Lonzo Ball 33 pts 8 threes 8 asts vs Wolves 20/21 season 

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May 1, 2021




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Doc Central Station
An agressive Zo is a problem.
OGenius _
OGenius _ 8 days ago
Wasn’t this the improvement that Ben Simmons was supposed to make ? 😆 Lonzo turning into the real deal
Doug manager
Doug manager 10 days ago
My boy focused
Cibon The Saint
Cibon The Saint 11 days ago
He has got to go
Cibon The Saint
Cibon The Saint 11 days ago
He has got to go
Don 11 days ago
And Lonzo follows it up with 3 for 18 against Golden State. New Orleans needs to get some reliable shooters around Zion.
Caldon_YBN 10 days ago
was just about to comment this
Raphael Romulo
Raphael Romulo 11 days ago
Alkebulan Is Home
Alkebulan Is Home 11 days ago
Right know he stinking it up vs the warriors
jonathan armstrong
jonathan armstrong 11 days ago
They fucked up. It signing him long term now the lakers are gonna throw the bank at him.
Collin Masvaure21
Collin Masvaure21 11 days ago
All this power from a white t shirt 😭
Kevin 11 days ago
Happy for him! Was excited when he joined the lakers but now he can explode!
Jean Claude
Jean Claude 11 days ago
the ball brothers keep destroying the haters...
Star 11 days ago
that's a harden statline
La Man
La Man 11 days ago
Great, he has the potential. The only thing is, he's not consistent in delivering this kind of results. His younger brother Melo is more consistent and predictable in delivering on the court.
Andrew Vu
Andrew Vu 12 days ago
For this team to succeed, Ingram has to take on more of the khris middleton role, and zo needs to handle the ball more.
Hurt Slinger
Hurt Slinger 12 days ago
this new jumpshot is so good
Bugsy 12 days ago
His game is kinda boring to watch now
evan mitchell
evan mitchell 12 days ago
It's because he has ricky rubio guarding him lol
Bryce Mithcell
Bryce Mithcell 12 days ago
Not gon cap these highlights make me feel like I’m watching rookie zo
Valentine Tv
Valentine Tv 12 days ago
Proud of Zo
dase snase
dase snase 12 days ago
I should show all stats in the description
Kilduce 12 days ago
Next summer he needs to focus more on pulling up off the dribble. Once he’s able to do that it’s over.
Andrew Clannachan
Andrew Clannachan 12 days ago
Wonder if he well end up with melo next season
MJ Caoagas
MJ Caoagas 12 days ago
Crazy, Lonzo could be putting himself in the running for MIP now.
IN-TRESTIN Network 12 days ago
Whoever is reading this, I want you to know we are all going to be alright and defeat the pandemic because Lonzo is now hitting end of game free throws 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Bobbie Winchester
Bobbie Winchester 12 days ago
Keep shining Lonzo.
Northerners 12 days ago
Lonzo to the Hornets 2022 😎👍
DXBGaming 12 days ago
Same year that JKidd blooms!
Darryle Williams
Darryle Williams 12 days ago
I’ve convinced myself the Bulls need him
mike caldwell
mike caldwell 12 days ago
They been letting him play point more because they know there pretty much out the playoff . An trying to see if they should match any deal... I don't think its svg decision I think its coming from up top. even over Griffin. If they lose Zo ... Zion will be next .. even if its 3 years from now.. An the fan haven't really seen Zion Much Live.
jack Yan
jack Yan 12 days ago
I just love watching him and Lamelo play so much, super unselfish and smooth, making the game easier for everyone on the team.
Onestop Funstop
Onestop Funstop 12 days ago
140pts. And they barely won... The Pelicans Defense is terrible...
Ivan Gutierrez
Ivan Gutierrez 12 days ago
He’s trying to get the max then slide back to mediocrity. word to Wiggins.
Sanket Gurung
Sanket Gurung 12 days ago
1:47 that vision bro 😱
AL ON 12 days ago
Stan Van Gundy punching the air rn, took out Zo in the worst times again but still couldnt stop him from having a career high
emilio dimitri
emilio dimitri 12 days ago
i keep forgetting he is only 23
Mr Man
Mr Man 12 days ago
*I like how they had to shut up about Lamelo while Lonzo knocks down a 3, and he didn't stop from there 😂😂😂*
Sands 12 days ago
Get rid of Ingram for a spot up shooter and this team would be complete
The Goat
The Goat 12 days ago
Lonzo is our shooter
dre lucious
dre lucious 12 days ago
Better score more then 10 the next game 🤔
dre lucious
dre lucious 12 days ago
Better score more then 10 the next game 🤔
Nishad Mansoor
Nishad Mansoor 12 days ago
Finally he scored 30+
The League
The League 12 days ago
Zo is a stud, all around GREAT player.
Andy Smith
Andy Smith 12 days ago
Van Gundy u can sit your ass down now and allow the man dem fi play some ball.... yo too nagging man like a side chick...... Great win Pelicans....#teamwork... #bigupfromjamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲
Treal 12 days ago
😂😂 like a side chick
施昀楷 12 days ago
Lonzo is the playmaker!!!!! Why pelicans let Zion play like PG,and Lonzo only plays a shooter?
DeMoNzGeeKs 13 days ago
Pelicans Core : Zion + BI + Zo 👏😇
Ugo Uchiha
Ugo Uchiha 13 days ago
Lonzo better make a defensive team this yr
marko petrovik
marko petrovik 13 days ago
its crazy how much his shot has improved
marko petrovik
marko petrovik 13 days ago
John Mason
John Mason 13 days ago
It takes away your grip.
fredric cortez
fredric cortez 13 days ago
Really solid game for Zo! Where the haters at? Thought so...
Juan Carlos Del Prado
Imagine a team having both the Ball Brothers
Carlos G
Carlos G 13 days ago
Not until it’s consistent
Clinton Ott
Clinton Ott 13 days ago
artist of strongstyle
"WARNING, YOU GOT A DEADLY PLAYER IN THE NBA" be prepared if you go against this deadly player
Andrew Hiedelburg
Andrew Hiedelburg 13 days ago
Zo be in Charlotte next year.
Marcos Martínez
Marcos Martínez 13 days ago
So Lonzo played one of his best games of this season and New Orleans won. What a coincidence.
Милан Милорадовић
Y'all thought Melo is the better one
Hanabi Hao
Hanabi Hao 13 days ago
His FT also improved 🔥👏
Quartz 13 days ago
Wish Zo would stay in nola in the next season 🙏, Zo and Zion is just fun to watch
Rudz xxx
Rudz xxx 13 days ago
Where all these supporters come from?😕
Michael Sosa
Michael Sosa 13 days ago
Idk if this is an example of how good Lonzo is or how terrible Ricky Rubios Defense is. Lol
Sir Toliver
Sir Toliver 13 days ago
Lonzo has some hard defense man
ItsTanii_ 13 days ago
David Moonsammy
David Moonsammy 13 days ago
T-shirt Zo really dangerous 🎯
Hammerbush 13 days ago
That left handed laser of a pass to Zion at 2:10 was a beauty.
Philip Daniel
Philip Daniel 13 days ago
And the one that one to BI for the oop to hayes
Peter Dinoy
Peter Dinoy 13 days ago
right after the barkley video about lonzo he does this
Chief Trez
Chief Trez 13 days ago
Who the hell fixed lonzo’s shot? Wth oh it’s over for the nba now 😱
Van Iyke
Van Iyke 13 days ago
Can someone go tell Ben Simmons to watch this and take DIY 3 point notes. Simmons has shown zero growth in his offensive game since he was drafted.
Van Iyke
Van Iyke 11 days ago
@James Greene dude can't take a 3 point shot for the life of him. Zero jump shot. All the skills that Zo has added. Bottom line, Zo is coach able, Simmons is not.
James Greene
James Greene 12 days ago
but people think he is the better player just because he 2 inches tallers lol
Van Iyke
Van Iyke 13 days ago
BI needs to understand he's no LeBron or Durant. And even then, those two elite players aren't Supreme selfish ball hogs like Ingram.
The Goat
The Goat 12 days ago
Bro what game were you watching he had 6 assists and took less shots then both Zion and Lonzo you didn’t watch the game stfu😂
Joshua Navoa
Joshua Navoa 13 days ago
1:39 chino hills lonzo transition
Joel Martines
Joel Martines 13 days ago
He could've easy get 35 to 40
Van Iyke
Van Iyke 13 days ago
Pels u don effed up. Now Knicks gonna swoop in. And Zo ain't forgetting how SVG been doing him dirty.
La Chupacabra
La Chupacabra 13 days ago
Yeah I believe that’s a done deal. Can you imagine a backcourt of Barrett/Ball defensively? Only problem I’d imagine is Julius Randle doing the same shit that made him expendable in LA, resentment towards Lonzo.
Shalie A. Richardson
You can tell LB been working on his game
Shalie A. Richardson
My bad Lonzo Ball lol
Agent2x00 13 days ago
I agree with what you said but I have to call you out for calling him LB😂😂😂I’ve never heard anyone call him
Bailey Ahipene
Bailey Ahipene 13 days ago
Only took 5 years
Fear me Not
Fear me Not 13 days ago
Finally, hopefully Zo keeps this up
I'm Probably Your Dad
It's crazy how so many people thought he was a bust. Injuries, constant coaching changes, and inconsistent rotations would make anyone struggle, but people with good BB IQ could see he was gonna be special with time.
hello man
hello man 11 days ago
No he was just trash. Good to see his little brother made him a better player. Can’t let him show you up.
Kenney Oakwood
Kenney Oakwood 13 days ago
Good work Zo....hard work pays off
Tiboy Gaming videos
Ok after seeing this game he has Confidence now a little
God Will Music
God Will Music 13 days ago
Y’all better keep these young guys together. They starting to dominate like they did in high school!!
Jmoney 13 days ago
FinnaaaaFuckkingggLyyyyy took you 4 damn years to have another 30 point game. I'm so proud and ashamed at the same time. But we need to keep this up zo
A Guy
A Guy 13 days ago
2:09 that lefty bullet off the bounce 🥶
Lawrence Taganile
Lawrence Taganile 12 days ago
I can't do that passing skills of lonzo
Andy Jordan
Andy Jordan 13 days ago
Going to be Top 5 PG of all time
Dan Rod
Dan Rod 13 days ago
That boy got hands. He should be at least second team defense
Dan Ortega
Dan Ortega 13 days ago
Not only thru the 3 point line, but lonzo should learn to drive hard to the hoop and foul-baiting everyone, he should as long as he still have that quickness.
King Judah
King Judah 13 days ago
This is what happens when lonzo plays the minutes of an actual starter..you idiots want lonzo to put up 30 pts triple doubles in fifteen minutes... lmao 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
KingReese 13 days ago
I’m glad Tshirt zo is back
Akeem Bigshak
Akeem Bigshak 13 days ago
Great game
Jered 13 days ago
So it took damn near 4 years to break a record he set in his 2nd ever NBA game.... He should have had this a long time ago.. If it wasn't for the overtime and those free throws, he wouldn't have had this one. No idea why he gets lightening hot one half and then barely scores the second half.
Philip Daniel
Philip Daniel 13 days ago
Ryan A Watkins
Ryan A Watkins 13 days ago
Put some respek on his name
Peeter Siitan
Peeter Siitan 13 days ago
Lonzo is so good!
rony gunawan
rony gunawan 13 days ago
👏👏 for the Coach who change n train zo shooting form..
Sanoun 2k
Sanoun 2k 13 days ago
Yessirskiii my boi lonzo📈
Ryzha 13 days ago
Zo rookie cards be low key going up
deumerik 13 days ago
This is off going 0-8 his last game
Bondor 13 days ago
This shit made me so hype
Kunle Ad
Kunle Ad 13 days ago
Wish he could play like this every night
chillin 13 days ago
Nice Zo!
KingK6 13 days ago
Im rlly starting to think that he is steph curry with a 40 inch vertical
uknown kid
uknown kid 11 days ago
Same I think he is
T 11 days ago
Big Baller was right but they won’t give Lavar no props
Music Lover
Music Lover 13 days ago
I knew it still believe he can do it seens his second NBA game against the sun
super seo
super seo 13 days ago
Whenever Zo shoots, he often does a mini skip-like setup, launches, then lands squarely on both feet. However, his shot at 3:06 tells a different story. He landed on his left foot first with his right leg compensating for the shift in balance. This, combined with his recently showcased one-leg middy jumpers in previous games, reveal how he's really gotten comfortable with his improved shot. He can now impressively shoot contested shots from range. Hats off to Zo, all his hard work paid off. Even better, you could tell he ain't done.
Prince 8 days ago
I swear 😂
Lance Palao
Lance Palao 11 days ago
@Trevor 999 😂😂😂😂
Trevor 999
Trevor 999 12 days ago
wtf are u talking about?