Let's Try Out Tiktok Cheap Wine Trick tiktok arnesdei 

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Let's Try Out Tiktok Cheap Wine Trick tiktok arnesdei
Credit is in the title.
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Apr 5, 2021




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Comments 100   
I simp for my pfp
I simp for my pfp 7 hours ago
bLacK pInK iN uR aReA 🤪🤪
TheStardust12 10 hours ago
This was so chaotic and i love it
Carter Macleod
At least put up the part two up
Park Jimin
Park Jimin 2 days ago
No one: Literally no one; He:Blackpink in your area
chicken 5522 11
chicken 5522 11 2 days ago
I am French so I am wine expert
ASTRO Grant 2 days ago
He a boy or a girl? I can’t tell. Or both....
Ochacko Uraraka
Ochacko Uraraka 2 days ago
Part 2?
William Klintuhn
William Klintuhn 3 days ago
Holy fuck what's wrong with this guy lmao??
Taco Piñata
Taco Piñata 4 days ago
This guy is way to extra Extra doesn’t equal funny
that random bitch
Funny how they steal their videos without permission and then dont upload a part 2
Wonder- TGTATBO 5 days ago
Your French meaning you don’t know what your talking about
Ethan Downs
Ethan Downs 6 days ago
“I’m French so I know what I’m doing” Also him: “WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING”
Hi 6 days ago
K but the vibe is EVERYTHINGGGG
a warriorspirit
a warriorspirit 6 days ago
Please stop taking the Lord's name in vain.
Lion Cubs Gaming
Lion Cubs Gaming 6 days ago
If he is almost out of time why didnt he just take a small bit of the part where he was pouring the wine and mixing it leaving plenty of time for the testing
Not Ya Boy 1000
Not Ya Boy 1000 6 days ago
Y'all weird... This nigga just called all y'all a bitch...
Big CHUNGUS 6 days ago
Why is there part 2s on US-first you can literally just put it one after the other🤬
Robert Gallardo
Robert Gallardo 6 days ago
He looks like he drank fifteen wine or maybe he just French
Emanuel Martinez
Emanuel Martinez 7 days ago
He looks like Tom Holland but with the mustache
Serafina R
Serafina R 7 days ago
So basically it’s a joke without a punch line .
Blake Davidson
Blake Davidson 7 days ago
Can we get this accts removed or smthn, I like the video but, these accts are profiting off other people's videos. They are literally stealing content so they can get likes... 😕
maya :D
maya :D 7 days ago
“and i’m french so i know what i’m talking about 💅💅💅”
Kevin Patters
Kevin Patters 7 days ago
pt 2????
ka-chow 7 days ago
Mans really don’t know how to operate a blender
SAUSAGE 7 7 days ago
It was fine until like the very last frame
Lisa Gilbert
Lisa Gilbert 7 days ago
Nope not how it works bit ok
Patrick Dormeus
Patrick Dormeus 7 days ago
Oberyn Martell everyone
Tae's lil' Kookie
Lol Is he a Blink??
AUROROUS YT 8 days ago
This guy is the definition of cringe
Rogue. 8 days ago
"I know what I'm doing" *5 seconds later* "WHAT AM I DOING?!?
Unicorn Fam.
Unicorn Fam. 8 days ago
It the tongue for me when he says black pink lol
Loki Fenri
Loki Fenri 8 days ago
Hi, I'm here looking for the hatred comments.
Tempest 33
Tempest 33 8 days ago
His name is French.
HAPpy :D
HAPpy :D 8 days ago
Show part two bish
Charlotte Lindemann
The “bLaCk PiNk In yOuR aReA” got me. Where are all my blinks at!!🖤💗
Adem Ozdag
Adem Ozdag 8 days ago
Im french too
Carlos Oyanguren Jr
kiru tv
kiru tv 8 days ago
Am a guy and I can tell This guy is what every girl want in their life as a best friend
jeon_.jungkook 00
I never thought that a French guy could meet my expectations-
Meme God
Meme God 8 days ago
Yea I think the quality of the wine comes from how long it has aged. Not sure tho since I'm not french but thats just my assumption
ThatPotato 8 days ago
Can I have his account name please
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 8 days ago
Grown ass man
Ivan Kujundzic
Ivan Kujundzic 8 days ago
Its not just a trick. There is quite bit of chemistry involved into this. You are doing essentially the same thing you would do if you let it rest/breathe for an hour in a open decanter.
Alexander Medina
Alexander Medina 8 days ago
Pretty sure this guy is not gay
Doremi 8 days ago
think the name is arnesdei
Brad Burchnell
Brad Burchnell 8 days ago
Because you’re French? 🙄 spare me
A B 8 days ago
My mates dad buys cheap red wine then runs an ozanator through it for 20 minutes until the froth disappears and it tastes much better
Rama Sagna
Rama Sagna 8 days ago
Found his @ for pt 2 it’s @arnesdei the people must know
BupDuppers 8 days ago
Just buy an aerator
evita prifti
evita prifti 8 days ago
Who has seen part 2? Please comment. I'm seriously thinking to do this so please save me up some time
Big Gamer
Big Gamer 8 days ago
Watch out guys he know what he does in fact he know what your doing right now!
N3onCoryx 8 days ago
Can someone link part 2
Efe Birinkulu
Efe Birinkulu 8 days ago
I hope this feedback finds you well. I will sincerely like to point out that I did not enjoy being assumed that I was a female dog. Thank You. jk idc
Tristan Quinet
Tristan Quinet 8 days ago
So bc ur french u know it all??? Wow thats low
Faulty Is Tired
Faulty Is Tired 8 days ago
This shit made me paranoid cause my tennis coach is French and now I associate the French accent to being yelled at
thewickets1 8 days ago
How is not everyone in this comment section triggered by the lack of a conclusion here lol
Arie Bibik
Arie Bibik 8 days ago
I cringed when he screwed the opener all the way and only used stage 2 . That hurt to see
Jon Joyce
Jon Joyce 8 days ago
First the dude calls me bitch and then doesn't even finish his stupid video.
Stone Wyatt
Stone Wyatt 8 days ago
Elite's Daughter
Elite's Daughter 8 days ago
Ay I'm french To But I'm learning so Don't Expect meh to know all Words -w-
Terminator 8 days ago
I think the Blendung should do the air inflation for better taste
Makayla Kraus
Makayla Kraus 8 days ago
I mean it definitely airates it
Ghost 8 days ago
I've seen wine like that before its not cheap as 3 euros
Abdul Abdul Kalam
Why is he talking like a girl
mistxkenn 9 days ago
Who the fawk you calling a biyatch
Levi Quintero
Levi Quintero 9 days ago
This guy makes me want to die
Asmin T
Asmin T 9 days ago
We stan a french blink
Emco 9 days ago
My dumbass thought that he is going to blend the wine bottle as well.
That One Guy
That One Guy 9 days ago
caboose 9 days ago
I thought he knew what he was doing he has no idea He’s an imbecile
Trenter Johnson
Trenter Johnson 9 days ago
Sike I’m French to so
Trenter Johnson
Trenter Johnson 9 days ago
This dude is weird as crap
Bts-is- life
Bts-is- life 9 days ago
Black Pink in your ar eee yaah
Nicholas Tomaselli
I hope you can taste the wine through your personal stench.
Living for Him
Living for Him 9 days ago
His cursing even sounds elegant 😭😭
Daniel Minty
Daniel Minty 9 days ago
Why did he seam so scared of the blender 🤣🤣🤣
RaoulMori7 9 days ago
I'm french and my dad is a winemaker. Jesus Christ my head hurts
Sal’s shawty
Sal’s shawty 9 days ago
any guy who calls me bitch in a friendly way is now my new friends lmao
Dierdre West
Dierdre West 9 days ago
Why is he cip saying bicth
1097 ı
1097 ı 9 days ago
He is a disgraced to france
Arzaniel Kerpatray
Obvious Vegan 3 dollar bill boy.
ThePopeIsDope 9 days ago
Jesus that was a stupid video.
Very Moronic
Very Moronic 9 days ago
this just seems annoying to me. With the “Hurry up hurry up”
Amoya McCarthy
Amoya McCarthy 9 days ago
Hey bi$h 😳😂😂
BANGTANARMY 9 days ago
My man rlly said “ black pink in you ariii - yahhh😝
When did every country in the world just decided French people know everything about why I am living for it but what is there like a council
Dao Lor
Dao Lor 9 days ago
Tiktok: @arnesdei
Nina Marques
Nina Marques 9 days ago
I like his energy
NO COMMENT 9 days ago
Did you just call me a b---h
Yellow Crewmate
Yellow Crewmate 9 days ago
I just sense mass gay or bi vibes from tbis guy if not then hell. Either way funny as shit
i have no jams but jimin does
now he, is a vibe.
Aseem Muhammed
Aseem Muhammed 9 days ago
So he started with calling us a female dog
MaybeLeggett 9 days ago
Is this dude gay or just French
Ricky 9 days ago
So people think that oxygenating wine is like this crazy new technique on the frontier of culinary Science huh?
Ben jamin
Ben jamin 9 days ago
Did anyone else hear I surrender when he was talking? Must be a French thing.
Drinking game:have a shot every time he curses
Kylynn Boi
Kylynn Boi 9 days ago
Sorry if you can't understand but I'm not a "bitch" soooo ya. Honestly I would not be surprised if you can't understand....
Jordyn Smith
Jordyn Smith 9 days ago
He said he know what he is talking about but turns around and exposed himself
Aiu 9 days ago
i like him
Joker 911
Joker 911 9 days ago
Tik Tok is Cringe