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In this video: LUMPY'S FIRST EVER WALK OFF!, Lumpy and the Yankees battle in their first real test of the season, as they fall behind early to the Norwalk Braves, Lumpy's cousin's team. Come check it out as we witness one of the greatest comebacks in Lumpy's young baseball life, and a hit Lumpy will never forget! YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!
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About this video: LUMPY'S FIRST EVER WALK OFF!, is a video about my life experiences with my son Lumpy, my wife Sinia, my father, family and friends. Come along for the roller coaster ride, as we see Lumpy in action playing Little League baseball.
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May 2, 2021




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Alex Whalen
Alex Whalen 12 days ago
Did anyone else get a little tear in their eye when lumpy walked it off? No just me. Great job little guy keep it going
Danny Shibley Jr
Danny Shibley Jr 4 days ago
I did
Trey Lewallen
Trey Lewallen 11 days ago
Ben Riley
Ben Riley 11 days ago
zaxify 11 days ago
I wish me and lumpy can go up against each other it would be interesting tbh cause lumpy killing the ball
C J 12 days ago
Definitely guilty
Caleb Lippert
Caleb Lippert 22 hours ago
that boy was so happy, great video
VantageSZN Day ago
Why am I getting angry at 7 year olds making errors. Lumpy had a great play on third and first baseman dropped jt
j5 mcmahon
j5 mcmahon Day ago
Why lumpy lowkey rake better then me😭
Jio Playz
Jio Playz Day ago
First of all he is not showing off he showing his bat
ezequiel hernandez
Good job lumpy !!!!! Clutch
Carla Young
Carla Young 3 days ago
Andrew Macdaniels
Lump made a good throw from third. He has a strong arm from the hot corner.
Danny Shibley Jr
Danny Shibley Jr 4 days ago
That's pretty cool love ur videos and I totally want to play softball with u all
electric recon
electric recon 4 days ago
Now that i watched this i be like OMG
electric recon
electric recon 4 days ago
I belive in u lumpy
electric recon
electric recon 4 days ago
o god the braves r good
Tobin Time
Tobin Time 4 days ago
Lumpy looks like Babe Ruth when he stands in the intro
Not Sanji
Not Sanji 5 days ago
He’s gotten so big
Juan Small
Juan Small 5 days ago
How old is Lumpy
Lil_Banana 64
Lil_Banana 64 6 days ago
I know the feeling of a walkoff
Damien Castillo
Damien Castillo 6 days ago
My old baseball teammate is there his name is alex
Nick Hamilton
Nick Hamilton 6 days ago
Right before I watched this I watched a video when Lumpy was 5 and he has improved alot
Leems Bruh
Leems Bruh 7 days ago
How was the streak 3:20
Easton Brown
Easton Brown 7 days ago
That’s my name
Cal master caster Fisher
I am so proud of that little dude
Sebastian Lopez Salaverria
me and my team are 4 and 0
Reece Chancler
Reece Chancler 7 days ago
That throw from third by lumpy was good
Aly Hanlon
Aly Hanlon 7 days ago
lumpy i love the yankees big fan
Wolfy Films
Wolfy Films 7 days ago
Playing with masks on that’s kinda sad... 7 year olds have to grow up like this
Wolfy Films
Wolfy Films 7 days ago
How does he know everyone name on both teams 😂
Zexity Gaming
Zexity Gaming 8 days ago
I’m in 13 u and he’s better then me
Michael lowney 33
I have that same bat I love it hope he likes it too
Dark Waves
Dark Waves 8 days ago
Which team was he cheering for he knew literally everyone's name on both teams lol
Benny No
Benny No 8 days ago
I used to coach a lot them!
garay fam
garay fam 8 days ago
Hi Benny, I just wanted to say that if you need help in lumpy’ s team just let the coach know and I play travel ball 11u with MVP Hustle Rodriguez I can also pitch and catch but not right now because of my arm. But I can still play second, short, first, third, and all of outfield. But I’m going to Nevada this weekend so if the coach says yes I can play when I don’t have a game or anything to do. Hope you see this bye.
Emmett Fussman
Emmett Fussman 8 days ago
How old
Duvan Mitre
Duvan Mitre 9 days ago
Games r Fun 21
Games r Fun 21 9 days ago
I like how he cheers for the other team to awesome 😎
hockeydude19CPR CPR
I won my game today I play for the Sox it was vs the cubs by the way nice walk off Lumpy!
LSG Splashy
LSG Splashy 9 days ago
Lumpy is literally a goat at baseball
Natr C
Natr C 9 days ago
Lumpy makes so many more hitting plays than my 12u baseball team. Keep up the good work my man, and keep practicing even though practice doesn't perfect, it does make you a better player. Great hit!
Trib3s GG
Trib3s GG 9 days ago
Lumpy is a beast
Jacob Moreno
Jacob Moreno 9 days ago
Lol that was safe i even saw him drop it when I was running
Klet3z 9 days ago
Loved the helmet throw celebration at the end made him look like a big leaguer
Saltlife 9 days ago
Nice bay lumpy
Trib3s GG
Trib3s GG 9 days ago
Lumpy is using my bat bug mine is longer and heavier
Brandon Hernandez
ryan mcintosh
ryan mcintosh 10 days ago
is this house leauge?
Oscar E. Quiroga
Oscar E. Quiroga 10 days ago
wow lumpy has really improved great job
fg_ army_scoit
fg_ army_scoit 10 days ago
Can't wait until they play on 60 90
Aqua 10 days ago
Lumpy is sooooo goood with a walk off I was almost crying when he hit it
Aqua 9 days ago
Was not expecting that to happen but I know it was going to happen because he is so good
Benny No
Benny No 9 days ago
Same here.
Alfredo Moneysauce
Alfredo Moneysauce 10 days ago
I think the Braves should of walked lumpy, because he is the GOAT
Kng Productions
Kng Productions 10 days ago
Dang the Yankees are playing a lot better baseball then my high school team lol
Caleb McCarty
Caleb McCarty 10 days ago
Great job young man
Mike R
Mike R 10 days ago
Does Benny sleep in that cage too.
Caitlin Cole
Caitlin Cole 10 days ago
My name is my name
Colton Ernst
Colton Ernst 10 days ago
benny is a god
Colton Ernst
Colton Ernst 9 days ago
omg is that real benny!
Colton Ernst
Colton Ernst 10 days ago
benny is a god
Patrick Acevedo
Patrick Acevedo 10 days ago
Anyone else start their season had one game and never had a game in like 3 weeks
Jt DeFran
Jt DeFran 10 days ago
Lumpy is incredible for his age, WOW it’s a treat watching him. Lumpy will definitely be something special
Eric greene
Eric greene 10 days ago
Its really cool to watch lumpy become even more talented every video
Steven Berrios
Steven Berrios 11 days ago
Congrats lumpy!
noah sosnak
noah sosnak 11 days ago
Was smiling once I saw Lumpys celebration
Matthew Mata
Matthew Mata 11 days ago
9:38 where it get fun
Dronz3r51_ 11 days ago
You should tell them to check the runner at first if they turn in so that they could tag them for a out.
Joseph Shermill
Joseph Shermill 11 days ago
Where's the mohawk?
CJ Matsanka
CJ Matsanka 11 days ago
I have the same bat
Dominick 606
Dominick 606 11 days ago
I can’t wait to see lumpy in the mlb and become professional
Eazy Cheezy
Eazy Cheezy 11 days ago
you can't convince me that lumpy isnt making it to at least AAA
Kev Games
Kev Games 11 days ago
I like Lumpys hat
jesus 11 days ago
Bro lumpy is so good he is probably better than me
Lisa Hassan
Lisa Hassan 11 days ago
Excellent job Lampi you gonna look like me one day
Ethan 11 days ago
The Easton ADV is a very good bat.
DA MAN 11 days ago
Hey benny tell lumpy to give me luck to beat seymour in Connecticut plz man
Dewbeam 11 days ago
Good job lumpy
DA MAN 11 days ago
Chuck Moreno
Chuck Moreno 11 days ago
I was hoping the braves won that’s my team
JAMES GIUNCO 11 days ago
Look at Lumpy man so Inspirational
Nicolás Velasquez
Nicolás Velasquez 11 days ago
lumpy is the best
fireball yes
fireball yes 11 days ago
I hit a walk off
The Woolweaver
The Woolweaver 11 days ago
Funny thing is my name is zaedin
Rob Sammons
Rob Sammons 11 days ago
That is the same bat as me
Dayton the regular person
He hit a walk off on the same day I scored from 2nd on a bunt to walk off my game. Great job lumpy
Ethan TV
Ethan TV 11 days ago
Keep it up lumpy you got this walk off is a good game I hope you win lumpy good job but you got this lumpy everyone cheer for lumpy
TexasWizard 11 days ago
That young man better have gotten a nice steak after that walk off lol
Yonkers 11 days ago
Your a great father man
Baseball kid
Baseball kid 11 days ago
How old is lumpy im 10 btw
MrElixer 11 days ago
i play for the braves im in minor
Jesse Stroud
Jesse Stroud 11 days ago
lumpy could be the next mike trout
Daniel Kitsch
Daniel Kitsch 11 days ago
go job lumpy
silents gaming corner the 2nd
This right here is the mini mlb
joystickFN 12 days ago
Even if it was against my braves I still love lumpy
Collide Edog
Collide Edog 12 days ago
My friend is on the 10u combat team
Carrie Work
Carrie Work 12 days ago
good goin little dude
Carrie Work
Carrie Work 12 days ago
sheeeeeesh he can play
Seth Pratt
Seth Pratt 12 days ago
Number 5 on the braves is using a usssa bat not a usa
Ikael López
Ikael López 12 days ago
Lumpy you are the best player you play Better than your dad 👏🤩🤩👍👍👍 love your play
Jonah Varkul
Jonah Varkul 12 days ago
Nice dog
Sleazy 10
Sleazy 10 12 days ago
Wow Lumpy has gotten way better since he was little Im proud of him
GamerGavin 4819
GamerGavin 4819 12 days ago
Jeez the next Babe Ruth out there great job Lumpster keep it up
Oc Bully
Oc Bully 12 days ago
I want an Lumpy autograph now he’s going to be a MLB star I salute the both of you keep up the good work 🙏🏾‼️
stargazer7426 12 days ago
The look on Lumpy's face coming to the plate and getting set said it all.
Anthony Ojeda
Anthony Ojeda 12 days ago
Gatorade shower!!
Vibinxgee 12 days ago
Yo Alex is a stud
Gael Gaughan
Gael Gaughan 12 days ago
Please never stop uploading these