LeBron James Reacts To Winning 2020 NBA Finals After Game 6! Lakers vs Heat 

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LeBron James Reacts To Winning 2020 NBA Finals After Game 6! Lakers vs Heat October 11, 2019-20 NBA Finals
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Oct 11, 2020




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Comments 100   
Masato Asmr
Masato Asmr Month ago
*Tacoooooo Tuesdayyyyy*
Miko Riko
Miko Riko 2 months ago
What the fuck why did he stumble like that doe??and the way he said L.a,,bronny gay👀👀
TierraAllNews 2 months ago
I haven’t watched Laker games since Kobe left so enlighten me on what video are y’all talking about he deleted. In fact enlighten me on what the hell has been happening with the Lakers in the last four or five years.
Burt Hamilton
Burt Hamilton 3 months ago
So excited what a boring playoff and season and don't care if LeBron a good player don't care about his view of the world NBA needs to change something because they lost this fan with there politics
chase erickson
chase erickson 3 months ago
Well I was hoping for a bucks and lakers finals. Only if our team didn’t get bent over by the heat. And we are not a playoff team only a reg season team
Joey Mathew
Joey Mathew 3 months ago
Sorry LeBronDa. Didn't watch it and thanks to you, don't care!
AJ PADILLA JABER 3 months ago
I cant believe this guy deleted a video where he discredited the Lakers championship win
Enrico Hasnawi
Enrico Hasnawi 3 months ago
Why u remove the previous video?
Ze mata
Ze mata 3 months ago
You notice how he never mentions Kobe anymore ? He a b for that
Josh bob
Josh bob 3 months ago
he did
Danny Rodriguez
Danny Rodriguez 3 months ago
No ones gives a fuck , NBA is a political cancerous shit show
S R120
S R120 3 months ago
NBA move to China! Represent your people! You are a disgrace to our country!!
the Goat!!!
the Goat!!! 3 months ago
STFU b1tch
Jeremy Villaroman
Jeremy Villaroman 3 months ago
fucking laker hater!
B Rios
B Rios 3 months ago
Thanks LBJ!!! Laker Nation has love for you.
Keith Woodards
Keith Woodards 3 months ago
I knew it bro congratulations go head and get your 5 ring yall will see he will get 2 more rings b4 his career is over
CBaez13 3 months ago
Man that competition, hope he has time to recover for next season.....
Slussh 3 months ago
He removed the other video criticizing the Lakers win?
AJ PADILLA JABER 3 months ago
yeah lol he surely quacked like a duck
Rick From Casablanca
For the first time in history James Jones didn’t carry LeBron in the Finals😭😭
salamat shappee
salamat shappee 3 months ago
We cant wait to get back to you *Pray for Bronny!*
Mag Jan
Mag Jan 3 months ago
Look at LeBron man so inspirational 🙌 👏. Acknowledging AD, the players, the staff, the coaches and the city as a whole. Congrats on the chip 👏🏆. Built different 💪😤😈👑. #kidfromakron #striveforgreatness
Dan Baker
Dan Baker 3 months ago
Sorry James, you will never be better than the goat. Jordan.
Ed Swayzy
Ed Swayzy 3 months ago
Let’s trade Green, Morris, and Kuzma for Bradley Beal.
Josh bob
Josh bob 3 months ago
Whose hear after clive deleted his video where he said it doesn't count?? 😂 😂
AJ PADILLA JABER 3 months ago
coward as usual
chexmix0101 3 months ago
Yup dude is a coward
BlackBruceLee 3 months ago
You know I am!
Francisco Mayorga
Francisco Mayorga 3 months ago
Ur gay
kl the beast
kl the beast 3 months ago
Y u delete the vid u getting hate on u mad
My name Is jeff
My name Is jeff 3 months ago
So did you really delete your last video saying “ it didn’t count” 😆
Dopeman 111796
Dopeman 111796 3 months ago
😂😂he knows it counts
Iwalani To'oto'o
Iwalani To'oto'o 3 months ago
Thank you Bron
intimissimi88 3 months ago
president xi can be proud of his son
red red
red red 3 months ago
Why people worried about bronny let those people live there lives if he wasn't bron son nothing would b said
Elliott ManSplains
Elliott ManSplains 3 months ago
bronny punching the air rn
That One Guy
That One Guy 3 months ago
Bronny: Why do I hear Boss music?
MrDrizzy 3 months ago
Aye Kuzma Markeiff and Danny Garbage and a first round pick they picking up some heat 💯💯
페르난도 3 months ago
Congrats on winning the most boring finals ever.
Yogurt Salsalani
Yogurt Salsalani 3 months ago
He didn't even mention Kobe fuck you LeBron! Your are trash without a super team cast!
ThomasPlays 2
ThomasPlays 2 3 months ago
We all know next season is gonna be so fun to watch now 🔥🔥🔥
Zupełnie nikt
Zupełnie nikt 3 months ago
why he always mention him and AD aaaand than rest. he acts like hes above the club and fans and rest of team with his boyfriend
Liam Smith
Liam Smith 3 months ago
When it doesn't matter!
Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm 3 months ago
Bron, last year you don't have Davies and Howard in your team. You've been carried.
David Hillen
David Hillen 3 months ago
Davis and Howard didn't put the ball in the hoop for him
Gudffrey Uelese
Gudffrey Uelese 3 months ago
LeBron boutta light one up with Bronny
Ratchet Beatz By Shawty Crunk
Just know Kostas got a ring before Giannis!! Thanksgiving at the Antetokounmpo's is gonna be bitch and a half.
queen dubu
queen dubu 3 months ago
bronny shaking rn
Rico 3 months ago
It's great for Kobe. But I can't respect this shit no more stacking team like this is boring for the sport.
jose Martinez
jose Martinez 3 months ago
Fuck the lakers and fuck lebrons sorry whinning flopping ass!
Razel Velasco
Razel Velasco 3 months ago
im not impress, all star line up
dd 3 months ago
leGM about to trade DG!!! LeGM about to get another real shooter who dont brick in the house!!!!!!
will 3 months ago
ianthai123 3 months ago
Sellout I thought you said this chip didn’t count
noel gutierrez
noel gutierrez 3 months ago
if lakers get rose and maybe lavine maybe we looking at lakers getting 3 championships in a row
mark guinnane
mark guinnane 3 months ago
Complaining bitch
lambo aventa
lambo aventa 3 months ago
Wining the championship at game 6!!🤔..is not a coincidence!! ..6 is a beautiful nummer for the ÉLITE!👁
Derek M
Derek M 3 months ago
“Without y’all loyalty” bet half of the people there would be clippers fans, or bandwagons
Carly Edwards ✓
Carly Edwards ✓ 3 months ago
Bandwagons no doubt
GOAThan 3 months ago
You haveeeeee to make a skit
MonkeyDLuffy 3 months ago
Why couldn't he have said "KOBE THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!!"
A 3 months ago
avatarmoney01 3 months ago
I prefer lebron over jordan just based on personality alone. It would be toxic to hang out with jordan everyday.
ty gb
ty gb 3 months ago
now, more 10 years
88jameson88 3 months ago
Dude you changed to LeWoke. Sucks
nahte 3 months ago
bronny happy but scared lmao
Crimson 3 months ago
bronny: alright ma im leavin
Chucky B
Chucky B 3 months ago
Still ain’t as meaning full as Cleveland when he won the championship..you can clearly tell it..
YRM IMa 3 months ago
he can’t wait to get back and whoop some ass
Gurvinder Parmar
Gurvinder Parmar 3 months ago
Next season will be very interesting...Lakers will still need a few more pieces if they're gonna repeat.
Robert Shamonski
Robert Shamonski 3 months ago
Finally Lebron got his 4th, we all know he had to have a stacked team to do it. Okay Lebron 2 more to go. We all know you aint gonna have a stacked team next year.
Robert Shamonski
Robert Shamonski 3 months ago
@Judah Mourneth so he was the goat for one year
Robert Shamonski
Robert Shamonski 3 months ago
@Judah Mourneth Cavs was stacked too and the heat
Jesus Reza
Jesus Reza 3 months ago
This doesn’t count bc bam and Gordon got hurt game 1
Ephraim Udarbe III
Ephraim Udarbe III 3 months ago
Lakers are always contending son, we suck at rebuilding
Kid Inc
Kid Inc 3 months ago
All these bronny comments killing me 😂😂
Nikhil Eshwar
Nikhil Eshwar 3 months ago
Isaiah Thomas is more happier than all of Lakers combined
Timur Yerimbetov
Timur Yerimbetov 3 months ago
Job is still not done, because it's two more finals wins for three-peat.
juniorrhinox 3 months ago
Nope. Not a real season. Not a real championship.
Yung Goon
Yung Goon 3 months ago
We do see this as an accomplishment. If you don’t please speak for yourself 😂
Sibulele Mancunga
Sibulele Mancunga 3 months ago
Lewhooping on its way 😂
feed jake
feed jake 3 months ago
November 18th
Ometecuhtli 3 months ago
3rd consecutive time that he's won the championship the 2nd season with a new team. Looks like a process to me.
Eira Heartzeil
Eira Heartzeil 3 months ago
Danny Green won’t even be on the same flight back home. They booked ol boy a separate ticket on Spirit.
Robert Carter
Robert Carter 3 months ago
Censored_ 905
Censored_ 905 3 months ago
Does anyone else think it was rigged 🤔
bicboi46 3 months ago
You ain’t forgivin for that last vid
Jaden Lusk
Jaden Lusk 3 months ago
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris 3 months ago
This man is so self centered...didn’t even mention anything about Kobe
King Clampz
King Clampz 3 months ago
Chuck Norris are you fucking stupid? 🤦‍♂️ this is why some people rights should be revoked of watching nba this is crazy
Aarav . 100 years ago
Chuck Norris you dod’t watch the game huh
Cooking With Marshall
Briny bout to get beatttt
Cooking With Marshall
Janchel Balaba
Janchel Balaba 3 months ago
I hope stepenson will back in lakers
spacestar28 3 months ago
Enjoy your scripted rigged championship 😂😂🤣🤣🤪
Ghost Busters
Ghost Busters 3 months ago
I see a lot of comments saying lebron got carried or he needed but .. what about kd? What about curry? Let’s not forget Lebron took Cleveland to the finals by himself ..so just stop with all the hate comments nobody can’t do it themselves mne just face it he the 🐐..now when he get 3 more rings ion wanna hear nun like he said give him his damn respect .
Krukudju Minzaka
Krukudju Minzaka 3 months ago
Thx James!
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor 3 months ago
I think LeBron is scandalous!
Maureese Evans
Maureese Evans 3 months ago
Jobs still not finished. Lebron need three more i dont wanna hear another MJ cocklord saying mj got 6 nd he doesnt have the same or more
phil gonzalez
phil gonzalez 3 months ago
All i hear is dumbshit out his mouth 💯
$harpshooter24 3 months ago
Congrats Lakers well deserved, this is for you Kobe and Gigi #Laker4Life
Trisnice 3 months ago
Watch when he come home tho. Bronny finna be packing his bags
Myth Buster
Myth Buster 3 months ago
I suspect AD may leave as he's been made the second fiddle, he won't have any individual accomplishments as long as king is present, not sure how long he would accept this role
Aarav . 100 years ago
Myth Buster hes 1st option next yr and hes not kyrie irving he will just wait
Keith GGG
Keith GGG 3 months ago
AD mvp. Not le dork
Kimani White
Kimani White 3 months ago
Clive, make the dubbing parodies again.
Stephane Besou
Stephane Besou 3 months ago
Danny green trending
SilentBut Krazzy
SilentBut Krazzy 3 months ago
Yea fuck that a half year they played... they wouldnt of stayed healthy all year long... nd A.D should of won that finals mvp...
Og Kobe brown
Og Kobe brown 3 months ago
This lakers chip don’t seem special anyway heat in 8 I still have hope
Jalen Joni
Jalen Joni 3 months ago
Can you guys please check out our channel? us-first.info/more/JJA9h9EatA5kag1hRGgduw
Omar 3 months ago
I thought he was going to say "KOOOOBEEEE, THIS IS FOR YOOOUU!!!! “. Sadly that didn't happen.
WOODCHAKA 3 months ago
This Championship mean Nothing. You’ll never be the GOAT 🐐 Still in MJ’s shadow.
WOODCHAKA 3 months ago
Misfit. Marv This season doesn’t count because not all players participated throughout the season due to the sweet’n’sour sniffles.
Zenladin Marv
Zenladin Marv 3 months ago
You crazy 4 rings is a lot how does this championship don’t mean anything? Weirdos stay trying to turn black men against each other chill it’s not like that.
Jack Neal
Jack Neal 3 months ago
Bronny crying right now
SAGA ONE 3 months ago
LeBron will always need another hand picked Great to help him win. How many greats has he played with now? He's already Great, it would be more fun to see what he could of done without manufacturing it.
Just Sayin
Just Sayin 3 months ago
I wonder what other top 5 Superstar Lebron wants to recruit to help him win another ring 🤷‍♂️