Lion V Crocodile: Out of your element 

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Apr 11, 2021




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Chappy 2 hours ago
Anyone else notice that it’s a actual person filming not just a camera on a stand
Chase Land
Chase Land 13 hours ago
I’d normally conclude, as is typical in feline behavior, that this croc just scared the piss outta that little maned kitten. But since he didn’t and instead appeared to scare the little red rocket out of that poor lion.
Chase Land
Chase Land 2 hours ago
@Foxwood Jones 👈👊👍
Foxwood Jones
Foxwood Jones 7 hours ago
@Chase Land ok, I’ll take your word for it. If that’s what it is, I really don’t want to go in for second “confirmation” look. 🤣🤣🤣
Chase Land
Chase Land 9 hours ago
@Foxwood Jones Uhh... no. That’s pink thing you’re saying are his intestines... is the cat’s tallywacker mr Jones. That croc didn’t cut him. He didn’t have blood bursting out of his belly. No.
Foxwood Jones
Foxwood Jones 9 hours ago
Those are his intestines hanging out. Lmao.
Emon Kinĝ
Emon Kinĝ 16 hours ago
It's all matters where the place of fight is. Coz in ground lion wins. And water crocodile
Ot 22 hours ago
Nada más le vio los huevos al león 🤣
권영수 Day ago
Abhi frooti
Abhi frooti Day ago
Becara shar
Friedo Olten
Friedo Olten Day ago
A lion cant do anything against an aligator. Even in a group theyre just victims.
Aavash Purple
Aavash Purple 21 hour ago
Unless a jaguar assist them 😂
winter baby
winter baby Day ago
That head looking r to L is too funny, but on TIME. THAT'S a YNG. Lion.
LB Rambo 562
LB Rambo 562 Day ago
Pause at very end , poor lions entrails are popping out its fur
Ail Ail
Ail Ail Day ago
خطو بطنه
Gavin1130 Day ago
I’m not leaving because of you, I’m already full, no “L” for this lion! LoL
Question Authority
Thought that was a boner.
Juan M
Juan M Day ago
I don't think those were guts
Beti Nurbaeti
강아지 Day ago
옆구리 구멍난겨?
Aakash Kashyap
Underwater king is always Crocodile
Miding Moyong
Miding Moyong 2 days ago
This is not evn a full grown adult lion .. this is still a young one .. teenager . The head fur is still small
Ahamada Balyejusa
Wrong packaging in a danger zone😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Geneva Lynch
Geneva Lynch 3 days ago
His stomach got ripped open!
Lavalley Amazing
Lavalley Amazing 3 days ago
Don't be posting stuff like that okk
Sanam Tamang
Sanam Tamang 3 days ago
Ser(lions) jangal ka raja hota hai keu ke us k najar me sab sekar hota he dar nahe 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gothnymph13 3 days ago
He got nicked, dam! 😱 listen to the Jaws theme. Da dum, da dum.
Simone, 3 days ago
there is so much waterbuffalo..why cant these animals be polite and share..
Girl of my dreams Moffats
Dmitry Solinx
Dmitry Solinx 3 days ago
Откусил кусочек от Льва 🙀
Rakesh Mahanta
Rakesh Mahanta 3 days ago
The lion's gut was out ,it seems !
الُْعقًلُ الُمٌتْغًطِرَسِ
I bear witness that there is no god to be worshiped but Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
Namcho Kayıncho
Namcho Kayıncho 4 days ago
Lion injured. If no one heal it he will die
geun K
geun K 4 days ago
사자 옆구리 터졌는데?
Sara Piper
Sara Piper 4 days ago
Oh my God that scared the shit out of me
Shrimp Kid
Shrimp Kid 4 days ago
Pretty sure the croc just wanted to scare off the lion so it could steal whatever the lion just hunted right next to him. I think crocs like to get easy kills so he probably wouldn’t go for lion. He just wanted the free food, so he scared the lion off.
Vicki Ecker
Vicki Ecker 3 days ago
Poor guy needs medical care. He has a real problem with his intestines. Someone help him!
chad corrado
chad corrado 4 days ago
Donny, you're out of your element!
A H 4 days ago
Lion received life threatening injury there
Kishore Kumar
Kishore Kumar 4 days ago
King of jungle vs King of river
Dakers11 5 days ago
Any competent DVM could Dart this Lion, and realugn the Intestine and he would be good to go with a small incision scar.
79Sarwar 5 days ago
Brave lion has some big guts going in there with a croc. No pun intended.
shahan baig
shahan baig 5 days ago
Let a Crocodile beat a Lion on ground. Surely Croco will have to think what should i suppose to do.
Soli Deogloria
Soli Deogloria 5 days ago
Mortally wounded.
Game Lover
Game Lover 5 days ago
Omg lion GT hurt ?
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock 5 days ago
That poor lion needs a medical vet! PLEASE
Billy Rice
Billy Rice 6 days ago
That lion will die slowly
Stefan Mihailov
Stefan Mihailov 6 days ago
Sorry bro"the Croc" I m not zebra 😅
Khairul Aiman
Khairul Aiman 6 days ago
Yeboah Shadrach
Yeboah Shadrach 6 days ago
Asfaq Ahamed
Asfaq Ahamed 6 days ago
Lion is the king of the jungle . But not in the water .....
King Lion
King Lion 6 days ago
Lion: 🥺Uuuuhhh someone tickles my balls underwater.. Crocodile: 🤤Balls ??? Oh fuck! Nothing to be seen in dirty water🤮
what in tha fuck
what in tha fuck 6 days ago
This content is fn ridiculous
Doğan Yetgil
Doğan Yetgil 6 days ago
taçsız kralım
MR RaHat
MR RaHat 6 days ago
That's why he is king.
don james
don james 7 days ago
Saw that meat coming out the lions stomach Crocs ain’t fare , one bite and your dead
Isaque Texeira
Isaque Texeira 7 days ago
Esse leão tá passando fome!
JAYDEN 7 days ago
Any lion in this world becomes an easy prey for a crocodile in the water. If its caught in the jaws and does just one death roll, it's game over. Crocodiles are extremely deadly in the water.
Kravatan 7 days ago
I'm not the only one who noticed the casually dead hippo right?
D L Malley
D L Malley 7 days ago
Crocodile and Hyenas are Way too many. ALL Big cat populations are being slaughtered at alarming rates by SOCIOPATHIC TROPHY HUNTERS ‼️ Big cats are going to be extinct IN OUR LIFETIME ‼️😭😭😭🤧🤬
Araceli Fernández
edwin oswaldo vargas
Por que no muestran los putos vídeos completos que paso con el leon y con el cocodrilo
Max Held
Max Held 7 days ago
Nice go crocs
Parth Sharma
Parth Sharma 8 days ago
And they say lion is the king of beasts?
Deniz Yildirim
Deniz Yildirim 8 days ago
The Lion is strong for God ❤️❤️❤️
lon baxter
lon baxter 8 days ago
He got a ouchy on his belly stomach
Beast12 8 days ago
Wtf is that pink thing at the end??
gupteswara rao
gupteswara rao 8 days ago
Oh my god,caught at last
Musa Khan
Musa Khan 8 days ago
Not so brave now... meanwhile tigers hunt crocs.
Lyana 7 days ago
Tiger would run too, in this Situation
Jake Alarcon
Jake Alarcon 8 days ago
That small croc so brave haha
Tony Jackson
Tony Jackson 9 days ago
Lion-ok not funny who keeps farting in the pond bro, Croc-not me🤞👀🤤☠- Steve Erwin-what a beauty😃
slayerfam2 9 days ago
Thats why lions are called the kings ... Even wounded and caught off gaurd still willing to put up a fight ...
Arun Nesh
Arun Nesh 9 days ago
Crocodile : come to me baby i will do nothing
S. LoTa. 4.30.21
S. LoTa. 4.30.21 9 days ago
Lion senses it. Looking for it. Funny the croc didn't want the already dead easy prey the lion was munching on -- it wanted the lion.
Jester 4 days ago
If it wanted the lion, it would have had lion, it was just scaring him off the dead rhinovor whatever that carcass was
Mafiks 9 days ago
I guess you could say this lion has.....guts
Chilakapati Tejaswini
How they eat without chilli powder and salt masala😂😂
Ernesto López
Ernesto López 10 days ago
Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja ... LA saco" barata el Rey León
Shawn Harris
Shawn Harris 10 days ago
I like how the lion was like "Fuck this shit I'm out!"
Frankie Padla
Frankie Padla 4 days ago
Lmao 😂
Michael Esparza
Michael Esparza 10 days ago
The lion is going to die slowly from that stomach injury.
Christian 19 hours ago
Maybe he got medical attention
Joseph Pedley
@Jhonson Lethoy kinda bum ass name is lethoy 😂
Chris S
Chris S Day ago
@G Ocean yes he is
G Ocean
G Ocean 2 days ago
@Chris S He’s OK?🙏
river nile bank nya om
@Jhonson Lethoy it's not a prediction silly willy, it's a bad attempt of prediction
Badi Abbasov
Badi Abbasov 10 days ago
jaguar and tiger kill krok
Sachin Sharma
Sachin Sharma 11 days ago
Ima Z
Ima Z 11 days ago
Hey lion you are not the king of the river ok
BryanP 12 days ago
" CROCS RULE!! " Our Steve always said that...
Alexis de Planta
Alexis de Planta 12 days ago
Loved the little croc animation 😄
Иван Сусанин
Charlie Sierraperez
Mi t
KoffeeRun 13 days ago
I thought Jaws was gonna jump out
Theresa Braddock
Theresa Braddock 13 days ago
Bloated elephant Carcass on the bank?
Junior Massiah
Junior Massiah 13 days ago
Is that a hippo the size of teeth
Phil Thalhammer
Phil Thalhammer 13 days ago
4x the strength of a mammal, reptiles are nuts But if any mammal stood a chance in the water it'd be a lion Some of those crocs get 18ft plus though, I don't think a lion would survive one of those
king slayer
king slayer 13 days ago
That lions like piss off
Big Gunna886
Big Gunna886 14 days ago
Ladies and gentlemen those are not branches sticking out the water. They are teethes.
John Henry
John Henry 14 days ago
Video sucks
LUCI Morningstar
LUCI Morningstar 14 days ago
Who won????
A Obi
A Obi 14 days ago
Looks like king of the jungle got hurt real bad in the water. Some bowel sticking out at the end 👀
uglybepis 2 hours ago
@selva kumar you mean tigers?
selva kumar
selva kumar 3 hours ago
@uglybepis they do in india👍
PG trojka
PG trojka Day ago
It's very obvious that croc attacked the lions head and failed too. In this vid croc was never near other parts of lion's body. So, no. The only obvious thing is that unlike cheetah croc doesn't have a prayer to catch adult lion, not even in croc's own territory. I use US-first since 2006. I have YET to see at least ONE video of a croc catching adult lion.
Marlene Mortler
you can't really know that this is a part of his bowl by that frame...
sharuk98 2 days ago
Coward crocodile attacks underwater. Ask it to come out.
Antonio Luis Teco
Antonio Luis Teco 14 days ago
Susto do caralho
Whistle Anthem
Whistle Anthem 14 days ago
Godzilla Vs Kong Moment😂😂😂😂😂
Ahmad Khan
Ahmad Khan 14 days ago
My fav animle king lion and king white lion and whiet tiger
洋くん 14 days ago
Leopard wins first with lion and crocodile ⁉️
the promise man
the promise man 14 days ago
That emoji alone had me waiting for it
Brat 15 days ago
Считай труп. Он ему кишки выпустил...
Gloria Lopez
Gloria Lopez 15 days ago
Que susto la puta madre 🤦‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍‼
X Y 15 days ago
Jonathan Sherer
Jonathan Sherer 15 days ago
King of the jungle ? Nah just on land lol
Chad on Mars - SNL