Let's talk about cloning condors and black-footed ferrets.... 

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Feb 20, 2021




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Casey Coffman
Casey Coffman 3 days ago
In the words of the late great George Carlin: "The planet is fine. The people are fucked."
Christina Gurchinoff
Do we really have to save those little non-stop drilling rats? My roommate had one and it chewed its way around the base board of her bedroom. #Condors on the other hand...#MorroBay #MorroRock
james davis
james davis 6 days ago
God bless you brother!👊🏾❤
Bob Ralph
Bob Ralph 7 days ago
So let's talk human race on verse of extension., unless we get our shit together.
William Jackson
William Jackson 8 days ago
Those most concerned with the bottom line are only thinking of their financial future. They don't about any other future.
DJRY 8 days ago
Yea but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could they never stopped think about whether or not they should..and now before you even realize what you've done you want to patent it, and package it, and slap it on a plastic lunchbox and you wanna (slams fist on table) sell it! You're gonna (slams fist on table again) sell it!
Lisa Dixon
Lisa Dixon 9 days ago
I had an all out argument this past weekend that, humanity might go extinct and the earth will go on without us. It was met with, well, that's nihilist. AND YET, that person votes for policies that are detrimental!!! If THAT'S not nihilism I don't know what is.
Lisa Dixon
Lisa Dixon 9 days ago
Thing is, under a certain # of individuals in a population, is not going to recover the species. It's gonna lead to inbreeding and deleterious mutations and a homogenous population. It falls into an extinction vortex. It's a novelty but not a solution. And, it detracts from actual conservation efforts to preserve habitat, etc.
waswestkan 10 days ago
Yep, too many, don't understand, environmentalism, isn't about saying the planet, it's about, saving the environment, humans can't live without.
James Faulkner II
James Faulkner II 10 days ago
John Hammond is the character played by David Attenborough's brother the director/actor Richard Attenborough.
SSC 11 days ago
I would venture to go a little further. They crucified Kevorkian.....we are so compassionate that we will put down a beloved pet but yet let a human being suffer with a incurable disease and in pain....
A Birding Naturalist
We really should be having those conversations about protecting species before they become endangered. for one thing, it is hugely cheaper to protect a species when it is common and so prevent it from becoming rare, than it is to hold a species back from the brink of extinction once it has already gotten close to that edge.
Travis Collier
Travis Collier 11 days ago
The vaccine thing... Ferrets are actually the go-to animals for use when studying human repiratory viruses. I don't really remember why, but do remember someone who knew the details explaining why and it making perfect sense ;) So, yeah, it is sensible that the few black-footed ferrets still alive got vaccinated. We have sacrificed quite a few of their cousins getting to the point where we can make those vaccines, so fair.
CB 12 days ago
Unfortunately this method will most likely never work for dinosaurs. Wooly mammoths sure. DNA degrades over time and after about 10,000 years is no longer useful for this purpose. Reverse engineering and selectively breeding birds is more likely to bring back dinosaurs.
Kelly Maldia
Kelly Maldia 12 days ago
In 7th grade, my daughter did a research project on the Prairie Dog. She was horrified initially that black footed ferrets are them. Mid research, she realized that the black footed ferrets were going extinct. It was an eye opening moment for her. They needed the ferrets to keep the prairie dogs healthy. By the end of her paper, it was more about conservation than prairie dogs. It was an excellent paper. She got a C in it because it was more about conservation than prairie dogs and her teacher was older and should have retried 10 years ago. She was devastated. She had never got a C before. I told her that she should be proud of that C. She learned so much about conservation and climate change. She wants to be a environmental engineer now.
E H 11 days ago
Congratulations on your daughter's paper. BF ferrets can eat prairie dogs, and there are several different important predators that regularly feed on p. dogs too, in addition to humans that regularly exterminate them. Perhaps the teacher gave her a specific assignment on a species, and could have given her extra credit for the conservation focus. I seriously doubt that all "older" teachers are biased and should retire. Maybe try spell check before posting too.
David Whitcher
David Whitcher 12 days ago
Nice choose of tee shirts.
Sable Burden
Sable Burden 12 days ago
And just like that we created space slaves.
meef 12 days ago
Thank you
Christopher Schroeder
There will be no Jurassic park. Not from "Dino DNA" anyway. Several paleontologists have spent the decades from the publishing of the book looking for it, and even found places it should be - T-Rex soft tissue without luck. It turns out that DNA doesn't survive for millions of years. Triggering atavisms in birds... now that's a different story.
Mr. Pavone
Mr. Pavone 12 days ago
Oh Beau, it's so easy to understand. Why can't you agree the Bible, Life, Liberty, Pursuit of profit, and Muh Freedumb?
haveabloodydeath 12 days ago
I think this is kinda like the attitude about life insurance (not here to discuss the consept or need for life insurance I don't care enough to give it any consideration for the sake of this analogy) We kinda treat environmental concerns like people treat life insurance it's a another expenses "I could use that money and buy luxuries or invest/pay for other things" "I'm young I have plenty of time to make money" "it's not my problem when I'm dead" "I'm not going to die any time soon" disregarding that the possible struggles your family will have after your death or the idea that your end may come earlier. How will your family pay for your funeral? What if die while your kids are young how will your spouse handle it? Can they handle it? What if you and your spouse die? Can your kids handle it? What about the emotional, mental, and physical impact will they be able to afford to treat it? Will they be forced to live broken if they can't? We treat the idea of addressing environmental concerns like it's another expenses rather than an investment to alow our families to live a better life with or without us
Adam Fletcher
Adam Fletcher 12 days ago
Cloning opens up so many opportunities for humanity as a whole: Breakthroughs in medical tech, Food processing, and scientific discovery. With cloning tech, we could literally, take a singular cow that is the "ubermensch" of cows, and take it's genetic code, and just make the meat. Healthy, disease free, sustainable meat that no one would be able to tell the difference of. If someone loses a kidney, or an eye, or a limb, we can make a new one out of that person's own cells. We could change the way that factory farms function because we could "grow" food animal meat, instead of growing the animal for years, slaughtering it and sterilizing it. It would sanitize the farming and ranching industries because food products could be created without needing to mate, breed, raise, and vaccinate an animal. You could literally just grow the meat, and no animal would have to die, no PETA, no overburdened meat factories. Just, grow it.
Dave Frey
Dave Frey 12 days ago
Now they have to work on the jean pool of trumpers, most are inbred !!
MrGonzale09 13 days ago
im against cloning animals. but if it helps the planet then do it. i do hope they don't start cloning humans.
yoursotruly 13 days ago
Take a regular ferret, dip their feet in black dye, and Presto!, black-footed ferret! The condors aren't that easy but I could probably build one out of a vulture and small Cessna, not sure if it would lay eggs, however.
Mike Kotecki
Mike Kotecki 13 days ago
Sadly the discussions being had when we're destroying the planet are usually being had between the CEOs of the companies responsible and the politicians they own so it usually (if we're lucky) ends with the smallest possible regulation or countermeasure so long as said CEO can continue to make his profits. The American capitalist society is SOOOOOO short sighted its dooming our future generations for a few bucks now, and since they never have to pay any serious consequences even after doing something disasterous they've never even looked back in hindsight to think "maybe that was bad so lets go another anouther route". Instead they just keep stepping forward a billion $ at a time without any ability to to think in the TRUE longterm, not 5, 10 or even 50 years from now. Try at least 100 years or 1k. They can't be bothered to be concerned for their own kids' or grandkids' future on this fragile rock let alone their grandkids' grandkids. People say progressive plans like the green new deal would destroy our country but what that means is it'll mean higher taxes and less profits for the rich, well I'm all for the country being a little poorer (and I work part time for $10/hr) if it means employing policies and changes that'll hopefully buy us at least another 5-10 generations on a liveable Earth. Funny how earth has been in existance for billions of years and in less than 1/100th of that time humans have brought it to nearly uninhabitable with the majority of said damage occurring in roughly 125 years, smh
Michel 13 days ago
Let's stop before the damage gets to that point. We are such parasites on this planet. 🌎☘
S D 13 days ago
Solid Jurassic Park Quote and shirt! :)
ACEDIAMOND666 13 days ago
I just saw a flock of California Condors flying over Blythe,CA the other day.
Conversations From the Fringe
It’s arrogance.
Jonathon White
Jonathon White 13 days ago
Excellent video, Beau. Love the focus on the environment lately. It'll be the *great equalizer* if we continue down this path.
liberal Rationalist
One issue not understood is diversity is not really understood. As our understanding of DNA gets better, once we can mathematically project and chart diversity, cloning will no longer be the term used to describe species recreation. Regenesis.
Andrea Repetto
Andrea Repetto 13 days ago
I cannot recommend enough Dr Robin Wall Kimmerer's book "Braiding Sweetgrass". It makes the argument that we are nature, and nature is us.
furynotes 13 days ago
I think the vegan argument is not included some how.
benny_lemon 13 days ago
Hearing you repeat the description "Late 1900's" made me feel every single one of the 1.1 billion seconds I've been alive for...
graffic13 13 days ago
What theme park??? The Ark one with the dinosaurs??
Tina McLaughlin
Tina McLaughlin 13 days ago
Very good points my friend! Think of actions, before the vanishings of so called lesser species. I wish board members would go extinct.
Phyllis Bonner
Phyllis Bonner 13 days ago
Next step "human clones".
Ashley Fox
Ashley Fox 13 days ago
Your shirt is perfect today.
Jessie Diane Ryan
Jessie Diane Ryan 13 days ago
Where are the ethical questions before humans drive other species into extinction?
vincentmuyo 13 days ago
I'm personally enthusiastic about both using the tools we have for de-extinction but also using them to course correct climate change and devastation wrought by humans. It's absolutely worth discussing the ethics, dangers and practical concerns taking such steps pose. Scientists mostly seem on the ball regarding this, I just get worried when it becomes a question of making money.
vincentmuyo 13 days ago
"Dook" "Clever girl..."
Leah Alfonso
Leah Alfonso 13 days ago
I would to hear your thoughts on James Lovelocks theory on how to save humanity.
Shawn Carroll
Shawn Carroll 13 days ago
Support Global Warming - restore dinosaurs to their rightful place!
Gordon Shaffer
Gordon Shaffer 13 days ago
Anyone else have this recollection of a film by the name of "WallE" ?
Angor_ Rot
Angor_ Rot 13 days ago
Wait wait wait....diversity in genome.....Evolution. Good! Rings a mighty bell with free market capitalism. Yet an external force made this ferret almost extinct. However regulation has brought them back. Some help me please make the link here.
Toutai Palu
Toutai Palu 14 days ago
Ellen Landowski
Ellen Landowski 14 days ago
Clone American Buffalo and Crisper edit the bucilosis out of them and put them back on the planes!!!!!!
pcdreams1 14 days ago
There is the elephant in the room "The Earth is going to be fine, we may not survive"
nessay720 14 days ago
The test run of cloning has been going on for a while. It’s kept secret in many places. I won’t put it pass them to be splicing the genes trying to make a better ferret, like they have done with our food. Thank them gene splicing fools for the increase in diabetes, cancer, obesity, and other food born allergies. Man/mad scientists are going to destroy this planet. One wrong gene slice as we can see from COVID-19 can wipe out the so call most intelligent being on this planet. For all of you who don’t think COVID didn’t have the scientific community hand and it, do some more research on line.
John Pilley
John Pilley 14 days ago
This guy is good!!
Rexini Kobalt
Rexini Kobalt 14 days ago
as the mayor of miami once said, "The sea dosnt care if youre a Democrat, or Republican. The only thing the sea knows how to do is rise."
Rexini Kobalt
Rexini Kobalt 14 days ago
pretty sure i misquoted but u get the idea
Christopher House
Christopher House 14 days ago
Can we clone another extinct species? How about good republicans like Bob Dole. That species definitely needs at least a few non inbreed members.
Black Lit. Black Hist.
Veganism is an ethical choice to not destroy the planet but people hate vegans.
Neverman Is Here
Neverman Is Here 14 days ago
HEY!~ Beau, not Beau. A great person to talk about this with is Oliver Hauck, Head of the Environmental Law Dept. at Tulane Law School. He can explain concisely how/when laws in the south have been manipulated. Especially ask about the fight against aggregate damage to env.
jason bennett
jason bennett 14 days ago
If you want to know how AI could run amok, just look at capitalism. When you let a machine with one purpose (mathematical addition), in this case capitalism, make the bottom line decisions, you end up with the sustenance of life going to the back burner. We will not survive as long as capitalism is running (*ruining) things...
Eric Silberstein
Eric Silberstein 14 days ago
We need to leave nature alone. Our extinction is inevitable and the planet will heal itself and life will flourish again without us.
sydandtaytum 14 days ago
diversity is crucial to the survival of a species. some humans need to learn that.
Betty Swallocks
Betty Swallocks 14 days ago
“The Seven Ferrets”. What a great name for a pub!
Ron Stanek
Ron Stanek 14 days ago
Seen some condors flying over Acapulco Bay once. They are huge, I first actually thought they were small planes. 14 foot wing span's something.
moondog548 14 days ago
This is a GREAT one, Beau. I bet you know that. ;-}
Lori W
Lori W 14 days ago
And the religious just keep praying, knowing that their god has given them “dominance” over this planet. That this is all “planned” so we humans shouldn’t do anything but pray because THAT always helps so much.
Philip Pratt
Philip Pratt 14 days ago
It makes a change from the right wing promising unicorns
James Morgan
James Morgan 14 days ago
Human shortsightedness.
Zizi Roberts
Zizi Roberts 14 days ago
The human race is already doomed if it continues to attempt to solve its problems with violence. It's only a matter of time. Glad I'm in my late 60s. I will miss the coming Mad Max era entirely.
bootsofescaping01 14 days ago
Social media will change it all. Voices will now be heard.
Gavan Wilhite
Gavan Wilhite 14 days ago
Can’t bring back dinosaurs sadly, Pleistocene Park, however, is being worked on.
Gavan Wilhite
Gavan Wilhite 13 days ago
@monica luketich Indeed. Though the DNA of the stereotypical Jurassic variety is too far gone.
monica luketich
monica luketich 13 days ago
Actual, not all dinosaurs died. We have birds - and they are the direct descendants of dinosaurs.
Michele Rieff
Michele Rieff 14 days ago
Salutations for another wonderful thought!!! Beau "thoughts" are never just "just" when they come from you.
Eric Cole
Eric Cole 14 days ago
How do you prevent inbreeding with clones? It seems that genetic diversity is not possible.
J J 14 days ago
I don’t think those with money and power care what happens to earth or the people and other forms of life on it... I think they hope to leave on the rockets they’re building once they’ve pillaged all they can here.
Karen Louden
Karen Louden 14 days ago
Always I believed this. It is not the planet it's a jeopardy, that's just a way of pretending that we are not.
Sovereign Brand
Sovereign Brand 14 days ago
Fuk you all I’m with SMEDLY BUTLER
Charles Henry
Charles Henry 14 days ago
When the magnetic poles change and we are tossed into another extinction event we will fight for survival! Texas will be in trouble!
KUTTR- 14 days ago
My ethical conversation is about eradicating the invasive species destroying more native species than any other on the planet ; Humans. I call for the complete eradication of this parasitic species for the sake of all other creatures that have managed to survive their onslaught. And good riddance.
knOw1 14 days ago
Did you just call my momma... "A" Black~Footed~Ferret??? That makes me... 1/2 BFF??? i ALL WAYS liked ferrets. Welcome to the family... beau. knOw1...
Mermaid_at_Heart 14 days ago
Thank you so much for this video. I love you! I wish more people had empathy and realized how much damage we are doing. I have had others say to me things like, "I hate sharks. I don't care if they kill them all." I inform them that even if they feel that way, the fact is that the ecosystem needs them. If our oceans' ecosystems fall, it will destroy the largest area of the world that the air we breathe comes from. We aren't just killing off other species, we are killing ours, as well. On a side note, a friend of mine saw someone in a little convenience store around the corner from us who had their ferret with them. I wish I had been there so I could inform them that ferrets easily catch things like this from us. If you have a cold, you need to be super careful because ferrets can catch it from you and die from it. It's sad, but a lot of people who get them don't know that.
Jaime Marjanovich
Jaime Marjanovich 14 days ago
tomcoryell 14 days ago
As a child in the ‘60’s I was walking along a creek bank in Wyoming and saw a small weasel-like creature running up the bank and through the willows. I later described it to my friend and his eyes widened and he said “ You just saw a Black footed ferret, they are supposed to be extinct!”. There was no internet then and no cell phone cameras back then so we had no way to really research it and we just sort of forgot about it. Fast forward to the rancher discovering them on his ranch and I finally got to see a photo of one. I am certain that is what I saw as a child. I was very happy to know they weren’t extinct and to confirm my sighting.
Zeitgeist 14 days ago
Condors used to be native to the Columbia Gorge on the border of Oregon and Washington. There were plans to reintroduce them into the Gorge in order to help save the species. Then they built the god damn wind farms. When I moved to the Columbia Hills in 2000, EVERY time I looked up, I'd see hawks and eagles circling in the sky. When I drove down the country road flanking the Columbia Hills, it seemed as if there was a raptor on every telephone pole and fencepost. Then they built the wind farms. The raptors vanished, totally vanished, exterminated by the blades of the wind turbines. And you know what? They never reintroduced condors into the Columbia Gorge. Gee, I wonder why.
Vera Fernandes
Vera Fernandes 14 days ago
A C 14 days ago
I would not worry over much about the planet,if we keep this up the earth will just shake us off like water off a dog and will just continue on altered but not for long in a geological sense. We are the ones who are not essential for its continued existence.
Jane Birdsong
Jane Birdsong 14 days ago
Yes Beua, but like the British Safari Hunter in the movie you personally have the skills to protect yourself not everyone is equally well-equipped. LOL
Paul Wheeler
Paul Wheeler 14 days ago
Perhaps we should constrict the gene pool of the ranching industry who helped destroy them. The destruction we have wrought is immeasurable.
Alex Cereuceta
Alex Cereuceta 14 days ago
I would also love to go to EPCOT
Silke Schümann
Silke Schümann 14 days ago
The "we kill the planet" is viable since we endangered the atmosphere. We risk overheating the planet which means drinking water is getting scares which not only endangers us but most living creatures. Sure the majority of humans will die long before the planet becomes actually inhabitable for most creatures and us humans greatly diminished will slow down the process provided we don't find solutions to restore what we broke in the last 100+ years. Ok the PLANET will likely not break into bits and pieces and there are likely microbes that will survive in extreme conditions and might even start a second evolution and who knows with creatures who develop self-awareness and language and start this craziness all over again. Of coarse with salt water in thee oceans still in existence, plants may reclaim the deserts and earth will recover sooner than expected without us humans. Self-centered as we are: this wouldn't be our earth anymore. :)
Bruce Rerek
Bruce Rerek 14 days ago
Having been born in the mid 1900's and knowing that in a while I'll be exiting stage left relatively soon, it is my hope that those born after will take care to water the plants and see to the critters. Its a nice place despite all the mess, please enjoy it and care for it.
Juli 14 days ago
My kids say "You mean back in the 1900's?", they way I say "back in the 1800's." :(
Carl Siemens
Carl Siemens 14 days ago
Jurassic Park was an inside job!
Uncle Beardo
Uncle Beardo 14 days ago
The absolute arrogance of humans believing we know what this planet is supposed to be, what animals deserve "saving" and which we let go extinct, what climate is "normal" and how "fault" is rendered. Climates change, species are born, species die out, and yet in our arrogant way, we believe we are in control of such things.
Rottingboards 14 days ago
I have a degree in genetics and microbiology. These ethical questions have been discussed. In almost every class ethics was brought up by the teacher or student. Scientist don't have control over the world views or the masses... so we save what we can, inform who we can, and speak when someone is listening. A battle that we are loosing. :-(
Daniel Wahl
Daniel Wahl 14 days ago
and so much of the objections come in some fashion from the mystical believers. those like my father that believed that the earth is here to be used up by us and then the rapture would take all the worthy and leave earth behind. talk about weird shity thinking,... if that is the source of the ethics, then lets find something else like "keeping the planet for life" as a source of ethics,... so yup Beau I agree.
Deana Dean
Deana Dean 14 days ago
The movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still"
Jon Mars
Jon Mars 14 days ago
Waxing philosophically here, I'd say there is really one defining factor that results in the true progress of mankind since the days of H. erectus. When people work together, great things happen. When people work against one another, take for themselves and divide others to improve their own status, ....that which has been built up, degrades, crumbles and falls. Humanity is on a great threshold like none other in history. We have all we need, knowledge and capacity to work together to prosper and come into balance with our environment or lose it all. With balance achieved, there are few limits as to what can be accomplished. We can go out into the universe and spread life, consciousness and stewardship for lightyears in all directions. As it stands, we still have people that actively work to undermine basic truth, democracy and protections of the very home that gave us life. To roughly quote Beau of the Fifth Column, "We have to work towards Star Trek or we'll end up with Mad Max". Sound advise.
zar doz
zar doz 14 days ago
It is that simple.
animestyle92 14 days ago
I know this may be off topic I commented on another video of his but does anybody else realize how much he sounds like heath ledger’s joker he probably doesn’t realize how talented he is
Bill Morse
Bill Morse 14 days ago
The planet is dying. Species are going extinct every day. Greed is the death of us all.
NOXISUM 14 days ago
We should start cleaning bees 🐝, bees are the most important species for our survival because they pollinate plants on earth and therefore aid in human survival
NOXISUM 14 days ago
In fallout they would be considered synths
J Well
J Well 14 days ago
When the highest ethical consideration is the preservation of something so vast as the ability for the planet to support life, can one argue eco terrorism - say against fossil fuel processing and distribution bottlenecks is unethical?
Victor Andersen
Victor Andersen 14 days ago
As long as Sam Neill is alive we have nothing to fear.