Lil Boosie Shames Lori Harvey’s Body Count | Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz 

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Feb 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
Eazer Ebonezer
Eazer Ebonezer 4 hours ago
We all knew Charlemagne was a simp. This is not news.
Anna Laurent
Anna Laurent 6 hours ago
It's 2021 and we're still telling women what to do with their OWN bodies? Get tf outta here. If you don't want a woman like that then get one with the values that YOU want, instead of telling them how to be more desirable to your own standards. The nerve of Wax, he's no prize. Charlamagne said it best, "Wax is afraid of his own karma". Men like him try to tell women what to do with their own bodied but then lack the same standards and integrity for themselves.
hahaha 00
hahaha 00 6 hours ago
bro she was with p didy and his son. that is the red flag of red flags. FATHER AND SON. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Lady Crenshaw
Lady Crenshaw 6 hours ago
Says a man with 8 kids with different women.💯💯💯
Ray Bidwell
Ray Bidwell 6 hours ago
Dating a father and son is crazy
Yeovany Yeovany
Yeovany Yeovany 6 hours ago
Selena Burnett houston
You know this whole conversation is very silly most of the things there saying only seems like reality to famous people because in real life when you meet a person you have never met you don’t know how many people that person has slept with unless they tell you I have known people who really got around in the past and are now happily married with kids so I’m confused 🤷🏽‍♀️
PresidentUSVI 8 hours ago
You can’t be friends either, you got to be fucking.
Merk40 Tharealest
Merk40 Tharealest 9 hours ago
Body count damn sho matter, tf? Wtf you mean it dont? High body count, means more cheating prone
Hayah Baseer
Hayah Baseer 13 hours ago
She can date if she wants to..how much or many she wants.. until she finds who's best for her.. Period! Man do it all the time.. I can Almost bet every man in this video would date her rite now..
DLBMOS 13 hours ago
Eww this girl is disgusting 🤢
Debs Playlist
Debs Playlist 15 hours ago
Bossie is so disrespectful he want her and ole her an apology
SugedaBoss1 16 hours ago
This was hard to watch... the simpin😒
Mohammed Omer
Mohammed Omer 17 hours ago
Perceived. You're welcome, Wax.
Julian Broughton
Julian Broughton 17 hours ago
For me, its not the body count that matters, but the frequency of the bodies. 10 bodies over 10yrs is very conservative. 10 bodies in 1yr.. you doing too much for me...
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis 19 hours ago
Karim B
Karim B 20 hours ago
Obviously women can do whatever they want, but I can see the point that a woman sleeping with a guy doesn’t get the credit a men gets for sleeping with a woman because all she has to do is give consent, it may not sound good but it’s the truth 🤷🏼‍♂️
C Lee
C Lee 21 hour ago
I think Boosie needs to mind his own business. This isn’t the first time he stuck his nose where it doesn’t belong.
Melvin Thomas
Melvin Thomas 23 hours ago
It ain't no fuuuuun, if the homies can't haaaaaaave none. I remember girls going thru the whole crew in the 90's. Nothing has changed - the game is still the same. Only difference is the players because there is an expiration date on your attractiveness. I've walked passed chicks that I've smashed and didn't even recognize their ass, now that's bad. You'll talking bout body counts. Well you better wish you don't see me on plenty of fish cuz I'm coming wit a whoooole lotta baggage bi**h.
Jay Braithwaite
Charlotte got excited when they started talkin about 🍆 DL fasho
T Chief36
T Chief36 Day ago
I know most of these girls have been ran through dozens of times but I'll I never ask. Don't wave your number like a banner or throw it in my face and we're cool.
The Insult Pigeon
Who is Lil boosie?
IDK Jackman
IDK Jackman Day ago
Btw.. stop misspelling QUEEN.. ITS "QUEAN".. Look it up.
IDK Jackman
IDK Jackman Day ago
That is what you called men perceptive LOGIC.. and its accurate on certain levels. LMAO
It’s Q
It’s Q Day ago
Look values have just gotten blurred at this point and these women on this podcast is just.... sheesh 😦 50? Lost count after 18 years old? Damn
Jon Kaauwai
Jon Kaauwai Day ago
😂😂😂 omg I'm dying here lmao
La Dama
La Dama Day ago
This is stupid
Clacci38 Day ago
The ego is so fragile and weak. Geeezzzz 😂😂😂
Jay Tay
Jay Tay Day ago
Guys are truly idiots yo
D Melvin
D Melvin Day ago
Yall gotta be killing me. Give this advice to your daughter Charlemagne.
gselilkel Day ago
I never seen or heard of the way women are acting now and days and they run the world just lets me know it's almost over
Blakneo1 Gib
Blakneo1 Gib Day ago
Y’all are not helping these women by lying. Ladies, your body count matters to the type of guy most of you want.
Jessimus Prime
The math is all over the place 😂
Eric C.
Eric C. Day ago
Of course you see nothing wrong with it...
Easton LeMon
Easton LeMon Day ago
Cant take Boosie serious. This is how he stays relevant these days. Boosie would literally eat her shit if he had the chance. Stop it with his 11kids or w.e nigga sound and look goofy
Veronica Okomi
The double standard in this room 🙄🙄. If Lori was a man, this will not be an issue
Scrooge McDuck
She’s not yours. It’s just your turn.
Jermaine Flowers
Always ask yourself would I be ok if it was my daughter doing it.
QuoteOneself Day ago
A woman doesn't want to be honest about her body count because she afraid to be judged meaning that she's ashamed of her body count herself. A women wants a man to be upfront and honest about his intention with her, so she can have the right to decide what she wants to do, but she doesn't want to give that same respect to a man.
sinbadx 2
sinbadx 2 Day ago
Why in the fuk are y'all acting like body counts are the same for men and women?? As men we will fuk a woman with high body count cause its easy access pum pum! But will not/should not wife them up !
RoseGold Day ago
N!ggas mad because Lori’s out of their league 👀☕️
life 360
life 360 Day ago
Why don't men just concern themselves with their own body count how much p**** are you getting in one year how much p**** is a man allowed to have in one year f****** ridiculous the only man concerned about how many men a woman is f***** is a man who doesn't know how to f***
Jairod Lemon
Jairod Lemon Day ago
Martin Overmaat
Leave the dicks . So many soulties
BOSS 0H10 Day ago
Michael b Jordan is stupid period....he will get “Kanyed” soon smdh
antonio mccoy
Men want a woman that make them feel like they won the lottery meaning she's valuable she makes him feel like a lucky man and not a lot of other people can say they hit. 😂😂😂
antonio mccoy
@life 360 most women are unwilling to teach women want a man that already experience and knows what he is doing and that's a fact!!
life 360
life 360 Day ago
Women want the same thing so when men are able to provide it then you can ask for the same thing
Jason Jones
Jason Jones Day ago
Charlamagne Tha Simp.
odabuu Day ago
This is childish Knowing the person sexual history is important A ladies Y'all would want to know if your men used to sleep with men
jerseygirl45 Day ago
Who said she slept with all of them???!!! Why can’t she just date. Dating does not = sex
Pesin Papa
Pesin Papa Day ago
Michael B is Sulla super simp
Yohan Wilson
Yohan Wilson Day ago
Think like a lady act like a man
Regal Sylvester
Never seen a chick defend a pass around in the workplace but they’ll fight for a celebrity
William Payne
Char you sound foolish nobody will marry her POINT BLANK.. maybe a low value guy
A Gent
A Gent Day ago
How do they know who she slept with?!?!?!! Do they say this to Future!!?? Women have to deal with mens body count all the time. These hollier than though men!!!!! Unfairly so but yall are still doing it.
Jackie Robinson
This is sad that the black community thinks its ok to disgrace each other in front of white America this is sad we are already looked upon as lower than low be it male or female if you dont want to date them then dont but to disgrace our black women or men who date them is why our race is weak why not up lift each other instead of this bull SHOW ME ANOTHER RACE OF PEOPLE THAT DO THIS NOTICE WHITE GUY!!!!
Perceive* (you’re welcome)
Son of Carthage
The people that wouldn't see anything wrong with it are hoes or men that use to that life, cheaters and people with little morals
Before Midnight
Why does this keep getting recommended to me?
King Black
King Black 2 days ago
🤔 questions. But why no one asking but why is all these guys chasing her she must have something for them to still pursue her, until M.B.J came in to her life...
King Black
King Black 2 days ago
Short answer Its more fake people that's out here then people that's real genuine. Im sure she's happy with her choice now and glad she didn't settle for mediocre or typical males ,thats in or out of the industry. Look at what he done for her for Valentine's Day. I don't know if she would've gotten the same treatment. Because all males are different. He shows how he feels about her..👍
B KC2121
B KC2121 Day ago
Notice how women never do that for men? Women are not capable of romantic love. Women only love what men do for them
King Black
King Black 2 days ago
Long answer Life is not so simple as people make it out to be, a woman is always in a crazy situation like if she goes out with a dog (guy) and she see thats he one of them , and don't give her kisskiss🍑 to him, then everyone is going to think she did. Like In her neighborhood, school, job ect.. but when she do gives her kisskiss 🍑to 1 or 10 she's labeled as a (***). Its not fare to our women when a man do it, its a males ego, saying he's a player because he can get a lot of women.. let's make 1 thing straight here. Im not going to let dummies out here try to put (OUR) Queens down. Its deeper then this but ima touch on it for a few lines. Please i hope this don't offend anyone.. im just keeping a 💯 .. the female that yall call a h**, thot, freak ect. At yo job , club or wherever you meet her at. Guys don't care if someone else was talking to her ... 👉(boys) 👈 not a real man. if yall know what I mean. don't care if she has a man or not he still trying to shoot his shot. From the lady who wrote that book on the basketball, rappers, ect . Everyone still wanted her. Guys that go to the club for strippers and see's 👀 other guys with her, but he stills want her. He still want the same girl his potna hit the weekend before. All im saying is let's be fare here.. people will still want her kisskiss if they break up. Or vice versa, for him women ain't going to say nothing about he was with her. All people need to do is find them someone to love.. its jealousy, some women want M.B.J AND for L.H she will always be wanted. Ego's & fake people is out here so it makes it hard for someone to know who's genuine these days. 😊
Jamal Mtshali
Jamal Mtshali 2 days ago
50 to 75? Wow man...
Josephus Roberson
Ok Charlemagne when your daughter turn 18? A got a team of young niggas on them percs ready.
Lol a man who has 8 kids with different women, had some chick give his son head at his 14th birthday, is going to tell the rest of the world, what's good with another human being??? Yeeeeeeasaaahhh....it's a hard pass for me. What's funny is, Lori is still going to get married (if that's what she wants) and be happy, regardless of what petty, bitter boys have to say. If Lori was a guy, I PROMISE you, no one would care.
Lorenzo Carter
Lorenzo Carter 2 days ago
I don’t know who these other people are, but I hope cthegod daughters live the life of Lori Harvey. F*kin and s*kin dudes in and out the industry! So tired of Charlemagne trying act as if women and men are the same. Tell Charlemagne to check Kevin Samuels content and stop with this simp sh*t!
Ant Simm
Ant Simm 2 days ago
Between 50 and 75....woooow. But I give her kudos for being truthful...😲😮😯😖
Ant Simm
Ant Simm 2 days ago
Let these feminists a other naive fools say.." so what, I can sleep with as many men as I wish..or no man tells me who I can sleep with"..while they're not realizing all the creeps, whore mongers and womanizing men are sitting there licking their chops like " that's right boo, sleep with all the men you want"...🤔😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤬💯
Douglas Busari
Douglas Busari 2 days ago
This is too funny 😂😂😂
Justin Harris
Justin Harris 2 days ago
Charlamagne is tripping on women not counting females in the body count. Women out here are seriously getting piped down with dildos and all sorts of other objects by other women. And if it's the emotional attachment that CTG doesn't take serious, women fall in love with women all the time. So whether it's the physical or the emotional, lesbian and bi chicks should definitely count women in the body count.
jh1 25
jh1 25 2 days ago
Ecclesiasticus 26:10-14 [10]If thy daughter be shameless, keep her in straitly, lest she abuse herself through overmuch liberty. [11]Watch over an impudent eye: and marvel not if she trespass against thee. [12]She will open her mouth, as a thirsty traveller when he hath found a fountain, and drink of every water near her: by every hedge will she sit down, and open her quiver against every arrow. [13]The grace of a wife delighteth her husband, and her discretion will fatten his bones. [14]A silent and loving woman is a gift of the Lord; and there is nothing so much worth as a mind well instructed.
Don't GetVAX
Don't GetVAX 2 days ago
It doesn't matter who she with she grown
Paulkofa3 2 days ago
Even if she didn't smash all of them come on y'all really think future and diddy didn't smash we not that stupid future took shawty on birth day trip and diddy was on boat with her parents
DKING MONEY 2 days ago
She lost count at 18 lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooo 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 If she has a man bro don’t watch this video
DKING MONEY 2 days ago
You already know she don’t give af about looks cause she did Diddy 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 it’s the money and status for her
DKING MONEY 2 days ago
Shit all I know is if this relationship doesn’t last between those two then be rest assured us black guys are in trouble 😂😂😂. Isn’t this nigga supposed to be like the perfect 10. Shit I’m a solid 6.5-7.
Sal5 2 days ago
So confused...men sleep with soooo many women...usually have double the body count as women and we're having conversation about this woman like we know her. Horrible! I know so many guys who sleep around like it's nothing, especially when they're married. Please stop judging women till yall can commit and keep your junk in your pants. Also, she was in a relationship with some if these dudes, soooo if the relationship doesn't work out should she sit at home and cry? It's called moving on. I'm personally tired if people judging her like yall know her. Don't Boosie have like 20 kids? Smh...he needs to focus on his fam and shut up.
Steven Gerrard
Steven Gerrard 2 days ago
Who cares about body count anymore
Renea Mcgee
Renea Mcgee 2 days ago
And her body count changes our lives how?
Candy Henderson
Candy Henderson 2 days ago
Does somebody ask these dudes how many people they have dated or been in? Cut the shit
Devonte t
Devonte t 2 days ago
I can tell women these days dont think logically they very emotional smh men in america we are doom especially if you want to wife women its better to go somewhere else around the globe to find better suitable women to wife and have morals and respect for there own body
blackroc01 2 days ago
@9:56 When you gotta look at ya boy like this🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yellow Cake
Yellow Cake 2 days ago
Champagne is full of shit
Yellow Cake
Yellow Cake 2 days ago
Boosie was right
Keith Kelson
Keith Kelson 2 days ago
Michael B Jordan ain't dumb--she's only there for a hot minute and that's simply to appease his black female fans. The break up will be coming soon and nobody will be able to shame him for "not giving a sister a chance".
Charlemagne the God is not a bright guy
Hakeem TV
Hakeem TV 2 days ago
Cuz got on 2 zip up hoodies wtf 😂
heroddube 2 days ago
Did that girl say between 50 and 75? That's some unstable shit right there don't give a fuck how open minded ya'll pretending to be, that spirit corrupted son.
Tee Mack
Tee Mack 2 days ago
I’m n love with Taylor!!!😍
JayJitsu 2 days ago
I ain’t judging..but lost count at 18 years old?? 😶😶
N K 2 days ago
If women feel body count is no big deal just lay it out... I like the light skinned girl with the long braids; she has accepted her journey. Thumbs up to you.
Dylisha Roberton
Dylisha Roberton 2 days ago
They crazy !!
Janice Thornton
Janice Thornton 2 days ago
Charlemagne will throw you under the bus 😂
Big Nizz
Big Nizz 2 days ago
Like bill burr said there is no skill for gyal to get sex so it’s not the same for men and women sleeping around
Janice Thornton
Janice Thornton 2 days ago
Taylor has a hard time answering anything sheesh
Pro Mask
Pro Mask 2 days ago
The amount of double standard and toxic masculinity in this comment section is astonishing
Choszn One
Choszn One 2 days ago
I hate when people put their feet in chairs and especially when they be grabbing all on the bottom of their shoe. I bet he’s gonna touch his face soon. Like bruh you been stepping in all kinds of shit and now you touching yo face with the same hand you were rubbing the bottom of your shoe.
Leslie Degnan
Leslie Degnan 2 days ago
When Charlamagne says " How do fingers just slip in people's butts!?!" Perfect for a drop on a sound board. lol Time: 7:32
Lightwght 2 days ago
At the end of the day, none of you should care who Lori sleeps with. Women and men are both getting it in 2021.
Fefe Bezzle
Fefe Bezzle 2 days ago
Did A nigga with 10 baby mamas say something?
sherry burton
sherry burton 2 days ago
This talk is a waist of time. Hating is real!