LeBron James Gets Hit By DeMarcus Cousins Who Then Gets Ejected! Lakers vs Rockets 

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LeBron James Gets Hit By DeMarcus Cousins Who Then Gets Ejected! Lakers vs Rockets January 10, 2021 NBA Season
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Jan 10, 2021




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CliveNBAParody 15 days ago
New Songs: smarturl.it/2ua1yi
Superman Prime
Superman Prime 14 days ago
Whoever sayin your music trash not on the same vibration level as some of us, just keep makin your music. Them shits is fire and i was playin them earlier dumb loud in my speakers. Shit was slappin
Solo Myk Music
Solo Myk Music 14 days ago
I rock wit yo music
CASTRO45ACP 14 days ago
Songs are garbage but if you like doing it keep at it
Kristian Krastanov
Kristian Krastanov 14 days ago
the songs are trash
Richkid Gordon
Richkid Gordon 14 days ago
@Majin Hundone you all looking at the hand, look at the arm and look how much he sway and tell me it wont hurt + anything that is above the head excessive and unnecessary is an f2 + he had his 1st tech with marcus
Kyle J
Kyle J 8 days ago
0:37 I'm fucking weak 💀
Mj_ Zerr
Mj_ Zerr 8 days ago
billy lo
billy lo 8 days ago
Lebrun James
Keith Jenkins
Keith Jenkins 9 days ago
Morris: Full Frontal Assualt Demarcus: All That For A Drop Of Blood
Salomon Bazarte III
LeBrons hairline 🔝😂
eduardo alcald
eduardo alcald 9 days ago
Sound funny...
9megir 9 days ago
Can't listen to this guy. sounds like a depressed guy talking with a stuffed nose
The goat
The goat 10 days ago
Hell yeah
Aldo The stud
Aldo The stud 10 days ago
He’s being a girl
Jsons World
Jsons World 10 days ago
if demarcus cousins would only be more careful on giving those fouls, he could have helped his team.. just saying.. he's a good player could put the ball down post up and even hit those three's..
Scope Maverick
Scope Maverick 10 days ago
Was not a flagrant, at all. He was going for the ball.
Zaid 10 days ago
The great khali finisher 🤚🏽
Yo Rob
Yo Rob 11 days ago
knock that hairline down a bit deadasss xDDD
OmarGawd_ 11 days ago
Liangelo would’ve been better
UrAfrica accent 😂😂... lebron crying got DeMarcus ejected
WhiteMagic Spells
WhiteMagic Spells 11 days ago
James harden got fat
Niles 11 days ago
Now we know why Harden wasn't tryna be there lol
Mr Calvooo
Mr Calvooo 11 days ago
Ian Davis
Ian Davis 11 days ago
Makes sense now. Cousins was frustrated with all the drama going on
bseidl1976 11 days ago
LeBron, you're such a little bitch
harden got pregnant..
Joey Skar
Joey Skar 12 days ago
Cousins was just giving him payback for releasing him last year.
Heath Bridges
Heath Bridges 12 days ago
Basketball for fucking pussies i swear
Doug Dobbs
Doug Dobbs 12 days ago
That reminds me...are the Oscar*s happening soon?
Pickousti 12 days ago
Jas Serro
Jas Serro 12 days ago
you blind bruuh?
Leefo 3
Leefo 3 13 days ago
Oh no Cousins, you’re not gonna hack the most beloved player in the league Lebron and think you’re going to get away with it!
Sean Balboa
Sean Balboa 13 days ago
this guy sounds kendrick lamar
Devon Batten
Devon Batten 13 days ago
cousins is a stud bro lmao
Manuel Patino
Manuel Patino 13 days ago
His accent makes commentary hilarious
BiG JuiCe
BiG JuiCe 13 days ago
Total cheap shot! Fine plus suspend him!
DIONI SIOAMZON 13 days ago
so, you're implying that LBJ should have been wearing again his head band?? or else, he might get a lot of it. LOL. hahaha!
Braylon L
Braylon L 13 days ago
Lebron is a wimp
negris negris
negris negris 13 days ago
Lebron es un llorón 😂😂
NC GAMES 13 days ago
lebron and jordan 1v1 in my channel
VAT829 13 days ago
lebron always does that stupid headshake after acting like he is hurt while being fouled... no wonder he moved to LA to be an actor. Leflop will follow Kobe's footstep soon and win an Oscar too... but for flopping.
6Rings 13 days ago
Bacon 13 days ago
LeBron is such a baby bruh smh
Steve Malayil
Steve Malayil 13 days ago
You are one of the biggest Bronsexuals out ther...
Fernando Similox
Fernando Similox 13 days ago
He was confused he said hahaha
Dante Koci
Dante Koci 13 days ago
Clive please make a community post and put who’s the best player in the NBA then put LeBron, Kawhi, KD, AD, Giannis, please bro
mike clarckson
mike clarckson 13 days ago
Great kali finisher 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Elly Roch Nuñez
Elly Roch Nuñez 13 days ago
0:48 that joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Grammar Police -
Grammar Police - 13 days ago
I need Giannis to hit Lebron like he did James Harden. You can't comment on white people 's behaviour when you're supporting deadbeat dads.
Grammar Police -
Grammar Police - 13 days ago
I thought he was "The chosen one" how is he feeling pain?
William Malapitan
William Malapitan 13 days ago
Harden should man up!
J D 13 days ago
Lebron has sharpen his flopping skills
Gabriel Waggoner
Gabriel Waggoner 13 days ago
“Cousins was seeing two balls pause”💀💀💀💀
Ra Ward
Ra Ward 13 days ago
" Let me help you with that..." 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alex Luna
Alex Luna 13 days ago
He reminds me of Embiid trying to sound American when he trash talks lol. Just don’t sound right for some reason
Ozzee 14 days ago
watch cousins hit lebron in slow motion and look at how bad lebron flopped lmaoooooo its hilarious and pathetic
PURE SILENCE 14 days ago
Idk if it’s just me but basketball has turned this sport into a legit no contact sport.
Oscar Gutierrez
Oscar Gutierrez 14 days ago
LOL he saw no difference LOL thanks man you got me out a bad mood, much love from El Salvador
Jay Blake
Jay Blake 14 days ago
It wasn’t a flagrant foul. Cousins was literally swiping for the ball. LeBron just kept it cuffed longer than expected. He was dead in the water once he let LeBron get pst him. 5 years ago, Demarcus Cousins wouldn’t have let LeBron get past him like that. Not to mention he immediately reached for LeBron as he was falling. Old Cousins would’ve never done that. That’s another way to prove it wasn’t flagrant.
P. TOBÓN Garzones Acatlán P.
No era para tanto
Gilbert QuirVen
Gilbert QuirVen 14 days ago
Great Khali's finisher 😂
Kit Salazar
Kit Salazar 14 days ago
The drama king😂😂😂 The legends be rolling in their graves when this superstars today joined them in hall fame with their soft ass and hollywood acting😂😅😂😆
KidChips 14 days ago
Clive for NBA commentary ?
Ghost Diaz
Ghost Diaz 14 days ago
LeGM got hit hard and didn't need to flop and he still did an exaggeration lol
ratedr m
ratedr m 14 days ago
Lebron flex his muscles then flops like a bird when Demarcus barley taps him 😂
Peter Pan
Peter Pan 14 days ago
LeBron is a soft ass flopper
Mario Garcia
Mario Garcia 14 days ago
0:15 shit cousins was just looking out for his teamate. Lmao Lebron went from flexing to dropping, couple plays later
Emmanuel Anadon
Emmanuel Anadon 14 days ago
I think you're Giannis
ernie cruz
ernie cruz 14 days ago
the narrator is just a joke
Carlo Gambino
Carlo Gambino 14 days ago
I like you bro no cap “Save himself for the finals Well The playoffs first” lol You know he making both
FervenC 14 days ago
Man touch Lebron and that boy floppin like a fish outta water smh
Brig Spearman
Brig Spearman 14 days ago
Is there responsibilities kidding don’t do that in a NBA in NBA if you keep on doing that hurting people like that I wish people does my cousins get ejected for that
Tony Girgis
Tony Girgis 14 days ago
Bro that hit is nothing in comparison to what UFC fighters be eating. And some people had the audacity to say that Lebron would beat a UFC fighter a couple months ago😂😂
Cain From Vault Tech
Why don't you try filming in the daytime so you don't need to whisper around your mom and dad
Palahume 14 days ago
LeFlop back at it again 😆🤦
RM abenoja
RM abenoja 14 days ago
Dirty Cousin.
poljackph 14 days ago
No blood. No foul.
The Jersey Comic
The Jersey Comic 14 days ago
Are ppl actually scared of markieff?
Mark Cavandish
Mark Cavandish 14 days ago
LeBitch: FLOP
Jesus Reza
Jesus Reza 14 days ago
They not looking grate
Jordan Reynolds
Jordan Reynolds 14 days ago
Clive you should promote your SoundCloud more bro. You can reach another level tbh. Can’t believe I haven’t been reading the descriptions to see this lol. It’s fire tbh
Titus Rome
Titus Rome 14 days ago
Leflop continues to show why he is the biggest pussy on and off the court.
Nazar Gunko
Nazar Gunko 14 days ago
christopher kettler
He made a play on the ball that should be a common foul.....james harden needs to get over himself along with other nba players like kyrie ......who listen to their sycophants too much
JB79 14 days ago
I’m glad Boogie shoved the Morris twin down. I like that matchup. I’m sick of everybody acting like the Morris twins can’t be f__kd with.
John Wayne
John Wayne 14 days ago
What did the five fingers say to the forehead?? Smack!!
George Reeves
George Reeves 14 days ago
James is a bitch
sleepyseeker 14 days ago
This commentary is 🔥
Tomás Marques
Tomás Marques 14 days ago
If opponents let Lebron play and whistle at the same time, they will lose. This Lebron James cries too much, complains too much with the judges. And I don't see any judge giving Lebron a technical foul.
Joey Constant
Joey Constant 14 days ago
Do a lebron meets kyrie in 2021 I miss kyrie saying when I hit that game winning three to bring Cleveland's first ever championship
Tech 14 days ago
“The Great Khali finisher” please tell me someone else got this reference too 😂
Manuel Patino
Manuel Patino 13 days ago
My man said “the great Kahli” I’m done dude im like Jorge Lopez over here “my chest hurts and I can’t breathe” 😂
Alex Lee
Alex Lee 14 days ago
Props to cousins for getting Morris back for his initial shove
Jarinn Stevenson
Jarinn Stevenson 14 days ago
Cousins is Mad cause Morris Replace him Last Season 😂
BR33CH HD 14 days ago
Cousins is a BRICK WALL.
J Hardy
J Hardy 14 days ago
Cousins is on one this year. Every game is something negative from him.
aaliM art
aaliM art 14 days ago
Why the hell would they have Harden guarding Davis?
aaliM art
aaliM art 14 days ago
LeBron still flopping. He didn’t hit you that hard.
Devon Poole
Devon Poole 14 days ago
I see you doin your thing out here bro don’t listen to any haters keep doing you!!
Renan P.S
Renan P.S 14 days ago
He did that just because Bron traded him💀
Stubbo242 14 days ago
Great Khali finisher😂😂😂😂 I wasn’t expecting that
Michael Duke
Michael Duke 14 days ago
Queen James being a queen again.
Joyne Peña
Joyne Peña 14 days ago
Tenía que darle más duro lebron llora demasiado
Mat J
Mat J 14 days ago
"The John Wall Effect"
deandra marshall
deandra marshall 14 days ago
LeBron and the refs are pussies