Luka Doncic Scary Injury & Trash Talks Montrezl Harrell In Game 3 vs Clippers! Clippers vs Mavericks 

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Luka Doncic Scary Injury & Trash Talks Montrezl Harrell In Game 3 vs Clippers! Clippers vs Mavericks August 21, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Aug 21, 2020




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More than Football
More than Football 4 months ago
Wheres the trash talk i only see doncic saying stop flopping man
Ravel L. Ananta
Ravel L. Ananta 5 months ago
If this is what will cause Mavs to lose, I will never forgive that hardwood floor
Kasper Knutsen
Kasper Knutsen 5 months ago
Does he know he ended the vid mid-sentence? 🤔
This is O's Vision
This is O's Vision 5 months ago
“That’s a flop big man” I love Luca
This is O's Vision
This is O's Vision 5 months ago
I’m sorry “ stop flopping man”
Papa Floga-Chungus
Papa Floga-Chungus 5 months ago
Sore ankle, no Porzingis, down 21 at one point; 43 pts, 17 rb, 13 ast, and a game winner later he furthers his legend!
Daniel Alvarenga
Daniel Alvarenga 5 months ago
He's only 21 and is already getting injure. Let's see how long he get to keep it going..I predict he won't make it to Finals
Noah Caucasus
Noah Caucasus 5 months ago
Leonard hit him on the leg that's why he twisted it.
Heisunplaysmobile 5 months ago
that flopped though hahahah
GlixyPlays YT
GlixyPlays YT 5 months ago
in the series
GlixyPlays YT
GlixyPlays YT 5 months ago
luka just hit a game winner live
_Victor_ 5 months ago
timeline is wrong
Milo Delgado
Milo Delgado 5 months ago
he said stop flopping mane
JionvanZ TV
JionvanZ TV 5 months ago
Leonard has steel knee wtf 😎
Gustavo Barron
Gustavo Barron 5 months ago
Poor Luka...
ikki 76
ikki 76 5 months ago
Luka said "stop flopping man" lol. But seriously players need to stop doing that cheap ass move..
Mitja Mladkovic
Mitja Mladkovic 5 months ago
So, not a word about him calling Luka "b***h a** white boy", huh? Nice,nice....
wilson bequillo
wilson bequillo 5 months ago
lucky clippers ..
Where are you Clive?
k v
k v 5 months ago
Luka said stop flopping black man 😂😂😂😂 that's why he got up and said watch your mouth
RiskTakerTay313 5 months ago
😂😂😂 I think you might be on to something
FATAL _GREENZ 5 months ago
No bruh where’s the voiceover
Cook with Jr
Cook with Jr 5 months ago
Hey man!!! Where's ur highlights on lakers game 3??? What happened man!
Arthur Ostapenko
Arthur Ostapenko 5 months ago
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WPM8 5 months ago
I mean they had to do it or else they weren't making it out
Robby 5 months ago
Looks like the Clippers playing dirty and Luca is furious that the refs don't do anything
Skyyline Music
Skyyline Music 5 months ago
Hope luka has a quick recovery ❤️
Ultra Xtreme
Ultra Xtreme 5 months ago
Does your voice sounds different
Akeem Thomas
Akeem Thomas 5 months ago
Its Kawhi knees that accidentally caused that
Jai McCants
Jai McCants 5 months ago
These comments are outrageous “Montrezl put his foot out” “Montrezl fell on purpose” “Montrezl Pushed Luka first” “Luka ain’t touch him” “Luka ain’t deserve that” When you can see luka flip his arm out like draymond green in the 2016 finals w lebron it’s the same flick Man if the roles was switched or that was Westbrook in luka spot and Kp in montrezl y’all wouldn’t have the same energy it would’ve been Westbrook escalated the situation when he looked down and said something
Chris Ijadele
Chris Ijadele 5 months ago
Good, Luka had to be stopped 😁
Lucio Macedo
Lucio Macedo 5 months ago
チカトレン 5 months ago
Luka to Harrel: STOP FLOPPING MAN! Like if it played in your mind on auto hahahaha.
spurzy 122
spurzy 122 5 months ago
RIP luka
Nice Cien TV
Nice Cien TV 5 months ago
1:04 "not your voice" boring
A-Diddy 77
A-Diddy 77 5 months ago
Pro I was terrified when I saw this i thought he tore his achilles
Hi Abortion that lived
Imagine luka said that to harell there would’ve been so much backlash
Owen Sader
Owen Sader 5 months ago
I lost a lot of respect for montrez harrel
Monster 5.7
Monster 5.7 5 months ago
Luka is Bitch Ass Nxxxx lol he's trash
Babyk 5 months ago
That was deliberate by kawi
Daniel Dean
Daniel Dean 5 months ago
White men can't handle injuries the way mamba did...
Michael Noblett
Michael Noblett 5 months ago
Nah it’s cause most of the players today just play for the bag Kobe just had that mentality
MotherLoveBone 5 months ago
Luka, multi million dollar player, and can't get him a wheelchair at least? You know Mark Cuban is going to be on someone's ass about it.
Esad Music
Esad Music 5 months ago
luka savage what he did to montrel while hew as on the floor lmaoo
Diego Acosta
Diego Acosta 5 months ago
Who this man This ain’t you
Rut Roh Raggy
Rut Roh Raggy 5 months ago
The fact that Luka can be called bitch ass white boy by montrezl harrel but if it was the other way he would be banned for like a year wheres the equality
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 5 months ago
Clive sounding different 😳
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 5 months ago
This is Cap 🧢
Andrej Nikolov
Andrej Nikolov 5 months ago
He is gonna be fine
Kuba Panik
Kuba Panik 5 months ago
No racist comments during the game to towards Luka?
SuperHoldenC 5 months ago
He called him a bitch ass white boy. Isn't the NBA about ending racism now?? 😂😂
Richard Dunson
Richard Dunson 5 months ago
Who is talking in this vid
Dustin Birkez
Dustin Birkez 5 months ago
He came back in to get the triple double🔥
LPjunemark 5 months ago
Clive getting lazy
Mlr 5 months ago
Stop flopping man
Chris P
Chris P 5 months ago
Soft ass, little ankle role. All show Smh
E C 5 months ago
1.8 million subs yet doesn’t post about doncic being racially abused smh
Ν Β 5 months ago
Luka is a great player but the strength and the structure of those guys is at another level and he should be very careful in order to avoid further injuries.
Yo 5 months ago
No al Racismo
MrTehnica 5 months ago
Luka Magic
Maku 5 months ago
Sad but accept the facts that mav cannot win without luka
Salomo 5 months ago
Trolled! Lol Too bad w luka and friggin montrez needs to get fined hard for his bs.
J J 5 months ago
Lol said f*** up and be a man
Vice Mech
Vice Mech 5 months ago
clippers there aint no skill in hurting luca, the kid has my respect
*Christine* mielkiel
luka: stop floppin man... harrel: thats may master harden move.. dont disrespect.him.man. hahahaha
DanielTV 5 months ago
Luka said stop flopping man, and he got mad. Bruh
CiCLoDoL 5 months ago
Mavs should also acquire players who will provoke and try to injure others. I believe sport should be fair, but looks at the Clippers. All series they are provoking and silently try to injure mavs players. Mavs need someone like Zaza or Draymond to do this.
IceBlueBuggsy -JAL
IceBlueBuggsy -JAL 5 months ago
First of who the fuck is talking and second of Hope luka is ok and third of fuck harrell all my homies hate harrell
Erik Godinez
Erik Godinez 5 months ago
Ah yes the goatmentator
Traptional Geographic
Luka doncic is soo overrated lmao
Who Cares
Who Cares 5 months ago
@Traptional Geographic I'd say he's holding his own against the NBA title favorite and 2x finals mvp.
Traptional Geographic
He gets intimidated by all them dogs on the clippers.. and they be treating him like a little boy because he kinda is.. he only what 20?
Traptional Geographic
@Who Cares in defintely not a casual.. I'm just saying this.. luka has no dog in him.. he be getting bullied.. he still got alot of growing to do but he kinda soft .
Who Cares
Who Cares 5 months ago
Lol he has his first bad playoff game and he's overrated 😂 what a casual.
Chris Beach
Chris Beach 5 months ago
1:03 Luka tells Harrell to “stop flopping man” lol
Chris X.
Chris X. 4 months ago
Man, I grew up hearing thats the flopping are a good defensive gesture... but the NBA kids called flopping... JUST PLAY GOOD BASKETBALL!! We deserve an NBA man era.. not a kid one... Bytheway Luka Doncic... is onfire! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
My username is not that long
@NatandSam Both of them are floppers anyway.
NatandSam 5 months ago
@My username is not that long lol its james harden
My username is not that long
@cesar leon The flop master is LeBron James. When do Kawhi flop?
b nwells
b nwells 5 months ago
oo the irony. When they call literally everything for Luka haha
xCaptxCrunchx 5 months ago
When clive buy a new mic?
Chrome Firefox
Chrome Firefox 5 months ago
Where's the real clive?
claudiu radu
claudiu radu 5 months ago
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Realtor Credit
Realtor Credit 5 months ago
Thank god I didn’t hear your voice
Rolando Mota
Rolando Mota 5 months ago
Kinda ironic that Kawhi unintentionally caused a foot injury
Darmak 5 months ago
Clive nba tragedy
Asura Jeff
Asura Jeff 5 months ago
Man i wish lebron was more aggresive gws luka
xiholliday 5 months ago
1:04 ummm yeaa... he said *STOP FLOPPING MANN!!!*
Zita Wup
Zita Wup 5 months ago
That reminds me Yao Ming's injury
Elijah Miller
Elijah Miller 5 months ago
My man took puberty back
James F
James F 5 months ago
It was Kawaii Leonard’s fault You can clearly see his knee hitting the other dude leg.
Baller 4Life ❶
Baller 4Life ❶ 5 months ago
Man that happens so often stop acting like there’s no contact in basketball
iTzM1ck3yッ 5 months ago
Who else thought the video gonna be funny asf but no it was just come boring man talking 😭😂
Karthik 5 months ago
Injuries suckkkkk😖😖😖😖 Hate them
mal.lique. 5 months ago
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 5 months ago
harrel and pat bev is a dirty player don't do my boy Luka like that...
Tommy2Cold 5 months ago
Bro he just rolled his ankle
Catman Inc.
Catman Inc. 5 months ago
Luka said stop floppin man
Devon 5 months ago
This man rolled his ankle bad and still tried to play through it, respect ✊
_Victor_ 5 months ago
@Lee’s Ollie what do you mean?
Frank J
Frank J 5 months ago
Change the sponsor shoes
JCV 5 months ago
I Really Like You Luka, I Really Respect You For Sticking Up For Your Teammates Like Porzingis Does. But PLEASE, Don't Try To Act Tough With Trez And Morris. You Don't Want That Smoke.
Christianos Valerius Aurelius Maximillian
jayski 5 months ago
Traptional Geographic fax
Traptional Geographic
Mavericks would’ve won
Baller 4Life ❶
Baller 4Life ❶ 5 months ago
They had no momentum at that point. They were down 10 Getting outplayed a lot. You mavs fans will say they would have won even if they were down by 30 🤦🏾‍♂️ 😂
Tayyab Naqi
Tayyab Naqi 5 months ago
“Stop flopping man”
Kevin Hayes
Kevin Hayes 5 months ago
We are winning the championship now
Jake Willson
Jake Willson 5 months ago
This gotta be proof the nba Is Staged
Baller 4Life ❶
Baller 4Life ❶ 5 months ago
Your comment gotta be proof you’re dumb
Deon Jugmohan
Deon Jugmohan 5 months ago
I had that injury that hurts for a few days
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez 5 months ago
Are playoff season is over
FreeJamaica 5 months ago
they just harassing him cause hes young let him heal up and when he get more time in the league he gonna be on demon timing with all a them old ass trash players lost all respect for kawhi and paul george after this.
b nwells
b nwells 5 months ago
LMao you lost respect because he got injured? And then made a fool of himself trying to act hard? lmao you people are clowns
CJ Payne
CJ Payne 5 months ago
Noooooo I dont want to watch this
DrinkMoWater 5 months ago
Kawhi one of the best bro it will be interesting
jessica brown
jessica brown 5 months ago
I gave luka credit for game 2 as he did everything right, this game he was terrible and the way he was acting tough when he isn't. Then only to ironically say montrezl flopped when luka is top 4 in the biggest floppers in the NBA including, smart, lowry, harden. But then he got injured and that is something you don't want for any player, anytime, I hope it is a speedy recovery, but clippers proved today why they are projected favorites with the lakers in the west, as fans overreacted when mavs and blazers won 1 game and now kawhi, ad, lebron are showing this. lakers or clippers vs heat or raptors I think maybe bucks if they start playing better and more composed.
Niwesh Lekhak
Niwesh Lekhak 5 months ago
Luka is tough, to score 42 points after 5 TOs and 18-2 behind in the first game can only be done by a tough mentality man. If you are talking about physical toughness that is different.
Spiritual Soldier
Spiritual Soldier 5 months ago
Luka tried to keep up with kawhi and kawhi was already passed him and he twist his own ankle
Trap Evolution
Trap Evolution 5 months ago
Vekuuh 5 months ago
its Goatmentor
JenCh /
JenCh / 5 months ago
Stop flopping man✌️