LeBron James Goes Crazy With Anthony Davis In Game 2 vs Heat! Lakers vs Heat Game 2 2020 NBA Finals 

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LeBron James Goes Crazy With Anthony Davis In Game 2 vs Heat! Lakers vs Heat Game 2 2020 NBA Finals October 2, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Oct 2, 2020




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Comments 100   
dato nefaridze
dato nefaridze Month ago
LA fans are so annoying
legends 2 months ago
I'm not an lakers fan.. but
Manuel Salas
Manuel Salas 3 months ago
Heat were not short handed in the first two games, I don’t know what your saying!!
dawgz 3 months ago
jimmy butler had 22 points not 25
Junix Naive
Junix Naive 3 months ago
Idol ad and LeBron
Khotta Bogard
Khotta Bogard 3 months ago
That last part didn't age well 😁
David Leavell
David Leavell 3 months ago
I doubt Lebron is feeling generous..lol
Paul Alvarez
Paul Alvarez 3 months ago
Miami was already getting washed when they lost those 2 guys in the second half.
edgardo034 3 months ago
WTH are you talking about??? LBJ and AD ARE the most dominant duo. They are both All NBA first team, and could end up with a 16-3 playoff record with a Chip. 60+ points per game. Where are Ka-why and Way-off P? Where are Jokic and Jamal? Where are Westbrook and Harden? Or all of Boston’s talent? WHERE IS THE MVP/DPOY? Because the Lakers were waiting for all of them and CRUSHED the ones who actually showed up. Right now Bron and AD deserve all the praise they can get. Don’t hate.
Alpha Male
Alpha Male 3 months ago
Casuals/haters/transbronsexuals be like: 🥇1st round vs Blazers -Most dangerous 8th Seed team -One of the best teams in the bubble -Dame time on 🔥 -Lakers have no answer to Dame and CJ -Blazers in 7 Outcome: Lakers in 5 Excuses after the series: *This team is lucky to be there, *Dame injured *Melo too old, can't lead a team 2nd round vs Rockets 🚀 -best offensive team -best 3 Point shooting team -2 former MVP's -LeBron not the same player he was once when he played them in OKC -Lakers have no answer to Rockets' small ball lineup -Rockets in 6 Outcome: Lakers in 5 (LeBron dominated Russ and Harden) Excuses after the series: *Russ hurt *Tallest player for the rockets is 6'8", Lakers too big 😂 WCF vs Nuggets -they beat the Clippers, the best team with the best duo on Kawhi and PG, Lakers should be afraid -Jammal Murray on 🔥 -they have no answer for Jokic the best center in the NBA today -come back kids -Lakers should not allow a 3-1 lead or else Nuggets will be in the finals -Nuggets in 7 Outcome: Lakers in 5 Excuses after the series: *Nuggets too young *Nuggets vs refs *Poor officiating *Jammal injured *NBA favouring LeBron and LA *LeBron cake walk to the finals *nBa Is RiGgEd Finals vs Heat - they are the modern day '04 Pistons -Coach Spo knows how to stop LeBron -Bam clamps AD -Butler, Crowder & Iggy are statistically LeBron's best stoppers -Heat Zone def will stop Lakers off., They ain't good 3 Point shooting team -They beat the the MVP and NBA's #1 seed -Heat in 4 Outcome so far: Lakers dominating 2-0 Excuses: *Bam, Goran & Jimmy injured If Lakers win the 2020 championship haters will say it's a fake and plastic Mickey Mouse trophy. ❌Worst playoffs and finals of all time. ❌NBA bubble is a joke. Not real NBA but more like pick up basketball games. ❌NBA gave the chip to LA for Kobe. 🤷🤷🤷
BRZ Gaming
BRZ Gaming 3 months ago
UD is so serious, damn!
kevin couture
kevin couture 3 months ago
does anybody care about this finals?
Vatebulu OK
Vatebulu OK 3 months ago
Enjoy while it lasts cos next season ma man steph is gonna wreck havoc in the nba. Gsw ma man!
Ed durrr
Ed durrr 3 months ago
Bro Clive Bron and Ad been schooling all season and in the post season u saying its a sorry heat nobody said that to kawhi vs Gsw Or Gsw vs just bron but when its Heat nows its injuries and not a good team bro that same team Gentleman swept the Bucks the best team with the quote on quote best player and with there team was still being outsmarted and was losing by 32 points cmon bro do better
P BLUE 3 months ago
I changed my mind. Lakers can finish this in four games
J Vega
J Vega 3 months ago
I love how people be talking about how the Heat will comeback with Adebayo, and they’re about to get their hearts broken today when the Lakers will abuse them again with Bam and whoever you want, they’re just UNSTOPPABLE
Trebor Lqantara
Trebor Lqantara 3 months ago
if shaq ,hakeem and clyde were still around,lebron will take them on his team.he loves big guys so no wonder why AD,MCGEE and Dwight Howard is with him.
ai papi
ai papi 3 months ago
wait, we'rent the Lakers shorthanded too?? i mean, remember when a starter named 'Avery Bradley' opt out of the bubble?? then they got JR Smith as replacement who played a total of 6mins this whole finals...😂😂 STOP WITH THE EXCUSES!!
Andrew W
Andrew W 3 months ago
This is like playing last of us 2 with infinite ammo cheat code. B.O.R.I.N.G
Terminator X
Terminator X 3 months ago
Rig for Kobe
Terminator X
Terminator X 3 months ago
Bought team trash this yr final not even a finals
The Comedy Bros
The Comedy Bros 3 months ago
Honestly, this could be the first year where two players on a team need to win it. Both AD & Bron are of equal importance to their team.
The Comedy Bros
The Comedy Bros 3 months ago
@Live 2K Lol, you've got to be joking. Absolutely not.
Live 2K
Live 2K 3 months ago
They can probably win some games without them tho
allpro 206
allpro 206 3 months ago
Yea but they ain't just beasting against Heat they did same thing against Portland, Houston, and Denver so ya we gotta crown em Best duo n league
35 HUSSLE 3 months ago
If LeBron feels like giving back to charity 😂🤣🤣
PRATEEK 3 months ago
I really want to see LeBron scoring 40+ points against the heat
Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott 3 months ago
Yo Clive please make a fucking parody
JohnnyRacin_2448 3 months ago
soccerzz5 3 months ago
Probably 4-0
platano con salami
platano con salami 3 months ago
4-0. Its written in the scriptures.
Evo1122 3 months ago
From now on don't mention Kawhi Leonard and Lebron James in the same sentence
Golden Sperm
Golden Sperm 3 months ago
Lebron and Kyrie's 40 plus points each against the Warriors was better than this.
Aamsheer Zabal
Aamsheer Zabal 3 months ago
Kyrie getting triggered each time laker record another w
Jared Lewis
Jared Lewis 3 months ago
Lake Show💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 MAMBA POWER🙏🏿🙏🏿💪🏿💪🏿💯💯✊🏿✊🏿
Yung Stat
Yung Stat 3 months ago
Keep shitting on the team in the basement
Malik 3 months ago
Kawhi can hoop pg is trash stop getting it confused.
Sir puss
Sir puss 3 months ago
*VOTE* LOL worry about winning and doing YOUR job. Sorry bogus athletes😂😂😂
Rafi M.
Rafi M. 3 months ago
Jamon Williams
Jamon Williams 3 months ago
When are you going to do parodies again
Etut's Tv
Etut's Tv 3 months ago
Where is your fave player zion?
Jardz 3 months ago
This series is over I didn't even watch the game cuh.
K Zorus
K Zorus 3 months ago
Heat in - - - 6! 😕
Cheater Timmyツ
Cheater Timmyツ 3 months ago
K Zorus I’m just laughing at how funny you are
K Zorus
K Zorus 3 months ago
@Cheater TimmyツIt's not funny.
Cheater Timmyツ
Cheater Timmyツ 3 months ago
Wellington Padilla Molina
What happened to: And i'm out?????😂😂😂😂
Hokage Obama
Hokage Obama 3 months ago
AD was definitely looking like Shaq against this Lil team.
MIDNightPT4 3 months ago
Kawhi and PG slander 😂😂
Edgar 3 months ago
Man shut the fuck up with that if Lebron is feeling generous
Mekhi Bell
Mekhi Bell 3 months ago
Lakers in 4
gengsy bro
gengsy bro 3 months ago
Lakers mamba mode
realOMNIslasher 3 months ago
Udonis Haslem need to play Kelly Olynyk and Haslem can even the playing field. Justice for Meyers Leonard's playing minutes, he was about to score 60 fr no cap "Michael Jordan is too light in the tail" "Back in my heyday, I would kill Michael Jordan one-on-one" -*LaVar a.k.a "the Undefeated Nevah Lost, Im the one who made Lonzo, His mom is caucasian" Ball*
gengsy bro
gengsy bro 3 months ago
For kobe
Anbesa25 3 months ago
Bron got 4 rings
NV- Music & Random Family Stuff
I really dont like lebron james. I respect his talent. But i dont enjoy the things he does to get titles and etc. That is NOT what Jordan did.... This is unbearable to watch .... They literally skipped through these playoffs...
Juan Carlos Linares
Juan Carlos Linares 3 months ago
Why was anthony davis sad?
james 3 months ago
No one watches basketball anymore And for good reason Qanon.pub DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF WAKE UP HELP SAVE THE CHILDREN TRUMP2020
Anarchee 3 months ago
This year they have never lost when they wearing the Mamba’s Jersey. Let that sink in.
Rico Raymundo
Rico Raymundo 3 months ago
Is there a duo in NBA finals to win finals MVP in NBA history?
Jabbar Muhammad
Jabbar Muhammad 3 months ago
Valter Muhate
Valter Muhate 3 months ago
"If lebron feels like giving back to charity, he might give'em one win"LOL
Valter Muhate
Valter Muhate 3 months ago
@StLouisMyCity- we call that filantropy...
StLouisMyCity- 3 months ago
Valter Muhate and he gave them 1 win 😭😭
Clutch God tv
Clutch God tv 3 months ago
Let’s go we do this
Bryan Seay
Bryan Seay 3 months ago
algene romero
algene romero 3 months ago
This season real champion is the heat. Heat players two undrafted players, only bam star center of the heat. Start in playoffs heat played underdog. Congrat's heat you the the real champion. Lakers have superstars bigger taller players. Heat congrats.
Kay Fidd
Kay Fidd 3 months ago
for over a decade i have doubted that lebron could become the greatest of all time. for me he just became the greatest basketbal player in history.
Light Gloomy
Light Gloomy 3 months ago
Lakers drop em by 72 1st game with full rooster
denny ciut
denny ciut 3 months ago
Wtf is kawhi and pg ???? Come on ....
claudiu radu
claudiu radu 3 months ago
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John Edgard Oloroso
John Edgard Oloroso 3 months ago
Tim Cleezy
Tim Cleezy 3 months ago
KCP 🧱🧱🧱
john ayacko
john ayacko 3 months ago
the is final doesn't count. they are honoring Kobe. We all know that the lakers are going to win it.
john ayacko
john ayacko 3 months ago
@Ayuub Nur hey yo, show some respect when you are talking to me. u understand?
Charisse w
Charisse w 3 months ago
Lebron James is telling pat riley not on my watch. Dion Waiters, Dwight Howard is going to have a ring, even Giannis brother
MC 3 months ago
They almost have the same score but Lebron has 9 assist. 👀 You have no expectations with AD so you are amazed and chanting fmvp. Lebron scored 30 and that’s not enough. This isnt Cavs. He can ‘not score’ 50. He do not need to carry this team. Lakers have amazing defense and very good players. If they play like Cavs, I assure you Lebron would drop 50 like before.
Solomon Hii
Solomon Hii 3 months ago
Damn, Andre cant even guard Alex...
Alfred Nazareno jr
Alfred Nazareno jr 3 months ago
I will love to see the championship opening ceremony vs clippers to make them jealous
yung slic
yung slic 3 months ago
They were "short handed" the moment they made it to the finals 🤣🤣🤣
Cheater Timmyツ
Cheater Timmyツ 3 months ago
Alberto Tavera stfu we were up by 32 in game 1 and they were both in the game lakers in 4 🧹
Alberto Tavera
Alberto Tavera 3 months ago
Are you stupid they lost 2 of their main scoring players one of them being their starting center who had most of their points in the paint and a point guard that averaged 17 points 🤦‍♂️ people just be talking out they ass I swear
Eddie Vo
Eddie Vo 3 months ago
PG has been know to be disappeared in the playoff (MIA). Kawhi is not a leader and doesn't talk. More importantly, they both did not backup their coach as they are the main reason for the Clippers failure. To me, they are a pair of pathetic loser. This is a LAKERS town.
Bad_milkz 3 months ago
I saw full game, and I mean idk I just felt like AD, Danny green carried big time... just feel like LEbron could have done more and come with a bit more uhhh, “aggression”. But he is the GOAT 🐐 (edit) forgot to give the TWO way performance by Dwight Howard ... GOD DAM boii was going off first and second $$$$
Dan Jimenez
Dan Jimenez 3 months ago
Bivishan Thapa
Bivishan Thapa 3 months ago
First time LeBron is playing in a system rather than being a system
Gorkie 3 months ago
lal gonna give them one game
Mattcastle 3 months ago
You forgot to mention Danny Green which is about to make a 50 storey building because he's shooting a lot of bricks 🧱🧱🧱🤣🤣🤣
lekobe jordan
lekobe jordan 3 months ago
Tim Cleezy at least he was making some Danny could not do anything
Tim Cleezy
Tim Cleezy 3 months ago
And kcp
Mehmet Erbaş
Mehmet Erbaş 3 months ago
and zion runs like a penguen
John Nakamura
John Nakamura 3 months ago
Legoat going crazy. Can’t believe so many people doubted him and the lakers.
Mar Win
Mar Win 3 months ago
@Kellen Moon I always knew PG and Kawhi ain't no match to Bron and AD. But it will definitely be great playoff match up comes with their series.
Kellen Moon
Kellen Moon 3 months ago
@John Nakamura rite dude, i agree.
John Nakamura
John Nakamura 3 months ago
Kellen Moon of course man everyone wanted it. But so many people thought the clippers were so damn good then they didn’t even finish off with 50 wins. So overrated
Kellen Moon
Kellen Moon 3 months ago
its not about that dude, well currently theyre one of the best (if not the best) duo in the league. but some of us hoping that Lebron n AD meet a duo that currently on the same level with them (pg n kawhi). for me, they way they defeat rockets, and its a proof that theyre better duo than hard n wb. also dont get me wrong, murray n jokic r great. but still.. some of us wanted lakers vs clippers (battle of la).
jeeperscriminy 3 months ago
Heat in 6
Cheater Timmyツ
Cheater Timmyツ 3 months ago
Audário Lopes
Audário Lopes 3 months ago
They abusing and bullying 😂😅👌🏾
Neilbert Millar
Neilbert Millar 3 months ago
I miss Ben Simons punching the air
Francis Gabriel
Francis Gabriel 3 months ago
Finals Mvp Bron vs Ad is more competitive than finals
Daps R.
Daps R. 3 months ago
The thought of Kawhi & Damian Lillard playing together >>>
Sonic Miranda
Sonic Miranda 3 months ago
“Who are they again?” 😂
ETS_ßkfinest !
ETS_ßkfinest ! 3 months ago
I be waiting for this after I finish watching the game
All Might
All Might 3 months ago
“Didn’t they lose their coach” 😭💀
BMS Sam 3 months ago
Kawhi and Paul who are they?.
Essame Ewane
Essame Ewane 3 months ago
Yeah I am rap
Tre 3 months ago
So nobody going to talk about how fire the Quality is.
sponge bob
sponge bob 3 months ago
Jimmy Butler carrying telyr hero
Tautvydas Motiejūnas
Half of lakers fans were once heat fans lmao
Elon musk
Elon musk 3 months ago
I wanna see heat make a big comeback
Pootra Giz
Pootra Giz 3 months ago
LAL DYNAMIC DUO scored half of LAL points. AD 75% FG , LBJ 57% FG, there goes my man !!! This is a total mismatch without Bam and the Dragon.. prefer to watch both teams are healthy and playing :)
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis 3 months ago
Lebron better not steal my finals mvp
? 3 months ago
Oscar P to im 30 years of age and have been watching basketball since I was born and in the finals lebron has done more he allows the others to play he is the playmaker and give the assist to ad and lebron did better than ad the 2nd game so as far as I’m concerned their tied as of now
r4ndomTV 3 months ago
@Oscar P so you when lebron still plays at late he stat oadding but when AD its not? Its like you dont want him to olay so he dont score more
Mark Esteven Federis
@Oscar P jimmy butler stays till it's the final minute of the game 😂😂😂 and AD plays one more minute than Lebron in every game 😂😂😂
Oscar P
Oscar P 3 months ago
? The award goes to the “FINALS MVP”, not playoffs mvp. Lebron has played well in playoffs, but this is strictly a finals award. AD so far has deserved it more. That’s what lebron fans don’t understand. Like the regular season mvp, Giannis definitely deserved it much more. He played unbelievably good. However, it’s a REGULAR SEASON award. Just because lebron played good in playoffs and giannis didn’t doesn’t mean he should get the regular season mvp.
? 3 months ago
Oscar P yo put some perspective on lebron without him ther is now way in hell that team would have made it past the 1st round
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 3 months ago
Went from heat vs laker for a chip to AD vs bron for finals mvp
Mister Awkward
Mister Awkward 3 months ago
AD is a Monster, but I say Lebron is FMVP. AD focuses on scoring! Lebron being a leader, does all-around plays and controls the game the right way. But it doesn't matter, Lakers in 4 🏆 💜💛
Ian M
Ian M 3 months ago
Lucas Assanti don’t disrespect Kobe again bronsexual
BTL_ 007
BTL_ 007 3 months ago
I can’t tell if y’all Bron fans trolling at this point. AD has been way better. Lebron padding his stats in blowouts when AD already did all the damage.
John Nakamura
John Nakamura 3 months ago
MrInzombia I’m just tryna give respect to both players for balling out.
John Nakamura
John Nakamura 3 months ago
MrInzombia ok and what u tryna say by this?
MrInzombia 3 months ago
John Nakamura If you watch the game, alot of Anthony davis point is fed to him by Lebron or rondo or evem caruso who facilitate the offense. Lebron could just Drive to the point all day long and drop 50. But he shares with Anthony davis
Jon Un
Jon Un 3 months ago
Is this basketball or rugby ? how is Lebron not called for offensive fouls with the way he pushes the defenders while driving to the basket ?
A loli a day keeps the FBI away
let's have a moment of silence for Finals Rondo passing skills