LeBron James Shocks Clippers With Game Winner! Lakers vs Clippers 

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LeBron James Shocks Clippers With Game Winner! Lakers vs Clippers July 30, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Jul 30, 2020




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Comments 100   
TripledoublemachineL23 L23
Shang ness
Shang ness 5 months ago
“Like I said I’m not a LeBron fan, I’m a LeBron windmill. So you know I’mma give more hype when LeBron James does anything even breathing.” 🤣😂😅
Myteemouse 5 months ago
The hair God's told LeBron that if he kept his hair Steph would have 3 point powers beyond comprehension.
Revell 5 months ago
Ill be back if and when nba stops supporting marxism
Adrianne Cooper
Adrianne Cooper 5 months ago
Harry Henderson
Harry Henderson 5 months ago
I can't stand the NBA anymore but I subscribed for the commentary
Casey Martin
Casey Martin 5 months ago
Black lives matter LMAO ;D
Tim Macky
Tim Macky 5 months ago
You cant guard LeBron!
Freedom Sky
Freedom Sky 5 months ago
L.k Richardson
L.k Richardson 5 months ago
LeBron is smart and clutch everybody was focus on Anthony Davis in the fourth quarter and that was when he went off and take the game
Mizta Leonard
Mizta Leonard 5 months ago
All 5 players on bron that’s why he can make passes. He could have pass for 3.
Gummy GoD
Gummy GoD 5 months ago
Lebron cant fix that bald spot lol
Dwayne Cheatom
Dwayne Cheatom 5 months ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 bro that line was classic! Took me tf out🤣🤣😭
Shiljamannn 5 months ago
I am sick of BLM madness... Can't even watch NBA anymore.
Faisal Kabir
Faisal Kabir 5 months ago
Not gonna lie. I missed this guys voice
Bokz Gaming
Bokz Gaming 5 months ago
funny... Kawhi is a robot
Derf swan
Derf swan 5 months ago
Ok it seems windmill is better than fan. u fak u got me
Young Kills
Young Kills 5 months ago
"Fix that please"
zooallow 1025
zooallow 1025 5 months ago
This is simple anything blm dont watch. They are destorying sports.
Im the BMF
Im the BMF 5 months ago
Lebron windmill here too. 😂😂😂
Kibre 5 months ago
This is how much times he said right here
NBA GAMEPLAYS 5 months ago
JJ Canlas Limpin
JJ Canlas Limpin 5 months ago
I guess lebron gave the clippers a good cough that's why he got the rebound and made for LAL 103 pts... ehehhe
S T 5 months ago
Box out! Oh wait...ahhhh.
YS 5 months ago
why are the foul lakers freaking out at @1:57?
jacob lucas epic boi
No foul pg
Gil D
Gil D 5 months ago
They all took a knee? Fuck the nba
Star Lyfe
Star Lyfe 5 months ago
Dude you so be commentary for nba matches everyone will have a laugh
Rambo Tan
Rambo Tan 5 months ago
kd s d goat!!
master kakashi
master kakashi 5 months ago
what the last second lebrons back i see caruzo
Frank Cadillac
Frank Cadillac 5 months ago
2-2. Clippers will end this by kicking out Lakers out of the playoffs
Mars Is GG
Mars Is GG 5 months ago
Kawi mad at Pg
anthony peters
anthony peters 5 months ago
“Right here”
anthony peters
anthony peters 5 months ago
Your commentary game has gone down
SALTY_ EYEZ 5 months ago
And I’m out
vivek jaiswal
vivek jaiswal 5 months ago
Pulling up 😂😂
Sonny Meredith
Sonny Meredith 5 months ago
Are they ever gona call a foul for Kawhi? Goddamn
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick 5 months ago
Imagine dude being the commentator and every pelicans timeout he goes “zion walks like a penguin”
Steven N.
Steven N. 5 months ago
At this point I'm not sure if you watch NBA, just the highlights. AD carried the team, Caruso and LeBron if anything had the game winning defence. If LeBron wasn't on kawhi on perimeter defence those last 30 seconds, it could of been a OT game.
EwwJerms 5 months ago
“Fix that bald spot” loll
Sportsandgaming 5 months ago
Revenge for when patrick beverly blocked hi
Vatebulu OK
Vatebulu OK 5 months ago
Enough with this BLM bullshit, this is cancer, the source of all issue recently, all lives matter! Well except Xi Jinping, fuck Xi Jinping
BLADEMACAPHEE 5 months ago
That was an awkward shot before the put back
S R120
S R120 5 months ago
The BLM league😂 Straight Trash! 🗑
TraversEarth 5 months ago
Lol 13 seconds left and that’s your shot
d jenkins
d jenkins 5 months ago
😭😭😭 bro you ohdee funny my boy ✊🏿
R Dim.
R Dim. 5 months ago
is rondo and cousins out in the lakers???
Pat Revs Ph
Pat Revs Ph 5 months ago
"so you know im goin hype him up when LeBron James does anything even breathing" hahahaha
GoLdEnWaTeR 5 months ago
Lbj needa go bald at this point 😔💀💀
Ultra Xtreme
Ultra Xtreme 5 months ago
I was laughing when you mention lebron bald spot
Ron Queral
Ron Queral 5 months ago
Annoying u should stop
Broccoli Fan
Broccoli Fan 5 months ago
Bron couldn't even score entire game. Lakers were like double digit lost in 3rd qtr. Clippers did make many mistakes and Anthony Davis performed so well to deserve win. The title gave credits to Bron...LMAO
Jj W
Jj W 5 months ago
Last shot Lebron put it up, got his own rebound in the paint, and puts it back in and soloing the whole team. Meanwhile, the rest of the Lakers all outside the 3 point line doing nothing.
Lewor Smiley
Lewor Smiley 5 months ago
“He saw everybody bow down.”🤣
GO BIG BLUE 8 5 months ago
Mike Yeah
Mike Yeah 5 months ago
B.l.m. Propaganda...nba it s only idiot propaganda
outlawmd1177 5 months ago
🤣🤣🤣 so crazyyyy
Jazz Cabbage17
Jazz Cabbage17 5 months ago
Anthony Davis kept the Lakers going the whole game tho. Respect
Dustin Jackson
Dustin Jackson 5 months ago
Ill take leonard over lechina in the post season
J West
J West 5 months ago
Haha how he ends it though.. Lebron fix that bald spot...
YanzoDaDon 5 months ago
I'm a LeBron windmill 😂 I had to think about that for a sec
I am Me
I am Me 5 months ago
Paul Choked
roodiiroo 5 months ago
Bro, the end got me 😂 “fix that bald part” 😂
Aaron Roberts
Aaron Roberts 5 months ago
If he goes bald he would look way more like Jordan on the court.
Globe OS
Globe OS 5 months ago
“I’m not a LeBron fan in a LeBron windmill” Hahaha 😂
v. Sic
v. Sic 5 months ago
I used to like or watch chris smoove alot but when I found you are more funnier and took time to commentating on the video. 👌💪 keep it up
DropTheBeat 99
DropTheBeat 99 5 months ago
Bro your corny af🤣 but funny too ahah
Kweef Sweat
Kweef Sweat 5 months ago
Lakers definitely winning this year I think bron more focused with no crowd
Benji Miranda
Benji Miranda 5 months ago
Lebron can’t be 🐐 until he goes bald
Wilmer Wilson
Wilmer Wilson 5 months ago
And finally Russell Westbrook the super athletic mamba
Wilmer Wilson
Wilmer Wilson 5 months ago
Paul George the open shot mamba
Wilmer Wilson
Wilmer Wilson 5 months ago
Kawhi Leonard the Micanical robot
35 HUSSLE 5 months ago
This is why King James is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME He clamped and lockdown Kawhi and Paul Rated PG for Parental Guidance George, Michael Jordan himself couldn’t have been doing all that King James is doing on both ends of the court, went Mastered Utra Instict in Kawhi and Paul George, I am a LeBron Windmill Forever 💯❤️👊🏾👏🏾✊🏾💪🏾
wong cj
wong cj 5 months ago
Josh Irvin
Josh Irvin 5 months ago
Yo yo I was thinking the same thing about that bald spot right before u said that!!! Damn Lebron gettn old n showing it!!!🤦‍♂️🤣😂🤣😂✌💯💯
Ben Appleby
Ben Appleby 5 months ago
LeBron pulled the flightreacts putback your own miss on 5 clippers lmao
jake mitchell
jake mitchell 5 months ago
I’m convinced that Lebron has a lifelong grudge against Kawhi
James Naismith
James Naismith 5 months ago
Lebron Windmill LMAO
Symphalion 5 months ago
when your friend is high and tries to be a commentator.
vivaraulito 5 months ago
Dam he really made that game winning shot with Kawhi and Paul George right at his face
Kevin Westbrook
Kevin Westbrook 5 months ago
Kawhi is far more than a role player
Ownyalator 5 months ago
Watch his vids to hear his voice lmfaooo
0:08 “I’m a Lebron fan” ya bro we get it. You can’t go 2 seconds without sayin his name
Eric Hart
Eric Hart 5 months ago
This guy is hilarious!
Hubert P.
Hubert P. 5 months ago
Emotions in your voice are the best.
Andy Tan
Andy Tan 5 months ago
It’s time to come home Bron
the jackel
the jackel 5 months ago
Everyone took a knee for the self admitted Marxist organization known as BLM ...
Zay 2x
Zay 2x 5 months ago
Why people say they not a lebron fan but support him so much
Epikcamsey 5 months ago
Bruh I was just watching it but LEBRON is not a king
F34RL 5 months ago
Bruh does this guy sound like trae young
Van Val
Van Val 5 months ago
Hey! I'm not just a lebron fan, I'm a lebron windmill. 😂😂😂
" LeBron fix that baldspot* vruh I'm dead 💀💀💀 nah fr he do gotta fix that baldapot
J Hardy
J Hardy 5 months ago
Two great games last night! I wonder what NBA will do or say about China?
Joney Mujar
Joney Mujar 5 months ago
the number of likes is how much clive says "RIGHT HERE"
Nathan Watkins
Nathan Watkins 5 months ago
Lebron fix that bald spot please lmfao, that’s where his crown sets
Lebron the goat James
Chicken wing Williams didn't play but LeBron had this game and ad balled out
H C.
H C. 5 months ago
So Windmill, does lebron allow you to come up for air, or is it non stop throating?
Edward Musgrove
Edward Musgrove 5 months ago
Final we beat there ass
ILike Waffles
ILike Waffles 5 months ago
Lakers r lucky clippers ain't got montrez lou Williams or Patrick Beverley
Donn Aquino
Donn Aquino 5 months ago
The shot clock looks dope. Damn
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