Loch Ness Outdone: Rediscovery of the Coelacanth 

In 1938 a fisherman in South Africa caught a fish thought to have been extinct for more than fifty million years. The amazing discovery shocked and thrilled the world, challenged our understanding of species and evolution, and gave new meaning to the term "forgotten history."
This is original content based on research by The History Guy. Images in the Public Domain are carefully selected and provide illustration. As very few images of the actual event are available in the Public Domain, images of similar objects and events are used for illustration.
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Apr 30, 2021




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lesROKnoobz 3 hours ago
I wonder how accurate their ideas of the fishes soft tissue was before the discovery of living ones.
Pdragy 3 hours ago
Thank you Animal Crossing!
Carlo Alicer
Carlo Alicer 4 hours ago
Darwin's theory of evolution is BS, it is obsolete and has many flaws in it.
Randy Ruppel
Randy Ruppel 6 hours ago
Please consider Fruehauf story/history
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 7 hours ago
Coelacanths is still a coelacanth it didn’t evolve into something else
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 8 hours ago
A living dinosaur: so much for evolution
itsbdubnukka 10 hours ago
Coelacanth? More like Coelacan.
Stephen McCoy
Stephen McCoy 11 hours ago
I am a tour guide and often (in the before time) gave tours of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. And they have a Coelacanth on display. I always enjoy telling its story and deadpanning scientist reactions to finding an animal that was contemporary to the T-Rex, saying "...you are not supposed to be here...how are you hear?"
Caroline M.
Caroline M. 11 hours ago
“Now I can die happy where I have lived to see the great American public excited about fish.” Best statement ever
Jesse Leibel
Jesse Leibel 11 hours ago
50 million years... where do they get these numbers? Sad!
EastTexasClapDoctor 798
And people say they ain't no bigfoot...smh
Yongky Kuncoro
Yongky Kuncoro 17 hours ago
Ikan Raja Laut is a coelacanth??! As an Indonesian, I'm ashamed I didn't know that
#Gears 73 Adult Racing Team 73
It's probably just a drop in the bucket of supposedly extinct animals that are still hanging on out in the extreme middle of nowhere.
TRiG (Ireland)
TRiG (Ireland) 20 hours ago
The Natural History Museum in London has reliefs of various species on the walls. All extant species face one way; all extinct face the other. The coelacanth faces the wrong way. The building itself is fascinating. It looks like a cross between a Gothic cathedral and a Victorian railway station.
#Gears 73 Adult Racing Team 73
I wonder what a coelacanth would taste like....🤔
#Gears 73 Adult Racing Team 73
@The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered Lol, probably so.
The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered
They are notably foul-tasting.
Jonathan Orozco
Jonathan Orozco 23 hours ago
Nothing scares people who desire to study rare species like the term “Chinese medicine"
So much for evolution...
RBEO22 Day ago
What they don't tell you is that it had terrible stats and only knew water gun, so he released it.
So forgotten is a relative term depending on the society making the claim. To local fishermen who might have regularly caught coelacanths, they might be completely ignorant of the learnard academics of another society who believed they died out millions of years ago. "Reports of my death have been highly exaggerated," said the ceolacanth.
Chris Chapel
Chris Chapel Day ago
Evolution? What a joke LOL... I believed that hoax once.
Audifyle Day ago
Michael Arrington
Darwin was wrong
Anthony Hamilton
A blog post from the University of California Museum of Paleontology described him as "probably the last reputable scientist to reject evolution outright for any length of time after the publication of the origin of species." This is a prime example of an evolutionist redefining terms to try to undercut the credibility of anyone who has a different viewpoint. The writer obviously thinks that only people who believe in evolution are reputable, despite there being hundreds (probably thousands) of high-quality scientists who didn't (and don't) believe in evolution due to its myriad flaws (and from what I've seen, those who are doubting evolution are growing in number). I've read and many quotes by evolutionists and former evolutionists who have serious doubts in the theory, as well as quotes from prominent evolutionists who have stated outright that they won't consider other alternatives, particularly ones that include intelligent design, not because they don't have significant merit, but because they can't stand the possibility that there is a God. That is a completely unscientific approach, as they are forcing facts to fit their preconceived worldview rather than letting the facts speak for themselves.
All Day Day Dreamer
So this guy is copying the body, face and voice mannerisms of some famous news host, but I can't remember who. I can't watch the videos because of this fact. Who am I thinking of ?
jatpack3 Day ago
Why do they disappear from the fossil record?
History was rewritten and extended to double plus
Leslie Mackay
Don't you just love humans? We thought it was extinct. It's not, only exceptionally rare. Oh goody let's kill it and eat it and make snake oil out of it. 🤯
Bonefetcher Brimley
Cool video! I feel really bad this fish nearly went extinct due to overfishing and stupid traditional chinese "Medicine." I hope this fish is doing better now though, its so cool.
Hillary Clinton 123
Christians are taught those "fossells" were seeded by Satan the Devil to fool fools who don't BElive in Jesus's Name and Blood of the Lamb.
Ameha K
Ameha K Day ago
This story is always fascinating to hear about. Indonesians have been eating this fish for hundreds of years
James Gibbs
James Gibbs Day ago
There is something fishy about this story....
Ynnel?! Day ago
The coelacanth. The world's cutest ugly fish.
Um..... how did they taste? Can you broil them?
This is the fish that Goku catches in the beginning lol
Anthony Appleyard
S.A. Morris
S.A. Morris Day ago
...this gentleman has a captain kangaroo hat tree... (so do i)... :)
jimmy adams
jimmy adams Day ago
Your voice sound like Patton Oswald.
smallfaucet Day ago
Bow ties do not get as dirty as regular ties \m/
Duke Raul
Duke Raul 2 days ago
The Coelacanth is my Spirit Fishy... 😁😎🦈🐠🐡🎣🐟
ade rahmat
ade rahmat 2 days ago
and some fisherman in my country accidently cooks them...
Ty Smith
Ty Smith 2 days ago
Now that I know that they exist, I'll be using my trust fund to find out what they taste like.
Jammie! Day ago
They taste terrible, that's why the locals that catch them don't eat them.
Frank Moreno
Frank Moreno 2 days ago
I saw the carcass of one in Monaco when i made a port visit in 1988... really cool museum and aquarium!
patrick mcgarrey
patrick mcgarrey 2 days ago
So glad the algorithm suggested this
Ezra Steinberg
Ezra Steinberg 2 days ago
Excellent story!
Lawrence Shuda
Lawrence Shuda 2 days ago
deathybrs 2 days ago
Woah, The Humble Guys! Are you guys gonna start releasing warez again?
Robert Barnes
Robert Barnes 2 days ago
It's ′zō ol ǝjē, not 'zoo ol ǝjē. The "ology" suffix means something like "discipline", or "the study of". So mythology is the study myth, and psychology the study of, well, psyches. Prefixes ending in o are problematic when tacked onto ology. "Ecology" and "enology" come from adding the Greek (I think) roots for "environment" and "wine" to ology, but the "o" is dropped to avoid clumsy constructs like "ecoology" and "enoology". The "o" did not drop from the "zo" ("animal"), I suppose because that would leave the root a single unadorned "z", giving the equally awkward "zology". Etymology is just weird (as well as another ology word). So, "zoology" is not about zoos.
James Luke
James Luke 2 days ago
Wasn't there a time that it was believed and even officially proclamed that the Duck Billed Platypus was extinct? No of course we know they are not...
Billy Dunckley
Billy Dunckley 2 days ago
The Guitologist
The Guitologist 2 days ago
Fun episode.
Pete O.
Pete O. 2 days ago
Fascinating story!
Gary Frandsen
Gary Frandsen 2 days ago
I wonder how may "extinct" fish 🐟 have been served up at the dinner table or released 🤔..
notahotshot 3 days ago
Science: "It turns out the coelacanth is not extinct." Chinese folk "medicine": "And we took that personally."
Ranger Of The Order
I remember catching one of these in Pokemon Ruby
CostaCola 3 days ago
"cables from all parts of the world including... the Rhodesians." I suggest the Coelacanth be named the official marine fish of Rhodesia, since it has never died.
Shay Rollins
Shay Rollins 3 days ago
Yes, many scientists disagree with evolution and their take is not based on religion but on observable scientific facts. You must have faith to believe in evolution. Scientists who don't agree with evolution are shunned. For example; it's a scientific fact that kind gives birth to kind. It's a scientific fact that life comes from life. Evolutionist scientists used common genes as proof of evolution but the same evidence can be used as proof for a common creator.
Rivethead 2 days ago
literally everything you said is wrong, excepting the fact that scientists who do not believe in evolution being (rightly) shunned. They aren't shunned though for the reasons you think, but instead because they are presupposing a conclusion then attempting to support it, rather than the other way around.
Lardzor 3 days ago
You know, there's plenty of live footage of this fish in it's native habitat. Here's one example: us-first.info/player/video/jqttmpFkcXmYgYE.html
Hardin Joyce
Hardin Joyce 3 days ago
The fish that was so sure that went extinct millions and millions of years just saying, a lot scientist talk like they are so sure and knows everything when a lot of it is just assumptions they have theories pulled out up from their a$$es just like evolution. Just my opinion people can disagree but then that is also an opinion you don’t know everything either
Rick Martin
Rick Martin 2 days ago
@Hardin Joyce Two quotes from you to make my point .... QUOTE: "Knowing the science community you will be attacked if you try to prove their theories wrong." ...and... QUOTE: "Note science don’t always admit to it’s wrong theories it’s like make a theory and puzzle it together." You just proved how little you know. Here's some advice on how to not look like a complete idiot on the internet: learn about a subject before passing judgment on it.
Hardin Joyce
Hardin Joyce 2 days ago
@Rivethead yeah ok it’s like saying I’ll make a strong opinion/conclusion or and insist on it that that is the truth for things that they have no clue about until otherwise proven wrong .to me that is a bunch of gibberish. Knowing the science community you will be attacked if you try to prove their theories wrong. Defame you discredit you and destroy you. Millions of years ago yeah uhhmm they are so sure of what those animals are behaviors habitat. You can’t even explain a modern day forensic of how the Mayan civilization disappeared let alone millions of years. And yeah where do you base carbon dating machines accuracy. There are things in this world that science wished they could decipher. Many times I have experienced and not just me many more have seen or hear things that science discredit when they themselves have not experienced so if you believe in all science good not saying science is wrong because the big majority discoveries and studies of science is accurate but when they forcefully shut you down is bs, just an opinion. Note science don’t always admit to it’s wrong theories it’s like make a theory and puzzle it together.
Rivethead 2 days ago
Science admits when it's wrong, that's how it works. Science isn't about knowing everything, it's a process by which we find out if things are true or not. before coelacanths were rediscovered people had good reason to believe they had died out millions of years ago, and when they learned the coelacanth was extant they didn't just deny it and pretend it didn't exist, they figured out why they hadn't seen any fossils from it in millions of years and how it had changed during that time.
carlos oliveira
carlos oliveira 3 days ago
I am 60 years old and wrote a paper in grade 6 on the Coelacanth.
Craig Carmichael
Craig Carmichael 3 days ago
In Hecate Strait (BC coast) is a "Sponge Reef". These too were thought to have gone extinct. (about the time the dinosaurs did?) An oceanographic survey found it and didn't know they were supposed to be extinct. Caused excitement after their survey was published, tho! It is the only one known. Bits of what I believe must be the "crystal sponge" that make it up wash up on the beach here in the late summer/fall.
shadowdawg04 3 days ago
Taxonomy - word of the day!
_6EQUJ5_ 3 days ago
P.S. Creationists are mentally inept.
Mountain Fisher
Mountain Fisher 3 days ago
You can go dive and see the Coelacanth off Madagascar if a Discovery Channel show I saw is still possible. Shame about Agassiz though, but his objections to Darwin were well based on his knowledge of the fossil record. What most history books do not tell is that the strongest objections to Darwin did not come from the religious leaders, but from the geologists and fossil experts and Darwin's Bulldog Thomas Huxley went to great lengths to answer them with rhetoric. Privately Huxley agreed the evidence wasn't on their side, but he answered all objections with rhetorical solutions. Ever hear Natural Selections used to show how everything evolved? It is rhetoric and not science. Whales evolved in only 10 million years, a mathematician stopped at 50,000 changes needed in increments to go from a fur bearing land mammal to a water swimming mammal with really slick skin and blubber to stay warm, plus the other changes? 200 changes a year over ten million years is some pretty dubious biology.
Adventures With Rick
Imagine that... science was wrong and a theory wasn’t fact.
Rivethead 2 days ago
Pinchas Reich
Pinchas Reich 3 days ago
This kinda pokes holes in the idea that humans evolved from fish. Evolution certainly occurs, but a mammal evolving from fish is NOT borne out by the fossil record. The theory of evolution is true, but probably not as ambitious a theory as Darwin proposed.
Molecular biologists also find Darwins ideas on new species development through evolution impossible. For species adaptation (white finch, yellow finch, short beak, long beak etc) yes, perfect. But for unique genetic code, completely implausible.
Cosmo Genesis
Cosmo Genesis 3 days ago
Coelacanth: a fish designed by a committee
Terry Russel
Terry Russel 3 days ago
Who are we to deside how God goes about creating things in the first place ? The more we dig up the dumber we discover we really are for that matter.
MIXAMAX 3 days ago
Him: between 10-15 minutes long Timestamp: 16:01 Me: wait a minu-
Don K
Don K 3 days ago
Amazing uniquely designed organism
L Chapman
L Chapman 3 days ago
My favorite episode to date 😁
apollion888 3 days ago
Great stuff per usual but the "e" in "mauve" is silent :-)
vjm3 3 days ago
And how we have one of the cooler looking Pokemon made inspired by it.
RedEyeRecords H
RedEyeRecords H 3 days ago
I love evolution, a theory of consensus, completely unproven, unprovable, yet the vitriol of its proponents defy logic, civility, and probability, all so long as the Bible is disproven.
Rivethead 2 days ago
what do you think would be proof of evolution?
Josh Schneider
Josh Schneider 3 days ago
Isn't it celocanth?
Adrian Daw
Adrian Daw 3 days ago
The thumbs down dislikes must be from the flat earthers who clicked here by mistake.
Endymion766 3 days ago
Modern Coelacanth tend to live in underwater caves and are nocturnal which is why they evaded detection for so long. I watched a doc where a diver found a cave with an entire colony of them living inside. They use those lobed fins to crawl along narrow passageways without getting stuck and can push themselves backwards if they need to. They rest in wedged in crevices where larger predators can't go during the day and come out to feed at night. I guess it's a good example of an adaptation originally designed to navigate swamps being repurposed to navigate narrow caves. It's kind of like they go spelunking every night.
Cat 3 days ago
I love how much this channel has grown. I wonder if you still remember this annoying cat haha
Jade Nephrite
Jade Nephrite 3 days ago
Coelacanths are not supposed to taste good, which is why people didn't eat them.
Jon Moore
Jon Moore 3 days ago
You would have been a good replacement for Charles Osgood on CBS Sunday Morning.
Jakeos 3 days ago
Clicked because I recognised this fish name from the Pokemon, Relicanth.
Bruno Smith
Bruno Smith 4 days ago
My aunt and uncle lived in East London. He was a schoolmaster at Selbourne College. My immediate family was living in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) and, once a year, we would take a holiday to South Africa. The road trip would take several days, from the copper mining towns close to the Congo border, down south, over the Zambesi at Victoria Falls, then westward into what was then Bechuanaland - now Botswana. Then, across the eastern Kalahari, into the Norhern Cape. through the arid Karoo, and... finally on the south-eastern coast of South Africa at my aunt's house in East London. I was 8 years old (1963) when I first saw the Coelacanth - and was introduced to its discoverer, Marjorie Courtney Latimer, who also happened to be a good acquantance of my uncle, the teacher. (East London was a small town... and academics all knew each other!) Of course, being only 8 at the time, I did not fully appreciate the significance of either the fish, nor the lady who discovered it, but for many years afterwards, on every trip to East London, I would take the time to go look at that remarkable fish.
Rodney Harris
Rodney Harris 4 days ago
Gee maybe you should do research on the possibility of a worldwide flood
Rivethead 2 days ago
@Rodney Harris feel free to pray, if you think it will help, sorry I didn't see the message about praying the first time i replied, google's new comment system is pretty broken.
Rivethead 2 days ago
@Rodney Harris do you mind elaborating? I don't see how finding older copies of the same story proves the story is true, rather than just proving it is old.
Rodney Harris
Rodney Harris 2 days ago
@Rivethead I will pray for your soul assuming you mean Real Steel rivets and not the cheap aluminum pop rivets Shirley nothing's going to get through it other than prayer
Rodney Harris
Rodney Harris 2 days ago
@Rivethead between the Aleppo codex and the Dead Sea Scrolls and the archaeology that's been done I'm pretty sure that the Torah of Moses is a very accurate account of History
Rivethead 2 days ago
@Rodney Harris do you ever consider the possibility that there are things you don't know that other people do?
Science Troll
Science Troll 4 days ago
Coelacanth: extinct for 70 million years, then not. Gigantopithicus ( gigantic man ) believed extinct for 70 thousand years . . . . . . Abominable Snowman entirely plausible.
Bufoferrata 4 days ago
I miss trilobites...
Ted Myrrh
Ted Myrrh 4 days ago
evolution is a lie.......the coelacanth is not "prehistoric" the term prehistoric is a term without meaning. history began at creation in Genesis and the bible tells the story. the great flood buried fossils and plants and dinosaurs. there has not been millions of years of slow gradual changes and the layers in the rocks are not different ages. hydrologic sorting laid down the layers. DATING METHODS ARE BOGUS and the "science dictatorship" promotes an orthodoxy or you are labeled as a nut, a quack and lose your job or funding if you dont support the narrative. same things is happening in medicine, and politics. and political correct orthodoxy of indoctrination has blinded people to true scientific science that also relys on other disciplines such as ancient written historical accounts such as the bible, Archaeology , History. its obvious that 'evolution" is a necessary indoctrination to promote socialism and communism. we must destroy God and history to control people. SCIENCE HAS BECOME BIG BUSINESS AND TO MAKE IT INTO THE CLUB YOU NEED TO FALL IN LINE WITH WHAT AND HOW YOU ARE TOLD TO THINK. follow the money. on every level of society people profit from the lie of millions and billions of years.........CHA- CHING!!!!!
Rivethead 2 days ago
was the time before the bible prehistoric before the bible was written?
ekszentrik 4 days ago
Don't forget that these things are literally closer related to humans than they are to other fish.
Elizabeth S
Elizabeth S 4 days ago
Why can't Scientists just come out and say 'WE WERE WRONG about everything we previously told you' about this 'extinct' missing link fish, oh no they have to weave yet another loopy theory to try and save face.
varanid9 4 days ago
This guy's shelf seen over his right shoulder looks a lot like mine. I even have the same Lost in Space robot toy and Russian Foxbat pilot helmet.
Stuart Harper
Stuart Harper 4 days ago
The History Guy redefines masterful teaching of history, ***** 5 stars, always awesome !!
Gold Wolf
Gold Wolf 4 days ago
Natural history rocks
Maeve Milless
Maeve Milless 4 days ago
Animal crossing players: *AMATEURS.*
Drop Forged
Drop Forged 4 days ago
You create a whole theory about an extinct fish that should have disappeared 15 million years ago, give it a name and what not, and the the darn fish just pops up out of nowhere and says "hi". Very unpleasant.
Joel Augustin
Joel Augustin 4 days ago
If anything gives me peace, it's knowing that when humanities's self destructive tendencies have brought our species to extinction, the Chinese black market will have finally been stopped.
Rivethead 2 days ago
three hundred years from now, the chinese black market will be the only thing keeping the deathclaws at bay.
Crush42 Mash
Crush42 Mash 4 days ago
They say we know more about the moon then we do about our oceans. 🇨🇦 I love your RCMP hat on the wall!!! Big fan
Crash103179 4 days ago
Our proof of evolution: A species unchanged in 50 million years. ;-)
David Arundel
David Arundel 4 days ago
Found, one Cealacanth, any advance on one? We found another, & it's different - any further advances on the two species, found to date ?. We are yet to find out where, what or who, made the loudest sound ever recorded, & that was last century - another mystery, to demystify.
ThatWeSaw 4 days ago
I enjoyed the video and I noticed your hat collection, I have a very special hat from #5 general for Panama when we invaded my brother was a Ranger. The general's name and rank are in the hat.
Deran Eaton
Deran Eaton 4 days ago
A fossil cobia was recently unearthed from Calvert Cliffs, Chesapeake Bay. That the cobia still swims as the only perciform pelagic fish today (I've caught two) suggests the coelacanth might enter estuaries to feed. However, living fossils more accurately present evidence repudiating arguments for transitional forms, and these aren't the only ones. Then the "scientific community" huddles up to produce an "alternative explanation" well summarized here -- thank you. Assumption is not a fact until proven; not discussed in any alternative explanation favoring evolutionist doctrine is the mechanism driving any genetic additions or deletions (thanks for revealing that). Even Darwin wrote about the absence of transitional forms in the fossil record. What's more, analyze "natural selection" as a process, and it's really a process of elimination and extinction -- never "origins". Because all fossils are found in sedimentary rock, would a cataclysmic flood rationally trap and rapidly bury alive living creatures of all sorts, to be unearthed as today's fossil record? Think: Hurricane Sandy burying the Jersey shore in sand up to the height of the street signs, and that's just one small example. Every dead fish I've seen washed up in the mud usually gets consumed by seagulls, scavengers and other fish without leaving anything behind for gradualism-minded processes to bury it over long stretches of time. That's also documented in many nature shows. I'll stick with the creation viewpoint, thank you. So will the likes of Werner von Braun, George Washington Carver, and many other well-pedrigreed scientists, engineers, et al today enough to populate the city of Houston, TX. And some of them were evolutionists.
Rick Martin
Rick Martin 2 days ago
@Deran Eaton Empirical evidence, then. Show me a fossil bunny from the Cambrian.
Deran Eaton
Deran Eaton 2 days ago
@Rick Martin I've actually dined with a paleontologist once who would agree with you about the "jumbled mess" part, and on that very basis refute the "orderly distribution" part of your statement. The "orderly distribution" is found only in human publications and artist's concepts. It's a common mistake to confuse that with empirical evidence.
Rivethead 2 days ago
@Rick Martin was already planning on that, but thanks. I was actually hoping he would try and find somebody like that so he could see how few there are that actually have any scientific credentials at all, and those that do never have ones which are relevant.
Rick Martin
Rick Martin 2 days ago
@Rivethead Check any names you get to see if they work for creationist organizations.
Rivethead 2 days ago
>not discussed in any alternative explanation favoring evolutionist doctrine is the mechanism driving any genetic additions or deletions (thanks for revealing that) it's called mutation >would a cataclysmic flood rationally trap and rapidly bury alive living creatures of all sorts, to be unearthed as today's fossil record? no >So will the likes of Werner von Braun, George Washington Carver, and many other well-pedrigreed scientists Werner was a rocket engineer, not a biologist, George Washington Carver wasn't a creationist, name two biologists in the last hundred years who were creationists.
X X 4 days ago