Lil Poppa - Boys To Men (Official Music Video) 

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Turn me up yc (x3)
Them niggas send shots we send shots back
Lil one said they on the block
Take em where the opps at
We need another Glock
Fuck it go and cop that
What the fuck wrong with the cops
Asking where Poppa at?
You little boys can’t hang with us I don’t care who you know
Them niggas don’t want no war with us, I see straight through the smoke
We take them Ks on tour with us, you know them shooters go
Soon as you meet, hop out on feet
Yea thats that ooda flow
Bitch don’t ask what happened to Leeke
I don’t want you to know
You gonna have me thinking you creep
And I can’t shoot a hoe
said fuck it and I jumped straight off the porch
Go where ever Dooda go
Interrogation they was trying bring up that boy I don’t know no foolio
Aye lil poppa I know why them niggas mad they aint want you to blow
Take care my fam I gotta run me up a bag, thats who I do it for
Usually high but im not right now,
thats all I got right now
Wasn’t for this,
then I probably be on the block right now
So I aint playing,
my lil nigga say ya hot right now
You need a fan
and he eager to let off shots right now
He get to spraying
Feel like you can’t , but you can
So I aint hearing what you saying
This all was part of the plan
Going from a boy to a man
Fuck that shit run up my bands
Fuck that jewelry I need some land
They say my fans depend on me
But I’m depending on my fans
I mix Fanta with the lean
Bitch this percocet a 10
I need to give this shit away
I pray this shit come to an end
bitch while you gossping,
out here pussy popping
Telling all your friends
Can’t talk to nobody but God about it
I committed all them sins
I probably be back at square one
If I took care of all my kin
But to everybody that stayed down
I swear we all gonna win
Aint I got no time to be stressing
bout no shit im fed up
before you lay down
look Bitch you know you gotta give that head up
Now I can’t lie, girl you the shit
Now gonna toot that ass up
Say poppa I know no less than 50
Fuck you think, this book bag for
Hey Poppa ask em why them niggas mad they aint want you to blow
Take care my fam, I gotta run me up a bag
Thats who I do it for
Usually high but im not right now
This all I got right now
Wasn’t for this, then ill probably be on the block right now
So I aint playing
my lil nigga say ya hot right now
You need a fan
and he eager to let off shots right now
He get to spraying
Feel like you can’t , but you can
So I aint hearing what you saying
This all was part of the plan
Going from a boy to a man
#LilPoppa #BoysToMen
Music video by Lil Poppa performing Boys To Men. © 2021 Rule #1/Interscope Records


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Mar 19, 2021




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Denise McIntyre
Denise McIntyre 17 hours ago
he really getting older i know yall see that luh beer
Jourto Uchiha
So underrated bro the 🐐
6 BLOCKKA Day ago
I gotta get a basketball mix to this
TTO Music
TTO Music 2 days ago
Kareem Nesmith
Kareem Nesmith 2 days ago
Favorite rapper real nigga vib3s
Kendell Thomas
Kendell Thomas 2 days ago
Ronnie Cales
Ronnie Cales 5 days ago
First time hearin lil poppa n I’m not disappointed 💯😤
its a sport
its a sport 5 days ago
I can't relate to this shit on the 100 but I feel it$$
chrisluv33 6 days ago
My son was 8 years old when he was featured in this video, mark my words Jacob Green WILL be leader and successful in life. "It was written in cursive for this King to exist"
YWC Tae 7 days ago
Donovan Washington
Ybk Xay
Ybk Xay 8 days ago
dawg had you in my playlist for like a year n ain’t ever looked you up i thought you was on polo g level🔥
: lonnie
: lonnie 8 days ago
poppa underrated yo
SACK CHASE TED 8 days ago
We need a tape named most underrated or some cause he definitely top 5 in the game
Mar Underated
Mar Underated 9 days ago
Can he get his Grammy already??
Tre Slime
Tre Slime 11 days ago
He really the best out of Jacksonville in my opinion coming from Chicago 💯
Daniel Dan
Daniel Dan 11 days ago
wheres corbin??
Arye_213 12 days ago
Hardest rapper no yap
thuglife daniel
thuglife daniel 12 days ago
Who can't stop listening to this?😭
6 BLOCKKA Day ago
wil da don
wil da don 13 days ago
CHIEF KEEF 13 days ago
That beat hard asf 💯
Mouhamet Fall
Mouhamet Fall 13 days ago
Kiarie Williams
Kiarie Williams 13 days ago
I know all them niggas mad,they ain't won't you to blow💯💯💪💪💪💪
Moonk Tube
Moonk Tube 13 days ago
Aye you real life doing the right thing with this right here real talk.
Doja Channel
Doja Channel 14 days ago
I am just hearing him wat is his most hardest song
Nathaniel Reid
Nathaniel Reid 11 days ago
Check out Eternal Living with him and Polo G
Bosstho 895
Bosstho 895 14 days ago
EBONY J 14 days ago
i ZackNoCody
i ZackNoCody 14 days ago
Somebody sign this dude
Spiteful Retsu
Spiteful Retsu 14 days ago
By far my favorite artist rn
FinnessKid28 14 days ago
Stay independent @Lil Poppa it’s what best for YOU don’t sell out you’ll make more money DONT fuck w that loan
Waryah Music
Waryah Music 14 days ago
Kai TheeeGuy
Kai TheeeGuy 14 days ago
Breev Ezy
Breev Ezy 14 days ago
Ion know no foolio 🖤
James Young
James Young 15 days ago
Bro really talented on the mic
Malin Ryan
Malin Ryan 15 days ago
whennn will he get the respect he deserve
Life With Coby
Life With Coby 15 days ago
Yessir my boy got a million 💯💯
sbo 15 days ago
Rell21 k
Rell21 k 15 days ago
was that jdot in the video?
Ayo Moe
Ayo Moe 16 days ago
Hardest Underrated Rapper💨
Landry kidron
Landry kidron 17 days ago
for two minutes i felt good
TheReal Brokeboy
TheReal Brokeboy 17 days ago
Who produced this
Nacia Gmakeit
Nacia Gmakeit 17 days ago
Them niggas don’t want no war with us I see straight Through the smoke🔥
gweat gunzz
gweat gunzz 18 days ago
Foolie could never
MANMAN56ace 18 days ago
him n yungace need to a make song together bout they opps together
Ellis_Von_ Simpson
Ellis_Von_ Simpson 12 days ago
@MANMAN56ace had fun researching
MANMAN56ace 12 days ago
@Ellis_Von_ Simpson I’m not talking about the song smoke fool I’m talking about making a new one
Ellis_Von_ Simpson
Ellis_Von_ Simpson 12 days ago
If you was a real fan you would know they already have
ElosWrld 18 days ago
Hard as usual brodi💜🏹🌍
YourFatMom 18 days ago
1:18 lmfao i just realized jdot breezy is standing on the right xDDDDD well damn lets hope we see a collab then
So Flo
So Flo 5 days ago
@Capo4x yea I had to look again it’s really bruh
Capo4x 5 days ago
@So Flo its dot
YourFatMom 12 days ago
@So Flo im talkin bout the guy next to him with the cup and not all the way to the right
YourFatMom 12 days ago
@So Flo might wanna get ur eyes checked then cuz they seem to not work
So Flo
So Flo 16 days ago
Tf no it’s not
Markell McCain
Markell McCain 18 days ago
BIG 1 mil!
shawn Anthony
shawn Anthony 19 days ago
It's amazing to see a man that lived in my neighborhood and grew up around me and my people blow up, I know you wont forget about duval and sin city lil poppa
BODxSGB 19 days ago
Litty Turnt
Litty Turnt 19 days ago
My nigga Poppa lit in real life ... I understand the struggle frfr push forward
Skep Lan
Skep Lan 19 days ago
O yea he ain’t playing 🔥💯
SolidBoy Sheeno
SolidBoy Sheeno 19 days ago
Here Before 1 Mill🎶🐐
Montias Thuggin
Montias Thuggin 19 days ago
I’m proud of u you came a long way🙏🏻🙏🏻
Joseph Duenas
Joseph Duenas 19 days ago
Dat boi poppa 💯💯
Dmoney Glowmann
Dmoney Glowmann 19 days ago
Get this man His fuckin M💯😒🦾🦾
Eric Adams
Eric Adams 19 days ago
Lil poppa hold no less than 50..💯 preach
Keman 810
Keman 810 19 days ago
Jay Gee
Jay Gee 20 days ago
he underrated afffff
x3DayDay 20 days ago
his flow just make every song go hard🤧
: lonnie
: lonnie 20 days ago
UCHIHA YT 神 20 days ago
Deandre Edwards
Deandre Edwards 21 day ago
277 dislikes music haters 😂
Denzel Pyburn
Denzel Pyburn 21 day ago
Why tf this u isn’t at 1 mil yet🤨
Devislit 21 day ago
babyface_rell 21 day ago
This nigga hard 🔥🔥
LOWOFFICIAL 21 day ago
Why this shit so fire tho calm down 🗣
Jireh DaPlug
Jireh DaPlug 21 day ago
Fondue Blue
Fondue Blue 21 day ago
Stevontae Wiley
Stevontae Wiley 22 days ago
This hard
Destenie Parker
Destenie Parker 22 days ago
“wasn’t for this then i’ll prolly be onna block rn, so why you playin?”
Wildchild Charlie
Wildchild Charlie 22 days ago
The video says so much It’s like the video sends a bigger message then the song💯 but the shii still hard fr no cap
Jayr. chaser
Jayr. chaser 22 days ago
Zc Gotti
Zc Gotti 23 days ago
Rico AG
Rico AG 23 days ago
He say Bolingbrook inna beginning?
Al-Boi_Tide 23 days ago
That’s how life goes the video shows the truth
Tyra Cee
Tyra Cee 23 days ago
I can’t wait until he gets the recognition he deserves!
ToXic Lol Lol
ToXic Lol Lol 23 days ago
Polo g ripoff but it still good
Dumb ppl don’t see the meaning behind the video 🤦🏾🔥
Ragina Ford
Ragina Ford 23 days ago
BendyCapalot 23 days ago
Nigga so underrated but I got dis song on repeat no cap
Money makin Bear
Money makin Bear 23 days ago
NFL.THELOGOO 1K 23 days ago
What jacket is that.?
Ray MadeAKillin
Ray MadeAKillin 24 days ago
My boi got a beard now
Bryan 24 days ago
Lil Poppa never fails to impress Fire once again
Mari 24 days ago
If this songs trash I'ma be pissed I should've never doubted you
Bears Talk And More
Dude So Hard
A M G 24 days ago
ON MY SOUL IMMA BE UP THERE MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS‼💯 Some heat🔥 The world gon' remember AMG just wait🎤🖤🚫🧢😴💤
Mag Maree
Mag Maree 24 days ago
Gibby 24 days ago
here before 1 mill
SoKaiine 24 days ago
Anyone kno where he got dat white jacket ? shii so raw 😭
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 24 days ago
1:31 the transition was fucking 🔥 🔥🔥🔥
Project Baby
Project Baby 25 days ago
who here b4 1m
Taylor Odonnell
Taylor Odonnell 25 days ago
That’s z28 tho🤤😩
drama Birmingham
drama Birmingham 25 days ago
Video next level
greensfordays Yt
greensfordays Yt 25 days ago
U a goat I’m your best fan bro
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 24 days ago
So slept on and under rated
travieon smith
travieon smith 25 days ago
Sound like yungeen ace to me
TWERKFORPESO • 25 days ago
Muddamighty TV
Muddamighty TV 25 days ago
Sum heat
DIOR ! 25 days ago
this go hard fr
A Richardson
A Richardson 25 days ago
Fuck the jewelry I need some land some the realest shit u can say
A Richardson
A Richardson 25 days ago
He’s one of them u can just feel it we stand alone
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