Lucky vs Unlucky! 13 Awkward Couple Situations 

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It's difficult to maintain a good relationship when one is lucky and the other is a failure. But our lovely couples will try very hard to do it!
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Feb 23, 2021




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WooHoo Month ago
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Hannah LifeStyle 10 days ago
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Osas Okuns
Osas Okuns 5 days ago
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Ajwa Ahmed
Ajwa Ahmed 8 days ago
Next week Corona is finished 🦄😊😆
Maria Francisco
Maria Francisco 9 days ago
Monica Kauripeke
Monica Kauripeke 9 days ago
l like the lucky couple
Naadhiya NISFAR
Naadhiya NISFAR 9 days ago
I really wish I could be a US-firstr
Flyeaglesdan 28
Flyeaglesdan 28 13 days ago
I love these comments they’re funny and sweet!😍😍😍😂😂😂
Jayleen Martinez
Jayleen Martinez 13 days ago
I would prefer to be lucky.
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martin dickerson 14 days ago
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John Hrycek 15 days ago
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tymonica smith
tymonica smith 17 days ago
I like your videos soooo much
E Gillett
E Gillett 17 days ago
Faiza Akhtar
Faiza Akhtar 17 days ago
Karen Tompkins
Karen Tompkins 18 days ago
Karen Tompkins
Karen Tompkins 18 days ago
Your. Gross 🤢
Beant Bajwa
Beant Bajwa 19 days ago
Asta Moise
Asta Moise 19 days ago
Omg she and he kiss is real
Gabby Tuz
Gabby Tuz 19 days ago
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Bhimuni Soujanya
Bhimuni Soujanya 20 days ago
Lucky is the best
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Jamarey Johnson 20 days ago
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Kristen Hatcher
Kristen Hatcher 20 days ago
This is so funny 😆
Стефанија Трајкова
Стефанија Трајкова
Jillian Lavalle
Jillian Lavalle 21 day ago
Harmony Martins-Okafor
hi my name is Harmony- Martins-Okafor
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I like the lucky couple
Kara Hardin
Kara Hardin 21 day ago
I liked u vid and I ddid not bet a new computer so I am ubsuubing byeeeeeeeeeee
Lily Voycheske
Lily Voycheske 22 days ago
I like the Lucky Couple
Dunim Ariunbold
Dunim Ariunbold 23 days ago
first one is crying
Mike Connolly
Mike Connolly 23 days ago
Not being mean but it's not what happens when you click on the like button
ExP_Diz 23 days ago
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Ethan Rincan 23 days ago
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Tyra Nakayiwa
Tyra Nakayiwa 25 days ago
NALEDI Monko 25 days ago
I love the Lucky one
Abdullah Althani
Abdullah Althani 25 days ago
richard noble
richard noble 25 days ago
So bad
Red Fox
Red Fox 26 days ago
Cupcake Claire
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Ludmyla Isaac
Ludmyla Isaac 26 days ago
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Elyon Kirton
Elyon Kirton 26 days ago
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Софија Јовановић
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Dana Varhanová Month ago
Panda Go Moo
Panda Go Moo Month ago
wtf am I watching right now
Julie Carmakal
Julie Carmakal Month ago
I am so lucky 💓💖💗😍☺♥
Faruk Ahmed
Faruk Ahmed Month ago
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mibelle tuzon
mibelle tuzon Month ago
the thumbnail isn’t sitting right with me
Rocio Godinez
Rocio Godinez Month ago
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Mayra Garcia Month ago
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Zahra PKXD
Zahra PKXD Month ago
Aww they kissed
Mckenzie Davis
Mckenzie Davis Month ago
Carlos Medeiros
Carlos Medeiros Month ago
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Carlos Medeiros Month ago
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Carlos Medeiros
Carlos Medeiros Month ago
Can you do slime videos instead cuz that's too much or you can do some cool videos
Carlos Medeiros
Carlos Medeiros Month ago
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tiffany thornton
tiffany thornton
l heat unlucky girl
Carlos A Martinez
I want to be lucky
Suraj Keenoo
Suraj Keenoo Month ago
I love the lucky couple
Weal Playlist
Weal Playlist Month ago
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TN AJAY YT Month ago
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Ash Weston
Ash Weston Month ago
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Josselyn Lara Month ago
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Renwa Mariwan Month ago
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