LeBron James 1st Lakers Return Practice With Anthony Davis Since NBA Season Suspension! 

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LeBron James 1st Lakers Return Practice With Anthony Davis Since NBA Season Suspension!
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Jul 2, 2020




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Comments 100   
mAdEnGoDz gAmEr
mAdEnGoDz gAmEr 6 months ago
0:22 fans: “wow lebron is so good!” 0:23 “misses a free throw”
Attila Csukas
Attila Csukas 6 months ago
Are you serious man??? WTF are you talking about?Teams should pack up and go home they are in great danger of spreading COVID
bronzefighta 6 months ago
Over hear blastin' deltaparole to this right of this time
Jru Wilkerson
Jru Wilkerson 6 months ago
We really done watched this Man. From 03 to now. Crazy to see him with the grays
BluMedia Marketing
BluMedia Marketing 6 months ago
If you have a chance checkout my page. :)
Martin Smith
Martin Smith 6 months ago
Dis man voice and stale jokes annoy the hell outta me 😖 But he does have pretty good content 😕
Khoi Le
Khoi Le 6 months ago
They’re playing the Delete-8 bubble for the young guys on those losing teams to gain experience and not sit out for months while being healthy. Plus I don’t mind it. If it somehow starts before the Orlando bubble, that just means more basketball for us to watch lol. And for me that’s a good thing
BluMedia Marketing
BluMedia Marketing 6 months ago
Great content! Showing your page some love and support.
Kiet Do
Kiet Do 6 months ago
Why do you talk like that?? What are you 5 years old?
Taekwondo Mike
Taekwondo Mike 6 months ago
LeQueen is back!Adam Silvet got him some back ups😂
Angel Tamez
Angel Tamez 6 months ago
I can see it now, players are going to come up positive left and right 4 or 5 games deep. I’ll come back in 2 months and see how this aged...
Machiavelli 6 months ago
"LeBron lookin like 90 bit still movin like his 23" the play on words man
Javier Silva
Javier Silva 6 months ago
Jordan Kobe way better than LeBron. 😎👍💯
LUCKY X 6 months ago
Play with Mask
One Skill Point
One Skill Point 6 months ago
Lebron getting old means I'm getting old and I hate that.
Ryan Kiss
Ryan Kiss 6 months ago
Lebrawn lookin oweddddd Lebron lookin 23 years oweeed
GloryToGlorzo 6 months ago
the guy talking sounds like a rastafarian kendrick lamar
Kratos 6 months ago
Bron must be on next episode of uncle Drew commercial
Spencer Parker
Spencer Parker 6 months ago
Virus gone by July 30? GOOD LUCK
Fvmous16k FGR
Fvmous16k FGR 6 months ago
Golden state warriors all day
Drenn23 6 months ago
Me and lebron the same age.....i don't have a ounce of gray hair....
Izzy C
Izzy C 6 months ago
Meh, I'd watch it
RosinRay 6 months ago
Bro what kind of accent do you have? I’ve been tryna pin it down for fucking months lol. Tell me.
s2syed 6 months ago
Caruso for MVP
Ander Garcia
Ander Garcia 6 months ago
This is the most hair I've seen on Lebron head in a longtime.
Egils Skanis
Egils Skanis 6 months ago
You speak like you shouldn't speak!!! stop!
Mr fix it
Mr fix it 6 months ago
Boycott NBA!!!!
Karen Blackman
Karen Blackman 6 months ago
Alex caruso is the goat? you are not allow to talk basketball for the next five years!
Hans Peter
Hans Peter 6 months ago
does anyone know which shoes lebron wearin at 0:11?
Abdoulaye Pam
Abdoulaye Pam 6 months ago
Bro, were hou high when you're making these jokes 😂😂😂
lebron james will get that nba champion for kobe!!!!!!
MikeTheScrub 6 months ago
Lmao Alex and Jr gonna carry the lakers
Jamar Jones
Jamar Jones 6 months ago
James only worried about catching up with Jordan & Kobe but need a super star Team to do it so he can brag about doing all himself! I love my Lakers but I’m not a fan of LBJ. He forgot all about this pandemic also! So afraid to get old with this team. This the year I hope somebody beat the shit out of my team the Lakers! I want that shame to show the world that it don’t matter how many A list players you put with Lebron, they will be beat!
Jamar Jones
Jamar Jones 6 months ago
I don’t think the NBA should play at all. Somebody will die behind this virus. It’s not safe. To many safe and players and someone will spread the virus. Stop worrying about money and rings and start worrying about LIFE! With all the money NBA players make they can help stop the virus by buying things that other people needs. That’s what matters! Not the NBA. Shame on people who supports this!
FrEsHboI from BHAM
FrEsHboI from BHAM 6 months ago
Clippers in 5
Yousuf Mohammed
Yousuf Mohammed 6 months ago
LB looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooo old! :O
David Duncombe
David Duncombe 6 months ago
😂don’t give a shit about race batting lebron or the nba anymore to be honest all wearing the hoax mask. People better wake up and stand and fight for freedom before there is none left
Lavar balld As a muthafucker
Uncle bron & Uncle drew would get 7 rings ♨️
An Dre
An Dre 6 months ago
banyak lah tatoo nye... belagak dekde...lok behok gi ade... 🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣
Zachary Johnson
Zachary Johnson 6 months ago
did it again
Ed G
Ed G 6 months ago
Lebron started getting gray hair as soon as he heard JR Smith joined Lakers
Lone 6 months ago
s0meguy09 6 months ago
why lebron look like he doesn't have a personal barber?
Shane Alston
Shane Alston 6 months ago
Ezaarkash 6 months ago
what I think - I think you should stop making videos... 2nd, the VIRUS will remain forever here and every where - LeBron and AD and Lakers will win this year's championship - and did I say, you should stop making videos... and CHICAGO is pronounced Shicago - not cheecago - work on your English and vocabulary while at quitting - use the time you take to make useless videos and make something better of yourself.
HYDRO Fann 6 months ago
Can you do some parody’s it’s been a while bro
guitarhaus 6 months ago
LeBron James needs 4 other "SuperStars" in order to be in the playoffs !!! LeBron James is a "trick", a fake-ass 2nd rate ball player......
Marcello Piere Too
Marcello Piere Too 6 months ago
The way he talks bruh 😂
Ds #LK
Ds #LK 6 months ago
you actually have the most vile voice ive ever heard
loke senpai
loke senpai 6 months ago
Players tested positive so far 28...not looking good
chhoeing tenzin
chhoeing tenzin 6 months ago
I see that Bron’s been in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber
medinaw94 6 months ago
Don't bring them scrubs here. We don't want them
A Rodz
A Rodz 6 months ago
Old man lebron
RustBucket 6 months ago
MrSmartyPantsBlox 6 months ago
LeBron’s beard be getting white 😂
Ash Mandlate
Ash Mandlate 6 months ago
Hold on I’ve been watching him for like 3yrs and I’m still confused on what team he’s a fan of. Can someone tel me
M DR 6 months ago
Lebron looks juiced up.
pedro roque
pedro roque 6 months ago
LeBron looks far older than kobe did at 41
Rudy Roo LEGENDZ 6 months ago
Bruh u a hater ... dont commentate the lakers no more
loudsmoke everywhere
Man he is looking oooolllllddddd!!!!!
oXPunchlineXo 6 months ago
Lebron is so sexy
Johnny Cruze
Johnny Cruze 6 months ago
yooo cant wait to see bball back on
EJ Denzal
EJ Denzal 6 months ago
AD got dreads now???????
CHARITO Abiabi 6 months ago
Lebron got his hair thickness back
Robbie 6 months ago
Fuck you Lebron and Lakers. This is the Bucks year!!!!!
Jeremy Bryant
Jeremy Bryant 6 months ago
Your commentary is trash, go to sleep bruh....
Jazzy J
Jazzy J 6 months ago
Clive NBA parody : Alex caruso is the goat 🐐 😂
Basik 6 months ago
Lebron two chains ⛓
Hbs Dre
Hbs Dre 6 months ago
I would love to see lebron in 2k21 like that with the gray hair
Yosemite25 6 months ago
LBJ Just played basketball nobody cares what the hell you have to say
Jim Deal
Jim Deal 6 months ago
you want it to spread to build herd immunity. You just don't want anyone to get sick and most don't, especially when they are younger like these guys.
James Harden
James Harden 6 months ago
JR Smith is ready🔥🔥🔥
A-Fee 6 months ago
Hopefully you need to watch the news
secondstarlife 6 months ago
Lol ain’t nothing going to happen by that date my dude...July 31st?! Killing me smalls. Best case, BEST CASE, with all the dumb mfs, we the land of the freetards aren’t going to see normalcy till January. We’re still in wave one, that’s right, we let up too soon...just put the ish on pause. You better pray people take this seriously this time, so phase one can be done by end of August. Hopefully after people see 75k cases a day they wise up, and by November when we hit a second wave, we’re more prepared to be all in as one. FACTS!
Kelvin S
Kelvin S 6 months ago
After watching this I hit subscribe lol. Good content bro 👌🔥
jeremy jaeger
jeremy jaeger 6 months ago
Damn Daddy
Jellyfam_ Sb24
Jellyfam_ Sb24 6 months ago
Nah son fuxk going on with anythony Davis hair 😭 and lebron hair gettin white bro getting older 😪
Eastside tone 313
Eastside tone 313 6 months ago
😆 🤣 😂
Beastassassin 132
Beastassassin 132 6 months ago
Virus hopefully be gone USA up 50% in 6 states most states in the red or orange lolololo
LeBald James
LeBald James 6 months ago
Man lebron getting old 😢 imagine no lebron in the leauge
Derrick 6 months ago
Why do he sound like this
Rider Bartel
Rider Bartel 6 months ago
LeBron look like the hood Santa Clause
Lavonne Alexander
Lavonne Alexander 6 months ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣”You know he be missing “.
joshua99k 6 months ago
Tbh i like lebron beard rn it looks like he a bear or sum
Tommy C
Tommy C 6 months ago
LeBron looks strong! Impressive physique.
Andy Hernandez
Andy Hernandez 6 months ago
Caruso made Ronda discovered supersayian 2 😂🔥
bruh i don’t get it they goin be fouling anyway
Dwight 6 months ago
He dont look 90 👎🏿
Keni Snedeker
Keni Snedeker 6 months ago
Jay M
Jay M 6 months ago
Second bubble equals playing time. Come on, man. I'm sure you've heard of chemistry, rust, and experience. They aren't going to get that playing patty-cake with their kids.
christopher kettler
christopher kettler 6 months ago
Does golden state have a shot
JP 6 months ago
LBJ jealous they show Zion's body more than his :D
Kenny Dozier
Kenny Dozier 6 months ago
I really hope bron keeps the gray for this playoffs would make it that much more epic
Albert Elazar
Albert Elazar 6 months ago
The NBA shouldn't have continued, its a disgrace, that money, and greed, made this pointless season continue its run...smh
Ivona Ivić
Ivona Ivić 6 months ago
Only jordan is a GOAT
James Watson
James Watson 6 months ago
Ain’t no way lebron with all of that grey beard winning the championship. Houston going all the way this year.
K Free
K Free 6 months ago
They not playing
Gabriel Arreola
Gabriel Arreola 6 months ago
Your voice is annoying asf
Aaron Sung
Aaron Sung 6 months ago
So nobody is gonna comment that lebron's beard is white on the side? Looking like 50yo😂
Caruso for president