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Video from Ep. 233 One Year Since Losing to KSI us-first.info/player/video/jpimhWSRmItfdok.html&ab_channel=Impaulsive
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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.


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Nov 12, 2020




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Comments 100   
Millard Filmore
Millard Filmore 8 days ago
Who cares about the subject line? Wtf?
Jake Jimenez
Jake Jimenez 8 days ago
Looks like she went back to him too sorry Logan you’ll bounce back bro
Connor McGannon
Connor McGannon 10 days ago
Damn this one didn't age well
Eli Schwartz
Eli Schwartz 10 days ago
annnnnnd now shes in Montana with himVv
Twenty1Tracks !
Twenty1Tracks ! 16 days ago
I love Logan. I've been watching him so long and I love to watch his growth
Nermin Peskovic
Nermin Peskovic 17 days ago
Idc who you are, if you’re in a relationship stop fucking with your ex, you can’t be “friends” with someone you were sexually active with. Jesus Christ man
Eddie Gomez
Eddie Gomez 19 days ago
Swear bruh their convos are annoying asf, thought this was gonna be good! And then mike tries to throw is some dumbass curve ball question every single time, and then plugs his vids. Idk I’m done watching this shit and the rest of his impaulsive podcasts. They dogged on that one dude who ended up quitting on him, listen to these stupid ass shit they bring up!
Eddie Gomez
Eddie Gomez 8 days ago
@Ben Dover definitely won’t 🤣
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 8 days ago
Ok then don’t listen lmao
WILLS WHEELS 22 days ago
Bro george janko and logan paul need to check the song whoever broke your heart literally talks about the fact that we may hate the dude our girls have dated before us but we also have to thank them because we never would have met them
biro 23 days ago
George Bro.. it wouldn‘t bother you if she likes his pics??? Wuat?
Roman Soroka
Roman Soroka 28 days ago
Yea George great thinking , NOT , your delusional , and she clearly has not moved on , if she’s about u she won’t need another man for any need , 2nd past experiences you get wiser but doesn’t really change who you are or your personality
Logan Main
Logan Main Month ago
Mike Stud living in Logan’s head rent free my nigga😂😂
George Lamkin
George Lamkin Month ago
They r back together tho...
nikkidavila92 Month ago
There so white who puts anything in the subject 😂
YouMadBr0Br0 TTv
This makes me have a lot more respect for Logan actually! Ggs💯
Mark Dietrich
Mark Dietrich Month ago
Does this kid Logan Paul have a new age comb over with his a hair?😂😂🤔
Miguel Month ago
Little did he know he was the ex
Harmandeep Singh
Logan did everything for her man ! buying horses and she just casually broke up 😑😑
VASZQES Month ago
😄 I like
Yerboi zaim
Yerboi zaim Month ago
I’m watching this and I get a text from my girlfriend abt this guy hitting on her
Nicholas DiCostanzo
I can't believe he sent that email with no "subject".....
Carl Pfenninger
Carl Pfenninger Month ago
Paul Brothers are jokes lagan cant hit 1 mill views lmao and Jake is trolling the boxing game just sad!
NEO ALAN Month ago
I guess the poem worked because they broke up
NEO ALAN Month ago
And now he’s the ex
Ritvik Arya
Ritvik Arya Month ago
George buddy, the world doesnt deserve u🥺🥺
dee DEE
dee DEE Month ago
and I thought girls were the overthinking ones
Mike Omaire
Mike Omaire Month ago
Mike is such a fn tool .
Ayaan Ayub
Ayaan Ayub Month ago
Is this brody Jenner ????
Sancho S
Sancho S Month ago
Logans girlfriend probably read all the emails her ex sent and knows what is the subject but she said no subject referring to no subject slot on the email to avoid talking about it.
Dylan Ladd
Dylan Ladd Month ago
Don’t downplay Mike man
Okenakm 2 months ago
Edgar Velasquez
Edgar Velasquez 2 months ago
Mike and Josie >>>> Logan and Josie
Paul Barry
Paul Barry 2 months ago
Roast his ass
Clayto Potato
Clayto Potato 2 months ago
Logan should’ve wrote a poem back to him saying go away.
Almighty Dorr
Almighty Dorr 2 months ago
Was this the reason they broke up?
C.Xavier Reyes
C.Xavier Reyes 2 months ago
Mikes annoying
illougal nation
illougal nation 2 months ago
Who's laughing now 😂
Ben Da Guy
Ben Da Guy 2 months ago
Does a subject really even matter? Like who the fuck cares ima send that shit without a subject, the bitch can figure it out
jacob roman
jacob roman 2 months ago
So we’re gna kick his azz💀☠️💀💀☠️☠️
Mike W
Mike W 2 months ago
That dude prop using her as a glove right now
Ashley Desiree
Ashley Desiree 2 months ago
You actually can block emails so she lied to you
NAIR 2 months ago
this email made them break up or what?
CAM BONE 2 months ago
Logan’s stronger mentally man. He’s cracked but he’s a good guy
2 B irie 4life
2 B irie 4life 2 months ago
Was it Brody Jenner or the other guy?
Jon Beka
Jon Beka 2 months ago
So.. he e-mailed himself
Slighty 2 months ago
What if they broke up bc of that email
MrChimorinkaari 2 months ago
No subject ? That’s out of order
ÖYE Beats
ÖYE Beats 2 months ago
I like how the biggest problem they have with this is that he did not have a subject
Brent Wise
Brent Wise 2 months ago
Well we know who she’s going back to now 🤣
Captain BP&J
Captain BP&J 2 months ago
Her ex is hitting it right now
Alexander 2 months ago
Do these idiots really not know you can block an email?
Heidi Renouf
Heidi Renouf 2 months ago
Life turn's better
Chandresh Singh
Chandresh Singh 2 months ago
That must be some poem that he wrote 😂
Andrei Pascual
Andrei Pascual 2 months ago
maybe that's their secret message to be back together so you two broke up
david Barnes
david Barnes 2 months ago
Nah man. You need to move on. Don’t email my girl
Kayla D
Kayla D 2 months ago
I like George
Rj Samin
Rj Samin 2 months ago
This was so helpful cuz I’m in a same situation but don’t really know how to feel about it. Thanks 🙏
Angela Duncan
Angela Duncan 2 months ago
🙄mike is hella annoying
Daniel Starks
Daniel Starks 2 months ago
So we're gonna kick his ass 😂
Milton Aguilar
Milton Aguilar 2 months ago
So he emailed himself
Soham Chakraborty
Soham Chakraborty 2 months ago
Ohh i loved this ep ❤️😂
Josh Mossman
Josh Mossman 2 months ago
Rip the relationship
Mushroom Lasers
Mushroom Lasers 2 months ago
The poem was greater than all of the Logan brothers combined!
Bast 2 months ago
He dumped her cause she voted for Biden
Matty Kaye
Matty Kaye 2 months ago
Hahahahaha this is great
Colby McClelland
Colby McClelland 2 months ago
Mike > any one of the Paul's
EchoNoir1775 -
EchoNoir1775 - 2 months ago
See what George said at the end is exactly what I'm like.
Deorum Utlagatus
Deorum Utlagatus 2 months ago
Respect to Logan
Lawl Nubz
Lawl Nubz 2 months ago
Isn’t her ex Brody Jenner ?
Goat 23
Goat 23 2 months ago
Well we all know how it went. She broke up with him cuz the other dude write her a poem? Logan bought her ass a horse. Wtf
Vashtii 2 months ago
Hmm. Reason why the broke up?
GamerK 2 months ago
Did he email himself? (Sorry Logan)
Darwin Dark
Darwin Dark 2 months ago
Sucks knowing they broke up now...lol
Mark Wolf
Mark Wolf 2 months ago
This is comdey 😂
Funman 245
Funman 245 2 months ago
Where is Logan’s videos at on his channel
Connor McLaughlin
Connor McLaughlin 2 months ago
Mike stud the goat
Roshan Jimmy
Roshan Jimmy 2 months ago
ANNNNNNNDD THey broke up
MIRLZY 2 months ago
Even more akward now eh?
Mico 2 months ago
Who’s here after Logan’s recent tweet
Danielle Boucher
Danielle Boucher 2 months ago
you can block email!
Richard Solorio
Richard Solorio 2 months ago
Plot twist: She got back with her EX and broke up with Logan
Akash Arasu
Akash Arasu 2 months ago
Logan not getting is true love for is life. Really sad yar.. Look at Mike nd lana thy both happy together
Kuba P
Kuba P 2 months ago
WTF does it mean ex stole a girl. Josie isn’t loyal then. The hell is wrong with people. Trash and disgusting
Remi 2 months ago
she probably broke up with him for sharing so much information and not keeping anything secret not to go to her ex as many people suggested
michael hogan
michael hogan 2 months ago
mikes saying she cheated? swear I just saw his girl take a dozen
michael hogan
michael hogan 2 months ago
7 months deep? a poem? these dudes 14? how I get here
farooq amra
farooq amra 2 months ago
Brody Jenner is josies ex btw
Daniel 2 months ago
dude the that guy is fucking hilarious hahaha mike and logan shouild be happy to have him around
dave bradley
dave bradley 2 months ago
looks like the poem worked....
Josh Gordon
Josh Gordon 2 months ago
I use to hate George, but he’s growing on me at a rapid pace
Mahmoud Abdel
Mahmoud Abdel 2 months ago
My ex girlfriends ex emailed her*
joelaazo 2 months ago
if anybody is wondering who the ex is, it's Mike Stud, he's a rapper so him writing her a poem makes sense...
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander 2 months ago
Ur exes ex messaged her?
YahBoiHammy 2 months ago
Logan’s hair looks more and more like Trumps every podcast
Haseo 2 months ago
The ex stole the girl.
Kuba P
Kuba P 14 days ago
Fucked up
G-Alessi GA87
G-Alessi GA87 2 months ago
So basically josie’s ex won. He showed that his love for josie is superior than logan’s. She complained and she’s been dumped by logan.
White 2 months ago
Did she go back to him ?
SpearedHam 2 months ago
lol idk, I think so though
Kelsey Ervay
Kelsey Ervay 2 months ago
This is so irrelevant! Why are you even talking about this on the podcast? Now look at you.
Dylan Gibboney
Dylan Gibboney 2 months ago
Mike vs logan fight
DJ4 3 months ago
Logan : gets Chloe Bennet a pig *they break up* Also Logan : gets Josie a horse... *they break up* Moral of the story? Don't buy your girlfriend farm animals
Kuba P
Kuba P 14 days ago
@DJ4 be kind
SwiftyBoi 2 months ago
@DJ4 Well I wanted to surprise her more than she surprised me soooo yeah I did that, it was a pretty nice painting tho she complimented it, but nah never fuckin again I learned my lesson, waste of my time 😂
DJ4 2 months ago
@SwiftyBoi you painted? That was your first mistake. 😂
SwiftyBoi 2 months ago
I painted a picture for my ex gf's birthday. Two weeks later we broke up. Kinda shit if u ask me
Andrew Felcey
Andrew Felcey 3 months ago
She's Back with Her X ?
Bob Gilbert
Bob Gilbert 3 months ago
This didn’t age well