Legendary Fake Plays 

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Legendary Fake Plays video with you. The video features names like Curry, Chris Paul, Murray, Ginobili and Messi.
Enjoy the video..
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Dec 12, 2020




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Comments 100   
Spor Delisi HD
Spor Delisi HD 5 months ago
Legendary Fake Plays
Brian Ly
Brian Ly 18 days ago
Dude A Cutback Is Not A Fake
Lowell Arsenault
Lowell Arsenault 24 days ago
Sam Pletext :o
Sam Pletext :o 25 days ago
Legendary Fake Plays
PSNBoss224 27 days ago
Fungai Mutanda
Fungai Mutanda 10 hours ago
Any boxing ones?
Reuben Jungco
Reuben Jungco 16 hours ago
0:45 that is eye shield 21 right there
Inside Out
Inside Out 19 hours ago
DPOY Gobert clowned like no man before.
plesni trener
0:14 number 22 did everything, he didn't even look at him when he scored the goal
Goodcitizen 17th
Prieto, Nicolás Alejandro
Hello World
Hello World 2 days ago
The innate fairies paradoxically drain because permission hepatosplenomegaly cover pace a imperfect waiter. clean, itchy cocktail
Maicon 2 days ago
Tenis legend
Nesa Marcil
Nesa Marcil 2 days ago
The permissible bathroom intradurally tour because america bareilly announce minus a detailed cry. dangerous, wide pea
에토오르비 2 days ago
manu anderson
Sephiroth 2 days ago
too much football and basketball
fake don
fake don 2 days ago
Surprised that neymar is not in it
Tshepo Mokomane
Tshepo Mokomane 3 days ago
Half Aren't Fakes Though. Just Quick Changes Of Direction/Ankle Breakers
Radek Juszkiewicz
Gortat....is Goat 😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Trucutu Trucutu
Trucutu Trucutu 3 days ago
Dont forget the great Hakeem
AMV Exhibit
AMV Exhibit 4 days ago
3:23 He fake the camera man
Ahmet Emin Aydın
ronaldoyu 5sn tutup mesutu 30 sn tutmak
Asedrftopujikoplkm Fasedrftoujikolpkjm
The lush llama concordingly promise because chef disturbingly fix modulo a rhetorical mother-in-law. oceanic, draconian suggestion
TeT 5 days ago
Where is ZLATAN !!!
Burak Amin
Burak Amin 5 days ago
its always gobert
Filou Poireau
Filou Poireau 5 days ago
“C’est ce qu’on appelle se faire enrhumer” 😂😂
Ken Burns
Ken Burns 5 days ago
The music ruins the video !!!
Bignut Johnson
Bignut Johnson 6 days ago
This has 2010 US-first vibes.
Tahp Teir
Tahp Teir 7 days ago
Dat tennis one be shiesty af lol
AndreaG Moon
AndreaG Moon 7 days ago
Everything good but where are The White Chocolate and Dinho???
Kornel Szypowski
Kornel Szypowski 7 days ago
Florian Walter
Florian Walter 7 days ago
Better call it "Defense Fails"
Eren Arslan
Eren Arslan 7 days ago
Bizimkiler Kendini Belli Etsin 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Eren Arslan
Eren Arslan 4 days ago
@BRAVE HEART başka türlü belli edemezdin 😎
BRAVE HEART 4 days ago
Blurry 7 days ago
3:27 even the camera man got faked lol
Sankar R Das
Sankar R Das 8 days ago
no Cr7 hehehe
Ecstatic Loner
Ecstatic Loner 8 days ago
It would have been much better if they showed a couple of NAVI B site fakes
Kubilay Gürler
Kubilay Gürler 9 days ago
07:41 den sonra amin diye devam ettim lan
Tegridy 9 days ago
One of these days, Lamar is going to spin and eat a helmet to the chin.
Olly Iverson
Olly Iverson 10 days ago
Yo I've never seen someone break ankles on ice lmao
Amierul Sauffi
Amierul Sauffi 10 days ago
Emperor eye is real
foto legal a sua
foto legal a sua 10 days ago
salve ronaldinho gaúcho
Scorpio 11 days ago
0:38 Gortat BibleThump
Legendary Lightning
I thought the video was fake.
Shinigame_games Moh
Jcgraphics 11 days ago
caught the cameraman lol 3:28
Ziggy hammonds
Ziggy hammonds 11 days ago
R.I.P. 😍 pup
Orlando 11 days ago
You missed this legendary fake play us-first.info/player/video/gtNohY59qYqhqYE.html
Duy Nguyen
Duy Nguyen 11 days ago
soccer is all about faking
НЕЮТУБЪ 12 days ago
Needlespoon 12 days ago
0:21 it is football yet he somehow manages to break his ankles.
4our of Clubs
4our of Clubs 12 days ago
That last one must take A LOT of discipline and awareness to pull off!! had to watch that like 5 times to understand what he did
BlackAt Heart
BlackAt Heart 12 days ago
Where is Taco?
_ Yaboyrory2x
_ Yaboyrory2x 12 days ago
Bad title
桜餅おにぎり 12 days ago
Konstantin Bangachev
Stephen curry is the best
KW MK 13 days ago
4:09 legend
Rad Baz
Rad Baz 13 days ago
no mahrez ......what
IVanov TV
IVanov TV 13 days ago
John Giles
John Giles 13 days ago
0:59 I thought Kristen the clown was commentating/laughing lol
Namak 1423
Namak 1423 13 days ago
jjjack113 13 days ago
Basketball is the most overrated sport
TweelR6 14 days ago
Kinda hoped to see the ibra 4 times fake when he was in ajax
Belzira Beri
Belzira Beri 14 days ago
5:30 the way he kept falling lol
adolf nigler
adolf nigler 14 days ago
3:01 the camera man got faked
Stephen Jenkins
Stephen Jenkins 14 days ago
Watched the entire video just to make sure you had the Ozil triple fake... Of course it's the last video. 😂
Egyptian Gypsy
Egyptian Gypsy 14 days ago
us-first.info/player/video/otiMd4d0qK12d2g.html 🥳 😋 🤗
Quincy Dowling
Quincy Dowling 14 days ago
That soccer player at 4:58 has pure IQ
Clash Of Armies Medieval
Si esta Manu, esta bien .... Son fake legends
yeto 14 days ago
ik the person dat made dis is white bc not only do they watch hockey but they also watch soccer and they think jukes are fakes😔
Caleb Kreiling
Caleb Kreiling 14 days ago
3:01 juked out the cameraman 😂
Ersyad Prathama
Ersyad Prathama 15 days ago
3:28 ankle break. literally.
Egyptian Gypsy
Egyptian Gypsy 15 days ago
Витез реда Змаја
Messi- Boateng?
Brianjoni Budiono
Brianjoni Budiono 15 days ago
I thought it will be full basketball. But this better show other sports💪
Luis L Concha Vasquez
Cool Air Row
Cool Air Row 15 days ago
S.A. Spurs all day lol
Santigie schoolboy Kamara
Chris Paul
NRom 15 days ago
The hockey ones were pretty weak, seemed pretty ordinary dekes.
Mehmet Atlihan
Mehmet Atlihan 15 days ago
The king of multi move fakes with body and incredible footwork is Hakeem Olajuwon, there is noone closer. See it yourself=> watch?v=rtgogsWXN3U&ab_channel=TheBigTicketKG
Apollyon Schiffer
Apollyon Schiffer 16 days ago
0:40 Eyeshield 21 😡😤💥
Johnny 16 days ago
틸란드시아 16 days ago
7:24 그와중에 골 못넣음ㅋㅋㅋ
よずる暁 16 days ago
最初のやつ普通にパス軌道追っちゃったわ フェイク集と分かってたのに騙された・・・
Bernixx 16 days ago
Polish ppl will be proud be in that vid
Hải Anh 800K Vào Henho24h xyz
04:46 Tình nặng tình sâu tình vẫn tan 🥔
Hailstorm 16 days ago
00:46 he did the devil bat ghost
Tats Sacs
Tats Sacs 16 days ago
Well those plays looks real to me.
Bob Marsha
Bob Marsha 16 days ago
Ayo all their ankles got broke!!
Djalma Júnior
Djalma Júnior 16 days ago
Faltou Mané Garrincha e o gol do Ronaldo fenômeno que o goleiro se quase se arrebenta na trave
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith 16 days ago
Half of these arent even "fakes", rather just side-steps
Vishu Rana
Vishu Rana 16 days ago
You can't do anything against Messi and Curry 🤩🤩🤩
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 16 days ago
Views on US-first have been sky rocketing lately lol... craaaazy
Technical Trucking
Technical Trucking 17 days ago
soccer isnt a sport
NatsumiBlack12 17 days ago
Bravo lebron !
Cornelius Spencer
Cornelius Spencer 17 days ago
I'm not excited about the soccer clips cause they do that amazing stuff all the time
alireza 17 days ago
It was unfair that there wasn't any of Kobe Bryant's fake plays! He was the master💔
일상 17 days ago
fake play~ good
Hamza official
Hamza official 17 days ago
Soccer ⚽️ all the way ⚽️💪🏾
RyaN1T5R 17 days ago
The tennis play is my favorite
Selim Şahinoğlu
Selim Şahinoğlu 18 days ago
haniya sabriiiiii
Richard Reynolds
Richard Reynolds 18 days ago
The jibberish at the end
Richard Reynolds
Richard Reynolds 18 days ago
Why isn't there clips of basketball centers pump faking a shot to get the guards to jump, but all these little (much faster) guards getting credit like it's hard to go by a much bigger slower center, for the guards
Shashwath Rao U
Shashwath Rao U 18 days ago
Good one
Shane Peterson
Shane Peterson 18 days ago
Why set this to music