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In this emotional episode of Impaulsive, our roommate & best friend Dwarf Mamba speaks on the struggles of being a little person, his addictive coping mechanisms and his lost friendship with Logan.
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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.


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Jun 14, 2019




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lilbabymama 21 hour ago
most handsome dwarf i ever see
HotDankbear 239
HotDankbear 239 21 hour ago
back when episodes were 2 hours long
Georgi Georgiev
Sometimes it's not about giving something, it's just about being there. Also I want to say that Mike's speech about depression is brilliant and I can see why Logan has improved as a person since Mike joined the team.
Bored Shorts
Bored Shorts Day ago
Ernest Stewart
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S K Day ago
I have learnt something today that dwarfs don’t like the m word but I’ve never called anyone it
updaon 2 days ago
Evan you are such fucking tough guy! Damn... Maximum respect!
Bladimir Estrella
That Coachella thing was crazy, They expect too much from you Logan. I don't know how Logan can do it. They expect for you to fix all the problems, even be their shrink. They should be greatful how lucky they are because you are the best think that happen to them. Logan please be aware that those fucks are always trying to gaslight you.
Scotty's ATP Analysis
It’s easy to talk about flying when you can afford to fly in a private jet
Tommy Missus
Tommy Missus 2 days ago
8:20 plz someone make that a Gif lol
Kamal Singh
Kamal Singh 2 days ago
I agree with logan, like he has his own life. He has every resource he needs. Dude people would be blessed to be in that situation. Obviously logan cares about evan. We all can see that. If he needs to move out and come back in 6 months. I think he should. But Evan has everything he needs to succeed. He isn't weak, just needs that extra push. And the camera thing, dude evan your blessed, your here to help others!!!! Your struggles and how you over come them can help someone else. Don't ever forget that dude.
Jeffrey Kircher
Jeffrey Kircher 2 days ago
Its feb 23rd 2021... mike said I dnt tread lightly n coware like logan.... sooooo many episodes since this of mike saying... "and ima tread lightly here" smfh u fake
ANGEL MEJIA ._. 2 days ago
Ernest Stewart
Ernest Stewart 2 days ago
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Bailey Gouthro
Bailey Gouthro 3 days ago
anyone else hear Will say. hes a angry elf hahah
Suicide Christ
Suicide Christ 3 days ago
Success is the key to life and the purpose. But money and material objects are not success. Someone can die with no money at all and still be the most successful. Success is In the mind not the pocket.
The Don
The Don 4 days ago
Logan is a great dude..I wish i had a friend like that. I wish i worked for Logan..WOW i never thought about public restrooms for little people. I think all public restroom should have small person accessible toilets.
SCAPE 4 days ago
Logan created and spoiled all of them and they can’t do anything on there own now it’s not logan’s job to pick you up everytime
jeff barnthouse
jeff barnthouse 4 days ago
Good points. We all have our roles.
Yael Hadane
Yael Hadane 4 days ago
He has to see a therapist he obviously has hand ups about the way he was treated as a dwarf and what he had to endure. As a black girl who started therapy because of test anxiety and found out I had so much more and that a lot of it stems from my experiences as minority I can see that it will do good to him to talk about it with a professional and resolve some of that.
ZACHARY KEITH 4 days ago
@1:13:25 Mike calls em a kid , damn, didn’t even listen to when Evan just said that’s what he hates the most .
Galactic Gage
Galactic Gage 6 days ago
I can’t be the only one thinking evans annoying af
Galactic Gage
Galactic Gage 6 days ago
Evans lowkey annoying af goddamn
Oliver Balmer
Oliver Balmer 7 days ago
1:16:37 is when Evan goes crazy
Marie Figueroa
Marie Figueroa 7 days ago
I’m only 11 minutes into the video my thoughts mike let Logan talk and pls shush 🤦‍♀️
Victoria Feather Moon
Watching this in 2021. Stumbled onto this episode bc I was looking for Evan live streaming video games. He is so awesome and fun to watch play
Saeed Mohamoud
Saeed Mohamoud 2 days ago
Vincent Rodriguez
This ain’t a podcast lol
dean G
dean G 5 days ago
What is it then?
Cody Smith
Cody Smith 8 days ago
Evan making himself a victim it’s cringe to watch
Cody Smith
Cody Smith 8 days ago
Evans a pussy
Chandler Link
Chandler Link 8 days ago
I don’t really see how the term midget is a negative term, that’s what they were actually called back then, just look up the definition, doesn’t have a negative meaning unless you say it negatively, but you can say anything referring to being short negatively, kinda like the word retard, it’s really not a negative term, that’s what retards were called back then, doesn’t really have a negative meaning
VIBRANCE 9 days ago
Drawfs and short guys have plenty of emotions you ain’t really allowed to talk about cuz then you’re told you have short man syndrome
Multibox01 Delivery
I really like this, Logan is not all fun and run. Lots of emotions. How do we inspire eachother to find our paths in life. Logan is maturing in front of the camera, i like it.
Gershon Weisblum
Gershon Weisblum 9 days ago
Bring him back for another episode!!
Steve Charles
Steve Charles 9 days ago
I can’t believe I just now found you guys. Where the F have I been lol. Y’all are great, just figured I’d show some love real quick 👊😎
Christopher Lees
Christopher Lees 9 days ago
Man this podcast has it all
Carlos Escoto
Carlos Escoto 9 days ago
Love you Evan❤💯🤛
Eliezer Grullon
Eliezer Grullon 9 days ago
1:16:37 is when Evan goes crazy
A S 10 days ago
Why does logan call everyone of his friend best friend you can only have one best friend right.🤨
A S 10 days ago
@Aidan Danehy those are good Friends you can obly have one best friend
Aidan Danehy
Aidan Danehy 10 days ago
u can have many people you are rlly close with that's what a best friend is
C LW 11 days ago
I love Evan!!!!!!!! Fantastic podcast guys!
R Teodoro
R Teodoro 11 days ago
Logan Paul is a psychopath
Uyanda Mnguni
Uyanda Mnguni 11 days ago
1 hr 9 min
Julie Emeid
Julie Emeid 11 days ago
To speak to Mikes's point of - feeling bad. People feel bad for disabled people because it's a struggle that visual. However, if you hear of someone's struggle that is not physical you may feel bad as well. Ex. mental health issues. The difference is you see the disability. The issue isn't the disability the issue is systemic barriers brought on by society. For example- If someone using a wheelchair wants to the mall they could take the bus and go. But, if there was no access to a ramp on the bus the person is now rendered disability and has to depend on another person. The issue is societal barriers, not the disability.
corey driggers
corey driggers 11 days ago
It's never someone else's aresponsibility to regulate another person's emotions
Taylor Colonna
Taylor Colonna 12 days ago
With all do respect, At what point is someone else's "feelings" their own responsibility? Tough question, I know, but a severely important one if you desire a healthy life and long lasting friendship. ************************* On another note, I am so happy to see the level of success you have built, Logan Paul. I remember the not so long ago days when you were "that obnoxious kid making annoying videos from his mom's house, Logan who?" Look at you now,, holding serious conversations on your own successful podcast & being name dropped on JRE. Bravo young man! Bravo! 👏👏 #LiveLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt ☮❤😄☯️ 🙈🙊🙉
Hadi- El Nazer
Hadi- El Nazer 12 days ago
I`am seeing a whole different Mike ,even ,and logan personalities in impaulsive and especially in this episode Evan has made so much research and has so many knowledge about dwarfism and they're trying to aware people that every single person (living being) is a human on this planet and they are equal in right no matter the shape , color ,mental etcc
william botner
william botner 12 days ago
my lil kick ass homey u guys are dicks vidoe games while one dude if fuckin ron jeremy i oand other got a fight with boxing god l fuck stay in there holla if new help rough pussy jocks up scared of acid i love yalll fr bustin balls true sory
Dick Trans Dyke
Dick Trans Dyke 12 days ago
E.T. Mayer
E.T. Mayer 12 days ago
He might be depressed but my man's also high and emotional charged and marijuana does that alot
E.T. Mayer
E.T. Mayer 12 days ago
This is the only time I dont like spensor I dont know why
eanthony2013 13 days ago
Coming from someone who suffers from mental health issues, this video makes me happy seeing y'all guys raising awareness on this topic. Keep up the good work fellas.
Kurtis Booth
Kurtis Booth 13 days ago
Harden up princess
Abdulrahim Yaghmour
i love how mike calls out logans bullshit he was like , "10 minutes max"
Nick Long
Nick Long 13 days ago
"I don't think anyone has any sympathy for you Mike, be cooler and smash sooner"
Mathis Coly
Mathis Coly 14 days ago
Daniel Ashby
Daniel Ashby 14 days ago
Mamba is a pussy
aris z.
aris z. 14 days ago
Playing video games and sleeping too much is honestly not that bad compared to a lot of other shit people do you know
Hunter Gurski
Hunter Gurski 14 days ago
I bet it was Lana
lol lol
lol lol 14 days ago
i would love to have a friend like mike by my side he seems like the kind of friend to push you, to help you better yourself.
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Fady2Fresh 4U
Fady2Fresh 4U 13 days ago
Did you black out while writing this??
-Sir WESLEE- 15 days ago
Clickbait got me cuz I thought dude died or something
Malkz 15 days ago
1:12:17 Any lip readers out there?
John Gee
John Gee 15 days ago
nice acting
Sad Mortem
Sad Mortem 16 days ago
The gulag meme was funny though
Mikkel Waaben Hertz
1:16:30 u welcome
Shawn Jones
Shawn Jones 16 days ago
I feel bad I didn’t know dwarfs were treated like my ancestors.... taken, made slaves, breed, and mistreated...
Angus Rigney
Angus Rigney 17 days ago
so Brave MAmba
Angus Rigney
Angus Rigney 17 days ago
surprise how Mike is so sincere and smart.. great advise
Dani telles
Dani telles 18 days ago
we need another episode of dwarf mamba
Thiago Mota
Thiago Mota 18 days ago
Logan was so focused in leave a legacy that he doesnt care for family, friends and all. In his words "I dont give a fuck." This is a good thing once you have balance, like Mike said. I hope he has changed. Or he is going to be alone and I dont think he is going to like that. Maybe now that he has tons of friends, he doesnt miss it, but when they start to leave... Evan was clearly on depression. Everyone needs therapy. I like when Mike talks about mental health. He knows that is a real deal. Logan doesnt get it.
ismael gonzalez
ismael gonzalez 18 days ago
Even tho you dont get paid for playing Video Games Theres Totally a Value there!It Puts Are consciousness Somewhere Where it Dosen't Wanna Be!The PURPOSE is To Keep are Consciousness Focused/Relaxed instead of Going Out Fucking Up Society/Are Selfs!
Datchi games
Datchi games 19 days ago
My mom was born whit disformed feet and she had too use the same type of surgery and she says its very traumatic
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John Latham
John Latham 19 days ago
Dougiebaby Sanchez
Dougiebaby Sanchez 19 days ago
Oh wth seriously grow up😁😁😁😁
Francisco Perez
Francisco Perez 19 days ago
I never in my life thought I’ll be a fan of any Paul brother but now I’m officially a fan of Logan
Dallas Henry
Dallas Henry 20 days ago
I hope I don't just speak for myself but I've never laughed at evan and have always loved his content
SmokePhatt 20 days ago
this is some of the cringiest most self revealing shit ive ever seen.
Bipity Bopity
Bipity Bopity 20 days ago
“Define the word normal” Normal: (Adjective) conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. (Noun) the usual, AVERAGE, or typical state or condition. If you use the word normal and get corrected don’t be a dick and use it just because. Also, don’t feel like you can’t use words to accurately describe something or someone. 👌🏽
Jugzy- 20 days ago
Bro Evan just want someone to listen to him 💪🏾
Taylor Chism
Taylor Chism 20 days ago
Gotta give props to logan.. can tell he does alot for Evan.. more than most anybody i know would do for a friend
daniel Sup
daniel Sup 21 day ago
More people need to see this. They are real people with real problems
Clouds Below92
Clouds Below92 21 day ago
A midgets rage
OZZY xKC 21 day ago
I think midget sounds better than little people
TeeX 21 day ago
i feel like you dont understand that him playing a lot probably means hes got a lot of problems
SJG_KING • 21 day ago
Logan is way too nice tbh 5+ years dealing with a friend like that there comes a point where you just have to give up cause there’s a certain point where you can’t help them anymore they have to help themselves cause they are the only person who can get them to keep on going in life
SJG_KING • 21 day ago
1:12:12 I agree with Logan in this situation
Mitchstaskavage 21 day ago
The way I look at it is this. Saying there isn’t a reason or good reason to just sit and play games if you’re not making money from it is dumb. My reasoning is this. Without those people who enjoy video games there is no reason to stream. Without people who go onto youtube and watch videos would give you no reason to make content. See what I mean? With us (people who enjoy US-first maybe once a day) there would be no you in this context. You could’ve made it somewhere else in sports or anything job wise you chose but you picked this and without the community you wouldn’t be anything on this specific platform etc if that makes sense
EL Slumped Panda
EL Slumped Panda 21 day ago
This foo is just clearly on ADDERALL😂
Queen K , Xo
Queen K , Xo 21 day ago
I’m dying😂😂😂
mancote 22 days ago
It is very simple. Logan is not intuitive. They are some things in a friendship that you can't express with words or feelings but like social cues. I don't think he's there. Lack of emotional intelligence
zValhallaX 22 days ago
This got really deep bro and I really enjoyed watching and learning from this episode thank you.
daveFN 23 days ago
1:17:00 thank me later
daveFN 23 days ago
Evan roasted
joshua Shaw
joshua Shaw 23 days ago
Find Jesus
Twacket Spyro
Twacket Spyro 23 days ago
I would think Dwarf is a cuter version or the word, but I still would think it was rude to even say anything like that.. Evan looks solid too, legit wouldn’t wanna disrespect him in anyway. I’m glad he’s embraced it and just calls himself Dwarf Mamba, mad respect to Evan.
Dj La
Dj La 23 days ago
ya it is couse i amblack so i would say so
Prolific Tee Ent
Prolific Tee Ent 23 days ago
Money don’t change everything I feel u bro but least he has Logan I feel every pain he’s feeling I’ve been through a lot and this helps me
Wanderingadventure 24 days ago
Wow Mikes speech at 1:26:00 was great, much respect. Edit and then he goes and says shit like he did at 1:42:00. Lol jeeze
R 24 days ago
buttering the biscuit?
Cam DeVan
Cam DeVan 24 days ago
Yo I never fucked with Logan until Mike came on😅😅
Christer Pettersson
Evan is a lil bit of a bitch, i mean i know it must be hard for him but come on man