Liberal Supporting Joe Biden's Gun Control Responds To My Video, Here's My Response 

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Joe Biden Gun Control
After I posted my video titled: "Joe Biden Tells Congress To Ban AR-15s and Enact Other Gun Control to Destroy the Gun Industry", I received an email from @Steve_Mp5 on Instagram and reads:
A connection of mine is as far left as they come. I always send her your videos so she has a glimpse at the other side. I wanted you to see her comments on your last video.
After reading her comments, I decided to make a video responding to her comments. Let's dive right in shall we.
Here's her Letter:
“This guy is very good at parsing rhetoric but the hilarity is he’s creating his own rhetoric in the process; we could easily parse NRA rhetoric, in the same way, to show how it works to persuade its listeners. That the definition of rhetoric: persuasive language ... and literally every politician, every corporation, and every institution uses it.
It’s pretty cynical to say calling for gun control after a mass shooting is purely exploiting the situation. Why isn’t it just reacting to a tragedy? Gun death rates don’t speak to what people are **really** worried about ... they are not worried about gang violence or suicides ... they are worried about the oft arbitrary mass slaughter in public places like schools, malls, concerts, movie theaters.
Why are gun owners against background checks? Yeah, it’s not going to prevent everything, but it might stop some of it, especially violent domestic abuse, and I really don’t see the downside. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I don’t know what to say to you about assault weapons. Clearly, they have been used in some mass shootings & honestly are pretty terrifying to lots of non-gun owning Americans ... why? Because they were *designed* for war, designed to kill more people faster. Outside of it being something people love as a hobby, what is the logic for having endless assault weapons in the hands of everyday people?
Why isn’t Joe trying to sue BMW? 🤔 hmmmm, because BMWs are not designed to kill/murder & guns are (& do at a much more regular rate). That is some peak rhetorical shit right there. Cheese has probably been used to kill people, Hammers, Tylenol, etc., so if politicians don’t call for a ban on everything that’s ever been used to murder they are hypocrites? That makes no sense. As far as I can see guns were literally designed to kill & when not just being used for sport that’s largely what they do.
Why is there a gun INDUSTRY? Have you ever read about the history of the relationship between the arms industry & the U.S. military-industrial complex?
The answer to why there needs to be a consumer market for guns seems always to comes back to the 2nd amendment argument of having the right to defend yourself & again - if you’re talking from the government that’s laughable... & if you mean from other people then handguns should work just fine.
What has generated in this guy a rapacious fear of being harmed? Of needing to defend himself?
Some would argue that as long as there are endless guns then everyone could/should feel afraid & need to defend themselves with ... 🥁🥁🥁🥁 ... guns. it’s the perfect consumer loop. ”
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Feb 20, 2021




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Walt Trotter
Walt Trotter 3 seconds ago
Smart man Mr. Noir. I will remember these points
fred flinstone
fred flinstone Minute ago
I love this video.....WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fred flinstone
fred flinstone 3 minutes ago
Jackass democrats are nothing but rhetoric and and name calling.....They immediately melt when confronted with facts
sureshot stich
sureshot stich 5 minutes ago
Herion kills more people and its illegal so if its against the law how do people get it lol and yet being illegal people still get it and use it so how are gun laws going to help crime if drug laws don't stop drugs
Elizabeth Raines
Elizabeth Raines 9 minutes ago
Great information
Ralph Medic Down
Ralph Medic Down 10 minutes ago
They blame the relationship between the military and gun industry, the same industry that auto manufacturers has been used the military. So again you are point on in your argument !! Keep fighting !!! Stay tactical brother !!
james toney
james toney 10 minutes ago
You just earned my subscription thank you for standing up for us all
sureshot stich
sureshot stich 11 minutes ago
Ok it's simple if people don't want there second amendment that's fine then don't use it but don't try to take the second amendment away from the people who use it or want it
Jimmy Henderson
Jimmy Henderson 11 minutes ago
First of all I say thank you I'm over her rotflol cause you straight cooked her ass and wats so disappointing is that I can't see her face
Marie 24 minutes ago
The founding fathers put the 2nd Amendment in place for exactly this, personal protection and protection from a hostile enemy, be it foreign or domestic. Remember how Hitler took Austria...banning guns...while Switzerland (who made gun ownership mandatory), was not taken. We need our 2nd Amendment!
Marie 31 minute ago
Like banning large spoons to combat obesity
Christian Donahue
Christian Donahue 31 minute ago
CLARK Kent to Superman. Colion to LAWYERMAN
Marie 32 minutes ago
Like banning large spoons to combat obesity
Marie 33 minutes ago
Take them to church!
Choso 34 minutes ago
I cannot trust a system that taxes a product that kills more american citizens than any AR15. Tobacco is on every corner with the federal seal of approval.
Goot 37 minutes ago
How's the NRA coming along?
Rubi Joyal
Rubi Joyal 47 minutes ago
I may have a brain tumor for exposing myself to this fuckery.
Jedidiah Metzger
After watching this video, and due to the statistics presented and how the likelihood of the two events are close, I think the government should start proposing legislation to ban the use of lightning. Hypothetically quoting AOC.
Linkavich Chamofskee
I keep forgetting about the zombie apocalypse coming soon. Im sorry I keep forgetting why we need assault rifles and high capacity magazines. You guys better hide them, the Democrats have been supposedly coming to take them from you since the 80's. I unsubbed, you keep preaching the same bullshit, and as they may make it harder for us to buy them, they will never come to your front door and demand what you already own and have registered legally. Talk all the shizm you want, they'll never do it... Be more responsible and make it harder for your dumbass kids to obtain, then shit like regulations will stop.. Stop believing this bullshit and fighting, when all you have to do is make sure everyone is more responsible with ownership. Which includes registering you weapon also, not just keeping it from your kid. Dont think you need to register it? Shoot someone and see how you do in court with that logic..
GIboy1990 Hour ago
Should've rebutted with the racist anti black history of gun control
Frank Steinmann
Freedom nowhere and never was served on a silver platter! Ronald Reagan once said: Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction..! If it were only such stupid people on earth, there would be no freedom anywhere in the world! Just too much brainwashing, it already begun in the ancient days with the ROMAN EMPERORS: DIVIDE ET IMPERA! And FEAR is the most powerful weapon on earth! It is in the brain, it controls their thinking! Corrupts their judgement! And ultimately: It makes mentally unstable persons do HORRIBLE THINGS! And even more so, after FEAR has driven them right into all of those infernal addictions we can think of! Is that what they are trying to achieve? It really doesn't take much to turn FEAR into HATE!
Guy Atchley
Guy Atchley 2 hours ago
Guy Atchley
Guy Atchley 2 hours ago
That's the fact
richard balogh
richard balogh 2 hours ago
China Joe must go resistance is real not my president.
KEN SEAVEY 2 hours ago
That’s all liberals can do. Deflect!!
Frank Steinmann
Frank Steinmann 2 hours ago
Guns are not designed to kill, guns are designed to DEFEND! DEFEND FREE, LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN! FREEDOM is a RIGHT, SELF DEFENSE also is a RIGHT! FREEDOM had to to be fought for and ever since it was won, FREEDOM had to be defended! Without guns, the archaic rule of the strongest would again be in place! Law of the jungle! It is just as simple as that! Would be a brave new world! But wait - hasn't this become a sad reality in so many places already today?
Imurhuckleberry 2 hours ago
lets not forget us gun owners are the reason at least one country hasn't invaded this country....You're welcome. "Behind every blade of grass".
Wild Man
Wild Man 2 hours ago
My property and rights are not up for discussion with people who are scared of something they don’t understand. PERIOD.
nighttrain022 2 hours ago
Colion, THEY not only welcome oppression, but endorse it. They not only condemn and legislate against us having rational reasons for our fear of harm. They are using mass invasion of illegal immigrants, double standard on free speech, and their all out war on the tools we use to ensure our own safety. Wall on Southern Border is Bad. Walls around DC " Good" So, this supposed systemic racism tells us that people of color need to fear cops, fear whitey. Oh wait, "what generated your rapacious fears?" I guess you have no right to fear systemic racism because it only applies to Left leaning people of color, not Conservative people of color. As Joe Biden put it, if you don't know who you were going to vote for, " you ain't black" The bottom line is this is all about control. Big Tech, MSM, Leftist radical Communist Traitors all are brainwashing, doxing, censoring, shaming, job killing their way into making the US the mirror image of Nazi Germany. Sad to say it, but the evidence is all there.
mitch hochhaus
mitch hochhaus 3 hours ago
I love this video! Just straight slapped with facts left and right. The comparing car deaths to gun deaths is the most hilarious part.
zeke thefishgeek
zeke thefishgeek 3 hours ago
So, next.... After guns, knives, and anything else the left wants to call a danger to society... they'll be going after everyone in America that can throw a baseball harder than average... say @ roughly 60mph or "whatever is deemed to be @ a velocity which is hard enough to kill someone that is hit with it, when it is thrown at their head" Ok line up... pitchers, catchers, normal old men that can throw a ball... Line into surgery to remove your dominant arm so you're not going to be a danger or a threat to society. We cannot have anyone who is certified to be dangerous and therefore might possibly slow our takeover of this country, anyone who is in our leftist opinions that is judged to be a possible threat to us or our agenda of taking over this world, is now gonna be having their ball throwing arm amputated... next is thumbs on the other hand because of the fact it can be used to gouge someone's eyeball out of their head causing them to bleed out or bleed to death... no more thumbs...
Renaissance Now
Renaissance Now 3 hours ago
I don't envy ur position having to speak logic to a liberal. They do not have logic sensors. They are rhetoric controlled beings that only accept "empathy" based word salads as information. Which is exactly how they are controlled by the anything but empathic elites that invented empathic mind control and disguised it as liberalism. I've lived in California for over 18 years. I came here as a liberal. I broke from the programming and I say this with love... I am now surrounded by these liberal agenda zombies. They've been so fear porned by their "trusted media" sources that they are now literally... afraid... of the air... You just can't make this sh*t up. These Liberals are being constantly incepted by empathic mind viruses concocted by their controllers. And they just can't see the idiocy of the narratives they are sold on like the idea of gun laws. They can't figure out for themselves that crime is committed by... criminals... aka PEOPLE THAT IGNORE LAWS! So the plan of these liberals that are petrified by mass gun shootings is... lets make laws, to disarm law abiding citizens, so they will be unarmed when the crazy law ignoring maniac shows up. Every liberal I've ever said that too, says... "hmm, I'd never thought of it that way" Liberals are the most high iq morons the Earth has ever seen. I wouldn't be surprised if u told me in 50 years a liberally run country starved to death because their government convinced them to ban all nitrogen products. Because nitrogen is used in home made bombs. Nitrogen of course being more importantly the main ingredient in growing food. At the moment, I have a job going door to door. So I meet all kinds of people. And the level of fear the average liberal comes to the door with is palpable. It makes it very clear that these anti-gun liberal's defensive strategy is to be scared, unprepared and hope someone from the government WITH A GUN can get there before whatever nightmare scenario they are constantly imagining themselves only moments away from having happen to them, actually one day happens.
Renaissance Now
Renaissance Now 3 hours ago
P.S. If I sound angry. It's because last night I was futzing with the retardification of my CA compliant AR-15. Where my bolt release, has been replaced with a f'ing MAGAZINE LOCK... And to break the action so I can "legally" aka UNCONSTITUTIONALLY release the magazine, I have this futzy hellcat pin instead of a standard tapered pin, and I can't get it out to break down the gun because it gets stuck and jams just before clearing the upper enough to release it. I gotta get out of this idiocracy.
James Patterson
James Patterson 3 hours ago
Wow. Dude! Mr. Noir...I have been watching your show for two years now and your comment on that lady's last point was perfect in every way. Thank you for all that you do for 2A rights. You are the calm voice of reason in a room filled with mind-numbing noise.
Aaron Holmberg
Aaron Holmberg 3 hours ago
“Flawless Victory”
Herbsewell 3 hours ago
Well snowflake you immediately start off by using a strange voice to read what was said. And then deflect. And you know you are a liberal Right? The amount of people on the right who think liberals are leftists is astounding. Literally everyone is liberal in one way or another. And it's sad to see Soo many people on the right that are demonizing themselves against their own interests and politicizing Liberty and education. Do you know why you hate liberals Soo much? Because people in power have convinced you that liberals are the enemy, because liberty, which is synonymous with freedom, is not something they want you to enjoy. Take a look back at History, during the French revolution the Right wing were Loyalists, loyal to the throne. And the Left opposed dictatorship. Not much has changed since then and I'm not surprised by how many uneducated and undereducated people still support Right wing policies. You're like simps and subs in my eyes. 👀
Derp Ataur
Derp Ataur 3 hours ago
Guns don't kill people. People kill people. If you want to stop gun violence, we need more easily accessible mental health care for people who would do violence with guns, and social systems to help people who are in dire enough situations that they feel they need to resort to violence in order to survive. People should be fighting for health care as a right -- not dying on some stupid ass misguided moral high ground that isn't going to address the problem. The progressive party as a whole would have more support if half these mother fuckers would stop crying about gun laws that statistically do nothing, and start focusing on passing legislation that would actually help people.
Donn E
Donn E 3 hours ago
Wait, wait, wait.... "...shitty AK-47s..."? The AK-47 is a great rifle. The true "people's rifle".
D'Coledest TaEvadoit Hawj
Commenting for US-first algorithm.
Deejay Beaver
Deejay Beaver 4 hours ago
Nuff said
Donald Boggs
Donald Boggs 5 hours ago
Your so right WE must stop them before it's to late
j bailey
j bailey 5 hours ago
Speak it man. The truth is the truth.
Voodoochild67 5 hours ago
Great response to a obvious anti gunner's common rhetoric I hear all the time.
Cjmclaughlin1 5 hours ago
All of these morons (including Biden) fail to acknowledge that gun ownership is the mark of a free citizen. Gun control bans/confiscation is mark of enslavement!!!!!!! The AR15 is NOT an "assault" weapon, it IS Tyranny Control !
Uncle Verum
Uncle Verum 5 hours ago
Want to get historical? The simple truth is that the history of gun control, especially in America, is racist.
greebuh 5 hours ago
Anyone that goes against the rights of the People are treasonous. That is a death sentence.
ShaiRac 6 hours ago
Jeffry Blackmon
Jeffry Blackmon 6 hours ago
Expressed in excellent form!
Cyhn 6 hours ago
Well said.
Jose Cuevas
Jose Cuevas 6 hours ago
"Never waste a good crisis" -Winston Churchill- Yes, this quote is belongs to Winston Churchill. They use his quote, but never mention the quotes author.
Maps Ditty
Maps Ditty 6 hours ago
This guy uses logic, facts and common sense. Keep up the good fight, my man.
chris johlfs
chris johlfs 6 hours ago
Important counterpoint to gun control- The USA is the ONLY country that constitutionally protects gun ownership, there are 195 countries on Earth, so If you don't like having guns around then just leave... There are 194 countries you could live in that have some form of *extreme* gun control... For those of us who want to own any kind of gun with little to no regulation there is only 1 country we can live in...
Stephen Corbett
Stephen Corbett 6 hours ago
Great Job!
kawika da
kawika da 6 hours ago
I bet she's as interesting as a slug.
Manny B.
Manny B. 6 hours ago
Hey they are afraid of the tool. They don't understand it so by it they don't like it. They follow other people to fix their gun fear and find their conffy spot. The actually don't believe there are bad people out there but believe that cops are a call away. I use my guns for sports and fun most of all I sleep in pease because my gun is a stretch away from me or my wife and I don't have to wait for the cops to show up. Legal gun owners go through enough already just to get the toy. You like singing kumbaya in the weekend we like to partisipate in target shooting competitions and hunting, etc.
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 6 hours ago
This lady doesn’t know Jack shit about the gov. We the people have more guns than our military (about 3 million ppl” more than our cops (about 2 million) more guns than our damn population (about 400 million) aaaand more guns than the WORLD MILITARY COMBINED
kawika da
kawika da 6 hours ago
I wish those politician idiots would feel the same about our tax money as they feel about a good crisis.
kawika da
kawika da 6 hours ago
I like your shirt man!
Spiritual Apprentice
Alot of people are being brainwashed to the point they don't care about freedom and the wrong parts of the constitution is slipping away..just sad b.c I care about my life and those I love
im 6 hours ago
I’m on your side, but I do have to point out that technically using the fact that someone is a hypocrite does not mean they are wrong. Just saying.
Shelton Fitzgerald
Shelton Fitzgerald 6 hours ago
13:02, you knocked it outta the park on this one Colion. I don't even try to persuade liberals anymore, waste of breath. Funny how the party which fancies themselves as intellectuals are by and large the least intellectual people on the planet.
Erick Rios
Erick Rios 6 hours ago
She's going to have to go back to her professor for help...applying topical cream lmao
James Young
James Young 6 hours ago
I guess she never read this "www.g4s.com/en-us/-/media/g4s/usa/files/whitepapers/vehicular_terrorism_the_threat_behind_the_wheel.ashx" problem with people is that they speak many times before thinking.
Robert Sandoval
Robert Sandoval 7 hours ago
They ain't gonna take your guns
KyleKyleKyle 7 hours ago
This is gold.
Necor 7 hours ago
Another video share good sir...
DD Allgood
DD Allgood 7 hours ago
If they don't care about Covid-19 death statistics they won't care about gun death statistics. Wake up, they are on a mission and advancing fast!!
Jim 7 hours ago
Brilliant !!! This should be used as an instructional video in every school in the United States of America.
Daniel Vargo
Daniel Vargo 7 hours ago
Clinton's who murdered Seth rich and had queen arrest him to quiet him because he had information on seth Richs murder connected to Clinton's!🙄
Hayden Cress
Hayden Cress 7 hours ago
At first I was thinking a whole video for comments? Now I see why
Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk 7 hours ago
Watching your logic, statistics, and reason absolutely CRUSH this libtard was very entertaining and satisfying. There is no arguement for gun control, aside from high crimes against We The People.
James Rogers
James Rogers 7 hours ago
#Noir2024 You would have my vote bud
Alex Cooke
Alex Cooke 7 hours ago
she sounds too ignorant to rewatch this
dem0nchild610 7 hours ago
This woman is a joke she's probably the type of person who hates everything including herself and projects that on others my aunt is the same I don't even know how the hell she's married but I guess it takes all kinds
Todd Martin
Todd Martin 7 hours ago
I have subscribed to your channel 3 times! Each time I am unsubscribed
K O 7 hours ago
wow u should of made this video when trump (the most 2a president ever) banned bumpstocks
Johnny Brown
Johnny Brown 8 hours ago
Blissbrown awesome response to a missguided liberal
jpidgie 8 hours ago
Thank you Colion, BEST. VIDEO. EVER. Glad to have you defending our rights.
Marcus Hill
Marcus Hill 8 hours ago
Just find your channel. Nice to hear somebody who knows what they're taking about. Keep it up!
Mark Urso
Mark Urso 8 hours ago
And the thing that makes me laugh the most is that all of them are going against the Second Amendment but yet these Knuckleheads were the ones that were buying all the Firearms up at the last minute , guess what Republicans have always had them. Please support your NRA.
Billy Heck
Billy Heck 8 hours ago
Popped up in recommended and dude is giving straight facts in a straight forward and respectful manner. Good job my dude!
Steven Eischen
Steven Eischen 8 hours ago
Outstanding response!
Mark Urso
Mark Urso 8 hours ago
That wonmen is a Karen😂 that woman doesn't understand omg, also that when the borders open back up all the drugs and Firearms are going to be sold illegally. Lefty's and Democrat parties so worried about Firearms this order contradicts it. Why because it's going to sneak its way in here. Even if you take the guns away from the good people who has had the right to earn them already , no matter what laws are in place the bad guys are always going to have them because they don't follow laws. there's more people killed with a dollar store razor blade than an AR-15.
Bo Rasta
Bo Rasta 8 hours ago
Good job teach her.
Shaun Felton
Shaun Felton 8 hours ago
Hahaha Hilary Clinton talking about justice! I (an Australian) will be buying a rifle in the near future. Why? Not because I’ve got something to be afraid of, but because I need to keep my brain sharp and target practice at the gun club does the job for me and while my gun isn’t being used to kill a paper target in a controlled environment, it will be used as a filler for my gun safe. The Australian government used the Port Arthur Massacre as an excuse to remove more guns from the people than at any time in Australian history and they did it immediately, while the shock was still very real.
Cai Yang
Cai Yang 8 hours ago
Talking points on gun control..... Liberals: Let's keep to facts and truths. Today is the 37th anniversary of a school shooting so you don't get to tell me what's right or wrong about guns (crying). Reasonable person: Statistics don't support your narrative. Liberal: I don't care about statistics!
_C_H_1_C_K_3_N_ _
_C_H_1_C_K_3_N_ _ 8 hours ago
Austin 8 hours ago
Woke liberals: Guns are designed to kill *I know*
Joaquin Bin
Joaquin Bin 8 hours ago
You tube dont show us only what you want us to see or hear. What the hell are you affraid of ? I dont care what you think. Please play everybody freedom of speach. Im done with you. Thank you have a nice day
Edward Cassidy
Edward Cassidy 8 hours ago
I asked a gun banner do you trust the government the response absolutely not.
Dylan Sullivan
Dylan Sullivan 8 hours ago
me when people say that we need to get rid of guns to get rid of mass shootings: umm what makes you think they got those guns legally also me: and what TOOL let me say again TOOL stopped the shooter. is the answer a um a gun sorry to tell yall but guns also save lifes lives.
Craig Hoivik
Craig Hoivik 8 hours ago
Canada wants to outlaw air soft guns.... we are next us-first.info/player/video/jLyZeH5pZZZ_oGg.html
Craig Hoivik
Craig Hoivik 8 hours ago
Daniel Hart
Daniel Hart 8 hours ago
Great video. Stand strong against tyranny
Speaker Man
Speaker Man 8 hours ago
Not wasting a good crisis means reacting to a situation when emotions are high and reason is low, thus having the chance to make a poor decision seem better than it is.
Xpnential999999 8 hours ago
Amen, Colion!
Wade Jacobus
Wade Jacobus 8 hours ago
Cant not like this, spitting too many facts💦
Coin Daddy
Coin Daddy 9 hours ago
Geez this was deep
Stink Foot
Stink Foot 9 hours ago
Well, here’s a fun fact: as of several years ago at least, there were about 21 million persons serving in all the militaries of the world combined...there are 72 million KNOWN gun owners in the United States. WE the people are the ones in control, not them.
Shane Miller
Shane Miller 9 hours ago
Who ever is in favor of limiting the 2nd amendment is in favor of removing it..
Tyson Rexroat
Tyson Rexroat 9 hours ago
you can argue with feelings . you're not going to make your point (to her) facts never lie. she won . she got you all upset .