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LITTLE SISTERS BE LIKE ... Tattletales! You can get mad at them but they're still baby!
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Mom is getting ready for a date night. Brianna tattletales on her older and middle sisters.
#brianna #briannaplayz #shorts

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Apr 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
Guinevere 55 minutes ago
Poor brianna
Makayla Smith
Makayla Smith Hour ago
Did you see the girl it the back part
Hamra Tiya
Hamra Tiya 3 hours ago
Abdul Abdul Kalam
Abdul Abdul Kalam 4 hours ago
I can relate
Jessie&Riley Boothe
Why her name that made me the Royal play any but you're chilling I did not know how you get to me but one of them two of them hit each other so I'll let you video of something guys to bring anything
Dominic Rodriguez
Dominic Rodriguez 9 hours ago
I don’t understand anything too much cut outs
Marely Garcia
Marely Garcia 10 hours ago
Lol.😂Love it.Great work.❤💕👍
Jovi Vance
Jovi Vance 11 hours ago
I do not like Brianna's videos unless if it has a Preston or baby Preston in it
Khairul Nizam
Khairul Nizam 14 hours ago
That's me and my brother!!!😂😂😂
Mufinn Boy
Mufinn Boy 15 hours ago
I am the youngest one and I can relate 😌🤚 But I only snitch for something normal like : she broke a vase or She slap me something like that but not something else or I'm dead 🙂🤚
This vid is a little stereotypical around young ppl like as a 4 year old I can under stand but as like a 7 year old like dude ima be honest I wasn’t the best 7 year old but I WASNT A SNITCH and you want to know what mature kids hate the most ITS PEOPLE BEING STEREOTYPICAL ABOUT THEM for example some ppl think that younger kids can’t have depression bcs they are so “young” and “innocent” let me tell u this THEY ARE NOT THEY HAVE GROWN UP MINDS SO DONT BE STEREOTYPICAL KIDS CAN HAVE DEPRESSION THEY CAN BELIVE IT OR NOT depression isn’t just a thing that u unlock when u have puberty you have it all ur life so please don’t be stereotypical about this also I could go way deeper but I don’t feel like it also believe it or not a 11 year old wrote this wowwwwwww so shocking *drops a mic that came from thin air*
Ali Memo
Ali Memo 17 hours ago
The long
Aesethic Girl Oops-
Aesethic Girl Oops- 18 hours ago
Akilah lee
Akilah lee Day ago
Last time I did that there were 10 Michael up
Nathan Michael
Hi bre
Briana Mystery
But like My lil sis it A big SNITCH
Briana Mystery
Wow im the middle sis and im not a snitch
Melissa Pitzer
My mom is going through a lot and I need more people to pray
Dipti Kanojiya
Dalila E. Garay
Sarina Rashid
My brother screams and cry very loudly when I hit him...even when he's 10yo. I bet he did that on purpose so that I could get into trouble. When I get into trouble by my mum or dad, my brother would cheer quierlyand laugh at me. He points at me while dancing and laughing.👎🤦🏽‍♀️🤨
Little Miss Lauren
I am the oldest and I hate it😩
Amy Hargreaves
You are in trouble misis
Nate Webster
Nate Webster 2 days ago
LOL 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Haley Hernandez
Haley Hernandez 2 days ago
At least she said the truth😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
Adelaide Playz
Adelaide Playz 2 days ago
As oldest of 5 siblings this is true
Sofia Kate Sample
Melanie Gerhart
Melanie Gerhart 2 days ago
Rebekah Mutchler
Rebekah Mutchler 2 days ago
I love you and Preston I watch your videos all the time and Liz is and unspeakable’s I love all your videos
Mike Schroeder
Mike Schroeder 2 days ago
This is so true
ice head 6789
ice head 6789 2 days ago
I hate how u can be so cute and u used that for the little sister I might cry In fact I am right now 😭
Agnetha Nongrum
Agnetha Nongrum 2 days ago
Preston's wife
Licel Camacho
Licel Camacho 2 days ago
The name riley remind me my name
emily shin
emily shin 2 days ago
So true
Khyra Yaya
Khyra Yaya 2 days ago
BerriEllieシ 3 days ago
This was different for me 👀 I snitch on my younger sister cause she only could speak Chinese 😌💅
Mari Johnson
Mari Johnson 3 days ago
I'm speechless🤐🤐🤐
norma jose
norma jose 3 days ago
Hey I have that kind of switch joycons
Thomas Ellison
Thomas Ellison 3 days ago
I honestly don't know if I have sisters or brothers anymore like is ava my sister is Kaylin my sister is jaylenn my sister us Trevor my brother us Jason my brother im just so confused
Wilmalee Hale
Wilmalee Hale 3 days ago
xxtunerxx67 n trevor
I know That felling im the oldest of three one is a Boy(aka me)Rest is all girls one is one year away from me (im 20btw)one is 5 years away and our yougnster is 10 years away BUuUuUuUuUuUt She's Not a snich somteims she is
Yahu Frost
Yahu Frost 3 days ago
C J 3 days ago
I had to watch this 100 times to realize the story
H2LOL 3 days ago
Finally, a person who understands me in the comment section.
The Lexinator
The Lexinator 3 days ago
Lol that is so ture
h mh
h mh 3 days ago
Please next part
Selah_grace00 3 days ago
Lucas Velasco
Lucas Velasco 3 days ago
That’s why snitches get stitches
Hewo UwU
Hewo UwU 4 days ago
Im the middle child so me and my older siblings snitch on the younger ones since they are always snitching on us and we want to kill the younger ones.
Joyce Family
Joyce Family 4 days ago
I love youahhh i am 6 and my sister is 9 and we love you aphmau and all of you and ho all of you ok and your friends !!
Anastasia Burladean
The company is also looking into 4PM for a mincat singura 5AM that is currently available in a range that
Blue Berry
Blue Berry 4 days ago
Omg my mum has the grey switch
Michael Estrella
Michael Estrella 4 days ago
Soooo true all of it I mean allow it
ZKINGO9lit 4 days ago
The 6ixnine
Lightning 4 days ago
When you realise the little sister is an epic gamer
Brianna just has a good voice to voice a childdd
Floral Keyla
Floral Keyla 4 days ago
I love ur vidssss!!!❤❤❤❤
Iam_Princess 4 days ago
" make sure she get ready for bed" Me: wait wait stop the video what is an infestion and what is an abomintion thingy magingy ok back on to the video Oldest sis and middile sis: yes ill make sure shes asleep......... Forever Oldest sis nad middle sis: walks towards little brianna. Littel brianna: uh mom mo uh oh
gaby ramirez
gaby ramirez 5 days ago
3 sisters and 1 mom?
Lucia Alejandro
Lucia Alejandro 5 days ago
This is me with my brother
Khemana Suazo
Khemana Suazo 5 days ago
This is my little sister
icy :3
icy :3 5 days ago
I relate with this sm LOL! I'm the youngest out of my family, and I'm also the most aware one. I know what's happening, what's happend, who did it, everything. Whenever they ask, I answer, and when they leave..the person I expose.. doesn't get too happy. Have a good day!
Diamond Desa.D
Diamond Desa.D 5 days ago
We little sister are dangerous I told to everyone that my sister had a boyfriend and the way they meet eachother , and that is how my mom and dad found out my sis had a bf and almost killed her (yes almost im not lying bc hes not the right one for my sis) but theyre married now and have kids together so like yeah but i almost got my sister dead and my father a killer k bye
ItzVanessa 6 days ago
I'm the little sister 😳
Bunny funny
Bunny funny 6 days ago
So ture!
CWIL95FLINT 6 days ago
Gaming with Serendity
Can’t relate I’m the little sister for me it’s the older ones who snitch
Dream Eater
Dream Eater 6 days ago
The guy on the back be like:wtf she doin =_=
Everett Blaha
Everett Blaha 6 days ago
Guess you could say there really gonna take care of her.
adelina 6 days ago
adelina 6 days ago
Maha Medekish
Maha Medekish 7 days ago
The older and middle sisters were like old sister: BRUH OH AM I GONNA KILL U WHEN MOMS GONE middle sister: BRUHHHHHH U SNITCH
Midnight Wolf21
Midnight Wolf21 7 days ago
My Lil Brother and I don't get along and he always blames me so why not fight him with love of course haha no fight him.😂🙂😡
Anna Pope
Anna Pope 7 days ago
this is sooooooo truee
Jasmine Cooke
Jasmine Cooke 7 days ago
That's like me and my brother
alia sharbani
alia sharbani 7 days ago
I'm DA midlle child 😐😐😐😐 Well I guess it sucks to suck ,right,🙂
Victoria Gonzalez
winter alya
winter alya 7 days ago
When I was the youngest I would do this
Alex Dominguez
Alex Dominguez 7 days ago
Snitch :)
levi heichou
levi heichou 7 days ago
My little brother is no different
SivallyGamez 7 days ago
Exately how my older sister treats me
liamPlayz naidoo
liamPlayz naidoo 7 days ago
Bigings fan
SkyBlock _450
SkyBlock _450 7 days ago
Mom: Take care of her ok 😉 Me and my middle bro: Yea we will take care of her 😈😈😈😈
plzburpnow 8 days ago
This is why you don't snitch
*Lxnely Skiez*
*Lxnely Skiez* 8 days ago
As the youngest of the family I NEVER tell any secrets
jocie 8 days ago
Am I the only youngest sibling that doesn’t do this?
{ItsGracieChan} 8 days ago
That’s why you don’t tell on your siblings because they’ll beat you right up.
;•.Blossom bounce .•; :animation and more!
I’m glad my little cousin isn’t my problem
Las Garcia Sisters
So my sisters
A very creative and original name
I'm the younger sister but I spend all my time in my bedroom so I don't find anything out anyway
Walker Miner
Walker Miner 8 days ago
Olivia Storey-McCann
Omg yes so true
Emma Griffin
Emma Griffin 8 days ago
Katelyn Ram
Katelyn Ram 8 days ago
spider132 8 days ago
It's so true
Justin Davies
Justin Davies 8 days ago
I hate the big sister and the middle sister I like the little sister bc SHE PLAYS ON A NINTENDO SWITCH AHHHH UNFAIR I HAVE NO NINTENDO SWITCH but I do have a PS4 that stands for PlayStation 4 y’a I play on it 24 and sometimes 8 hours a day
Lottery man
Lottery man 8 days ago
The funny thing is is that my real name is Ryley lol
Mikaela Limn
Mikaela Limn 8 days ago
The man on the back be like: I'm old
Isaiah Guerra
Isaiah Guerra 8 days ago
It's true
Alyssa 8 days ago
As a big sister thats true 😬
Lilliana Roman
Lilliana Roman 8 days ago
Mom- make sure Brianna takes a nap Big sisters- we will 😈 Brianna- Mom? Oh no... PROBABLY WHAT HAPPENED AFTER MOM LEFT Mom- I am going to have a talk with you girls. And where is Brianna?! Big sisters- Um.... Sleeping! Mom- Okay.....
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I MOVED | Meme Time
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