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Video from Ep. 237 The First Influencer Sex Tape us-first.info/player/video/n7xorGmGiI18gIk.html&lc=Ugy2RTSvMhWqG36TR-J4AaABAg&ab_channel=Impaulsive
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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.
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Nov 25, 2020




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Garrett Wagner
It's bella porch
Bladimir Estrella
Top does not mean head.
TeeX 5 days ago
doesnt it mean best me?
ThatGuyFromWalmart 10 days ago
Real question is why does Mike have Tyga's onlyfans??
ricardo herrera
ricardo herrera 15 days ago
am a girl and and logans a boy and doesnt know what top me means
ricardo herrera
ricardo herrera 15 days ago
dudeeeeeeeeeee top me means fu*k me like s*x am surprised that logan does'nt know what that means
brhyme92 21 day ago
anyone wanna know who it is: its kelly kay
ITSUKI Month ago
Wow he’s old
Impulser Barma
Impulser Barma Month ago
he talkin bout miss cindy😳
Sam Raitan
Sam Raitan Month ago
Sam Raitan
Sam Raitan Month ago
Dabomb Month ago
Bruh... Logan: my 2017 vids suck Me: then why did it it only take you a year, starting in 2017 and ending in 2018, to get half your subs on you main channel????
Ahmad khan
Ahmad khan Month ago
What do you somebody with no body and no nose? Nobody knows 😆😆
Mindful Militants
I think she means "top me" in a dominant sexual way. Topping and bottom is another way of saying I give or receive in a submissive or dominant way. I don't think she was saying "top me" in a "give me head" kind of way.
Chris Collier
Chris Collier Month ago
That sloppy top brooooo
KingLoKo Month ago
Bro how do they not know what top me means 🤣🤣 it means give me head they got 0 hood in em
starry eyed
starry eyed Month ago
wow 😳 y’all embarrassing me
Mason Meacham
Mason Meacham Month ago
Anyone have any idea which girl they were on about who wants to get topped? Lol
Som Okoroafor
Som Okoroafor Month ago
kelly kay
M J Month ago
i feel like hes doing an andrew shulz impersonation
She Used a Microscope To See The Sky
'i'm gonna top myself' means 'i'm gonna kill myself' here in england lol
Henry Lancaster
Henry Lancaster 2 months ago
To top yourself or someone else, literally means to Kill yourself or someone else, and is a phrase that’s been around for ages! Any other colloquialism picked up by other people is bullshit!
Ghostz Inc.
Ghostz Inc. 2 months ago
Everyone in the comments: TOP MEANS HEAD ME: *sitting here with no girlfriend, just waiting patiently
Owethu Madiba
Owethu Madiba Month ago
@Ghostz Inc. bruh
Let's get 1,000 subscribers
@Ghostz Inc. it's not you and that person might not want it up and might not want that picture shared around and people using it like you
Ghostz Inc.
Ghostz Inc. Month ago
@Let's get 1,000 subscribers cause I can gotta problem with it
Let's get 1,000 subscribers
Why do you have that profile pic
chris kos
chris kos 2 months ago
You sound like such a goof ball how do you not know what TOP is......
MattyPlays 2 months ago
Are we talkin about Bella poarch?
saleh Month ago
No she doesn't have an onlyfans
Andre Abramyan
Andre Abramyan 2 months ago
Kelly Kay
kyle hysen
kyle hysen 2 months ago
Anish Gajera
Anish Gajera 2 months ago
Try to figure out who it is guys, drop the @
Kaeli Grenier-Moses
Kaeli Grenier-Moses 2 months ago
The DM from the girl is odd. Although Logan you’re a good looking guy and she probably siked out...OR she felt salty. I would feel a little salty if a guy responded to my DM 3 years later. I would think who tf is this guy? And if he’s cute ima respond lmao
Stopjosh47 2 months ago
It means head😂
Blue Collar Men Productions
I read the comments and watched the video.... and still have no idea what this means.
Z3FT 2 months ago
damn mike really has girls wanting him to punch her to be cute 😭💀
numbze 2 months ago
Think she meant give me Top
Jesse Barragan
Jesse Barragan 2 months ago
Gamer64 2 months ago
3 years ago = half decade
david Barnes
david Barnes 2 months ago
She sounds gross
JuIcY_UwU 2 months ago
Logan:Top Means kill Everyone:Top means Head Me:Head Means something that is attached to your body!
AKRS Month ago
Yes this is a great explanation.👏👏👏👏👏 Good work.
Benjamin Altman
Benjamin Altman 2 months ago
Do you post US-first vids any more
Annika Brinkley
Annika Brinkley 2 months ago
Logan is so straight lol top is slang from the gay community it just means sex
Mike Ox Big
Mike Ox Big 2 months ago
He said “Idk what she was watching cuz my videos suck.” LMFAO💀 *they’re actually pretty good Logan...*
Fam It's Sam
Fam It's Sam 2 months ago
Yeah lmao, all these people saying hes copying david dobrik, but the only thing is similar is his video time, thats it really except that its all good.
Jkong Hong
Jkong Hong 2 months ago
I mean copying David dobrik vids style is gon do that lmao
steady fishing
steady fishing 2 months ago
Top in this case doesn't mean head, it means to get on top of her
mello tome
mello tome 2 months ago
I only kill people I know😂😂
Senad 2 months ago
Half a decade sounds like 15 years for some reason
Tylor 2 months ago
I live in Ontario and I even know top means head
Keivan 2 months ago
i live in ontario and had no idea
Arantino 2 months ago
Logan vids before were better than these where he doesn’t even upload every week 🤦🏽‍♂️
ANG3LM SSG 2 months ago
Lol I'm a guy and I unsend my messages alott , the only reason because I didn't like what I said ...or if i don't get a message back quickly and wait a long time i unsend the text lol I overthink alott
Carbz Plays
Carbz Plays 2 months ago
Bella Poarch
Adam 2 months ago
Top literally means head lmaoooo
Steve G
Steve G 2 months ago
Mike saying Lana not shooting anything in half a decade ago. That was slick Mike def makes it sound longer then 5 years ago which is not a long time to be "retired" from something
Deepa Parakkal
Deepa Parakkal Month ago
Michael Brownleader
Michael Brownleader 2 months ago
America Top means head. England Top is referred to as like suicide.
Premium Games
Premium Games 2 months ago
Top means head Logan😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Riley Spencer
Riley Spencer 2 months ago
Rail me they say the most😭😂
DOUBLE A 2 months ago
we sometimes delete dms we send to famous people because we don't want to bother them or sound stupid
L L 2 months ago
Where r Logan’s funny US-first vids on his acc
Johan de Beer
Johan de Beer 2 months ago
Truckando Cuhh
Truckando Cuhh 2 months ago
Logan use “hey lol” works every time😈
sp ce
sp ce 2 months ago
Truckando Cuhh
Truckando Cuhh 2 months ago
@6ixObaid 69 I would usually use “hey lol” to start a conversation but if I did random get a message saying “top me” I would respond with “head?” To be more specific
6ixObaid 2 months ago
To start the convo or to respond to that, because that would be odd to say after top me lol
Rory Grantham
Rory Grantham 2 months ago
Jessica Marie
Jessica Marie 2 months ago
Blow me😂😂
Matthew Stevens
Matthew Stevens 2 months ago
"Top me" means f*ck me. These men clearly have no gay friends. Lol.
Jordon 2 months ago
Does urban dictionary really say that's what top means? Id be shocked if it doesn't say "oral sex" lol especially because i thought the whole damn world knows that except these guys apparently
Mister Incognito
Mister Incognito 2 months ago
Mike saying his girlfriend (ex) has stopped filming.....boy you don’t wanne see her upload scheme on pornhub, but I do heheheheh
Banana Junta
Banana Junta 2 months ago
Logan find out what she meant. There's a war in comment section.
Banana Junta
Banana Junta 2 months ago
I thought she did some thing amazing & wants logan to try topping what she has done.
Matías Ramos
Matías Ramos 2 months ago
I feel like its bella poarch bc of tyga that be crazy if i was logan I would’ve been kill that lmfaooo
mathusan 2 months ago
Maybe she unsent it since now instagram sends a notification to the person when you screenshot their DMs. So maybe she was weirded out that you screenshot
Justin Moritz
Justin Moritz 2 months ago
Bruh y’all are clowns she wants you to eat her out
Ace Kovu
Ace Kovu 2 months ago
All these straights thinking “top me” means head LMAO.
Ace Kovu
Ace Kovu 2 months ago
@Landon Simecek He’ll live.
Ace Kovu
Ace Kovu 2 months ago
@Drake Jones “I love when this “bih” headin me” yeah makes a lot of sense big girl who’s so big and tough she calls people “lil” on the internet. I know you’ll need it broken down so here Top= Dominant, therefore Topping= Dominating, therefore= “top me” = “dominant me” ~~~The More You Know.~~~
Drake Jones
Drake Jones 2 months ago
" i love when dis bih toppin me" that means head lil one
Landon Simecek
Landon Simecek 2 months ago
@Ace Kovu He means you're stereotyping straight people and he doesn't appreciate it
Ace Kovu
Ace Kovu 2 months ago
@Agust1n Hub No idea what you’re trying to say mate.
Joanne Ellie
Joanne Ellie 2 months ago
in england someone says "topped them" or "topped themselves" when talking about murder or suicide, more commonly used when talking about suicide
Roy Garcia
Roy Garcia 2 months ago
They are talking about that girl kelly kay that was on the nelk boys video lol
Shree Ram
Shree Ram 2 months ago
She meant “Top of morning” then it got auto-corrected
Grayson Wyman
Grayson Wyman 2 months ago
Coop on IOS
Coop on IOS 2 months ago
They probably got tested before hand but at least social distance.
Agust1n Hub
Agust1n Hub 2 months ago
You know that’s his house yk...😂
jodiea malarchy
jodiea malarchy 2 months ago
hi guys who's the girl ???????????
Matthew Garrett
Matthew Garrett 2 months ago
how do you not know that lol
Olivier 2 months ago
The girl they’re talking about is Kaylen Ward
Jake Heidecker
Jake Heidecker 2 months ago
Logan ur from the Midwest come on you gotta know about the sloppy toppy
StrangerOf The206
StrangerOf The206 2 months ago
Well what a white conversation this was... How TF y’all not know what top is??? lol
StrangerOf The206
StrangerOf The206 2 months ago
@Elon Musk ok well why don’t you list them then? List the “many things” that it could mean in this context with a girl sending a DM saying “top me”....
Gerardo Barrientos
Gerardo Barrientos 2 months ago
top means head
Capt_Sykes 2 months ago
Logan, why did you have to break up with Josie😭
CEO GEFF 2 months ago
Literally 99% won’t see this but god bless you and stay safe I’m struggling to get 1k with noti my goal🙇🏼‍♂️......💫
Dasher 360
Dasher 360 3 months ago
Come on Logan you never heard of sloppy top it means head
Christ Anthony
Christ Anthony 3 months ago
The girl he is talking about is Eve, I think she is dating David, one of his camera man
Olivier 2 months ago
No it’s Kaylen Ward
LME Alpha
LME Alpha 3 months ago
thatonedude 3 months ago
mike is loseing his shit
Nicholas Mcdougald
Nicholas Mcdougald 3 months ago
I'm 20 and didn't know what Top means😅
Jesus Valdez
Jesus Valdez 3 months ago
this has to be the dumbest clip😂 they are so clueless simply because they don’t understand one word💀
Dion Shelby
Dion Shelby 11 days ago
Ikr. I was surprised lol
Littleturd Turd
Littleturd Turd 3 months ago
Tinker 205
Tinker 205 3 months ago
Top means head my guy where you been?
Derrick Delson
Derrick Delson 3 months ago
It’s Bella porch
Olivier 2 months ago
No it’s Kaylen Ward
Skyler D'Souza
Skyler D'Souza 3 months ago
I thought I was the only one who realized she was talking abt head
Yuji 3 months ago
I think that girl who dm'd was bella poarch
Locker-Room Dwarf
Locker-Room Dwarf 3 months ago
NGC 7635
NGC 7635 3 months ago
I always wait at least 6 months before I kill my girlfriends....
Aven7218 3 months ago
3 years = half a decade
Ky_Perry_IG 3 months ago
The start of this podcast 😭🤣😂
Dominic Josiah
Dominic Josiah 3 months ago
brooooo top means head 😭🤦‍♂️
ケセ岡Jհ3ᴀr7 3 months ago
Bro either way he is not going to kill anyone Even if he knows them
Hags04 FN
Hags04 FN 3 months ago
Lmao. “I’m talking to an 0-1-1 boxer” 💀💀 Mike is wild
We at
We at 3 months ago
Bro they just don’t get it Logan Paul isn’t a boxer he doesn’t even have a amateur record and top of that people struggle in the sport of boxing he only got millions off of it because of social media platform
Huub Jongman
Huub Jongman 3 months ago
Hahahah u old Logan
Danny Toasaly
Danny Toasaly 3 months ago
Wait so when thier listening to a song and it says “she gave me top” they thought it mean kill the mf
Inside my Mind
Inside my Mind 3 months ago
Top means head.