Luka Doncic Shocks Entire Mavs & Clippers With Game Winner In Game 4! Clippers vs Mavericks Game 4 

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Luka Doncic Shocks Entire Mavs & Clippers With Game Winner In Game 4! Clippers vs Mavericks Game 4 August 23, 2019-20 NBA Playoffs
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Aug 23, 2020




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Comments 100   
QUE BABY 4 months ago
Mike J
Mike J 4 months ago
Dude's voice is not the voice 4 talk lol
Shane The Goat
Shane The Goat 4 months ago
Luka is a goat 🐐
2678dhetysjk 4 months ago
The Lakers have to much of a good defense for the clippers
TheDarkDenial 4 months ago
Luka is the next franchise player for the Mavs, they lost Dirk but gained Luka
d v
d v 4 months ago
Pandemic p. Hes not playing like a healthy man 🤣
Gabriel Ntshikose
Gabriel Ntshikose 4 months ago
Luka is easily in the top 5 right now. Forget his age. He is exceptional.
MrLittle1904 4 months ago
Your commentary voice sounds like a South Park character 😂🤣
R_ Ledo23!
R_ Ledo23! 4 months ago
I’m surprised he didn’t “wanna fight” the buzzer beater
hxmry 4 months ago
European Blood 🩸
TBNRsquard B
TBNRsquard B 5 months ago
Hey even though Paul George didn't have the best stat line. And hasn't been playing the best and I know this is just fun and games. He's waiting to become playoff Paul George. Bet you the next game that he be hoopin and if he doesn't. I'll eat my shorts.
Jaypee Hagedorn
Jaypee Hagedorn 5 months ago
This is it... the next generation nor ERA! after LBJ
J 5 months ago
Pandemic P 😂😂😂
ChallengeM3 5 months ago
Everyone talking about luka for good reason but broooooo Reggie Jackson just got benched😂😂😂😂
Eric White
Eric White 5 months ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 playing like he is sick
xLilPuddinTater 5 months ago
Hands down the weirdest voice on US-first
Dodgers! Chavez Ravine!
What did he say at 0:30 to 0:33? Thanks. He says “Pandemic ______”
Wes Kentner
Wes Kentner 5 months ago
Doncic could play in any era. Side note rebound stats are inflated now because of how many 3s teams are chucking up. Not the same stat it was 15 years ago
Antonio Mendez
Antonio Mendez 5 months ago
He celebrated with Happiness, not with i'm goat (Lebron Style ).
L McMill
L McMill 5 months ago
Luka can ball ass off 👍🏾......yeah all y’all trashing Paul George, he’s gonna make y’all eat ya words. He’ll show up soon
Imagine Treasure
Imagine Treasure 5 months ago
pg sold so bad
Mico Boo77
Mico Boo77 5 months ago
Clippers is considered has the most elite defenders in the league like Beverly, George, Kawhi and Harell. A huge credit to Luka for showing as a heart of a true euro league MVP.
NBA Stats
NBA Stats 5 months ago
Luka turns into MJ MJ: "I took it personal"
Silvere Ouedraogo
Silvere Ouedraogo 5 months ago
He said” luka doncic steping out with the Injury”😂😂😂
Brandon Burnett
Brandon Burnett 5 months ago
Remember yall let's make sure everyone knows that Luca did this without KP he and the others carried this team past Kawi and PG with the shitty refs not calling clear fouls made on the mavs and all they still pulled out the win
Robdee999 5 months ago
So we aren’t going to talk about the ending where everyone celebrated on the Mavs and no one was observing the 6 feet rule or wearing a face mask!!!!! Lol
biz20072008 5 months ago
Pandemic P. 🤣🤣🤣 am done
xEnzy 5 months ago
Why is this guy talking shi about a NBA player when he's not even in the NBA. smh
A55tech 5 months ago
black commentator awing at white baller look how far we come
billy 5 months ago
dude 21 and looks like he’s 40 lol ...u white people age pretty bad
Floppy 785
Floppy 785 5 months ago
Playoff P, Pandemic P, PG 13% i don’t give a damn. Mavs in 6
Everett Hamilton
Everett Hamilton 5 months ago
What a joke, the NBA is a political organization now. Glad I don't watch them anymore.
Bob Man
Bob Man 5 months ago
This nigga voice be trippin me tf out 🤣🤣🤣 I be tuned in though🤔
Messiah Ligyi
Messiah Ligyi 5 months ago
Make more nba parodies do 2k21 parodies
Party Artie
Party Artie 5 months ago
Bet you Porzingis regrets going to the Mavs now having to play second fiddle behind a 21 year old raising star in Luka Dončić. He probably thought he would sign with the Mavs and be the man, lol. Watch when his knees begin to buckle and skill set declines in a few years, he'll find out just how expendable he really is. You should've stayed with the New York Stinkerbockers;😂at least that would've been YOUR TEAM.
gurukof 5 months ago
Pandemic p 😂😂😂
ATBxPHANTOM 5 months ago
I already seen all the videos you post. But I just watch for your commentary. The best shit ever.
Delby Rodriguez
Delby Rodriguez 5 months ago
Just cause PG an all star and a great player doesn't mean he gonna be that every time. What happen there goes to show not all stars can play together and also PG never gotten this far in his career. Some fold under these situation.
Abner Bixcul
Abner Bixcul 5 months ago
What happened to this guys parody’s ?
Lyric X
Lyric X 5 months ago
Only way you can root against Luka is if he's playing your team but even then you're like "damn!"
Shane Symmes
Shane Symmes 5 months ago
Wow. This is unbelievable that they are not wearing masks or social distancing on the court. But off the court they have to. What's the point?
Joey Yared
Joey Yared 5 months ago
Pandemic P 🤣🤣🤣
Joshua Durenda
Joshua Durenda 5 months ago
I could tell off rip that shot from luka was a green!!
ohh!! wow
ohh!! wow 5 months ago
MetrixStudios 5 months ago
Somewhere around the bubble is Damian Lillard enjoying “playoff P” 🤣🤣
Roman Dzyubinskyy
Roman Dzyubinskyy 5 months ago
Luka The Don🐐🐐🐐
leviathan 5 months ago
Stop talking man.... Just put the sound of the game
DNYG 5 months ago
If that was the case then there would be more Euroleague players in the NBA..
Zala Zupančič
Zala Zupančič 5 months ago
Where are my slovenians✌️🇸🇮
FLYYY 2x 5 months ago
us-first.info/player/video/osuFi55ke4SMnIU.html 🔥🔥🔥
santi183 5 months ago
Look, I'm 6'5" and I never played basketball in my life, so perhaps I don't understand much. But that was sick as f***ing hell.
Noah Ross
Noah Ross 5 months ago
1:21 it looked like the ref was running to congratulate Luka 😂
PhatMattress20 5 months ago
Im excited because i think he will bring talent to the Mavs. Guys will want to play with him
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 5 months ago
🔵7️⃣🐴7️⃣🔵 *LUKA DONČIĆ* *B A N G* 🏀
Roger Toledano
Roger Toledano 5 months ago
Best white guy to ever play basketball ?
Abhay Kumar
Abhay Kumar 5 months ago
Mavs And Paul George vs Clippers
Jay 1989
Jay 1989 5 months ago
Nba rigged since at least 08
Patrick 5 months ago
Mavs in 6
mindyourbiz 5 months ago
It's sad because Pussy P doesn't even need to have a great game for the Clippers to win he just need to have a decent game and he can't even do that 😂
Bodhisattva 5 months ago
Bravo!!! Luka!!! ⛹🏻‍♂️ 🏀
amilah ali
amilah ali 5 months ago
Pandemic P 🤢 😂😂😂😂
FinesseThaProphet 5 months ago
It’s funny cause when Clive first started these reaction commentaries I hated his voice now I don’t wanna hear nobody else
J lim
J lim 5 months ago
Kawhi scratching his face saying, "Why did I leave Torontooooo..."
Deimantas Dapkus
Deimantas Dapkus 5 months ago
Luka is gay becouse he made that shot
James Colaljo II
James Colaljo II 5 months ago
George Paul 😂😂😂
MakoyS20 5 months ago
Pandemic P! 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣
Bro Majik
Bro Majik 5 months ago
Only 21 and doing damage hurting grow men feelings fking love it
Bro Majik
Bro Majik 5 months ago
I love watching this man play he's for real
Jackie L
Jackie L 5 months ago
Paul George's best chance was when he was in that absolute unit of an Indiana squad, but the shaky chemistry and drama cost them from making deep playoff runs. Hate to say it but he's playing at or below Melo's level and stagnates the heck out of their offense and that's bad news considering he's supposed to be their second option.
Yandi Morffi
Yandi Morffi 5 months ago
Luka looking scary out here Clippers are in trouble
gotchie15 5 months ago
Paul george should watch slam dunk and sakuragi.. sakuragi super layup..whahahha
Ingus Vanags
Ingus Vanags 5 months ago
1:19 did you just call porzingis a problem?
PapiRy 5 months ago
Luka is illuminati check his arm tatts
Joel Arca
Joel Arca 5 months ago
Drug test is coming Luka hahahaha
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All is irrelevant because Lakers have a guaranteed chip away 🤷🏽‍♂️
claudiu radu
claudiu radu 5 months ago
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Brick Flair
Brick Flair 5 months ago
If Playoff P was an album that shit would be going Triple Styrofoam 👎😂
temu phalgunreddy
temu phalgunreddy 5 months ago
Fuckin max kellerman said last year clippers take healty kd steph klay draymond to 6 games, if they add one piece to tht roster they win it all, they add kawhi pg, Dallas with Kristaps win this game, taking series atleast to six games, first take max wants to answer this and kawhi is overhyped superstar he didn't close the deal today.
jef rey
jef rey 5 months ago
Vietch Ass whayt Boi - Harrell I like it how everyone ignoring what happened there. Imagine reversing it. And Luka is the one saying Block N with hard R. Im sure the Media and LeChina will do every action to take Luka down. The Double standard at its finest. No wonder NBA TV ratings down 44%
Feralz 5 months ago
These idiots celebrating with 10 seconds still on the clock lol
Otto 5 months ago
2 minute long videos please!
Feralz 5 months ago
This looks like a practice game wtf, these players are all half asleep.
Tito Lanas
Tito Lanas 5 months ago
Pandemic George not Paul George lol
Bob Narama
Bob Narama 5 months ago
PG talk about dame and karma hit him back.....
Subbing To Who Subs To Me?
To the 1% seeing this may god bless you 🙏and you succeed in everything you want in life💜❤️
SuperNabby1 5 months ago
Swear this dude talks like giannis 😂😂
Leoster 5 months ago
Now where were those people who saide clippers in 5
Krazidy 5 months ago
Pg13 be like: If I was not injured I would have not choked
Diether Santos
Diether Santos 5 months ago
Mavs: 😃 Clippers: 😞
vivek jaiswal
vivek jaiswal 5 months ago
Luka pulling up 💯 👍🏻
Eddie Rodriguez
Eddie Rodriguez 5 months ago
Somone check on pandemic p he might have the virus 🤣
Pablo Hernandez
Pablo Hernandez 5 months ago
I would be nervous if I were the clippers with PG13% lol
MrDrizzy 5 months ago
"It wAs a bAd sHoT"
TheAtat2012 5 months ago
Estamos viendo el nacimiento de una super estrella que nivel 👏👏👏
Lore 5 months ago
PANDEMIC P !!!!!!!
Mr Random
Mr Random 5 months ago
Let's go Luka 🔥🔥🔥
Ryk Hen
Ryk Hen 5 months ago
this kid is special
Yung Stat
Yung Stat 5 months ago
Deadass you forget that George Paul is even playing
Karthik 5 months ago
I feel like Pg will come back better next game
gd131 5 months ago
Pandemic P had the audacity to call out James Harden when he only had 3 shots in 45 mins -_-
Making Batteries
Making Batteries