Lil Yachty Feat. Kodak Black - Hit Bout It (Official Video)- REACTION w/ LIL YACHTY 

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This is our reaction to Lil Yachty Feat. Kodak Black - Hit Bout It Video
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Feb 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
ZIAS! 6 days ago
BOW!!! Bonus video on 2nd channel- us-first.info/player/video/kK5_hHmKgmVqmGA.html
KKCallofDuty 8 hours ago
yachty goated. dropped a remix in my page. run up hit bout it baby they deserve the success no kizzy
Gregory Williams
Gregory Williams 10 hours ago
they forget when Kodak first came out that nigga was skinny bro lol smh bunch of new band wagon fans
Zephathah Moore
Zephathah Moore 11 hours ago
Hello !!
Kareem _
Kareem _ Day ago
Breezo Hurk
Breezo Hurk Day ago
Cloning is real doe on Foenem
Nicholas Collins
Nicholas Collins 40 minutes ago
The freestyles at the beginning always be so funny
Capone 35TH
Capone 35TH 2 hours ago
6:48 Yatchy lookin suspicious asl when they asked that question 😂 he look nervous & fidgeting way to much over something that “aint true” 😂
Ethan Cash
Ethan Cash 2 hours ago
Tyron Poll
Tyron Poll 2 hours ago
Can’t believe ya’ll missed the chance to react to ZAZA - 6ix9ine. Would have been hilarious
Sebastian Villarreal
Zias yall need to freestlye to. Still tippin by mike jones that beat is hard
choppagojuan 4 hours ago
Brucey pooh in the back
Datboii 4 hours ago
Bro how do they be getting all these rappers to feature on their videos. It’s dope as hell I’ve never seen any other youtuber do it 🐐🐐🐐
Ardak Adeihanov
Ardak Adeihanov 5 hours ago
Русский есть
Uno Juune
Uno Juune 5 hours ago
How's this man but say sada & he got songs with him 💀😂
Vlad Maystruk
Vlad Maystruk 6 hours ago
Just realized how similar Yachty and Zias look alike. They could be brothers man!
Bryson Howell
Bryson Howell 6 hours ago
est gee from louisville
sartas ee
sartas ee 6 hours ago
شكلي العربي الوحيد الي يتابعه
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 6 hours ago
Props to this guy he made millions with no talent talking nonsense
Zenridon 7 hours ago
Bro how is lil yatchy a rapper freestyling worse than youtubers
Kae Gang Kei
Kae Gang Kei 7 hours ago
He said Detroit if u know he meant flint
Therealcrisisplan 1028
How he make it
Gabriel Remy
Gabriel Remy 7 hours ago
0.19 😂
It'z. StogDiesel
It'z. StogDiesel 7 hours ago
The guy in the middle seems like he knows a little something about rapping, freestyling. He should think about making rapping as a career. Good shit. Play on, playa. Play on!
CBG_ Thomas
CBG_ Thomas 7 hours ago
Lmaoooooo ain’t no one gonna talk about Bruce in the beginning
Jujitsu kaisen
Jujitsu kaisen 8 hours ago
Imagine this two sitting next to eachother
ya boi Ham and chedder
Yachty wasn't trying on the freestyle that's why he sound like dat
ya boi Ham and chedder
They acted weird af bout cloning even before he gave a answer
1990BISHOP 8 hours ago
I think bro was trying to say "elegantly" LMFAOO
Shuri Witwicky
Shuri Witwicky 8 hours ago
Nobody did better then Juice Wrld
aQua 8 hours ago
Yatchy is so fucking trash
Thanksgiving 8 hours ago
10:25 look at that pause
B G 9 hours ago
Make a $b reaction with someone
Erol Bayraktar
Erol Bayraktar 9 hours ago
Always used to be so impressed by your freesytles but now harry mack spoiled us
Coop Dinero
Coop Dinero 9 hours ago
No sada baby ??????
kurt steinrock
kurt steinrock 9 hours ago
I’ve never geeked hard then at When y’all died at him for saying that dunk shit
Qwntln 9 hours ago
Y lou wap sound like easy e
Aren Tyoumad
Aren Tyoumad 9 hours ago
IssaBriana 10 hours ago
the ding a ling song playing in the sponsor part lmaooooo
dark xo00
dark xo00 10 hours ago
1:06 🤦🏻
RAfael MUnhequete
RAfael MUnhequete 11 hours ago
I thought I was watching the video but whole time it was the intro😭
RAfael MUnhequete
RAfael MUnhequete 11 hours ago
1:05 That boy Bruce in the back being inspirational
Cantbetrill _
Cantbetrill _ 11 hours ago
yachty aint the best at frestyling but he just got that rapper voice
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 11 hours ago
“I ain’t even have that fantasy ,I don’t even know why I said dat”
Niko Laborde
Niko Laborde 11 hours ago
How come yall all have braids
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 11 hours ago
14:53 Cool But Cap
Niko Laborde
Niko Laborde 11 hours ago
Boat is the only person that rap with you guys
Ricky 11 hours ago
Somebody put me on some Detroit rappers💯 I only know rio
Niko Laborde
Niko Laborde 11 hours ago
Zias look lik lil yachty
Devontai Mitchell
Devontai Mitchell 11 hours ago
Cedric Bost
Cedric Bost 11 hours ago
Damn zias done lost the bars he usually snap wayyyy harder
Philder P
Philder P 12 hours ago
5:20 😂😂 Bruhh When: You Can't Get Yo Thoughts Out🤯
Daniel Morales
Daniel Morales 12 hours ago
React gang unit Lil loded
Mason Hausmann
Mason Hausmann 12 hours ago
I can rap better den yachts
KingAaron 12 hours ago
How is there 2 yachty’s sitting next to each other?
stop playin
stop playin 12 hours ago
Luke G
Luke G 13 hours ago
Yachty is not good
DEONTE TERREL 13 hours ago
Keontrez Jones
Keontrez Jones 13 hours ago
Nobody gon say it but I know Bruce is there 😭
Antonio Watson
Antonio Watson 13 hours ago
Baby smoove not in the 5
Jasxn 14 hours ago
y’all was off today ngl 😬
Manny Conley
Manny Conley 14 hours ago
14:53 Cool But Cap
Triumph Games
Triumph Games 15 hours ago
please, react to Kelvyn Colt - benz i know
gfffrrtyh 15 hours ago
Is anyone else wondering why only one of lil yachty braids swing and not the rest?
NLE Grooth Lyrics
NLE Grooth Lyrics 16 hours ago
10:33 in the video is seren head
NLE Grooth Lyrics
NLE Grooth Lyrics 16 hours ago
Imagine video w/kodak Hello im kodak this is my friend bazooka
Simp Detector
Simp Detector 16 hours ago
sometimes u wish b lou would stop interupptin mans in the middle of a fire bar
Kaleebize 17 hours ago
It’s funny how many rappers B.Lou and Zias done out rapped in they own profession 😬😪
Ben Aaaaxhdh
Ben Aaaaxhdh 17 hours ago
If you could get kodak...
C H I P S 17 hours ago
What’s the first beat they freestyled to?
9Lokkbaby K
9Lokkbaby K 17 hours ago
Do beatbox freestyle by dababy
Jose Espinoza
Jose Espinoza 18 hours ago
Hahahah he KNOWS hes trash look at him laugh at his own stuff
Jacob Thompson
Jacob Thompson 18 hours ago
what was the first beat played??
Isaiah Bunten
Isaiah Bunten 19 hours ago
Yachty sucks at freestyling tho😂😂😂
n.j og gaming
n.j og gaming 20 hours ago
@ZIAS can you react frenna ft nsg guestlist.
Sheluv eternal _ KY
Sheluv eternal _ KY 20 hours ago
What was the name of the beat when he said in my white tee
PKLEZ 21 hour ago
React to ZAZA
cheesy1nacho 22 hours ago
We fr supposed to think yall aint seen it before when u wit tha rapper from the vid
IbyKhalil -
IbyKhalil - 23 hours ago
ZIAS please react to Don Xhoni freestyle like this comment so they see it
Pandeni Shuuya
Pandeni Shuuya 23 hours ago
Zias take them damn hair out your face
Kay Migoo
Kay Migoo 23 hours ago
Yatchy: "i never even had that fantasy idek why i said that" 🤣🤣🤣
yachty rapping is ass
Martin Ngaima Jr.
Y’all gotta do an album
Anthony Bryant
Who else peeped my boy Brucedropemoff in tha back
Nathan Solomon
Anyone ever realize how thirsty these guys are 😂😂 so many liquids being drankin 😭
Future Hendrix
that nigga yachty is not a rapper
tatertots00 Day ago
Yachty is horrible, he really can't rap for shit. BUT I still fuck with him and this video because he matched their vibe and was silly like them
Bologna Cortes
Listen to juice wrlds new song
Remy BS
Remy BS Day ago
Manscaped is wack
Game2Strong Day ago
3:16 “back back back”
muba Day ago
B Tamir - Mad suey please 🙏 us-first.info/player/video/gLWOq458nWZzaHk.html
Loren Perez
Loren Perez Day ago
Too funny 😂
OTW Meech
OTW Meech Day ago
EST GEE not from Detroit
Gonzalo Cruz
Gonzalo Cruz Day ago
Funny aass hell
Wannabe Phenomenal
Can’t believe you haven’t reacted to Back in Blood by Pooh Shiesty ft Lil Durk
Rareli Day ago
Brucedropemoff in da window reflection w da camera, DEO4L!!!!!
ellington williams
y’all a fucking laugh
elijah Day ago
Will Roden
Will Roden Day ago
Do a video with Bobby Shmurda
Marcus Hamilton
Why yachty reminds me of da hills have eyes
Glockie 222
Glockie 222 Day ago
That first freestyle reminds of the old yachty, like the SoundCloud yachty.
Look at Brucey Poooh in the background
Justin Griffith
DJ Yola , ain't gon let up that first one 🙌🏽
Zellash Day ago
React to EZ mil broo
Coinley Charite
eioshen boboi
“you ever smoke?” yatchy:”i would never”🤣😭🤣😡🤣