Liberal Redneck - Georgia Boycotts 

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The South is complicated and I’ll always heart Georgia. As well as all y’all.

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Apr 6, 2021




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Jamie Ward
Jamie Ward 15 hours ago
This how it goes hold on from the former dairy state now the cheater state because someone doesn't believe there are non political biased ppl who get passed off and wipe assholes out of power ya don't have to be republican or democrats to vote ,especially if you pass non political off it gonna bite you in ass cause we're gonna vote than.
Jamie Ward
Jamie Ward 15 hours ago
Pissed. Turned to pass lol
Jamie Ward
Jamie Ward 15 hours ago
Love how passed was turned to pass lol
Cam B
Cam B 19 hours ago
To see through the b.s. to a point that you might have to call out your own side is somthing not many people are capable of. It's what makes your commentary worth watching man. Please don't stop. There is not enough people out there saying shit how it actually is and your one of them.
Tiffany Day ago
the best part is that these corporations don't actually care about any of the causes they're all suddenly taking a stand against. they just want people to talk about them and get behind them because they made some grand gesture that really only hurts the people that were depending on the income the event would bring in for them.
Mia Rosenbloom
That's exactly how I feel about North Carolina. Yeah, their state government is messed up for trying pass transphobic laws, and so are the citizens who support those laws, but there's good people who live in NC as well. As a trans woman, I don't want a bunch of militant people from my LGBT+ community, judging me on my Twitter for visiting my family in NC. It's not my fault they live in a bigoted state.
Witt Wittwer
Witt Wittwer 2 days ago
I'm surprised, that in retaliation, the georgia QOP hasn't renamed coca cola "freedom cola." Man, will that ever sting.
Commander 401
Commander 401 2 days ago
Corporations need to boycott the Republicans
Arizona Theatre Matters
Love you too, dear man. 💗
Bonnie Harris
Bonnie Harris 3 days ago
I have to agree. We need to find a way to punish politicians, not voters. Because, obviously, VOTING isn't going to be a way to do it anymore.
Jessica Tredway
Jessica Tredway 3 days ago
I agree that it is wrong and counterproductive to like write off the entire state of Georgia. It's Russian roulette as to which party it hurts more in elections but it will hurt real people on both sides of the political spectrum. But you have to admit that it's super funny hearing Mitch McConnell say corporation should stay out of political matters and then backtracking about how he doesn't mean political contributions. no giving me money is fine backing out of a contract because you don't like a states politics, That's wrong, but giving me money. That's good.
Stand And Fight
Stand And Fight 4 days ago
Your right Trae, It's stupid and it's republicans doing what they are so outraged about. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could just boycott republicans to begin with and we wouldn't have all this bullshit going on. I'm just really really surprised Governor MeeMaw and this Alabama stronghold of retards hasn't done something to bring a bunch of heat back on Alabama. Of course we do have Tubby now so I should be careful not to speak too soon. He might just bring the entire world down us here by.,oh IDK, opening his mouth.
chgosatrap 4 days ago
Ya gotta get rid of the red politicians who are screwing the state.
Alan J Buddendeck
Common sense from our man Trae!
Joseph Kordinak
Joseph Kordinak 5 days ago
How are you supposed to fight the voter laws then Trae besides boycott the state? I live in Texas and if Texas pulled that I would expect the state to be boycotted and not fault anyone in the least for doing it. These fat cat GOP lawmakers only understand two things money and power.
supernatural slytherin
It's funny
Darlene McConnell
I’ll never go to Georgia!
SE Beller
SE Beller 5 days ago
yes - but GA became the belle bc of its voters and voting rights activists NOT bc of the bs coming out of its current gop-dominated state legislature
B.T. 5 days ago
Read the law for yourself, Trae. You've been gas lit and now you're passing that gaslighting to your viewers. Read the law for yourselves.
Brian Fergus
Brian Fergus 5 days ago
0:30 “No you ain’t... no... you... ain’t”
Melanie Hale
Melanie Hale 5 days ago
You make a very good point...👍🙏
Major Hatfield
Major Hatfield 5 days ago
Democrat or republican there is no reason to perpetuate that ignorant accent that makes you sound like you have a third grade education.
Den Dens corner V
Classic Georgia shit , love it lol
quantum states maine - Mr. Crowder you are a comedy champion!
yoo jastle
yoo jastle 5 days ago
Of course, this is correct.
Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz 5 days ago
Look, I've got nothing against the good people of Georgia, and haven't heard some bloodthirsty mob calling for otherwise. But if there's a better way to give corrupt politicians a well-deserved smack in the mouth that doesn't involve depriving them of income, I've yet to hear of it
Rachel Garber
Rachel Garber 6 days ago
Yes, I always have mixed feelings about that
D Skinner
D Skinner 6 days ago
You are on fire! 🤣🔥
billy bob
billy bob 6 days ago
If you boycott coke! Your unintentionally boycotting Jack
satanspitbucket 6 days ago
I love that you exist, subscribed.
Michael james
Michael james 6 days ago
OK, you've said how NOT to fight these Jim Crow laws, what's your 'right' way?
Brian West
Brian West 6 days ago
So Trae, what is the appropriate response to Georgia's voter suppression laws?
sleazycakes 6 days ago
real solution is boycott capitalism... only buy from cooperatives whenever possible. Corporations are unaccountable private tyrannies.
shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend
Trae , Now if we could just Flip Texas Blue . Seems like Most Texans decided "OK lets get the Craziest, Least Educated Motherfuckers we can find and put them in charge "
Charlotte Bain
Charlotte Bain 7 days ago
The boycott is hurting the hardworking people. I agree.
Jacob Hogan
Jacob Hogan 7 days ago
Love you too Trae but are you really equating the loss of voting rights with not being able to attend a ball game locally?
Amelia Kusar
Amelia Kusar 7 days ago
“How long do you give it before we catch one of em in an airport bathroom with a Coke Zero up their butt? What, a month?”...days later, Trumpty-Dumpty photographed still enjoying his fave beverage. We NEVER have to wait that long! 🤣
glamourchick21 7 days ago
I'm from Illinois, but I lived in Georgia for a short time, and I loved my time there. Let's not boycott all of Georgia. Liberal Georgians need our support.
a queen
a queen 7 days ago
Good points seriously
mishal Adara
mishal Adara 7 days ago
Just for that I'm going to steal some Coca-Cola destroy it in front of a Pepsi company
CloudsGirl7 7 days ago
I never thought "Georgia good!" - because I always knew that monster Kemp was lurking there...
N DR 7 days ago
Dude I love the way u speak such truth with comedy and sarcasm in it! It's like u take all things that don't make sense to me and put them into words so much better than I could've. And with less cussing! I was born n raised in Florida and most of my fam are stereotypical southerners without accents (for some reason, in many parts of FL, ppl don't have southern accents). I never really fit in with the way they practice religion or feel about the LGBTQ+ community, other religions, the views of the Republican party, Trump... etc. Until I found your channel and Beau of the 5th, I thought I was alone. THANK U from the bottom of my heart for what u do. It is so refreshing to hear u speak. Please feel free to rant on US-first more often!
Werdna Dracip
Werdna Dracip 7 days ago
Georgia just got the middle America treatment. No one bothers to educate themselves on the residents of the middle of the country, they just paint us all as ignorant farmers too dumb to make any sort of educated decision on anything. Much less understand politics as a whole. Welcome residents of GA who have been written off because of a few bad actors. We know how you feel and are here to tell you that the judgement won't go away. Everyone likes to judge so they can feel superior and not have to face their biases. We know not all of you are morons, matter of fact, most of you are decent people it's just that the morons happen to be the loudest in the room.
Michael C
Michael C 7 days ago
“Collateral damage” in Blue Georgia is unacceptable. Keep up the fight! Thanks Trae
Mama Petillo
Mama Petillo 7 days ago
One of my oldest friends is down in GA...his whole family is against him. I hope he doesn’t feel too all alone.
Mama Petillo
Mama Petillo 8 days ago
“Boy whores and hard drugs parties” 🎉 I just about put a kink in my neck whiplashing on that one.
Stephanie McPherson - De Fa-Rekin Licious
I need to have you on my podcast, Empowered Conversations!! So ready to continue the conversation of this necessary subject! I have so fucking much to share!
Robert Bruce
Robert Bruce 8 days ago
This ole boy is funny as hell. That being said he's right. I my ashamed that I to wanted to boycott Georgia, the people of Georgia should not be punished because their politicians are idiots. But it is up to them to fix the problem and they need a chance to. Elections are in two years, if they can't fix it I will then say the hell with them. I wish you luck, and will be on you're side .
Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades 8 days ago
My mom and I live in Indiana, a state that went for Trump twice, and we are hardcore left-wing liberal.
Jan Thomassen
Jan Thomassen 8 days ago
I have a counter point of view: Yes, you, (Georgia), are indeed the Belle of the ball. BUT, this new shit can not happen! In about 15 seconds a new election cycle is about to occur, please take not of who voted for, (and against), the proposition and make a stand. Oh, and make sure that your neighbor, club member, friend, family member, co-workers also know who they are. See you all at the 2022 election!
jaime delgado
jaime delgado 8 days ago
boycott MLB and coca-cola ?! what's next? boycott bald eagles and apple pies ? sheesh *smdh*
Stephanie Hatcher
Yes!!! I’m so against the new laws. I with y’all..
amy herald
amy herald 8 days ago
Saeed Hossain
Saeed Hossain 8 days ago
"...I know your tricks MF's..." actual spit take on that one!
Saeed Hossain
Saeed Hossain 8 days ago
love the video, not sure Im a fan of the wrangler studio, feels too california.... and reeks of bad decisions, becuse you know, jeep....
kanolemaster 8 days ago
hahahahhah cant double boycott a tripple boycotter hahahahaha
Mary Ann M
Mary Ann M 8 days ago
carl buschman
carl buschman 8 days ago
I bought a case of Coca-Cola today, now it's my favorite soda.
Laura 8 days ago
The only real solution to this is that Georgians have to fight hard against these voter suppression laws. Most of us don't want to see the average person their hurt financially by boycotts. But on the flip side sometimes change only comes from drastic measures. There really is no easy answer to what's going on there.
Lynn Rolaf
Lynn Rolaf 8 days ago
Thank God there are more Liberals in GA to pick up the Coka a Cola supply, so they aren't hurt financially!!! 🤣😂🤣
Jason Cone
Jason Cone 8 days ago
I feel sorry for Georgia.... Pepsi is a huge lbgtq supporter.... guess it’s time for the yellow(generic) canned sodas lol
Kincade Productions
Trae we love you.
Sonya Weinreis
Sonya Weinreis 8 days ago
Love you dude thanks
Belynda Dix
Belynda Dix 8 days ago
you are so funny
Baron von Quiply
Baron von Quiply 8 days ago
I stocked up on Coca-Cola because odds are they're going to boycott this the same way they boycott everything else.... by buying it en masse and then destroying it.
Kimberly Anne
Kimberly Anne 8 days ago
Yes! When Nashville lost conventions and a TV show over ANTI-LGBTQ laws it hurt our unions and low-wage workers. The politicians and the rural a**holes who elected them didn't lose a thing.
Don Stoddard
Don Stoddard 8 days ago
You're so right
Mistta Stroman
Mistta Stroman 9 days ago
Love ya to man
Eden Starr
Eden Starr 9 days ago
I guess you can have both ... Boycotting georgia AND liberals that can understand and agree with the reason .... suck it up and change it. Remember: Republicans are a MINORITY majority. Those that hold that power don't out number those that can flip it. Georgia's on a time out. So what? You get out of the corner by changing dad's mind. So go vote Georgia.... And get out of the fuckin corner.🤷 Oh... And I live in Ohio...I have Republicans AND Nazis... If half of Ohio boycotted... I'd run for office while driving to Pennsylvania for soda until they came back.... Because... They SHOULD BOYCOTT HORRIBLE GOVERNMENT BEHAVIOR. Sanctions hurt the citizens.... But citizens should do better to control their governments. It's shitty all around... But what's the alternative? Thoughts and Prayers? 😆
Shellie Haaland
Shellie Haaland 9 days ago
I love you Trae, and I hear all that you're saying. But nothing changes politics faster than the money from big corporations. So, if for once, those changes increase voter accessibility, we can all be more prosperous sooner. It won't take long for the GOP to break... Gotta pay for their boy toy sex parties somehow.
Sharon H
Sharon H 9 days ago
You liberal Georgians who want to go to a ballgame can come here to liberal Colorado. We’ll take ya!
Dixon 9 days ago
I prefer companies stop donating to politicians they disagree with. Maybe start directing those donations to good charities?
J W 9 days ago
Sorry, but you're totally wrong on this. Boycotts work. And they work because they strike fear into the hearts of companies who fear the economic losses of getting isolated. And the CEOs of those companies lean on the politicians and before you know it, shit turns around. People, good people, may have to make sacrifices in the short term because the companies have to know the boycotters are serious but it won't take long before the politicians relent, even racist assholes like Kemp. truthout.org/articles/georgias-voter-suppression-is-sparking-boycotts-history-shows-they-can-work/
lyricessence 9 days ago
There are certainly no easy answers to these things. If you have alternative suggestions (which you usually do), then state those too. Love you, Trae.
R McElhaney
R McElhaney 9 days ago
I'm a Democrat and will gladly continue to drink Coca-Cola.
Tht1Gy 9 days ago
Trae always has something worth listening to.
Vegas Galvan
Vegas Galvan 9 days ago
When it comes to racism and voter suppression, there should be no compromise.. There’s a saying in baseball, you’re only as good as your last at that. Insert that here for Georgia. You’re only as good as your last vote.
T S 9 days ago
The liberals, know to the rest of the world as moderates are not boycotting Georgia. The people that don't want you to vote are.
bkmeahan 9 days ago
No,. Georgia voters were the bell of the ball. Georgia officials who were elected prior to the 2020 election are the assclowns who have fomented this outcry. If they don't want the boycotts, they need to stay mobilized and elect officials who won't try to suppress the vote.
david d
david d 9 days ago
Maybe the price of coke will go down so I can load up. What do u y'all think? Lol.
Heather Love
Heather Love 9 days ago
Drove 3 hours from East TN to Duluth, GA to spend my $$ on Korean BBQ & pastries, WORTH IT!!
Edna Warren
Edna Warren 9 days ago
How do we let them know they can't suppress us?
Edna Warren
Edna Warren 9 days ago
Their Underage girlfriends and coke...it's not the people in Georgia it's the politicians. They are racist arses.
Blue Silver
Blue Silver 9 days ago
Trae is the man 👨👌
marie kastler
marie kastler 9 days ago
Breaking down hot chunks of NUANCE, Baby! It's a heavy lift, but a good fight! We're going to have trouble navigating the many paradigm shifts that are required in America without a crash course in nuance, critical thinking, and the expanding effects of our thoughts/words/deeds. Tell It, Trae!!!
olzt100 9 days ago
Republicans work for business, not citizens. It's the Republicans that want to boycott businesses willing to speak up. If the businesses in the state take a monetary hit then they should reflect that hit on to Republican politician donations. " Sorry senator racist. We can't donate to you campaign this election due to our business losses you're endorsed by boycotting us. " No strain, no pain, no gain. You not going to get rid of racists ideas and racist people by saying "Boo!" at them.
CWB 9 days ago
Love your common sense, it's become a rare commodity in the States.
Eric T.Watson
Eric T.Watson 9 days ago
You can't win a state and declare 'job done', now you have to prove you are worthy of the win.
L Davis
L Davis 9 days ago
And these is why I love you 😂
DVDA 9 days ago
Trae got in some great points about how this move punishes the people in GA who are against voter suppression of any type. Well, sorry to break it to ya Trae, but that goes for every progressive or liberal in the country who lives in a red or blue swing state. We all get the short end of the stick because of what state we happen to reside in, our political beliefs be damned.
Miss Sunshine
Miss Sunshine 10 days ago
Good point
Runner Girl
Runner Girl 10 days ago
I'm having a COKE and a smile. Georgia enjoy the Pepsi.
Jeffrey Book
Jeffrey Book 10 days ago
Dem no different than republican. They'll turn on you on a whim. Your right. Punish the one who brought you to the ball! Typical politicians. All of them are so corrupt it's sad. Screw em all. Vote these pricks into oblivion. Find decent people to represent us not rich pricks.
J-TV 10 days ago
I drink more coke now just cause I know Georgians are salty.
Kathy White
Kathy White 10 days ago
There’s free cornbread in the south?
Ms VonneGutPunch
Ms VonneGutPunch 10 days ago
"We thought Georgia good, but, Georgia BAD :(" Yeah same thing when certain people were like "I feel sooooooo bad for Texans but maybe they deserve it because they voted for that government" Like Gerrymandering doesn't exist as the go-to ace in the pocket everyone agrees to pretend isn't a disgusting loophole around any semblance of democracy, why is this still allowed to be a thing. Remember those GOP maps showing how red the US supposedly is? Remember how much unoccupied dirt they claimed? I hate this
Monique Engleman
Monique Engleman 10 days ago
Quantum shift....🤣🤣😂😂 I experienced that when I moved to Santa Cruz, Ca. I thought I was a Southern Liberal....but sounded like a radical Republican here.! I am so happy now, living in such a beautiful state.
70sVibe! 10 days ago
Keep doing what you do!
Big Foot
Big Foot 10 days ago
Funny how the GOP goes from saying cancel culture is the biggest problem facing the nation to this.
Wrestling Optimus
Wrestling Optimus 10 days ago
Nah, these people are not being "hurt" by missing out on a completely pointless baseball game and some coke (which they're choosing not to drink). Meanwhile, people are actually getting hurt by these laws. History has proven that in a capitalist society, money talks, so I hate to disagree with you but this is EXACTLY how you fight these laws. When the NCAA tournament threatened to boycott NC, that state changed their tune real fast and the people didn't suffer. The responsibility for limiting damage to the people falls on the government who just passed these laws, not the corporations trying to stop them.
Jean Wonnacott
Jean Wonnacott 10 days ago
Smile, badly needed, thanks, Trae!!!
Dan Brown
Dan Brown 10 days ago
Colorado thanks Georgia.
niazuma 10 days ago
I agree with you. Boycotting a state is going to punish regular people a whole lot more than it will the politicians.
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