Logan Paul debuts on SmackDown as Sami Zayn’s guest of honor | FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN 

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Sami Zayn brought global US-first star Logan Paul to the SmackDown ring on Friday night for an event that grabbed the attention of the WWE Universe. The Red Carpet Premiere showcased the trailer of Zayn’s conspiracy-filled documentary.
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Logan Paul debuts on SmackDown as Sami Zayn’s guest of honor | FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN


Published on


Apr 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
WWE ON FOX 12 days ago
What are your thoughts on Sami Zayn’s conspiracy-filled documentary?
PricelessYT _Cameron Robertson
@Itz-venomtv the camera was pointed at sami and logan not just logan
Itz-venomtv 2 days ago
@PricelessYT _Cameron Robertson Yeah- Or He Might’ve Seen That The Camera Was Pointed At Him/ The Screens
PricelessYT _Cameron Robertson
@Patrick Milli I actually have good luck ur just butthurt 😂😂😂😂😂
Patrick Milli
Patrick Milli 3 days ago
@PricelessYT _Cameron Robertson I hope you and Logan Paul have the worst luck for the rest of both y’all’s lifetime
PricelessYT _Cameron Robertson
@Itz-venomtv he could have been giving it to sami you never know
CBoy Slim
CBoy Slim 12 hours ago
4:06 "and i quote..." *doesn't quote*
Eric Valle
Eric Valle 13 hours ago
When did Sammy turn into the miz
william Edwards
william Edwards 14 hours ago
Imagine if logan Paul became a wrestler
BiggyCheese123 23 hours ago
logan is the only respectable paull
Sal Greensfelder
Sal Greensfelder 23 hours ago
Roland Norello
I saw on Google News they had to audio edit in him being booed.
duck s
duck s Day ago
I want to fracking die Also is miss 2015 Sami zayn
Drowned Day ago
ain’t no way bruh what’s next are tik tokkers gonna come on here
Drowned Day ago
BalKanPluG 2 days ago
Just wish WWE, a billion dollar business, could hire good writers lol
Ok so he’s a WWE superstar now?
maddenclipz 54
maddenclipz 54 3 days ago
Logan looks so uncomfortable
Gibling Garcho
Gibling Garcho 3 days ago
Big ups logan and sami for making such a great comebacks in there careers
Owen Bloom
Owen Bloom 3 days ago
You got the stunner in wrestle mania bruh
Nolimitjay 3 days ago
Jesus Christ loves you amen
j p
j p 3 days ago
Thank God I don't watch the wwe anymore smh. Can't believe it's sunk so low.
Trasher jew
Trasher jew 3 days ago
i love how the WWE has a whole zoom call with screens of ppl in the back, that's so creative 😂
Mag ster
Mag ster 2 days ago
For a while, they had a hart time simulating the fans. Then they decided to have fans join via zoom.
Teros Gaming
Teros Gaming 3 days ago
he is shocked and weirded out
mrmidget 3 days ago
2:17 - the guy in the audience flips off logan😂
kylarrr 4 days ago
Sami Zayn is giving me joker vibes
J D Brockington
J D Brockington 4 days ago
Kagayama Tobio !
Kagayama Tobio ! 4 days ago
We are not gonna talk about the people in the back like: 👎👎👎
King13flex 5 days ago
Logan Paul vs ksi and jake Paul vs deji fighting again but wwe style?
I Am Anonymous WWE
You cut out the best part...1:37
Jennifer Cavins
Jennifer Cavins 5 days ago
I love Logan paul he has came along way👐🙏🏻👐
Fortnite Eventos
Fortnite Eventos 5 days ago
2:05 your face when you are pretending to care about what he is saying
Junior YT
Junior YT 5 days ago
If Sami Zane gets killed I think Logan will probably film it...
Jared cole
Jared cole 3 days ago
wow original joke
Dairius Richards
Dairius Richards 5 days ago
I love the way Logan seen Owens coming and tried his best to stop Sami from noticing
Kenny Tober
Kenny Tober 5 days ago
Bruhhh noo one sees dude dropping GDK on the zoom 😂😭😭😭😭
Hector Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez 6 days ago
Why Logan so akward on tv 🤣🤣🤣
BD Reborn
BD Reborn 6 days ago
Y'all be hating on Logan. Luv u logan nh
Corey Robert
Corey Robert 6 days ago
Sami Zayn just has that face and smile that makes you just wanna punch over and over again 👊👊👊👊🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛 surprised he didn't injure himself dancing.
ItsNoahScott 6 days ago
Mr. Lobo
Mr. Lobo 6 days ago
Alexis Zhumi-Leal
WTF Logan is here😃😃😃😃😃😃
Caleb Stewart
Caleb Stewart 7 days ago
What world are we living in where Logan Paul is in wwe 🤣🤣
Daniel Riley
Daniel Riley 7 days ago
from tazing rats to being mature enough to be in the wwe
Harbaroblox 7 days ago
when is the wrestlemania
idk wow
idk wow 8 days ago
lol wtf is this.
Fridged 8 days ago
Hot take: Sami would make a terrific joker
ZARTEX PUBG 8 days ago
Owens thinks that he's the best but i guess that roman won him lots of times😂🤣
LucarioMario What if's
Sami is so fckin crazy it's funny
Jayden Chen
Jayden Chen 8 days ago
wow youtuber at wwe. ya supa cool.
Josh Tomassi
Josh Tomassi 8 days ago
I can’t no more
Denise Cugini
Denise Cugini 8 days ago
Why do I fell like the flat earth thing In the trailer a messed to Logan
Melvin Cruz
Melvin Cruz 8 days ago
Sorry y’all I’m a lil dumb. When he said Logan will witness what he’s gonna do to his opponent in wrestlemania..... does that mean Logan won’t be wrestling in it? I’m confused... will Logan be competing in wrestlemania or just attending it..?
Shawn Popp
Shawn Popp 9 days ago
Why is this even a thing?
Jaki Stewart
Jaki Stewart 9 days ago
so is logan paul an official wwe superstar now ?
TrippeDavi 9 days ago
Logan Paul looks stoned
Joao Flores
Joao Flores 9 days ago
I like this Sami Zayn lol 😂 he looks he has money so he can’t be crazy but the conspiracy sounds crazy so who’s really crazy or do we just live in a crazy world
Juan Fto
Juan Fto 9 days ago
christianlorre 9 days ago
That was kind of a waste. Logan didn't even have to do anything. Then it ends and he clearly has no idea what he's supposed to do.
✯RedStar✯ Graal
I don't like logan paul But That logan paul entrance was lit that music was fire 😎🔥
Gamer Bros
Gamer Bros 9 days ago
Ok OK OKKKKKOK OK first we added Logan Paul on wwe games NOW HE IS IN REAL WWE WTFFF WTF WTF I'm so confused who next JAKE PAUL
Gamer Bros
Gamer Bros 9 days ago
Zachary Bechtel
Zachary Bechtel 9 days ago
Love Logan Paul
spillzz 123
spillzz 123 9 days ago
God bless
Corgi Dude
Corgi Dude 9 days ago
*turns into an anime girl and UwUs sami* 😍
FisheON60fps 9 days ago
just an average pigeon
Welp I'm done with the wwe im done
Peppo _
Peppo _ 9 days ago
Stunna Empire
Stunna Empire 9 days ago
Wwe is now a Joke with Logan Paul and bad bunny
TheTreMara 9 days ago
1:37 🤣
Ruby Chan
Ruby Chan 9 days ago
4:30-5:20 same reaction he had when he took that one trip to Japan.....🤭
Draven Peazzoni
Draven Peazzoni 10 days ago
This was ridiculous
Iron mike Gaming
Iron mike Gaming 10 days ago
Logan u did amazing bro so good Logan a future wwe superstar 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻
Rainman 10 days ago
He fits in this universe perfectly...and I don't like him but if I had to choose between him or his brother Fake,I mean Snake, I mean Jake?...id choose L....Lo....Log( I can't even say it)...Logan
Edwin Recon
Edwin Recon 10 days ago
We got a bootleg stone cold steve austin . ROFL .
Buster Jax
Buster Jax 6 days ago
Idk when the last time i saw ROFL
Daniel Belandria
Daniel Belandria 10 days ago
“Yes, totally man!” *changes subject*
SSJ4GAWD LEDGER 10 days ago
Logan Paul Vs The Fiend Would be a Pretty Good Match Since They are Both Sadistic People
Megan Ziggler
Megan Ziggler 10 days ago
He acted better than Ronda rousey smhhh
Rapid Revolt
Rapid Revolt 10 days ago
Kevin and Sami reuniting someday soon will be great. Future tag champions
Paco Najera
Paco Najera 10 days ago
His Theme Song Thi
Damn Tv
Damn Tv 10 days ago
Logan Paul vs Brock BIG MONEY 💰
RSN unknown
RSN unknown 10 days ago
Verselynx 10 days ago
Metal Head
Metal Head 10 days ago
Logan brother loser democrat
Raymond Hernandez
Raymond Hernandez 10 days ago
Sami zayn should cut he’s dam hair
cole beck
cole beck 10 days ago
Logan is about to become a real celebrity. Not just a US-first star
Madison Washington
Madison Washington 10 days ago
WTH is he on wwe
DAG_ HUNTERS 10 days ago
This is the best news I’ve herd about wrestlemaina
Roy Dacuycuy
Roy Dacuycuy 11 days ago
Guy flips off 2:17 😂😂😂😂
LucariotheGod Boi
LucariotheGod Boi 11 days ago
Logan's been busy this week.
Z Fouleur
Z Fouleur 11 days ago
So, basically Sami is playing himself in real life as a SJW. 😂🤣
The Asshole
The Asshole 11 days ago
Logan looks confusen like I am confused. Logan dont really watch wwe like I cant remember him mentioning wwe in his vlogs ever. Reminds me when I got confused when I saw the Mayeesther poster
Mychael Jones
Mychael Jones 11 days ago
Thank god he didn't say "Silverdome" 2:11
Nate Francis
Nate Francis 11 days ago
I was thinking about it, but now I REALLY Know I'm not watching Mania this year.
Zak H
Zak H 11 days ago
Bet you watch it😂
Tyler Russin
Tyler Russin 11 days ago
So I’m far away from watching WWE anymore...how tf is someone else doing the stunner as their signature more?
Tyler Russin
Tyler Russin 11 days ago
Mikey D Henk
Mikey D Henk 11 days ago
I can admit that I don’t care for Logan Paul or Bad Bunny... however, honestly, I think they’re both doing great in wwe! Most of the time when wwe has celebrities participate, they’re not that good... these 2 have been doing great and I’m looking forward to see what they both do at mania... and hopefully they’ll bring in some new eyes to the product
j o s h
j o s h 11 days ago
sami off the shrooms
Error 404
Error 404 11 days ago
He looked so Nervous lol
Error 404
Error 404 11 days ago
Look at the one 55 year old booing with 2 thumbs down when Logan's name is called 😂
Jared C
Jared C 4 days ago
I mean sami zany is a heel and a instructor tells u who to boo or who to cheer
Cody Whitt
Cody Whitt 6 days ago
Would be appreciated
Cody Whitt
Cody Whitt 6 days ago
Time stamp please
Utopia 6 days ago
Time stamp
BadlandsChugsFanAccount 69
Hilarious 😐
Johnathan Ortiz
Johnathan Ortiz 11 days ago
Mychael Jones
Mychael Jones 11 days ago
Pretty much 2nd best part of video. Best is 1:37
GeorgeIS Drezz
GeorgeIS Drezz 11 days ago
Logam gonna end up helping ko at WM37
Tsm_ Chiuy
Tsm_ Chiuy 11 days ago
Logan was like, "What's going on?"
Deuce cool kid
Deuce cool kid 11 days ago
Hey grandpa monster!!!!!
BLAZE 11 days ago
mckenna 11 days ago
i only clicked because saw zayn in the title and i thought i was zayn malik haha
saint cosmo
saint cosmo 10 days ago
you probably need to focus more on wwe than one direction then
Fyeaxel _05
Fyeaxel _05 11 days ago
We want to see Logan Paul at wrestlemania 37 imagine KSI
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