahahahah
Zander Hollemqn
Zander Hollemqn 9 days ago
Do these type of vids more often